Jeeps Addon

This is one of the best car addons which you can currently find for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It includes an amazingly detailed jeep which even got custom sounds when you drive it. Choose between 12 different colors and find one you would like to drive. It works great in most terrains (except for water where it will sink).

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 June, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

To drive a car you first need to spawn one using a spider or cave spider spawn egg. This addon includes 6 different resource packs and in each one there are two cars. The only difference between the cars are simply the colors.

  • iOS / Android: Approach the car, long press it and press Drive to enter the vehicle
  • Windows 10: Right-click the vehicle

If you want to drive the car then you will need a key (carrot on a stick). Hold the key in your hand to start driving. You can stop at any time by unequipping the key.

The jeep has container storage for up to 27 stacks of items or blocks.

The headlights will shine when it’s dark.

The latest update includes a texture pack for a military jeep. It exists as two different colors.

Blue and Red:

Green and Purple:

Black and White:

Orange and Green:

Lime and Yellow:

Military Jeeps (Green and Blue):


  • Updated to work with the latest MCPE version
  • Behaviors remade
  • Custom item names
  • Custom sounds
  • The jeep chest works again
  • The cave spider jeep jumps properly again


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download one of the following resource pack
    1. Red and Blue .McPack
    2. Black and White .McPack
    3. Orange and Green .McPack
    4. Purple and Green .McPack
    5. Yellow and Lime .McPack
    6. Military Jeeps (Green and Blue) .McPack
  3. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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285 Responses

3.45 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. StormHunterXX says:

    Addon link no longer works

  2. Stop This says:

    I can’t download it. It sends me to an 18+ game and an adfly site which then tells me to update my software by downloading something, aka a virus. Please fix it and put it to MediaFire.

  3. Zeyad981 says:

    Guys stop complaining this is an old addon the link is broken and the owner of this addon i think “gona” has left it its probably not going to be updated soon or later

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Creator or Editor of Addon your addon is so cool and amazing to look at them but can u pls. Fix the download site pls. I wanna download ur addon! =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The link is broken…

  6. Boomer says:

    Mine isn’t working on the jeep mod it also says iboss

  7. Mars says:

    This mod is great! It took a few tries but it’s very cool!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is so stupid it goes to mcpeup and says cannot connect

  9. Darth vader says:

    Mcpeup for Download is broken I tried using safari then chrome in safari it says it couldn’t connect in chrome it said its unreachable please fix the download

  10. Mattythekiller2 says:

    This mod is great!

  11. Josh says:

    Please make a Xbox addon with controllers and Xbox set up and flat screen tv

  12. I dunno says:

    Mcpeup isn’t working.Anyone knows why??

  13. NinjaJack87 says:

    I cnt download mcpeup is npt working

  14. Ella_1330 says:

    The Jeeps won’t download anymore, please update it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This add on is stupid because when I download it shows me a ad over and over again

  16. bandon says:

    ITS NOT WORKING the site u download it on will not connet

  17. TimeRotorProductions says:

    Please make a Delorean.

  18. TimeRotorProductions says:

    Please make a Delorean

  19. Logan says:

    It’s awesome

  20. PinkFluffyUnicorn says:

    Love this best mod ever

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can someone help the way they said to get into the car isnt working

  22. SnowyLeo101 says:

    It’s just a spider for me 🙁 can someone help plz

  23. Jacob says:

    has anyone had an issue where the cave spider wont climb blocks?

  24. angery says:

    its not working, it won’t turn into a car its staying as a spider and won’t drive

  25. TheLifeIsHere1 says:

    I cant figure out how to get into the car in Windows 10. I tried right-clicking with bare hands and the key.

  26. EinsMandel22049 says:

    But the addon is actually pretty good! Nice work!

  27. EinsMandel22049 says:

    I want to ride it together…
    How to do this, because every time my friend presses “drive” both are getting out of the car…
    Please help!!

  28. Finn says:

    Editor, Ive been dying to ask, will you contact one of your best skilled builders and create the world of Harry Potter? Im a huge fan and i really would love this the world of HP should include: Privet Drive, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, 12 Grimmauld Place, Hogsmeade, Azkaban, St. Mungos, and the Ministry of Magic. This being accomplished would be a dream come true. I am a great fan of this site and would reccommend it to anyone. Thank you so much.

