JOJO Bizarre Adventure Addon

In my JJBA addon you can use star platinum, the world, silver chariot and 目力先辈. This addon is for all JOJO lovers out there living here on Earth. Special thanks to 千本繁花! Come and download it today! Hope you like it.


This addon adds you 4 stand. Star platinum, The world, Sliver chariot and The beast.
To use them, sneak(On PC, press shift to use your stand).


This addon adds 3 entites. Enrico Pucci, Chocolate and vampire.

Pucci can speed up his velocity by speeding up the time. But you can kill him easily with a powerful stand. After you beat him, you will get his face. You can use his face to make the item that allow you to speed up the time.

Chocolate. If you kill it, you will get excrement. You can use it to make the stand: The beast.

Vampire. It has 60 health point. After kill it, you will get a vampire’s gene.


This addon allow you to stop the time or speed up the time. To use them, just sneak(On PC, press shift).

(You can stop the time for 9 seconds. All entities will stop in this 9 seconds.)

How to make your own stand in survive mode?

You can use /function get to get all stands. But you can also make them with a Crafting Table.

Use 8 vampire’s gene and 1 iron ingot to make a vampire’s blood.

Then you can use a vampire’s blood to get the item that allow you to stop time.

This is the stand: THE WORLD. Use 2 gold ingots and 1 vampire’s blood to make THE WORLD.

This is the stand: STAR PLATINUM. Two diamonds and a vampire’s blood can let you use STAR PLATINUM.

This is the stand: SLIVER CHARIOT. Use 2 iron ingots and a vampire’s blood to make SLIVER CHARIOT.

With this item, you can use 3 SLIVER CHARIOT at once. Use 1 vampire’s blood and 1 SLIVER CHARIOT to make.

This is the stand: The beast. you can get excrement from chocolate. Two excrement and a vampire’s blood to make the beast.

Stone ghost mask. To use it, long press on the screen(On PC, right click) to use it. 8 stones and a vampire’s blood can let you use stone ghost mask.

Two Pucci’s faces and a vampire’s blood can let you speed up the time!

This addon is made by Chinese, 千本繁花 and me made this addon. I think some of you love JOJO very much. Hope you like it. Please turn on Experimental Gameplay.

If you want to make a video of this addon, please credit the creator’s name.

Follow my Twitter @CN_MR_FISH😀.

About me

Sorry guys but it will take me a long time to bring you the huge update

I will add D4C

I will add Killer queen and the first bomb


So yeah

And the finally stand

The finally stand that you have waited for a long time



Wait for the next update, lol

Changelog View more

I will add D4C
I will add Killer queen and the first bomb
So yeah
And the finally stand
The finally stand that you have waited for a long time

Sorry guys but goodbye.

I love MCPEDL.

I will miss everyone


Bug fixed.

Hope you like it.

Maybe I will add killer queen in the future.

Bug fixed.

Hope you like it.

4 stands with 4 skills.

Bug fixed.

Now you can only stop the time for 10 seconds.

Stop the time!

Speed up the time!

Use 3 stands at once!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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208 Responses

4.85 / 5 (92 votes)
  1. superevilazmil says:

    Ah yes,the creator of the most OP addons created a haha funny jojo refrence addon.

  2. Peria says:

    ?olden Experience Requiem

  3. realod requiem says:

    bro nice addon also chocolate mob be lookin different and hot ??? ???

  4. RoaderBoy says:

    I love the game, but if u could make time stop instead of slow down, that would be awesome. Also i would like to be able to throw projectiles in time stop please. Thanks for this awesome addon

  5. Captain paperbag says:

    When is the next update and great add on keep going ok

  6. SabakiSabaku says:

    Is this addon no longer getting an update?

  7. Theres a little bug, you say that The World can stop time for 9 seconds, but when I use the Addon it stops time only for 3-4 Seconds. Please fix.

  8. Unknow Newbie says:


  9. Guest-4078121212 says:

    That sounds cool, but what about king crimson?

  10. Guest-7199297046 says:

    Trae el Hamon porfavor

  11. Guest-6972310720 says:

    I want to add to this addon stand 20th century boy please man

  12. Guest-2220799537 says:

    Heres some suggestions for stands.
    Heirophant Green
    Sticky Fingers
    Crazy Diamond
    Purple Haze
    and Killer Queen
    Maybe Kars Blades as well. You dont have to add ALL of them but some would be nice. Thanks!

