JourneyCraft Accessories Update

Bored with vanilla MC? Then this add-on is perfect for you. This addon adds 30+ weapons, 10+ bosses, 25+ materials to be used into your Minecraft! This add-on was inspired by Terraria which explains why there is some Terraria stuff in this addon.

About the Addon

– Turn on Experimental for this addon to work properly.

– Addon will not work properly if there are other addons activated.

– If addon wont work at first try , try to reset your game.

If you are in creative mode, do

/give @s pa:nameoftheitem , to get the item you want.

(NEW) Accessories

Golden Treasure Crate

Accessories and other stuff can be obtainable from Golden Treasure Crates.

There are about 8 accessories added yet.

Hand Held Accessories

Shiny Red Balloon – Jump Boost 3 and is a material

Lucky Horse Shoe – Slow Fall and is a material

Anklet Of the wind – Speed 1 and is a material

Aglet – A material

Hermes Boots – Speed 2 and is a material

Cobalt Shield – Resisitance 1 and is a material

Destroyer Emblem – Gives you strength , 50 % drop chance from Cultist.

Horse Shoe on a balloon – Slow Falling , Jump boost

Obsidian Shield – Resistance 2

Lightning Boots – Speed 3

Equippable Accessories ( Note , effects of the hand held accessories cannot be combined with equippable accessories)

Obsidian Skull – Fire Resisitance and is a material

Mining Helmet – Night Vision , obtainable from golden treasure crate.

Diving Helmet – Water Breathing , obtaonable from Golden Treasure crate.

Btw , to equip handheld accessories , just tap on them all .

New Weapons

Shurikens – Damage 2.

Snowball Cannon – Damage 4 – 5 

Terror’s Blaster – Damage 12 ,projectile explodes

Terror’s soul ( item in the middle ) has a 50% drop chance from turkey terror

Staff of the inferno – Damage 25 , explodes and causes fire

New Vulture Mob

Boss Spawner ( New mechanics)

– After crafting the boss spawner in survival ( recipes below) , throw it unto the ground and itll spawn the boss !

(New) Crimson Biome and mobs ( available on normal mode yet )


– Face Monster

– Blood Crawler

– Crimera

New biome = New blocks and ores

– Crimtane ore can be found in the crimson biome


Enchanted Debris

Can be found in the desert Below y=20

Has a 1/12 chance of dropping Enchanted Shards.(Break them with anytools , even with fists)

With Enchanted Shards, you can craft the Enchanted Sword..

Damage: 24


With chains, you can craft chain armor.


Damage: 27

Hallowed’s Prince

Can be found on mesa biomes.Killing it will summon the Hallowed Spirit ( Replaces the mechanical skeleton) Check it out yourself!

All the bosses in mastermode are really op , Minimum Hp is 1000 while the strongest boss has 6000hp.

Normal Mode:

Let’s start off with the MATERIALS added in this addon.


Molten Pickaxe

Mining speed :slow

-Breaks Cobalt


The 2 items below the 3 demonite ingots are called Shadow Scales , they are obtainable from the Brain Of Chuthulu when defeated.


Cobalt Drill

Drill Speed : Slow

Cant break obsidian , bedrock and adamantite

Cobalt Sword

Damage : 37

Effects : Nightvision , regeneration 1 , speed 3


Mythril Drill

Drill Speed : Average

Cant break bedrock and obsidian

Mythril Sword

Damage : 40

Effects : Jump 3 , resistance 1 , speed 3 , strength 1


Adamantite Drill

Drill Speed : Fast

Cant break bedrock

Adamantite Sword

Damage : 43

Effects : Refenration 1 , Resistance 2 , speed 3 , strength 2


Drill Speed : Very Fast

Cant break bedrock




 Glow Torch

Gives nightvision

 Staff of Levitation

Gives you the ability to fly when held.

Apple Cows

Drops apples and leathers when killed. (They are common)

 Fuzzy Bunny Mount!

How to tame: Golden Carrot

Where to find : Secret

HP: 30


How to tame : Dont have to , just have to long press it

Where to find: Secret

HP : 100

I replaced slemm with pinky.


Obtainable from green slimes and is used to make slimy ingots and torches!

Slimy Ingot

Used to make the new sword : Slimy Blade

 Raw Turkey Meat and Cooked Turkey Meat

Obtainable from turkeys , it can be cooked and it gives you 10 hunger points!

