Java Like Advancements/Achievement Systems

Ever wanted to have achievements like Java Edition. With this addon each new world has it’s own achievements and it is multiplayer friendly. Certian conditions has to be met for an achievement message to display but now you can see when players enter the nether or the end for the first time making this usefull for manhunt games and skyblock.

After installing the addon in your world everyone will get messages in chat telling them you completed a achievement if you meet all the requirements eg. if you break a tree and hold the log in your hand a message will pop up saying that you completed the challenge Getting Wood. 

In total there is 61 achievements you can earn and if you wanna see them all just hold a stick and crouch and then uncrouch. Repeat this process until your actionbar tells you Missing Achievements and a list of all the outstanding achievements will show in your chat and you can also see how to earn these achievements.

To reset all the achievements you earned just type in /function reset


Holding a stick and crouching and then uncrouching will toggle between a 

– compass

-entitycounter(counts entities within 44 blocks of player)

-missing achievements(see video for more info)

also it includes a one player sleep system!

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Changed text in submission for the addon to get approved.



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13 Responses

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  1. Buoyy09 says:

    The stick is not working… Pls help me

  2. DB008899 says:

    you should try to make this compatible with the manhunt mod

  3. Oxrise says:

    please make it so you can disable the stick feature

  4. Surya6666 says:

    I am very happy I was searching for this for a year. We all support you. Just one request.
    Pls try adding all the achievement

  5. Ra_The_RECKER says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve always wanted this!

  6. D507mc says:

    Good afternoon excuse me I can use the add-on for an add-on that is about adding more java stuff for Bedrock and I’ll give you the credits

  7. Lord_Khufu says:

    Actually looking for something like this before, but can you change the achievement tex color to match Java edition ? That would be cool

    • Lord_Khufu says:

      I just did some research, turn out there’s a command called /tellraw that could actually remove those brackets in the names and make the text look like the Java edition one. The format is /tellraw @a {“rawtext”:[{“text”:”cmdWorx has made the advancement §a[Getting Wood]”}]} try and execute that ingame and you will see the result, if you actually could put this command in the .mcfunction file that would be cool, i ain’t know nothing about addon so I can’t do that myself, hope this help

  8. zeyverOps says:

    Is this still pop up when your world is have a cheat 😶

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