  13. Guest-9280446570 says:

    Stand items just don’t work. 1.16.1 Windows 10 Edition

  14. Guest-6253743141 says:


  15. Guest-6962563912 says:

    pls add hamon and King Crimson

  16. Guest-7060783406 says:

    For some reason the time stop is 1-3sec for me

  17. Guest-2067390651 says:

    Make the stands stronger, they are a bit useless, they have no damage

  18. DrDerp says:

    Also, add these 2 music memes
    Giorno’s theme, Il’ vento d’oro
    The Pillar Men Theme
    You can choose any disc you want to replace

  19. DrDerp says:

    Add all stands
    Add more characters
    Improve models and animation

    • Guest-5179143043 says:

      You do know there are 163 stands right? I don’t think minecraft can handle that, plus there ‘s all the variations and abilities that would have to be implemented.

      • DrDerp says:

        Well now that I’m thinking of it I guess maybe only the major character’s stands? (Kakyoin’s Hierophant Green, Avdol’s Magician’s Red, Hermit Purple, and other stands of main villains and heros in each part)

    • Guest-8889470228 says:

      You do kno this is 2 people working on this right?

  20. Guest-9232392189 says:

    Add all stands in the series
    Add character entities
    Improve models and animations

  21. Guest-9161938026 says:

    Uhhh does anyone know if this works on the xbox one as I’ve been trying to get this to work and I have experimental mode on and both the behaviour pack and resource packs on and every time I use function it gives me the items but none of them work???

    • Guest-6579056433 says:

      I played this addon in xbox and its works very well, and for the itens works, you need to put the behaviour and resource pack in the top of your load order, I hope I’ve helped you!

  22. !Please read!
    Suggestions: Can you make the Road Roller explodes only when time is not stopped? Like when time is stop it will explode later, same thing to the knives, please in time stop stop them too, and please, Make the Road Roller broke nothing, nothing! Please! No block, item, painting, anything! Please!
    Bye now!

  23. Guest-6092323591 says:

    Plz update

  24. Matthew_Maifrini says:

    love it, what program do you use to create mods? am looking for a good software to make my own jojo mod

  25. Guest-3781023862 says:


  26. Guest-4496399185 says:

    Can You Add Made İn Heaven ?

  27. Guest-8651593761 says:

    the stands and the blood wont show up in my inventory in creative, and the /function wont work either, I already tried turning on experimental gameplay on, but that didn’t work. so i don’t know what to do, and this looks like a really cool addon, so pls help!!!

  28. KarmaBOY says:

    Add the Pilar men or Yoshikage Kira as bosses and my life will be completed and I will Iive in peace <3

  29. Guest-9757192714 says:

    You should add the Pilar Men as bosses or at least entities

  30. Guest-2676853838 says:

    can you add another scary monster stand that can become a raptor as an armor

  31. Guest-3841552229 says:

    I have a idea, how about you make weareble itens with the stands faces like star platinum, king crimson etc. So when we use the itens the stand apear in our side and give us some buffs like resisrtance or strength, basically a invisible armor with a 3d stand model in our side
    so thats all i have to tell, i use your addon a quite long time and i want to help you with your work, bye! (sorry if you don’t understand some parts of my comment my comment, my english is a little rusty) anyway, all the best for you!

  32. TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

    I have a suggestion that can improve this addon by a significant amount: the Stands should be full-fledged entities and should have spawn eggs/ spawn items that are each labeled “Call [name of stand]”, and when a Stand spawn egg is used, the respective Stand should be spawned along with several items in the player inventory that can be used to control the Stand.
    For example, if a player spawned The World, its attacks should appear in his or her inventory. The “Road Roller” item should allow the Stand to hurl an oil tanker at its targets, the “Freeze Time” item should let The World stop time and other entities for 12 seconds, et cetera. All newly spawned Stands should also grant a player a “Withdraw [name of Stand]” item that enables him or her to despawn the Stand.
    By the way, this is a clarification of an idea that Guest-8054644239 shared with us, and I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.

  33. Guest-8942238830 says:

    Absolutely amazing addon!
    Although the stand abilities are items, the animations for the barrage’s are great and the way to get these abilities are solid. Time stop is balanced, MIH speeding up time is amazing, and how the barrages are done with the wither effect is amazing.
    The only little bugs I have found is where Vampires and Pucci do not attack the player. But other than that this addon so far is great!
    If I were to ask for anything to add, I think it’d would be great if there was a way to make stands an entity or ability where they can be toggled on and off along with their abilities set to certain keys. Along with arrows being pure RNG over what stands you recieve, though all of this is probably really too much to ask for.
    But to conclude, continue doing your amazing work and good luck on your endeavors!

