Java “Bow Ding” Sound Effect

If you’ve ever landed a successful arrow hit on a Java Edition PVP server, you probably know exactly what this add-on does. When you hit another player with an arrow, ‘the most satisfying sound in Minecraft’ plays directly to the person who fires that same arrow.

This behavior pack requires no added resource pack or extra set-up, other than its application to the world that it is used on. With this pack, you will be able to better distinguish a successful arrow hit from a distance compared to how the vanilla game.

The Bedrock codebase of course does not have this feature, and instead recycles the same sound played for a stray arrow as well as a successful hit. If you wish to find a more well-rounded PVP aspects behavior pack with this and more server-style features, reference my Java PVP Aspects behavior pack.


Discord: ambient#2309

Xbox live IGN: DigestedCave704 


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44 Responses

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  1. Guest-7456088037 says:

    why is is a behavior ?

  2. Guest-8466157572 says:

    Can you please make a resource pack that plays this sound as I can’t find one anywhere and I would like to put this on a world without having to turn off cheats.

  3. JustB00red says:

    Dude, can u replace the default arrow sound with the ding sound effect pls?

  4. Guest-9045019089 says:

    This mod is great

  5. Guest-7435600017 says:


  6. Guest-5703817668 says:

    Is nobody gonna talk about how this dude is literally a really good bow fighter

  7. Guest-2260237100 says:

    Make it work with mobs

  8. Guest-4371327825 says:

    i just have no use for this if its not a global resource pack

  9. Guest-2808011194 says:

    Cocknball torture 10/11

  10. Guest-3157614906 says:

    Is it possible for version 1.14.60?

  11. MCFrenzy says:

    would it be possible to make this into a resource pack? thx

    • Guest-4784503373 says:

      I’m sorry but the resource pack is only resource pack only for resource’s. { texture pack = ding (levelip) }
      { playsound levelup {^ String ^} }
      So sound effects were made into behavior packs

      • Guest-7629868602 says:

        wtf does that mean lol, the 1st sentence makes no sense

      • Instinct.s says:

        You can make sound effects in resource packs don’t lie

        • Guest-7503797549 says:

          a better explanation of what he said would be that in a resource pack, you can only replace or add sounds. Since there isn’t already a sound for hitting a player, adding this sound would do nothing as the game doesn’t know what to do with it since nowhere in the code is it mentioned. The behavior pack is necessary for it to work sadly

  12. Guest-4092953723 says:

    Can you make this into a texture pack so that I can get the clean “ding” sound without turning off achievements?

  13. Guest-2001866535 says:

    Hello, great addon by the way but can you make it into a resource pack, also maybe hitting also dings, and it also dings for mobs and other creatures. Tnx, again great addon!

  14. Guest-2111943874 says:

    this changes who the kill is attributed to from to ‘Arrow’

  15. Guest-6213705212 says:

    how good are you using the bow

  16. Guest-1755392226 says:


  17. Guest-4310827843 says:

    coc big

  18. Guest-6475953810 says:

    thanks dude let me review your coc

  19. Guest-7444379050 says:

    The comments sure are Hyperactive

  20. IronDarth says:

    You have a big pp for this

  21. Guest-8384557390 says:

    yo you have a nice dik

  22. Guest-8806476093 says:

    nice cok

  23. Instinct.s says:


  24. Guest-4492467989 says:

    nice coc

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