  29. Alex says:

    Hi, I downloaded your addon, I think it’s amazing. But I think you need some improvement on it, also if you want better reviews and more downloads, I think you should make it that you can actually get into the jeep. Okay that’s it thank XD

  30. Goku says:

    How do you upload mods to minecraft pe?!?!?
    I’m new to this so I don’t know how.

  31. PolygonForLife says:

    Guys,I warned you.(Btw,if editor here pin me pls,if possible)You need to install both texture pack and behavior pack.Just wait for 10 second(if you’re at adfly) and press SKIP.You can use the texture pack on global (I won’t recommend it though) and for specific world.If you’re ignore this comment,gl on your way and post comment like “not working” then you screwed.

  32. Jack says:

    How do you get in i have the key now what?

  33. Courtney says:

    I hate it, you can’t drive it and it moves by itself

  34. Mimikyu says:

    For the 1% chance that gona is seeing this PLS PLS PLS DO A ALL CARS ADD-ON because me and my freind all was wanted o find out what’s faster the me Lamborghini or the mustang pls do it lots of love mimikyu

    • Editor says:

      It’s most likely going to happen sooner or later. I see no reason why he wouldn’t do that. I suspect he might wait for addons to evolve a little bit first. (I am just guessing here.)

  35. AntiGravity says:

    Hey Gona, can you make a Western Star 4900 semi Addon please? It’s actually my favorite vehicle and it would be nice if it was in MCPE. Thanks!

  36. james says:

    i like the idea

  37. Danny_24680 says:

    I’m Just Glitched. And Your Probably Wondering Why. Well, I Was Holding The Key (Carrot on a stick) And When I Press “Drive” It Looks Like I’m sitting on the ground.Even My Body went through The Jeep. why is that comment why!

  38. Rev says:

    How do you get I. There is no sign that said drive or any thing plz help

  39. JJ says:

    I installed this on iOS v1.0.7 but can’t spawn the jeep.

  40. Mack says:

    I can’t place it down idk why!😭😡

  41. pls fix says:

    How to open the trunk

  42. Anonymous says:

    How do you make the car or where is it?😕

  43. Jordan says:

    How do you get rid of the ad after u hit the install button? When I push skip ad it brings me to the ad website

  44. BAMboo005_ says:

    I am an ios player and I love your pocket creatures mod. Could you turn that mod into an addon that replaces all the mobs with the pocket creatures?

  45. Awesomesauce says:

    Can you make an Ice Age Addon with the Wooly Mammoth and the sabertooth tiger like in the movie

  46. Bonniecod says:

    How do you ride them

  47. Iori says:

    You know ac4 it’s a game can you make the addon of it thx🌏😅

  48. Dave300 says:

    Hey gonna can you make a addon that combines some of your addons to make a army vehicle addon with tanks jeeps planes etc.

  49. Keyla K Pinales says:

    This is cool

  50. Botslay101 says:

    I enjoy it

  51. Some Guy says:

    Can you ask Gona if he or she can make a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle addon because it would make me happy and would be the best addon ever.

  52. Mmmis_Official says:

    Editor, can you make a Ferrari 458 please?? It’s actually my favorite car, and I really want it in my mcpe 😁😁

  53. Mmmis_Official says:

    Can you make a Ferrari 458?? 🙂 Nice work on the jeeps btw😃

  54. Tim says:

    Gona if you can please make a subnautica addon I would love that so much 🙂

  55. Anonymous says:

    Gona if you can make a Sunnautica addon I would love you so much 🙂

  56. RY4NDY says:

    it would be nice if you could make it that the jeeps explode when they “die”!

  57. MarkTheCrafter says:

    Awesome addon but can you change the behavior so i can use the jeeps addon and the dirt bikes addon in the same time?

  58. TheLegend27 says:

    Gona is the best maker ever!

  59. excelsiorkelvin says:

    The finally fixed the explosion sounds

  60. Roopie says:

    Do you think it would be too much to ask of the creator to give the jeeps (or any vehicle) the step assist (don’t know what it’s actually called, but the thing where you automatically step up when riding onto a block) that horses have? This is my one peeve with the vehicles, they get stuck or jump on a block instead of auto-stepping. it would make travel faster and less irritating.

  61. Anthony says:

    Mine is just moving crawling in the building

  62. Lee Hyeon Je says:

    I make addon, I love your addon.
    Then, May I use your addon I create?

