JJJ Wong Boss Battle

A battle against the Youtuber, JJJ wong. Ready to test your battling and fighting skills? This map will show you your real skills and abilities you have in Minecraft! Enjoy!

Here’s a short preview.

This minecraft map involves you, fighting a strong boss, JJJ wong. This map was specially created to celebrate me, JJJ wong, achieving my goal of 55 subscribes on youtube!

This is a different kind of boss battle.

There will be 8 platforms in the arena. The boss JJJ Wong will attack you with several attacks. To attack him, shoot the dispenser in the middle of the stadium with the bow and 15 arrow which will be give every few seconds to fire a fire charge at him. You can attack the boss while being attacked. The only difference of doing that is that you will have to concentrate on 2 things : Being attacked and attacking the boss. The boss has 3 hp so hit the dispenser 3 times to win. You can attack while being attacked

If you try so hard, but fail to hit the button even with all you arrows, there’s nothing you can do about it. So, you will have to give up on winning the boss, because there is no way to beat the boss, you will have to click the button at the back of the stadium as it means you have lost.

Now, all instructions are done, next is what the boss will do

The boss will attack you with these attacks:

•Rat Rampage : Slightly damaged anvils will fall from the sky onto 5 different platforms. This will happen 3 times. Avoid the anvils by jumping to other platforms. Every time, 1 platform will be lucky enough to not get hit at all. 

For every time you get hit by an anvil, your health bar will have 4 hearts reduced

•Gold Rush : A gold block will spawn in the middle of the platforms. When it appears, JJJ wong will start counting down from 3. He finishes counting down in about 2 seconds. You will have to rush to the gold block before the countdown ends and JJJ wong says “Begone!”.

When that is said, the platforms will all disappear. Only the gold block will remain. Don’t fall off the gold block as you will die. 

When the platforms reappear after some time, jump back to the platforms as the gold block will disappear. The gold block will disappear in a matter of seconds so you need to have fast reactions.

If you fall in lava, there’s no way to survive so you have to complete this attack

•Lightning Strike : Golden clouds will spawn above 5 different platforms. Those unlucky platforms will get struck by lightning. Jump to other platforms to avoid being struck. The lightning comes in quite fast so you either have to be lucky to be under the platforms without golden clouds, or have fast reactions

You may find it a glitch that sometimes, if you’re not under a cloud, there’s no lightning. But that’s not a glitch. You will only see the lightning if you’re getting struck.

Your health bar will reduce by 4 hearts and that you’ll take fire damage, if you get hit

•Meteor Strike : 2 rounds of fire charges will be fired from any side of the stadium to the platforms. Avoid getting hit by the fire charges. There is a slight chance that the fire charges will set the ground on fire.

This attack is mainly luck as looking at the picture below, you can tell that the fire charges fire in all directions

After this attack, most of the times, you will have about 4 hearts left, if you get hit

Though this map is set to hard difficulty, you’ll have an infinite source of steak so don’t worry about not regaining health over time. If you do not want to loose hunger easily, set it to easy and not to peaceful. you’ll gain health too easily in peaceful.

These attacks will go in a cycle so some attacks may repeat over and over again.

Here is a gameplay of the map : 

More updates soon…

Special Thanks to KaitlynNatalie2 for helping me to build this big special project!!

Changelog View more

A thumnail related to my map has been added to the game

More detailed attacks, way to play, has been submitted now.

Added a gameplay video as I do not find any invalid details

More picture added

Some instructions have been slightly modified as there is not really much to add

The correct thumbnail related to the game has been set

♦Mobile download added

♦Additional info of attacks have been given

♦Instructions of game given

• Thumbnail corrected

• Media fire download included

• All attacks shown

• Main Objective shown

• Special Thanks to my friend shown


Download the media fire link. (PC)

Download the file (PC/MOBILE)


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  1. Guest-4998648565 says:

    the only attack im getting is rat rampage

  2. Guest-4170690003 says:

    what do you expect? he only has 55 subscribers, but the maap sure does look a bit interesting

    • Guest-5289126185 says:

      sike not really sometimes the boss spams the meteor attack like 5 times and WHERE IS THE LIGHTNING ATTACK?!

  3. Guest-5333479671 says:

    When you never heard this “YouTuber”

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