  34. ????? says:

    Hey i was coming to search dis but i saw it (p.s how u get the items i dont see anything)

  35. Guest-1517195846 says:

    THIS IS THE BEST ADDON EVER! i cant wait until the next update.

  36. Guest-2379236182 says:

    I don’t see any things in my inventory to make stands and the command does not work.

  37. Guest-3924493018 says:

    this is really cool
    i was worried the dev got depressed and gave up on the project
    i hope you’re doing ok mr. dev

  38. Guest-2290227972 says:

    the time stop only works for 1 sec in multiplayer. how can i fix this?

  39. William afton says:

    tusk all acts add plzz i want tusk

  40. Guest-8134692596 says:

    “I giorno giovanna, am in a Minecraft mod.”

  41. Guest-4776230494 says:

    I will rebuild his legacy by making the jojo DIU addon for him because he left

  42. Guest-8054644239 says:

    Plss add a item called .call stand. It will show your stand rather than using an item let u show the stand then barrage and it’s gone call stand item and remove stand item the called stand item will give you I guess 6 item for the world first barrage second a strong punch third knifes throwing (can be spam while in timestop) Fourth road roller it time stop then fly the player and fall with a road roller aka oil tanker 5 is just the old times stop but increase the time stop longer like dio do and you can now close the stand with the item also add a STAND ARROW plsss Reply is this ideas are good or it cant be done cause the add-on limmits


  43. Guest-3965209059 says:

    Plss add a item called .call stand. It will show your stand rather than using an item let u show the stand then barrage and it’s gone call stand item and remove stand item the called stand item will give you I guess 6 item for the world first barrage second a strong punch third knifes throwing (can be spam while in timestop) Fourth road roller it time stop then fly the player and fall with a road roller aka oil tanker 5 is just the old times stop but increase the time stop longer like dio do and you can now close the stand with the item also add a STAND ARROW plsss Reply is this ideas are good or it cant be done cause the add-on limmits


  44. Kono, Giorno Giovana Yume Ga Aru

  45. Guest-6298441098 says:

    Can you add hieropant green

  46. Guest-5847850582 says:

    Plss add a item called .call stand. It will show your stand rather than using an item let u show the stand then barrage and it’s gone call stand item and remove stand item the called stand item will give you I guess 6 item for the world first barrage second a strong punch third knifes throwing (can be spam while in timestop) Fourth road roller it time stop then fly the player and fall with a road roller aka oil tanker 5 is just the old times stop but increase the time stop longer like dio do and you can now close the stand with the item also add a STAND ARROW plsss Reply is this ideas are good or it cant be done cause the add-on limmits

  47. Guest-1404090567 says:

    Can make a my hero academia Addons where we can use quirks?

  48. Guest-7873182506 says:


  49. Guest-3141581901 says:

    So is there GER and also I can only stop time for 7 seconds

  50. Mr.Valentine says:

    Well, i cant wait for the next update ?

  51. Guest-3176849060 says:

    this addon is one of the best that is seen I hope you keep creating content like this

  52. Leader Scroller says:

    Hey, i just read that comment from your problem pictures you show them. How curious. He just blame you and called you theif, this make me feel uncomfortable. Also, i thinking about every addons you made. I think you need to make more addons like…

  53. TryHardJibs says:

    Nice start. However, I’ve got a really cool Java mod straight from the Planet Minecraft website by HueroTaquero that focuses on Jojo stands, and it looks pretty impressive. From this Stand mod, you might as well can get some inspiration for future stands and can implement more Stand moves and better models, so you can try out this cool mod if you have Java MC!

  54. Guest-6851310459 says:

    time stop only works for 1 sec how can i fix this?

  55. blood eye says:

    can u add a item let u show the stand like a item called “call stand” then other items let u barage and a remove stand item plss update it

  56. Guest-4866755723 says:

    Where is the update???
    (Im still waiting:>)
    Your back right? Pls release it soonn

  57. Guest-6291625563 says:

    Man in the next update you could add Diego Brando’s stand, the Scary Monters

  58. Plzzz, don’t go my friend??

  59. Can we be friends again plzzz?????

  60. Guest-4610309044 says:

    You are the greatest mod maker in all time I respect your decision of leaving but i will miss your mods also since your gonna make the twilight forest thing please dont make it into a zip file

  61. Guest-9421554585 says:

    finally i find a addon of JJBA

  62. Guest-8990266616 says:


  63. Guest-2502408173 says:


    i love it
    ok I’m done

  64. Guest-8140045263 says:

    how do i use it

  65. Guest-5452099782 says:

    The truth is cool the addon and I know that it can improve much more, the bad reviews are from people without brains, you continue in what you are good, GOOD

  66. Guest-7906952536 says:

    I would like to ask if you could make the world 9 secs like in anime

  67. Guest-2996098637 says:

    I appreciate your mod but anyone helo me how to get the blood and the stands?