Turkeys now drop turkey feathers which are used to make the Turkey Terror Boss Spawner.

Shadow Essences

This is obtainable from defeating spider queen boss and is used to make DEMONITE


 This is crafted from combining 1 gold ingot and 1 shadow essence and is used to make DEMONITE INGOT.

Demonite Ingot

 This is crafted from smelting demonite and is used to make Light’s Bane which will be tackled later on.

Crimson Essences

 This is obtainable from The Crimson Spirit when defeated and is used to make CRIMTANE ORE.

Crimtane Ore

 Crimtane ore is crafted from combining 1 gold ingot and 1 crimson essence and is also used to make CRIMTANE INGOT.

Crimtane Ingot

 Crimtane ingot is also crafted by smelting crimtane ore. This is also used to make blood daggers and blood butcher which will be tackled later on.

Hallowed Bars

 Hallowed bars are obtainable from the Mechanical Skeleton when defeated. This is also used to make The Excalibur which will be tackled later on.

Chaos Gem

Chaos Gem is obtainable from the Frost Wither when defeated and is used to make The Chaos Blade which will be tackled later on.

Broken Hero’s Sword Shard

 This shard is obtainable from The Guardian/Golem from terraria when defeated and is used to make The True Excalibur,The True Nights Edge and the Terra Blade.

Inferno Shard

 This shard is obtainable from the Inferno Elder Guardian when defeated and is used to craft the Blade of the Infernos.

Stolen Holy Tablet

 This is obtainable from the Lunatic Cultist when defeated and is also a recipe for the Terra Blade.

Now,lets move on to the weapons added in this addon.

Lets Start off with the CRAFTABLE WEAPONS.

Slimy Blade

Damage : 10

Effects : Jump Boost 3

Iron Dagger

 Damage: 4

Effects: Speed 2

Diamond Dagger

 Damage: 5

Effects : Speed 2

Blood Daggers

 Blood Dagger is crafted from 1 Crimtane Ingot and 1 iron ingot.

Damage: 10

Effects : Speed 2 , Regeneration 1

Wooden Cutlass

 Damage : 3

Effects : Speed 1 , Jump 1

Iron Cutlass

 Damage: 4

Effects: Speed 2 , Jump 1

Diamond Cutlass

 Damage : 6

Effects: Speed 2 , Jump boost 2

Wooden Scythe

 Damage : 5

Effects : Slowness 2

Stone Scythe

 Damage: 6

Effects: Slowness 2

Iron Scythe

 Damage: 7

Effects: Slowness 2

Diamond Scythe

 Damage: 8

Effects : Slowness 2

Cactus Sword

 Damage: 6

Effects : None

Bone Sword

Damage: 6

Effects : None

Light’s Bane

 Lights Bane is crafted from 2 demonite ingots and 1 iron ingot

Damage: 15

Effects: None,currently

Blood Butcherer

 Blood Butcherer is crafted from 2 Crimtane ingots and 1 iron ingot.

Damage : 17

Effects : Regeneration 1

Fiery Great Sword

 Crafted from 3 Molten Ingots

Damage : 25

Effects : Fire Resistance

Night’s Edge

Nights Edge is crafted from combining all of these swords. Muramasa, Lights Bane, Blade of the Jungle, and the Blood Butcherer.


Effects: jump 2, night vision, resistance 2, speed 1.


 Crafted from 2 hallowed bars and 1 iron ingot.

Damage: 42

Effects: Regeneration 1, Resistance 2, Speed 2.

Chaos Sword

 Crafted from 2 chaos gems and 8 diamonds.

Damage: 50

Effects: health boost 2, jump 2, resistance 2, speed 3

The True Excalibur

 Crafted from an excalibur and 1 Broken Hero’s sword shard.

Damage: 57

Effects: fire resistance, health boost 2, regeneration 2, speed 3

The True Night’s Edge

 Crafted from 1 nights edge and 1 broken heros sword shard.

Damage: 63

Effects: jump boost 4, night vision, resistance 3, slowness 2

Blade of the Infernos

 Crafted from 2 inferno shards and 1 blaze rod.

Damage : 69  😉

Effects: fire resistance, invisibility, resistance 4, speed 4

Terra Blade

 Crafted from 1 true nights edge, 1 true excalibur,1 broken heroes sword shard, and 1 stolen holy tablet.

