Java UI 1.4 (Official)

 I already made: MinecraftUI4UI and MinecraftUIClassic. I re-made lots of times my Java UIs in 2.5/3 years.

 However, this time is the last. I”m doing my best. I hope you enjoy it.

First, Main Menu:

Setting Screen (Also, World Create and World Edit):

(I deleted “Controls” section, because focus problems)

World Loading like Java (not as Java):

I can’t show all screens but I give you my beautiful screen:

Some Features:

Enchantments don’t appear in Hud:

Loom Patterns Selector only appears when has a banner in input slot;

(And when scrollings content is small it’ll appear the scroll box locked)

You can change between “Java Edition” and “C++ Edition” (default)

And If you want Recipe Book or If you don’t want Recipe Book Pages.

Finally, Do not forget to Change Your UI Profile to Classic and to quit Containers and Achievements Screen, click on the top right of the screen.

Changelog View more

-Updated Play Screen.

-Updated Settings Screen.

-Recipe book pages.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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154 Responses

4.35 / 5 (82 votes)
  1. Friends problem i think says:

    How can i see my friend worlds and join them?

  2. Darkside says:

    Can i change c++ to java??

  3. El gatitogamer says:


  4. yooyeonhu says:

    where is c++ edition to —> java edition?

  5. Quite buggy and some buttons have error messages

  6. Lest 505 says:

    How to download this

  7. ur mom says:

    How do i change it to java edition and not c++

  8. Pro90PvPz says:

    when i open chat the chat becomes really buggy like one message is on another message

  9. Guestyz says:

    The profile/skin creator is the old skin selector, change it please

  10. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Could you please make a version with the movement buttons? Phone users like me can’t see where to press.

  11. Ironash says:

    okay. this is neat goes into my personal resource pack list that i use. however i cant open built-in recommended servers with this one. I have to manually enter their ip to be able to join to the servers.
    yes, this includes mineplex and other featured servers.

  12. Luxy says:

    Ok The Pack Works Fine, But When I Click On Hotbar, It is not Showing items like Java, It is Showing All Items Like Pocket Edition.
    I hope you understand.

  13. Akbar Gibran says:

    Ijin mau gabungin background ini ke textureku

  14. LilDibbun says:

    I love this pack but there are a few issues with it. Storage is not accessible in settings, it lags when you click on a crafting bench the first time,when your mouse highlights inventory slots the highlight overlays the item you have selected, in the crafting menu there’s an old crafting button clipping through on the left. I also would like to add that it’d be nice if we could re-position the coordinates using a slider bar in resource pack settings. Similarly you could probably swap between C++ and Java title.

  15. scp secure contain protect guard says:

    Thank you so mutch!

  16. DroopyFace101 says:

    Hey I was just wondering if you could help me with something. I’m on Xbox and the mod works great however it is not in global resources so I dont get the main menu. It is in my world resource packs but not my global. If you can tell me a solution then thank you.

  17. 1abyrinth says:

    This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. It drastically changes the entire UI! This must’ve taken so much time to make!

    I just wanted to point out that I can’t access featured servers (when I click on them nothing happens, regardless of if I press the “edit” or “join server” buttons first or not), nor can I access Realms (when I try to join my realm it just gives an error screen).

    I know that these bugs have been pointed out a plethora of times in other peoples’ comments, but I just wanted to mention them anyway. Otherwise this is amazing. Really shows what Bedrock Resource Packs are capable of, as people like you who make things like this.

    If you never get around to fixing these bugs and move onto other things, I just wanted to say thank you for making this absolutely stunning resource pack. Bugs or not bugs, it is still amazing.

  18. Souper says:

    Hey, while I am enjoying this Resource Pack, you cannot choose a world template or server with a mouse, as it seems the GUI is behaving as if it’s a touch screen. Fix this, and I’ll be using this till the end of time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how to change the title to say java edition

  20. Anonymous says:

    Its impossible to enter a realm it says its impossible to asses it, everytime…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I really enjoy this texture pack but there is a glitch where you can’t exit the chat screen, i’ve tried tapping the top right corner but it won’t close

    • TheSkullCreeper says:

      press the back button (for phones use the built-in back button next to the home button, for Switch/Xbox users, press your back button on your controller/joy-cons, Windows 10: use the ESC key)

  22. nerdomega says:

    So I love this texture pack and all and I don’t want to start an argument but why are we arguing over bugs

  23. playbyan1453 says:

    Plz remove interact button like trade, shear, dye, etc button i love this ui pack. Thanks for make this dude.

  24. ForeHandBeast99 says:

    How do i go to friends’ worlds,plz reply!

  25. primecraft1 says:

    Trata de arreglar el bug de no poder unirme a ningun realm el resto esta increible

  26. gamingboy win says:

    how do i load a minecraft server like mineplex

  27. Anonymous says:

    How to change the c++ title into java edition

  28. BANGFROK says:

    When you wanna change from c++ to java edition you must go to java ui pack files, then select _global_variables.json and then change it, when you can’t open that file you must download json editor on play store (not promotion) and then search _global_variables.json edit that files, and then on the top of there you can change cpp to java

  29. RedPokemonRed says:

    This resource pack was awesome, but How do I join my friend’s world? Please reply

  30. Michael Barnes says:

    How to turn off recipe book

  31. Mdbarnes18 says:

    Please fix controller movement in settings and other menus it keeps jumping between two options, other than that, great UI pack, will def be keeping

  32. Anonymous says:

    It is the best ui java I have ever seen and rarely when I try to get on the cracking table as it takes a long time to load and the same with the inventory and the chest nose if the same thing happens

  33. Angel says:

    How to change the title c++ edition to java edition?