  63. mcpe lover says:

    perfect addon it works and everything is so perfect but can u make a sport car?

  64. Anonymous says:

    The Word “Drive” Won’t Appear On It…I Can’t Drive It 🙁

  65. noahontherock says:

    i’m playing on windows 10 but I cannont get in the jeep and drive. I’ve downloaded both resource and behaviour packs. please help.

  66. Lee says:

    Epic addon guys but can u plz make more like Ferraris, basically like any racing car like Lamborghini and more plz make them

  67. Isabell says:

    …I have a fire HD… So it won’t work😒😒😒

  68. Gggamer says:

    I think this is amazing and I would love to see a police car created thank you

  69. Sophia says:

    Ummm my car is alive?? it keeps driving around and making car noises and destroying stuff even when I’m not in it? Help??

  70. Theminwcraftaddon135 says:

    This is the best addon my brother and I keep bumping into each other 😂 😂

  71. Anonymous says:

    Can you try and make a vehicle with a horse so u can actually controll it. I’m not sure if it would work but the saddle could be a seat and the Armor can just be Armor

  72. Jack says:

    Amazing keep up the good work I also saw the bikes would like to see a sport car next yea but there is one problem can you please make the bikes replace diffract mobs than the jeep so that I can have both in one game thank you

  73. Orlando says:

    Mine doesn’t work

  74. Orlando says:

    Mine doesn’t work the jeeps just move around like spiders I need to know how
    To do it correctly.

  75. Jetmaster231 says:

    is it capable of holding two people?

  76. mtn dew master says:

    Plz make Delorean addon m80

  77. Xavier Walton says:

    I hope this works for iOS. I am thinking about making a town and I would like to have the furniture mod and the jeep mod for my town.

  78. Ikno says:

    Realy Nice addon! I combined it with motors and had a race with my friends! I love it!👌

  79. Tom cruise says:

    I love it but for me I here explosions in the background when I drive it

  80. CC132 says:

    Make a Plane Add-On by Ender dragon texture and behavior pack
    Because Ghast and Bat As Not Controllable if you Change the behavior pack
    Pls Pls Pls Pls. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  81. BuggyPig says:

    Can u Make more dinosaurs for jurassic craft Addon and bring it back to This Website

  82. Anonymous says:

    Why I can’t ride in the jeep

  83. Anonymous says:

    Could you please make another add on like this but with a Subaru WRX STI 2004 texture I really enjoyed your add on but I’d love to drive my dream car in minecraft! 😊

  84. Jemi444 says:

    Please make another vehicles like a airplane, helicopter, and others

  85. BadCreepKill says:

    Hey what the… how do i ride it but when i go to it and long press it it doesnt pop up DRIVE but you need a behaivor pack? If so…please give me the link to download it.

  86. nisinoodle says:

    umm is it possible for you to make a modern boat addon by changing the seats positions and how many people can sit in the boat and obviously changing the textures of the boat to make it modern if you can’t change the behavior of a boat then you can make like gaurdians or squids that would be good. If you read my ldea thanks for taking my idea.

  87. ADMPRO says:

    Make a Sportcar Addon!!

  88. TheRunner345 says:

    I can’t download, the link takes me to another site but not the download site, and i cant download please remove adf.ly

  89. Oweeeeen says:

    Make more cars in your addon

  90. Colby says:

    How do you get the behavior pack

  91. PixelBit says:

    AWESOME LOOKING JEEP THINGY you should make more vehicles

  92. Bigstarpatrick810 says:

    Make a airplane addon that replaces the ghast

  93. Xbow003 says:

    To any add-on developer:please when u can make a huge car add-on idk if it would be copyright but like Ferraris porche Lamborghini and bmw

  94. PoliceOfficerMike says:

    Plz. Make A POLICE addon With The zombie as A POLICE car and The zombie pigman as POLICE officier I love POLICE and IT WILL be cool Its THIS addon THAT The POLICE chases you like THAT THAT world be awesome thanks addon rate 1000000000000000000000000000000000/10

  95. Joshua Magwili says:

    Wow!!!! The jeep is so detailed and so realistic. This is the best vehicle addon I’ve ever downloaded. You should also make a car addon next time.

  96. Ella says:

    How many people can ride?