  68. Guest-3604555367 says:

    Shut the fkkk up u rando, u cant even make a good addon, at least the creator can do something, u are just a piece of shxtt in this society L

  69. Guest-9696321095 says:

    Hi I can’t download on iOS is anyone else having this problem

  70. Funky Taco says:

    I personally don’t like JoJo the only reason I know about it is because of PewDiePie but I downloaded the add-on because I know this Creator is good at making add-ons and it works just fine I really enjoy playing with it and if you are amatuer enough to give this add-on one star just because you don’t like what it is based on then you must really have some issues you pathetic rat

  71. Guest-2304333651 says:

    The addons doesn’t work,when i use a stand my screen glitch

  72. Liliya Olenyeva says:

    Note to the creator: I hope you’ll get better soon! Use this opportunity to take a good rest :’3

  73. sir beanos says:

    we need killer queen and sheer heart attack, and I love this mod

  74. Guest-2587585069 says:

    Bro can u add tusc XD

  75. Guest-7115841010 says:

    im not getting any of them items im on creative i got experimental gameplay on and im doing /give @s still nothing im on windows ten 1.14

  76. Kakonic says:

    really good but timestop only works for one 1 sec how can i fix this?

  77. Endaboy21 says:

    my time stop’s duration is only 1second, how do i fix this?

  78. Guest-7859395143 says:

    Time stop’s duration is only 1 second in my case

  79. Guest-2448067545 says:

    I got a suggestion: Requiems:You can craft a stand arrow item and craft it with a stand and you can get their requiems and use the arrow to craft their moves, I genuinely like this addon and I would like to see you continue this because I know as a fellow jojo fan that people have been waiting for this addon for a very long time, and you should can even customize custom requiems and custom stands.

  80. Guest-1243712966 says:

    but what do you have to do to have the stand in creative?

  81. MorbidNoob says:

    I agree that Redboy Gamer is a thief but I also think that it is not fair for the ultra drowned addon(whatever that is about, I wouldn’t download from a thief) to be exclusive to the Chinese people of Minecraft. I think that you Chinese people should also release your addons in English & make sure to publish them first so Redboy cannot steal them.

    • MorbidNoob says:

      Sorry if I sound like I’m supporting Redboy Gamer. While it may be unfair for the ultra drowned addon to be exclusive to the Chinese, that does not mean that stealing it from the true owner is ok.

  82. Guest-4911024136 says:

    can you make some tsunami addon?

  83. Guest-6218140064 says:

    Add Tusk act 4

  84. Guest-1696583909 says:

    this mod doesnt do the attacks nor animations when i press shift while holding said stand

  85. Guest-2737828986 says:

    Can you add a feature to Reset he universe like Pucci did?

  86. MorbidNoob says:

    「Hot anime babe」-Albert:
    `Hot anime babe’- Albert: Https: / / Www. Youtube. Komu/ channel/ UCm – X 6 o 81 nRsXQTmqpyArkBQ

  87. Matthewthegood1 says:

    Yes i’ve been waiting for this yes! I cant stop celebrating

  88. JOJOOJOLO says:

    Could u pls make the stand stay by your side? Pls add ZA WARUDO scream when you stop time. YOUR ADDON IS A MASTERPIECE KEEP IT UP WE SUPPORT YOU WE WILL WAIT FOR NEXT UPDATE

  89. TryHardJibs says:


  90. Guest-5600027499 says:

    I have been waiting for a jojo addon for so long! Using this addon is so much fun! I can’t wait to see future updates!

  91. Guest-5721671180 says:

    Can you make a iron man addon?
    Just like pc as you can wear the armors, take off the armor, make armors follow and protect you,…
    If you can please do…

  92. Guest-6705675549 says:

    I really like this mod but can you add more stands? Like Golden Experiance or Killer Queen, Or king crimson, Or even Star Platinum Over Heaven

  93. Guest-4166605623 says:

    The first one to upload. I have waited for this one for a very long time. Good Addon!

