JackFrostMiner’s Let’s Play World (Ep. 60) [Creation]

Sixty episodes have been recorded since JackFrostMiner began a new adventure in Minecraft Pocket Edition which is frequently featured as a Let’s Play series on his YouTube channel. Every 10th new episode there’s a map release which includes the latest version of his Let’s Play world and that’s the case as of today.

If you are a fan then what isn’t more cool than being able to enter the world of JackFrostMiner and explore his creations which you’ve previously just seen on video? In case you aren’t yet familiar with his Let’s Play series then go ahead and check it out here.

Creator: JackFrostMiner, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel

jfm jfm1jfm-world-1 jfm-world-2 jfm-world-3

Download (Map Version – Episode 60)
Download (Map Version – Episode 50)

Download (Map Version – Episode 40)

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67 Responses

4.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Haroon10023 says:

    How do I unzip the world?

  2. Haroon10023 says:

    It’s 146mb will it work

  3. Dragon says:

    Awesome make a stampy Park pls

  4. Alex says:

    I can’t download it on mcfile help editor

  5. Krystine says:

    Hi I wanted to make a video on this map but for some reason I can’t download it can you please help me?https://youtu.be/e8LdsWcbzgA

  6. CreeperGamerGirl says:


  7. Thatguy says:

    Mine downloaded instantly with 320 ram on my windows 10 beta version

  8. Brian38 says:

    Download this and conpress ALL of the files in the folder then.

    Rename the filename to what ever you want with .mcworld then your done!

  9. KingCobra says:

    Can you please do an .Mcworld link?

  10. Verside says:

    Can you do the map Of his survival world that is in w10 edition BC it’s hard to download

  11. JFM Rules says:

    Hi, can you please make a .mcworld JFM world thanks.

  12. Minecraft_mapMaker says:

    Good map!

  13. SuperALGIRL says:

    Awesome map, but it’s too big

  14. willow says:

    How do i make my own map

  15. Jack says:

    Editor for some reason i can’t download it is just goes to a virius

  16. KilladroneXX says:

    Wish there was mcworld 😕

  17. FlipflopCutie says:

    Please, Please, PLEASE tell me if there is a mcworld? It won’t work on my PE using iPad and it just says “Open In …”

  18. RoadtoastSki says:

    Add a mcpedl file plsss editor!!!!!!
    I am looking forward for this it would be nice 😩

  19. Nurul Mohamed says:

    Godamit my internet connection is very slow

  20. Eric says:

    It always says to open canvas.

  21. Zoe says:

    This is so cool

  22. AtomicMC says:

    Is there a download for episode 100 or over?

  23. RoadtoastSki says:

    Can you make it to .mcworld?

  24. DragonWarrior2x7 says:

    editer!!!!!! please make this a mcworld pls i would LLLOOOVVVEEEyou so pls?

  25. Jasmine says:

    So I’m downloading it now but how do I get it on to minecraft? Like do I have to unzip it or something and how to do it.. If you can reply I’ll be very thankful!

  26. Esau ramirez says:

    I don’t know if it doesn’t work or not but I think it’s does work

  27. Peyton Herron says:

    Hey I really like your videos and buddy

  28. XxTakish303xX says:

    MCPE DL is the best map ever i seen its too many maps i can select i want THE BEST

  29. XxTakish303xX says:

    146.59 mb wow its expensive but i can download maps in mcpe ios 🙂

  30. Pink Carabao says:

    Editor How To Install A Texture???

  31. creepy plays says:

    Awesome mcpedl is da best,btw can i have a permission to review this website for mcpe.

  32. Nether says:

    Really Good Perfomance with the real JFM world texture and so but the download was slow anyway it was amazing thx.

  33. sfrostyboi says:


  34. Kaiou mingi says:

    I download it to my cellphone episode 60 and i spawn into nowhere.. so where can i find jfm’s home?

  35. neal says:

    I’m asking how to upload maps

  36. neal says:

    hi jackfrost miner I like this map, greatest map.

  37. Jesse says:

    I’m so gonna love this

  38. Chapplinz says:

    Is there any quest in this map
    I like this map

  39. Minecrafter says:


  40. LilyLuckyHeart says:

    It said safari can’t download the map

  41. Violetlove0301 says:

    AWESOME BUT trouble downloading

  42. Andro says:

    Really???its says that the file is 93 mb…how terrible

  43. adam says:

    97 mb I cant download it ):

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