  97. ChocoWillo says:

    So I have a suggestion. What if you made it so each spider type had each color? By this I mean maybe a more customizable cause I really want black and purple pair. But other than that great add-on!!! 😃

  98. XxDarkCGamingxX says:

    So I did notice something along time ago in minecraft dark ages(0.10.0) A certain texture had custom door and chest sounds but I used block launcher now i dont have it but I was wondering. When you make custom sounds do you need a special launcher to have them work or does it overlay the minecraft sounds?

  99. HT says:

    Can 2 player seat in the jeep??

  100. Matt says:

    Best car add on ever !what would be a good world to race in ,also can more than one person be in the car.

  101. Haymime says:

    2 questions
    1. When I spawn the car it won’t stop moving around.
    2. When I long press on it (I have iOS) it won’t let me drive it.
    Please help

  102. RealMrLava says:

    Make the sound like a real jeep and fix the deformation while turning.

  103. Nobody will know says:

    Pls make a motor bike addon or planes/helicopters 😎 Coz this is a awesome addon

  104. DereK says:

    Pls make seat for 4 players in next update pls

  105. Skyrix13 says:

    Awesome!.Make Mech Add-on similar to MECH_MOD.This is COOL Add-on

  106. JetMrGua rdian says:

    Please make that 4 people can ride the jeep and fix the sitting bug when the jeep has two people in the second one gitchs out

  107. David says:

    Bravo! 10/10! By the way, can you update the vehicle mod?

  108. Girly girl says:

    It doesn’t work it just moves around like a spider!!😢

  109. Nico says:

    Does it support 2 riders?

  110. DaroDaKng says:

    Can u make a weapon addon that replace eggs with ak-47, and snowball replace machine gun, and bow to sniper rifle, and enderpearls to shotguns and fishingrod to pistol and last but not least iron golems replace with controllable tanks. I know it is hard but its worth to try

  111. Brian says:

    Nice👍 I think it would be better if you could make more types of cars 🙂

  112. Plane guy says:

    This addon is the best one I’ve ever seen! The detail of the Jeep is amazing! In fact it probably is the best addon I have ever seen. The only thing I would like is the ability to run hostile mobs over. And can you work on an aircraft addon? Preferably one you can control. Thanks. Keep making these great addons!

  113. cookieman333666 says:

    This is so realistic!! Thanks for the addon!!!

  114. Recs Aiuges says:

    Great addon,really nice

  115. Gona says:

    can you make a update where the jeep have a car sound and bug fixes and two people can get in at the same time.

  116. Mr.Anonymous158 says:

    Hello Can you Make A Tank it’s ok if it dosent shoot or Cars like Lamborghini
    By the way nice modeling you’ve made

  117. KyleBlitzYT says:

    Can u make sport cars next or different types of cars

  118. XCreepdudeX says:

    Make aliens add on with map pls

  119. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    Been Waiting For a car Addon like this for a while 😄

  120. Nicolas says:

    The industria? 100 mb? 🙂

  121. Nicolas says:

    The map in image?

  122. cristina shaffer says:

    i just downloaded the behaviour pack and the jeep i have the key in my inventory and the jeep in my hand yet it wont allow me to spawn the jeep why is that?

  123. SoulStealer952 says:

    Can you make an addon like a mod
    Adding new types of mobs instead of replacing them

  124. SoulStealer952 says:

    Awesome addon!!!

  125. HAKMW says:

    A little laggy when you join

  126. Jeff says:

    How do you drive the jeep ???

  127. Iron_Ash says:

    Nice addon! i like it i rate it 5/5

  128. Haymime says:

    When I press on it for long to get in the car it just decks blocks? Can you help me please?

  129. Thoriq2 says:

    Can u plz make a Boats addon???

  130. iiSolarFlare says:

    I mean if its not build by you Thats ok Thank You! :D!

  131. iiSolarFlare says:

    Hello,I wonder What Map You use in this addon’s backround or you just build it your self ?-?
    Anyways it will be ok if you just build it it will be amazing if you tell me the map if its not built by you Thank You! 🙂

  132. Reporter says:

    Wow Cool Addon Can You Make Exotic Cars Addon?

  133. Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    What’s the map?

