Java Inventory UI v6 New Dark Mode!

This resource pack changes your bedrock inventory ui ( both creative and survival) into java. This pack is good for bedrock players to feel like tgey are playing on java edition . This pack works in servers , realms and more. Tbh i didnt know that java files are compatible to bedrock lmao.

Java Inventory UI :


Creative Inventory

Survival Inventory


New Invisible HUD

Also removed the white circle for non split controls players


Removed The inventory button

Java Edition Title

credits to zach marc’s java edition title.


– Fixed the PotionHUD Effect 

– New .mcpack file to make it compatible with other devices.


– Fixed the Crafting Table bug ( The only way to fix the bug was to use a json file from CrisXolt’s , so credits to Him! )

– New Java Edition Hand !

^ Without java edition hand ( bedrock )

^ With Java edition hand ( longer )

– New Java Edition Chat ( Credits to CrisXolt , modified by me )

Clearer , soon i might make it pure transparent for easy pvp

Some Codes were copied from CrisXolt so credits to him! 


New Dark Mode ! ( Except for loom, cartograph , blast furnace , grindstone )

New Clear Java Chat !

Changelog View more

- New Dark Mode Java Inventory UI !

- New Clear Java Chat!

   Credits also to CrisXolt for some the codes used , but i kind of also modified them.

- New Java Edition Chat

- New Java Edition Hand

- Fixed the crafting table bug 

And Credits to CrisXolt ! I dont really where he is now tho

- uf orgot to delete direct download lmao ...dbsbxb r t

- Fixed the PotionHUD effect bug

- New .mcpack file so that itll be compatible for other devices.

- New java edition title

- Removed the inventory button ( invisible)

- new java edition title

- removed the inventory button ( invisible)

- new invisible movement buttons hud including the pause,chat, and emotes button

- removed the white circle for non split controls player. ( the circle that appears when you break stuff )



( follow the instructions being said in linkvertise and it will redirect you )

- Download the .mcpack file

- Go to downloads and tap on the .mcpack file and it will automatically install it to minecraft

- Open minecraft, and activate it

- Enjoy 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16 1.8



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88 Responses

4.2 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Shirocraft says:

    Can you make the GUI can support 512x and 1024x GUI?
    since i have my own Faithful edit and the Java version of my edit was using original faithful GUI Scale(512x) while Minecraft itself Originally uses 256x

  2. Guest-8387528787 says:

    I can’t download through linkversite

  3. RobinGoodLighting says:

    What program do you use to create a UI resource pack? It is very difficult to do it manually. I really need some kind of program… (google translate, my english is bad)

  4. Guest-1203097046 says:

    Add the Mojang Studios loading screen when opening the game as in java edition

  5. Guest-4032739493 says:

    I can’t download from linkverse

  6. klutzyy says:

    Dark Mode and Clear Chat Coming up in the next update !! Soon i might add Clear UI ?????!!

  7. Guest-9341682843 says:

    hey creator. when I press the mc,pack and I see the texture of the texture pack black and purple when it said ” successfully imported ‘Java Inventory UI’ ” and then I didn’t see any changes except the title :/

  8. Guest-9488111180 says:

    Link don’t working((((

  9. WeeWeeTan says:

    Hey there, i noticed that the boats are slightly below water, not sure if this is a bug but my personal texture pack also does the same thing and it seems that it only happens when gl_FragColour is set to (0,0), which is responsible of removing the white touch circle

  10. FTBGaming says:

    Can you also make a custom UI for smithing tables, anvils, grindstones, brewing stands, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, looms, enchantment tables, writable books or cartography tables so they look like Java Edition?

  11. klutzyy says:

    Join my Discord server ! Here we talk about my stuff xD Im pretty at it , so i might need some help

  12. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    Hey klutz, thanks for fixing the status effects icons and changing the textures to match Jappa Textures, but the inventory looks like a mess when you have multiple items to craft. Can you please fix it? Thanks (BTW, thanks for fixing the invisible crafting table GUI bug. 😉 )

  13. americamx says:

    Add the inventory slot that shows you equipping the shield or totem of undying on the left. It’s one slot, separated from the other inventory slot. Hopefully, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s called the off-hand slot, good job with the progress!

