Java Challenge Completed Achievement Sound Add-on

Are you tired of hearing old Minecraft Bedrock sound? Do you want to here something from Minecraft Java? This a great addon adding the Java Challenge Completed sound. This sound will trigger(with achievement UI on top right) when you completed a challenge on Minecraft Java.

Now added on Minecraft Bedrock as add-on. This is a great sound add-on for your maps when someone completed a challenge. This sound is great for CTM maps or any maps with scoring system but you can use it anywhere you like. I also provided a test map for this sound add-on

Incase you haven’t heard it, here it is with test map that I provided using the add-on

command that I use for this addon: /playsound ui.challenge_completed

Test map with add-on



Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Catalinai says:

    Its a very good addon! I love it.

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