Jetpack Addon

This add-on replaces one of the existing armor items in-game with a brand new jetpack! The jetpack is a smart wearable which you can use to boost yourself up into the sky. You control it by activate sneaking, so it’s very easy to start using while you’re playing the game.

Creator: solvedDevTwitter Account
Updated: 24 May, 2018 (Pocket Controls!)

How does it work?

It’s the chain chestplate which has been replaced by the jetpack. To obtain it you can craft it (by using the chain chestplate recipe), find it in the creative inventory or by killing zombies or skeletons which sometimes wear a jetpack.

Equip the jetpack and then press sneak to start using it. Press sneak to start flying. Disabling sneak will make you start going down.

Pocket Controls: Since it’s very difficult to sneak in quick succession on Pocket Devices, there’s a new control type. Wear a jetpack and hold a stick to activate levitation. Once you switch to a different slot, levitation runs out.


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game
  3. Apply the extension to your world. Make sure that the normal jetpack behavior pack is not activated on top of the extension. Ideally, disable the standard behavior pack completely and only activate the extension.

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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41 Responses

4.48 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Guest-7228132080 says:

    This is a great mod!!!!!

  2. ProGamer672 says:

    Nice!!! 🙂

  3. Guest-8084307497 says:

    “To obtain it you can craft it (by using the chain chestplate recipe)”

    lol you can’t craft chain armor dude

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can’t even fly one block above the ground tried both ways to do it doesn’t work

  5. TheBrain says:

    great addon

  6. Bob says:

    Awesome Addon just could you make it to where you don’t fall down and when you fly for to long?

  7. Thomas says:

    Possibly would have been better to replace the elytra

  8. epictomatosalad says:

    I just realized that I put the textures and the other thing in the wrong place.

  9. epictomatosalad says:

    It keeps showing as chain chestplate and wont work

  10. EnderCake says:

    This would have been so cool if it workedI would’ve done a video on it and still will if you just fix the glitch please. But it is still really cool

  11. GemyGold says:

    You can use my video for a tutorial
    Search “Gemy Gold” and find the jetpack addon video
    On YouTube

  12. AMC says:

    Actually no, ’cause chain chestplate sometimes can be obtained in Blacksmith

  13. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    This add-on must be so cool

  14. Alan Tomathy says:

    You can’t craft chain armour you can only get it by trading creative mode of dungeons/strongholds

  15. The1TahtPlayz says:

    THIS SI AMAZAING. And 1st Comment

  16. Terronekiller says:

    Nice work you got on your wed

  17. Pratas says:

    the extension does not work

  18. AgentCPU0 says:

    The game won’t let me install the extension. It says there’s a duplicate pack already installed.

  19. ricardo says:

    I crash when using it

  20. DaBoss9326 says:

    I like the addon but make the jet pack fly longer please!!!

  21. Gabriel says:

    what adds the extencion

  22. Justin says:

    You can’t craft chainmail.

  23. Crystan The Gamer says:


  24. Khaled says:


  25. BlueSource says:

    Doesnt work,even though i activated the resource pack and behaviour pack,(also i downloaded the mcaddon then i downloaded the Extension, it said failed to import duplicate pack detected,so that means the extension and the addon is the same?!?!?

  26. Justin says:

    What does the expansion pack do

  27. Golden Freddy_1987 says:

    Dude from the word u say that we can craft chain we can’t ,even we try to obtain fire using PocketInvEditor ,I also try to craft it using fire but won’t work

  28. MafloBLITZ says:

    Sorry more like 3 blocks. Great addon anyway

  29. MafloBLITZ says:

    Sorry but it doesn’t work it only makes u fly 2 blocks plzz fix anyway I have been looking for months now to find a jet pack kind of thing for my friend who is obsessed with iron man so to do him a favor I am finding him Add-Ons to combine so he can fly around in survival shooting lasers at bad guys so plzz fix this addon it was a great idea.

  30. Tommy Owens says:

    Elytra would make more sense

  31. CreatorCommando says:

    Whoa! How the heck does this thing work?!?!

  32. No says:

    Chain is crafted out of fire which is unobtainable

  33. Igorko says:

    ” To obtain it you can craft it (by using the chain chestplate recipe)”

  34. FifthtFive says:

    Nice Addon!

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