Joey Gaming SCP Roleplay Filming World V1.0.4

Hi There

I started a Minecraft series called SCP Containment Breach Minecaft Roleplay. The series was a success and brought in Views and Subscribers to my channlel. my fans requested a download so they can make there own SCP roleplays and i have Delivered.

This map includes

  • Light Containment Zone
  • Heavy Containment Zone
  •  Entrance Zone
  • SCP 106 Recontainment Zone
  • Warhead Silo
  • gate A entrance
  • Class-D holding cells
  • Custom Sounds
  • Class-D Termination Room


Some of the rooms are not connected and most of the doors lead to dead ends. Future updates will fix this.

You are all welcome to film/record you’re own SCP Roleplays But you must credit Joey gaming and JuliusScizzor if you use his Resource Pack. Failure on crediting can get you’re video copyrighted/removed on YouTube


Entrance Zone:


Heavy Containment Zone:


Light Containment Power Generator:

Class-D Termination Room:


My SCP Roleplay Playlist

Changelog View more

-Added New Textures

-Added Open Offices With Bridges

-Added Class-D Termination

-Added \

-Added Old Links

-Fan Made Easter Eggs

-Changed The YouTube Logo Texture

-Added a new spawn room

-Added Easter Eggs

-Connected more rooms

So the link i give out last time does not work because MCPE DL made me make it a .MCworld instead of an .MCpack and i didn't test out the new file to see if it works.

eveything works now!


For mobile and low ends devices

This world uses a HD resource pack and can cause lag or even crash you're game. Here's some tip to make the game run better. 

  • Lower you're render distance
  • turn off the resource packs
  • close out any background apps
  • free up storage

If you're games still crashes. Than you're device is not compatible.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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30 Responses

3.73 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-6321872122 says:

    off but if we die then?

  2. Guest-1061961153 says:

    Can u amke it so u dont have to teleport there with the nuttons cus why dont i just make a shell for the foundation and n and put that over the buildingand pit spawn at the entrance

  3. Guest-1160734283 says:

    can you add gate: b and a?

  4. Guest-6634629113 says:

    Pls finish the map

  5. Guest-3222484944 says:

    Are there scps?

  6. Guest-8948272179 says:

    I can’t play this wut does Scp 513-1 look like

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hmm this is unacceptable how much hours and weeks i spend making my scp ES edition coming on mcpedl here soon i usally take 21 hours and 12 days to make a addon/mod

  8. GeneralReich658 says:

    I’m having issues downloading the map, but it’s still really good.

  9. Red Fan says:

    There I got it to 3 and a half stars.

  10. Red Fan says:

    Very cool

  11. Red Fan says:


  12. Red Fan says:


  13. Guest-8254713931 says:

    Texture pack doesn’t work. I really appreciate the effort though!

  14. Guest-9340075006 says:

    Nc One Now I can Make a movie with this
    I planning make ah movie 😀

  15. Guest-4241123563 says:

    so i dont like this at all

  16. Joey gaming says:

    I apologize for the link not working. MCPE DL made me make it a .MCworld instead of an .MCpack and didn’t test out the new file to see if it works. Once again I apologize here’s the alternative link:

  17. Guest-7468685375 says:

    me too

  18. Guest-4282007842 says:


  19. Guest-5920695888 says:

    Every Time I go to import this map it says import failed and I have downloaded it 4 time already and tried 2 times every time I downloaded it!

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