Damage: 200

Effects: Check it out yourself cuz its so op for me to type lmao


 Butcher’s Knife

Obtainable from the new boss : Turkey Terror when defeated

Damage: 14

Effects : Slow falling


 This is only obtainable from Blood King Slime when defeated.

Damage: 14

Effects: Speed 2, Slow falling

Blade of the Jungle

 This sword is only obtainable from the Queen Bee boss when defeated.

Damage: 21

Effects: Regeneration 1, Slowness 1

Cultist’s Frost Blade

 This is obtainable from the Cultist when defeated.

Damage: 53

Effects: health boost 3, invisibility, jump boost 4, slow falling

The Lost Warhammer

 This weapon is obtainable from The Lost Golem boss when defeated.

Damage: 85

 Effects: resistance 5, slowness 3, strength 4,

Now, let’s talk about the BOSSES in this addon

In this new update , some of the bosses are retextured and they will not be able to spawn naturally anymore and you will have to create the boss spawner to summon.

(NEW) Brain Of Chuthulu

HP : 300

LOOT : Shadow Scales ( currently got no use)

SKILL : Shoots red spheres that explodes and summons a minion called Brain Sample that will also shoot red spheres at you

Suspicious Skull Fragment

To summon , craft it and do /function pa_brainofchuthulu

Turkey Terror

HP : 250

LOOT : Butcher’s Knife and more

SKILL : Throws Egg Bombs

Cursed Feather

To summon : Craft the Cursed feather and do /function pa_turkeyterror

Blood Slime King

 HP: 150

LOOT: Muramasa

SKILL: Jumps so high and smashes to you

Jeweled Gel

To summon craft the jeweled gel and do /function pa_kingslime

Spider Queen

HP: 200

LOOT: Shadow Essences × 2 and more

SKILL: None,but I increased its speed

Spider Queen’s Egg Sac

To summon craft it and do /function pa_spiderqueen

Queen Bee

 HP: 250

Loot: Blade of the Jungle and more

SKILL: Bugging (You wont be able to attack the boss for a few secs)

Queen Bee’s Egg

To summon , craft it and do /function pa_queenbee

Crimson Spirit

 HP: 150

Loot: Crimson Essences ×2 and more

SKILL: Quick Charge (Charges unto you)

Crimson Stone

To summon , craft it and do /function pa_crimsonspirit

Mechanical Skeleton

 HP: 400

Loot: Hallowed Bars and more

SKILL: Shoots 2 arrows every 1 sec

Mechanical Bone

To summon , craft it and do /function pa_mechanicalskeleton

Frost Wither

Currently Got no Screenshot of it because i was too lazy to find the ice biome lmao.

HP: 600

Loot: Chaos Gem ×1 – × 2


Frost Heart

To summon , craft it and do /function pa_frostwither


 HP: 1000

LOOT: Cultist’s Frost Blade and more

SKILL: None , but now it wields its axe and dkes alot of damage

Ritual Gem

To summon , craft it and do /function pa_cultist

The Guardian / Golem

 HP: 1200

Loot : Broken Hero’s Sword Shard

SKILL: Charge (Charges unto you)

Guardian’s Core

To Summon , craft it and do /function pa_guardian

Inferno Elder Guardian

 HP: 1500


Loot: Inferno Shards ×2 and enchanted fish ×2 – 3


Still spawns naturally



LOOT: Stolen Holy Tablet

SKILL: Naked Cloning (Clones Himself with out his robe × 2)


Lunatic Tablet

To summon , craft it and do /function pa_lunaticcultist

Changelog View more


- new accessories

-new boss spawners mechanics

- new vulture 

- new ranged weapons 

Update :

- New crimson biome

- New crimson mobs

- Crimtane ore can be found on crimson biome

= Accessories , staffs and etc will come out soon! And with new 3d modelled mobs


- New MasterMode

-NewBoss , Hallowed Spirit

- New block , Enchanted Debris

- New Swords

Update :

-New hellstone ore

-Removed molten scraps

-New nightmare pickaxe

- Turkey meat can now be cooked in smokers and campfires

Change Log:

-New Featured Image

- Fixed Some bugs

-Now compatible with 1.14








- Replaced slemm to pinky

-New slimes , red and blue

-New Turkey Featherz

-New Boss! Brain of Chuthulu

-Bosses dont spawn naturally anymore and you have to craft their spawners

- I have also retextured some of the  bosses ! go check them out yourself


-New slime mount (SLEMM)

-New bunny mount ( Fuzzy Bunny)

-Nerfed Lunatic Cultist.


