johnny appleseed: 4 Villages at Spawn!

“An absolutely mind-blowing seed, guys!” That’s how AceCraftGaming describes it in the nice review he has made (click to video below to view it!). As soon you spawn into the world you will see two villages, tightly almost combined. The villages in which you spawn at even got a blacksmith, isn’t that cool? The chests in the blacksmiths are different on every device (iPhone, iPad etc) so it’s all random what kind of things you’ll get from those. But it’s definitely worth checking out the chests.

To find the next two villages all you have got to do is head straight ahead off spawn and you’ll soon come across them.

Seed: johnny appleseed


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  1. Johnathan playz says:

    This is cool

  2. Gasboss775 says:

    Works on 1.2.6, great seed, 2 blacksmiths with good loot, lots of food and trees nearby and a dessert biome too.

  3. Pussyfacecringeminecraft says:

    This seed sucks. Jk love it! 🙂

  4. BlazerFire78 says:

    I found small village seed. Seed is madebymojang you will spawn at taiga biome go to plains biome and find village. Village at plains biome

  5. Moises says:

    How many caves are there to get loot

  6. Zack says:

    THIS IS CRAZY! It actually works! I have a iPhone 4. I only found 1 blacksmith but probably at least 3 villages in the entire world! Try it out!

  7. Michael says:

    Has anyone found a nether fortress in the “johnny appleseed” seed? I built my nether portal and explored in every direction for hours and never found one. All my villages are vacant. I guess there were zombie raids while I was off building up my base. I want to cure zombie villages and repopulate, but I need a blaze rod for the brewing stand. And I can’t find a freakin blaze without a merger fortress.

  8. Jonlyn says:

    UGH well his waterfall/diamond ore/village was awesome but i saw a freekin mushroom on top of the cookies and cream tree log DUH IM A FEMALE

  9. geekygothicgirl says:

    took a screenshot of all 4 villages right at spawn =}

  10. yuri says:

    Some caves (no seeds were written) have dungeons! Im disappointed because im in creative! So even if I found a chest on it I have nothing to do with it … Can anyone explain the end portal? What’s the use of it? And when I attack an enderman with my dogs … it vanishes and retreats and the dogs keep wondering where was it .. hahaha

  11. Adysondragon says:

    This seed was so cool!! …except that when I arrived, I was just walking around, and then suddenly I see a building on fire!! It spread from house to house, until there was nothing but stone and gravel left…. It was so sad!!!

    • yuri says:

      That’s probably where the chest was!Is the building where the fire started had a lava or a group of furnace? if I’m right; that’s where the treasure was found

  12. Wait is this for the ipad says:

    Will this work for the iPad to

  13. Cool says:

    bruh is a seed with a blacksmith. The blacksmith has emeralds and saddle. Also there is pit with diamonds! I have a bedrock house because of new pe update in this world.

  14. Antoni says:

    great seed but I can’t watch the video anymore and the posts are all scribbled and if you go to the left into the forest run fast you’ll get to a mountain go in the back of it and run into the sand biome passed the sand biome you’ll find 1 village with 16 blacksmith! I did it in creative mode also try the seed:Bruh it’s pretty good for me it was the first seed i noticed but great seed who ever is the dude who made this seed up

  15. Editor says:

    I looked it up for you and found this post by Powered by Redstone. There they mention that iPhone 4 doesn’t support infinite worlds.

  16. sarah says:

    This seed is so awesome! Any other suggestions?

  17. James Amparo says:

    Plz help it doenst work for me! Any one help me plz. I spelled the seed correctly

    • Adysondragon says:

      When you create the world, after you put the seed in, switch the mode to “Infinite”. There are three options, “Old”, “Infinite”, and “Flat”, and this seed uses “Infinite”. See if that works~! It’s the same problem I ran into.

  18. Jason says:


  19. Lissie says:

    I’m playing one right now but about all I can find as far as ores go is Iron and insane amounts of coal, took for ever to find red stone and even then only once. are there any guides for this seed?


    Best SEED ever two blacksmith its awesome the seed contains Dungeon and Birch wood forest other stuff to see and recognize in this seed but easily about this seed and be quick or the blacksmith will be burn (cause of the lave in the front so let it buried).

  21. pipster is epik says:

    I wrote in the seed and I spawned In a mesa biome that had random tracks lying on the ground, and a couple abandoned mineshafts

  22. Lala says:

    Awesooome!! best seed ever..

    keep on posting stuff like this. thanks !

  23. J9nKidz says:

    This is such an amazing seed! We’ve used it time and again. In the meantime, this video gives a message of “video marked as private” now. So you might want to update it. Thanks for sharing all kinds of fantastic seeds maps and more for us PE gamers

  24. GOOD CREEPERS says:

    the first image i see some of the birch wood forest


    Guys there’s a Dungeon in the right where a farmers hut is, at the back of it there’s a cave and light your way you will notice that there’s a cobbletone and moss stone on it wreck it then you will enter the Dungeon the spawner is a Zombie

  26. Deniel says:

    Seed: legend of luuc

  27. Jess says:

    It is a good deed it’s probably my favourite

  28. Wiktor says:

    I’m playing survival and i have build a House with very god stuff and i have 5 DIAMONDS!

  29. noah says:

    hop it works

  30. ChouShi says:

    for minecraf pe huh?

  31. kwill says:

    another great seed is cones
    another is macwoopseethatcow type that in to get a strong hold at spawn and a huge cave complex with over 23 dungions

  32. Ally Gabir says:

    Are there wolves in this seed?

    • yuri says:

      Yes there are… they’re just far north from the spawn point… I found one on the forest near the sea.there will be no villages near on that area, just a cliff and forest

  33. Rens says:

    A village seed for MC PE:” Lucky”. Look at your left when spawning

  34. Isabella says:

    This is so freaking cool thx so much!

  35. Niksha says:

    This is not a seed but you could make a temple

  36. ourlioncub says:

    I tried doing this seed, but I spelt it wrong ( jhonny appleseed), but I did find one village, but no blacksmith. Its pretty big though!

  37. Caitlin says:

    Love it x

  38. sydney says:

    type in “range” on infinite world and you should spawn near a village

  39. vivek somani says:

    help!! I only found one blacksmith and he had one emerald 3 iron ingots I DO NOT REMEMBER the other things and I play on ipad

  40. Will says:

    Do u need infinite

  41. Thx! It worked! P.s some of the villagers kept following me and everything! And some pretty weird stuff kept happening to me. Like suddenly i herd a door open and i heard the dogs whimper (they were in the house when i heard the door open) i went in and checked it out and they were on fire! Oh and i wish there were castle type things. Can u do more stuff like this showing more seeds? It helps!!!! Thxxxxx!!!!!

  42. Shadow says:

    Um… its more like 4 caves at spawn! I looked everywhere it took me hours to find 1 village. It is was faaaaaaaaaaaaar from spawm.

  43. Stoogey says:

    There is actually 3 blacksmiths

  44. Cody says:

    It worked the first time i loaded it in creative but once i tried it again it didnt work. :/ someone pls help! ( i use iphone 4)

  45. MR.BUTTER says:

    I found 4 emeralds

  46. CloroSphere says:

    Hm.. This is good for survival, love it~! ^_^

  47. MRAndyPE says:

    Cool guys! Keep up all of your awesome work!

  48. Hannah says:

    Totally awesome seed love it

  49. Joe says:

    You are right!

  50. Philip says:

    There is a fallen birch tree by one of the villages with a mushroom on top

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