  134. Steven says:

    This so amazing😃😃

  135. Ralfy says:

    Can u pls make a speed boat add on or plane

  136. XxyolomasterxX says:

    you should make a map for this addon

  137. Dan the pro says:

    Make a mcWorld so we can use this addon

  138. Dan the pro says:

    I like this addon but make a McWorld so we can try this addon

  139. Catadventurer22 says:

    Too bad this is the only car addon that looks amazing, also why not replace every hostile mob with this amazing addon? As well as making different versions such as race cars, hummers, etc. If it does improve to that level then this would be my #1 recommended addon out of every addon 😀

  140. Bomboy199 says:

    Love it!

  141. Bomboy199 says:


  142. JohnCena says:

    and a good map too pvp using the firegun addon because me and my friends wanted one

  143. JohnCena says:

    Can u make a good Pokémon addon that is good and with alolan pokemon

  144. DarkMaster77 says:

    I can’t move the car

  145. Anti spam says:

    Wow nice

  146. Chase says:

    This is so amazing! Best vehicle Addon yet, and in my opinion it is better than quite a few of car mods. I would love it if you made an old muscle car one or an old truck one it would be the best thing ever! And to emphasize the point this is a MUST DOWNLOAD

  147. Justin says:

    Make the add-on have a car sound and two people can get in the jeep at the same time and bug fixes with the jeep add-on

  148. Justin says:

    Make the add-on have a car sound and two people can get in the jeep at the same time

  149. Lisa says:

    The jeep is always moving. How can I stop it.

  150. XCreepdudeX says:

    Male alien isolation map and add on

  151. Minecraft lord15 says:

    This addon won’t download on my minecraft.
    It will say importing jeep behaviour pack then it will say successfully imported jeep behaviour pack but I can find it in global resources, so I try and down load it again but it will say failed to import jeep behaviour pack duplicate pack deleted.
    Plz help me.

  152. Blair says:

    It’s a spider and i can’t get I. The car

  153. Jaylon says:

    Make more cars and more Dino’s plz and a camaro I beg and more dinosaur s

  154. Carvenlau says:

    This is a cool addon

  155. Sarkight says:

    Car are awesome

  156. Tolou says:

    The spider moves without me controlling it what should I do ???

  157. John says:

    Omg best car in years

  158. ErRoR SaNs says:

    really good addon keep up the good work!!!

  159. Carleigh says:

    I followed the instructions And downloaded both the jeep add-on and one of the five colored jeep .McPack, and when I joined the game, it didn’t work. What I mean is, I spawned a spider and I was able to ride it and all, but it didn’t look like a jeep. I tried downloading another color .McPack, but still, nothing worked. Is there anything else I can do?

  160. Zack says:

    How do you change your boyfriend/girlfriend’s skins?

  161. Eman says:

    I love this Addon thank you so much for making it and I would highly recommend to other people

  162. Aardon says:

    Awesome addon!

  163. Ammaos says:

    How do you get in the jeep?

  164. Random says:

    How many people can sit in one Jeep?

  165. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    can you make a more dogs pets addon and replace some of the hostile mobs with puppies, kittens, gerbils, hamsters, and fish? make them leashable

  166. JumboJeb says:

    Really good keep design! I love to drive with this mod, however I wish you could control the speed of the car better.

  167. iOS Warrior says:

    235533666434653/10 addon 😀

  168. Addon Lover says:

    1000/1000 rating best car addon

  169. ??? says:

    First of all, yes first one to comment! Second of all, what would REALLY make things ALOT cooler is if like in the addon giga mobs some mobs 2 players could ride so if u could like have mutiple riders in s jeep would be awesome thx! 😄

  170. Ethan2016 says:

    I’m amazed! You must’ve put a lot of time and effort into it and this by far is I don’t know what to say! It AWESOME!!!! 🙂

  171. Bustfireslasher says:

    So awesome and soooo useful and soooo realistic

  172. M4chi.51 says:

    Why can’t I download this addon it won’t let me

  173. Hamstergirl says:

    Gona you make really good addons
    Could you make a hamster addon pls
    You could tame them with (seed mix) aka seeds
    And so on pls thank you

  174. DeathBuddy says:

    It only worked on my Gta San Andreas map and I deleted MCPE I downloaded it moved by it self I deleted it again!IT STILL DOSENT WORK FIX IT PLZ IM ON MY MINI IPAD PLEASE SEND ME LINKS WITHOUT PC JUST A EASY WAY!