  14. Minecraft_is_cool says:

    Can you make a pack that only adds the the X button to the creative inventory but otherwise doesn’t change the UI?

  15. Konstantin40k says:

    Is it possible to make a custom interface for anvil, workbench, etc.?

  16. Guest-3963633635 says:

    Can you please make a direct media fire link? I can’t make it to the file because of the ads that don’t lemme skip them and want permissions

  17. Guest-3576878231 says:

    Could you add a 32x Version for Faithful/Higher Resolution Texturepack users like me, please?

    – Tim

  18. MrNear says:

    It’s working properly. Do you think about chatting Java too? Tanq you (thx)

  19. Guest-1634427013 says:

    Do java chat GUI BUT make it has a transparent border

  20. Guest-5677386091 says:

    Bro OMG please use another link shortener

  21. Guest-9795983487 says:

    Please fix the crafting hud is just black and transparant so its hard to craft

  22. Jozue says:

    It q new java hud right?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a pack that only adds the the X button to the creative inventory but otherwise doesn’t change the UI?

  24. klutzyy says:

    Join my discord server ! Im not really good at it tho , but you get to access my updates early and even my other creations like my FPS+ Client and more

  25. klutzyy says:

    Dont mind the second link , it is the old version of this texture pack , admin forgot to delete lmao.

  26. klutzyy says:

    Should i add like a pvp version of my pack?
    It will have pvp sound effects from java edition to make it feel like your playing in java edition servers or somethn

  27. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    Hey klutz, the status effect icons in the HUD look corrupted and checking the status effects screen shows the old textures, can you please fix the corruptions and fix the icons to match the 1.14/current textures? Thanks!

  28. MrNear says:

    Unfortunately even compressing and putting in the resources does not go to minecraft. I’ll wait for an update 🙂

  29. Guest-9397718050 says:

    Not working please mcpack please 😟

    Please give mcpack and how to extract

  30. Guest-1995539829 says:

    Not working please mcpack please 😟

  31. Zach Marc says:

    haha you used my java edition title nicee

  32. klutzyy says:

    Ayyy, FPS+ Client v2 is out now ! Im gonna make a vid about it soon , for now heres the dl link

  33. klutzyy says:

    The client that i have submitted havent been denied or accepted for like 3 days lmao . I have more updates with it 🙁

  34. MrNear says:

    Does the X button work?

  35. Guest-9269323868 says:

    Make the selection box pls, whatever the color

    My english bad

  36. Guest-5124318514 says:

    .mcpack please

  37. klutzyy says:

    Invisible Inventory button and java edition title comin up in the next update

  38. Guest-1664576501 says:

    En que carpeta lo pongo???

  39. Bookworm52084 says:

    This pack is great and is very unique. Maybe you could add the homepage UI as a java edition title and looks more like java. Thanks.😉

  40. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    Hey klutzyy, I really like how you did all the work on changing the survival inventory, and the crafting menu, and I was just about to suggest some of the changes for the next update or so.

    1. Fix clear crafting table UI
    2. Remove the “x” and “?” buttons on Stonecutter, Loom, and Cartography Table.
    3. Improve GUI for Grindstone and Loom to match Java

    Again, I like this texture pack and I hope for it to be updated soon. 🙂

    • klutzyy says:

      there is alrdy a resource pack that has this(vanilla dx) my resource pack only adds the java inventory and some other minor stuff cuz i might get sued for totally copying them or somthn. About the crafting table, ill try to fix it. In the future updates , the elipses will be removed , and the controls/dpad will be invisible

  41. klutzyy says:

    Should i add invisible hud and removed white circle for non split controls player?

  42. Guest-7458218109 says:

    It says for me not valid zip file

  43. PenguinAddonz says:

    Not Valid Zip
    but it looks cool

  44. CubeMaster says:

    Good, But actually not good, because java has 8 tabs in creative inventory (for items) this only has 4,
    Anyway got that feeling somehow

  45. Minecraft world edit says:

    Lol who need this?There is a “Poket Edition” and a “Classic”that is for java.

  46. Guest-4807055370 says:

    I like this pack. I’ve been waiting for more UI packs. Again thanks for making MC Bedrock more Java feel

  47. klutzyy says:

    You can also make custom inventory by using this pack. Check out this tutorial and make sure to subscribe to him

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