Joker Addon

Have you ever wished for a new character in Minecraft like in the movie. Have you ever had a dream? to get new characters in Minecraft like Joker. If the answer is yes, this addon is for you


The Joker only attacks if the player attacks the Joker if the player does not attack the Joker then the Joker does not attack the player

Add health

If the Joker is attacked by a player, the Joker will increase his health by eating apples and drinking potion

The weapon

Joker also has several weapons 




the weakness

Joker also has a weakness Joker is afraid of the raveger if the Joker meets a raveger the Joker will run away scared

Changelog View more

There are a few issues about the file but we have fixed it 

There are some problems with files, but we have made it easier to play the addon. You don't need to extract the file again, the file will be active without extracting the file

If you want to accuse an addon you must first extract the file otherwise the addon will error

there are some problems with the file but we have fixed it so you can enjoy the joker addon


1. download the joker addon

2.then open Minecraft and activate the addon

3.Enjoy the Joker addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.6

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  1. Guest-6448667849 says:

    Hey How do I install this for my xbox one? And can one of Joker’s noises, be him laughing, because in the movie he has a mental disability which makes him laugh when he’s scared or nervous….. And can you make him specifically hostile, because I would like to make a map with this…. And when he shoots the villager named (Murray), he says “You get what you f%#*ing deserve”….

  2. Guest-7013919280 says:

    Make it weld a gun so that when you name a villager Murray, it shoots the villager

  3. Guest-4920247826 says:

    Update for 1.14 please

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