John Smith Legacy JimStoneCraft Edition [32×32]

This is a modified version of the John Smith Legacy resource pack. JimStoneCraft redesigned the pack to make it more to his liking and hopefully you’ll like what you see and download it for yourself. The texture pack is best suitable for medieval builds or any time that you want a more robust or rustic design.

Credits: This port has been created from the original resource pack from JimStoneCraft, JohnSmith and JohnSmith Technician’s Remix (JSTR) – Do not host these files behind a paywall. JimStone is not responsible for supporting this port of his pack. All support must be made to the ports Github issue tracker found here.
Ported by: NoobTaco
Updated: 4 July, 2017 (cleaned up textures_list.json which caused crashes on Android)


Initial Release and Port

  • Blocks (all blocks which exists in the John Smith Legacy JSC pack have been ported, report missing ones here)
  • Colormap
  • Entity
  • Environment
  • GUI (basic porting completed)
  • Items (almost all)
  • Map
  • Armor
  • Particle

To Do

  • Blocks (some blocks which don’t exist in the Java Edition pack has to be created)
  • Entity
  • Items, potions, door icons, beds


Bugs and missing textures can be reported to the Issues Tracker (GitHub).

Tested platforms: Windows 10 (fully functional), iOS (works for iPad 4 mini, might crash on low-end devices), Android (works for Nexus 9 tablet, might crash on low-end devices)

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Installation Guides

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23 Responses

4.24 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. John says:

    The link seems to be broken.

  2. Humaira_Isha says:

    This texture pack looks really cool! Could someone send me a working link to the download? The one linked to this page doesn’t work 🙁

  3. camdog says:

    Please update this amazing pack come on devs someone show thiis pack some love in updat it in 2019 t

  4. Yorsenis says:

    The Link is broken, held me please

  5. Alan says:

    The download link is broken

  6. hoe says:

    thank you so much <3

  7. DragonFang5 says:

    I love this texture and it is one of my favorites. However, I wish the was an alternate file type instead of .zip.

  8. Made24680 says:

    Can you update the pack plzzz

  9. Shojuu says:

    I’m a really fan of what you done this is an incroyable texture pack ( my favorite ) but please update it, this pack work but update it for the 1.2 ( the texture ) and you forgot the texture off the trapdoor i’ts the texture for the basic pack please fix it
    Sorry for my bad english i’m french 🙂

  10. Zakizulham says:

    Please update for minecraft
    I most like this texture
    Thanks editor and noob tracker

  11. PurpleDjango says:

    This pack looks nice from the photos, however it crashes whenever applied. Might have some corrupted files in it.

  12. ImTheCoreOfMc says:

    This is a very good texture pack, better then most of the texture packs that I seen, good job on making this

  13. Winggz says:

    Lol my phone cant handle the texture pack its just crash R.I.P.

  14. Tigus Vaton says:

    Link isn’t working for me, but it looks amazing

  15. xSuperMinex says:

    For people who keep crashing cuz of using the texture, I have found a solution. It might seem weird, but the texture_list.json is the cause of the crashes. Same thing happened when I used Faithful. I tried all the files, and the only one that caused crashes was the texture_list.json file. I have no idea if deleting it might cause any downsides, but it DOES fix the crashes (well for me at least). Hope this helped. Also, this texture pack is pretty sweet! Except for only a few things I can t really recognize, but still it’s great 😉

    • xSuperMinex says:

      EDIT: Do not mistake the textures list.json file for the “texture.list” file. The one causing crashes is the one with “.json”, just in case you delete the wrong one. Okay I’m done xD

      • NoobTaco says:

        Thanks for the bug report xSuperMinex

        I was having the same issue when trying to load it on my Android. I am going to go through the textures_list.json and see if I can find any issues with the formatting and syntax. I will post a new build if I find the culprit and get it fixed.

        I have filled an issue for it here:

        • SuperMine says:

          No problem, glad I could help. And yes, I AM xSuperMinex, but I’ve lost my account ever since logging it out by accident and I somehow couldn’t remember my email not my password, and sadly I can’t prove it. Haven’t got much time to come back here for a reply, considering how I am a semi-busy school dude. It was nice of you to include my name in the report, so thanks. I am thinking of uploading some stuff on mcpedl, one I have in mind is a skin since I’ve made some already.

  16. The_Plasma says:

    Could I please have a complete list of all textures that are different from the original John Smith Legacy 1.1.0 texture pack? Though if your not aware there is a new ported version of the original John Smith…

    • NoobTaco says:

      I did a complete port of all blocks from JSLJSC to the Windows 10 version. The items that are not in the Java edition are for example the bed icons and many of the potion icons. Everything else has been ported over.

      I was aware of the port for the original John Smith. However I prefer the changes in the JSC and wanted to have it to use in a video lets play planned for the future.

      I have created resource packs in the past and wanted to get back into it. Sat down and began the process. Once done I sought Jim’s permission to post it and here we are.

      If you do find any issues please put them on the github issue tracker as I will look there more than here and get a fix in right away.

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