  34. Kevin Rios says:

    In the crafting “Book” area, the green box that lets you view all craftable items or just the ones you can craft with materials in hand is broken as well as the search button.

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Geo says:

    How do I exit chat please help

  37. Mushroompixels says:

    There’s no touch ui

  38. Ismaeluco 13 says:

    A very good texture pack, but Can You put a selector for active the movement button in Android please

  39. Yeet says:

    Where is the button to get out of chat on mobile because i can’t get out of chat. Other than that great pack

  40. boo says:

    its works well but wont let me connect to my realm. any suggestions what to do?

  41. playbyan1453 says:

    Pls add cartography table ui

  42. imnotkryptic says:

    I have a really good suggestion, it feels almost exactly like java, it’s just missing one thing.. The Crosshair. If you look at java the crosshair is way smaller than bedrock. It would be pretty cool to see you make the crosshair identical as well. I really enjoy the UI even though I barely play bedrock xD Awesome addon though 10/10

  43. Hoodie says:

    Add a setting where we can turn on movement buttons. Its annoying.

  44. iiSilvertanK says:

    I like this UI pack.

  45. Alejo says:

    could you hide the hud buttons are very annoying

  46. kadvaru says:

    this is amazing. certain menus look almost identical to java, especially the texture pack menu. well done on this, im very impressed and im sure others are as well

  47. Xxdragon says:

    This is the greatest texture pack I have ever seen! However, I can’t exit the chat screen.
    – Mon August, 26

  48. Anonymous says:

    The texture pack works great.But sadly the bug from Beta Java UI (Cant join official minecrft partnered servers) I hope the bug will get fixed soon , i cant use the pack because of it.

  49. TheLucky0ne says:

    I hadn’t downloaded it but… Is the download only MediaFire or adfly? It’s because adfly is a virus!

  50. DrewAno says:

    That is the first time that I post a comment on this website, this is fire !!!!!

  51. Deez says:

    I have a video of this pack and you could add it under the text for people to get a better glimpse of what it looks like i can give it to you if you have discord

  52. Anonymous says:

    Ooh! Great texture pack! But I have a suggestion; Maybe you can remove interactive buttons like the one that is shown when you hover over a villager “Trading Button”, or when you look at a minecart “Sit Button”.

  53. Just a bug reporter says:

    You can’t join servers + realms
    Hud becomes invisible
    Version 1.12

  54. CherokeeNative says:

    Real cool

  55. Evro Craft says:

    Please let me be able to put behavior packs because every time I want to add one i have to take the ui off then put it back on. plz update

  56. CheerioDude says:

    I can’t join realms when using the texture pack

  57. Anonymous says:

    For some reason I can’t find the Friends tab to play on LAN servers? Can you please fix this? Thank you.

      • SilkyTouch1784 says:

        I like this a lot, me and my friend play MC using this texture pack! But there’s is one problem :(. And that problem is when I enter the chat, I would press the top right corner and nothing happens. I can’t exit the chat screen and I have to restart my game and re join the world to exit out of it. Is it possible to fix this is the next version on
        Java UI?

  58. Vincent says:

    5 🌟 for giving us direct link

  59. Anonymous says:

    wait on console you can’t set a global RP

  60. mtchozawa says:

    very nice texture pack just like im playing on mcpc <3

  61. HyprixHD says:

    I like the UI
    I reviewe it here:https://youtu.be/W5ljDdMa81Y

  62. Naruto Uzumaki gaming says:

    Great resource pack my minecraft now is looks like java edition but why it’s only for 1.4?

  63. Lrodx says:

    Hey, flat world option is missing. Anyways great ui

  64. Anonymous says:

    The D-pad, crouch, and jump buttons dont appear. Terrible.

  65. theidmaond says:

    Great texture pack!

  66. Anonymous says:

    can you scale the ingame UI to be smaller?

  67. ZulqarnainCraft says:

    great texture pack , thanks for creating and spending coding all ui json files and everything i appreciate your hard work and everything u do , hope have a absolute great day man !

  68. NomicEXE says:

    Hello, can you please move the chat down towards the bottom a little more? It’s currently in the middle of the screen and it doesn’t look authentic to normal Java.

  69. mainyi says:

    I can’t select behavior pack when creating world

  70. mainyi says:

    we can’t select behavior pack when creating world.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad you put your pack up on mcpedl

  72. TanglyPegasus29 says:

    I cannot play on servers with this texture pack. Fix it fast as you can please.

  73. NomicEXE says:

    Is the chat bar moved down to the bottom like Java’s chat is?

  74. Carlos Salazar says:

    Update: I found out you can’t remove texture packs from the menu, should get that fixed. thanks

  75. fxl happy says:

    for feedback i would say to make the white box that appears when putting an item in a slot to only appear when the item is fully in the box or appear behind the item but over all an amazing texture pack that works and works well i was able to trick my friend with it showing him like i had java edition . so well done keep it up my mans

  76. americamx says:

    it’s good but can you change the Java Edition to Bedrock Edition?

  77. Carlos Salazar says:

    Woahhhh, This is amazing work! As of right now, no bugs. This really looks good!

  78. stupidkid says:


  79. Sparsh says:

    does it work

  80. BO0_D0O says:

    Hi, im on mobile and it disasperred touch controls but its good so like 🙂

  81. Gonzalo Acosta says:

    The realms do not appear

  82. DanialNyetz says:

    Looking good not gonna lie,xan be improved

  83. Nyet says:

    Looking good,but maybe can be improved

  84. Borap says:

    Does Console UI coming?

  85. Anonymous says:

    Oo0 pretty

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