  175. Supermaster2005 says:


  176. Emma says:

    Yay best car addon ever

  177. RapDino says:

    Nice addon Maby you Can make a Jurassic park jeep texture with the jeep

  178. Alimandani17 says:


  179. Xsniper says:


  180. Daniel says:

    The model is awesome if I could just rate it I will rate 1.000.000/10 it’s awesome gona thank you for Dino’s and cars thank you hope you make mods and add carnitorus Parasaurolophus Stegosaurus Triceratops squids to megalodon or amonite please make more it’s awesome thank you for making them for us I know it takes lots of time if you can teach me how to make addons I could help you I make models you make texture and behaviour please we all love you thank you😘

  181. Dick Armstrong says:

    I like it a lot

  182. Bobjohns says:

    Gona how do you make such awesome Addons I really want to make one,do you use a app?which device do you have?,please reply to this comment because I really want to make an Addon.

  183. Jetmaster231 says:

    great job, can you make tanks?

  184. David says:

    Thank you so much! But I’m pretty sure I’d like the vehicle mod fixed. This jeep is very fast and it’s biiig

  185. FrostyMonster says:

    Can you add a new feature that you can go reverse

  186. Awesome says:

    Finally a car add on I’m on iOS so I can’t get mods but this just saved me THX SO MUCH!!!!!

  187. Sara says:

    I think this is a great concept! I just have a question. I downloaded the addon, but when I spawned a jeep, It was a spider that had the texture of a jeep, It worked like the jeep, but it didn’t look like one. Hopefully you can help. I love this addon btw

  188. SolidMoney25979 says:

    6 stars man! MAJOR props to Gona! Next could he make a damage indicators addon?

  189. Tolgaberk14 says:

    tamamı ićin

  190. Tolgaberk14 says:

    hangisini indiriyoruz

  191. Katie says:

    It doesn’t work for 1.0 btw

  192. facto567 says:

    When you drive it, it makes the sound of TNT blowing up everywhere you drive is this a bug if it is plz fix it, the sound of TNT blowing up constantly gets annoying 😩😫😵😖

  193. Archie says:


  194. Anonymous says:

    One of the best addons

  195. Silas Best says:

    You should make a Bugatti version.

  196. TheREALProductYT says:

    Hey the addon is SUPER COOL and can you make more of this? Like can you make a Lamborghini or a Sports car addons thanks!! 🙂

  197. ABC says:


  198. Endernbrine says:

    Can you make jeeps carry more than one person? I love the addon but, I want my friends riding in the jeep too.

    • Archie says:

      That’s not possible for addons. I know I’m not the editor but we all have to wait for addons to improve.

      • Addon Police says:

        Actually you can add more than one seat in an addon it was seen a while ago in the gigantic mobs addon where the chicken and/or bat could hold up to two players.So you are incorrect as it can be done.

  199. Bobjohns says:

    Omg!!!! This is the best car🚗 Addon in this website,I mean vehicle thank you Gona

  200. Owen says:

    Coolest addon ever

  201. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    If you used a map,is there an mc.world for it?

  202. Rick says:

    Your guy need to fix the sounds

  203. Monika Gailloux says:


  204. S4/\/\ says:

    Omg! THAT’S AWESOME!!!

  205. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    Can you make a .zip altogether then .mcpack? Takes a lot of MB!

  206. Sly says:

    How do you spawn them?It won’t let me.

  207. Hakan enes Kösebaş says:

    İts awesome. Pls make controlable plane addon

  208. Colin says:

    This add on is unbelievable!

  209. Mine says:

    I am not getting “drive” after long pressing it 🙁

  210. RANGGA DRIFT KING says:

    Why you make jeeps addon? who want download mine cars when you make cars with more realistic!

  211. Griffin923 says:

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀😀😀😀😀😀😀Love it! This addon is the best I have ever downloaded! Cool graphics! Cool sounds! Cool textures! Cool everything!

  212. Explained says:

    Gonna back at it again with these awesome add-ons

  213. DanSMCraft says:

    Which map you use

  214. User says:

    This Addon is awesome keep it up!!

  215. MackDaPooh says:

    This is a great addon! Maybe you can make more of these like airplanes, that would be very cool!

  216. Mr. Meeno says:


  217. Gavin Pennegan says:

    Do they have two seats?

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