Published on January 12, 2021 (Updated on July 26, 2021)

JaxOrSomething's Variated Ores

As always, I'm Jax. If you ever wanted the ores to have a variation, to be realistic or make it look like you have optifine or just make it look better honestly, you should download this pack. Please read the description to avoid some problems!

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  • Changed the description

Nether ores won't be coming as I don't think 2 ores is that much necessary for this pack




  • JaxOrSomethings_Variated_Oresv2.mcpack (26.83 KB)
  • JaxOrSomethings_Variated_Ores.mcpack (14.42 KB)


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Is this compatible with the animated blocks resource pack?
And if not, would it be possible to do?
Basically, I'd like it if the variated ores, also had the shimmer effect,
and glowing effect on Redstone and lapis.
Hello, I do not have any experience and not planning to add any flip book animations to my pack. It can't be compatible with any other packs that adds extra changes to the ores as it'd just not work, or overwrite the pack itself causing the pack you want it to be compatible or/and my pack.
It is possible to add flipbook animations, and I don't mind if you make another version of my pack with animations if you can do that sort of thing, of course I would recommend crediting me in the pack if you ever make it. 😊
PS; you did something wrong in the manifest
Can you please specify the problem in the manifest?
You are probably talking about the format version or the minimum version, which isn't a big problem.
oo! i like this! what about the nether ores; ancient debris nether gold and quartz?
Will be added in the next update!