  94. Theliuermihou says:

    A rare Chinese producer

  95. Guest-7504607010 says:

    make a touhou addon with sakuya, marisa etc etc with touhou background music playing. this is a idea for an addon

  96. Guest-2351149593 says:


  97. Guest-2951763725 says:

    As a fan of JoJo, I find this addon amazing, I love this so much and it deserves more attention

  98. Guest-9726586304 says:

    Mutant enderman plss

  99. creeper-aw-man says:

    creeper aw-man

  100. Guest-4843021069 says:

    hey how do i get the items it no work :[ ill still give it five stars cus i like jojo a bizzare day

  101. blood eye says:

    can you make the items less DETAILED i cant play it it crashed when i hold the item plsss less DETAILED plss im begging you

  102. blood eye says:

    YES FINALLY I’VE BEEN WAITING A JJBA ADDON FOR 3 MONTHS. can you add to the world add a skill called ROOODAA ROLLAAA DAAH! thank you btw for making this addon

  103. Guest-8858198269 says:

    Hey! I like your addons. If you have heard of persona 3, 4 and 5. Can you please make an addon for it?

  104. P4nda says:

    How about adding Golden Experience after you update the addon

  105. Guest-9216811081 says:

    There already is Star Platinum + Za Warudo

  106. Guest-2426762138 says:

    Can I Make A Minecraft Map With This?
    Also Add Golden Experience

  107. Guest-3168617139 says:

    please increase the accuracy of the stand attack

  108. Guest-8597690663 says:

    please if the entity is very close to the player stand, it can still attack at once plus the damage and increase the word time to 29 seconds

  109. TryHardJibs says:

    STOP RATING THIS ADDON 1 STARS! Some people like Jojo, some people hate it, and some people like me don’t really care about it, so just quit bullying others and RESPECT THE JOJO COMMUNITY or else I will Stand my ground and go all Dio on you!!!

  110. Guest-3536070076 says:

    I want to ask
    Why a lot of people give this perfect addon only 1 star?

  111. Guest-4640667702 says:

    can you add more damage to the stand

  112. Guest-9865497502 says:

    For all hater of this addon i will throw u this piano only for u because i Giorno Giovana have a dream

  113. Guest-1756519403 says:

    Add star platinum part 4 and make so that you can activate and deactivate the stand

  114. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    …It is a meme in China.

    • Guest-4714780029 says:

      Ignore the negative comments, I personally find this addon absolutely amazing, whenever you make a addon I am repeatedly amazed, you never let me down, please ignore the negative comments saying it’s “gay” and please continue to release more amazing addons!

    • Donimos G says:

      We forgive but basically we don’t know much about his memes

    • TryHardJibs says:

      Dio is basically the Asian Thanos and Za Warudo/ The World is basically the Asian Infinity Gauntlet

    • Guest-6954762406 says:

      Hello, I really liked your addon, but I have 2 questions, 1.- Is it normal for Stands not to hurt? 2.- How can I use the item that stops time? I hope you can answer them!

  115. Guest-6631098484 says:

    Add D4C pls :>

  116. Guest-5857637351 says:

    Pleeeeaaase add tusk act 4

  117. Guest-5782598593 says:


  118. Guest-4486840920 says:


  119. Guest-9994641654 says:

    Can u make a slashblade Addon

  120. Guest-8057637438 says:

    Can you add ZA WARUDO sound when using time stop?

  121. Guest-9088350289 says:

    Sorry to ask but, in my game it only adds the eggs, like the vampire and all that, but no vampire blood, diamonds, stands, etc, and the function command won’t work

  122. Guest-8870869372 says:

    Tusk act 4

  123. Guest-9644937996 says:

    This is very naisu

  124. Guest-1038653967 says:


  125. Guest-5940799472 says:

    Echo 3 the owner name is Koichi . He is the short one of the josuke friends.

  126. Guest-7955026682 says:

    Really greatoo

  127. Guest-5363458985 says:

    I’ve been wanting to see a JoJo addon and here you are. I just wanted to say thank you, keep up the good work.

  128. Guest-2140544813 says:

    Don’t forget my fav stand , Echo give @e [target-Slowness-10-200] that is may be will cool

  129. THE_BLUE says:

    “You thought it was an add-on but it was me, DIO!” also…. i can now use ZA WARUDO

  130. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    Next update!
    Killer queen and CRAZY DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Guest-3315168911 says:

    Super addon, could you make an addon only with the time stopper ?

  132. Guest-7998856366 says:

    Cool :v

  133. Liliya Olenyeva says:

    Beautiful, :’)

  134. P4nda says:

    I literally just searched right now and found your addon

  135. Guest-3503929542 says:

    Finally, i can wut dio Do in minecraft ( search in Yt Dio play minecraft) :p

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