- Changed their behavior (Some of them are now stronger with their new abilities and skills)

- Reduced the bosses spawn rate into 10%

- Fixed the bug of not being able to cook raw turkey meat.


- New material : gel ! obtainable from greenslimes. Also used to make slimy ingots and torches!.

-New Weapons : Butchers Knife and Slimy Blade

- New mob! : Turkey

- New food turkey meat!

- Removed the resource pack link .

-Lessen the spaces in the description

*Updated the description to make it more understandable

*Now named "MoreCraft Beta Addon"

*Updated the download link.


( Wait till it says skip ad , after pressing skip ad , just deny all the notifications and itll redirect to mediafire)

1 Download the .mcaddon file (by pressing the link)

2 After downloading, go to downloads in your files

3 Long press the file you downloaded

4 Press "add shortcut to homescreen"

5 Press the .mcaddon  in your homescreen

6 Enjoy the addon (automatically installs it to mc )

NOTE : Every time theres an update, you must redowonload the file and apply it again.

-This addon now works perfectly fine in 1.14 !

-The new ores wont spawn in 1.16 due to the 1.16 custom blocks bug by mojang


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  1. Guest-4367665876 says:

    What are those modes in the links? And the ores will spawn when Mojang fixes the bug?

  2. Guest-3754614077 says:

    The custom blocks is not bugged. It has different codes

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  4. Guest-2308503882 says:

    This is a super cool addon, but can you update the textures and models of the bosses?

  5. Joltinghults says:

    This looks amazing and I am about to download it, but it would be cool to have structures where bosses can spawn and stuff,expansion

  6. How did you make the custom trees spawn in the crimson?

  7. Guest-4363167992 says:

    Hey guys do you have problems with the swords because in minecraft 1.14 they do not do the damage they are mean to do

  8. Guest-6460697581 says:

    Accessories also comin up in the next update


  9. klutzyy says:

    News : Demon eye and crimson biome ( including the crimson mobs with their own models!) coming soon !!!!!

  10. Guest-6832693875 says:

    yo dude i have an idea, use Tynker to make the models but make the behaviors urself

  11. Guest-2120819278 says:

    i have an idea, you can make reskin of the Phantom, to make it look like demon eye, it will look good
    Also, can you try to make the Zenith frim 1.4 update

    • Guest-7680580952 says:

      Ya existe un addon así del ojo demoniaco que no remplaza al phantom, eso si que no desaparece de día, este creador solo deberia inspeccionar ese addon y complementarlo al suyo

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  13. xiaobo says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Minecraft China.What I need is business authorization.

    • Guest-7195044253 says:

      Porque você fez o item para invocar o boss se tem que dar mando ??? Não era mais fácil você colocar para o egg ser crafitave? Ksksk

  14. klutzyy says:

    Crimson biome,corruption biome and 3d model mobs coming out soon!

  15. KyleGaming playz says:

    Unoriginality at it’s finest. If you are just gonna rip ideas from a different game and dedicate the entire thing about it, please don’t name the addon something way off topic. Also if you are gonna rip so much stuff off this game then you should just make this a addon that turns minecraft into terraria, good addon none the less.

    • It’s called Journeycraft, referencing Terraria’s final update, Journey’s End. It’s not off topic.

    • Guest-4432003127 says:

      Si eres una persona que solo va a criticar el esfuerzo del otro, no lo jueges, hay personas que lo disfrutaran, y el se esfuerza en hacerlo parecido a terraria, no tienes derecho alguno en criticar el trabajo de otro, cerdo

  16. The Wither LordYT says:

    I love terraria so I’m definitely going to try this out

  17. klutzyy says:

    “BrUh UR mOd is PoOp oMg loOkS shIt”
    stfu and help me instead in making 3d models and better behaviors ://

  18. Guest-6838352711 says:

    Bro I love terr- I mean journey craft

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  20. JoeythejoeyYT says:

    How do we obtain the nightmare pick? It does not say anything about the nightmare pick but just by getting hell stone and that’s it! Not trying to complain though.
    If there is a crafting recipe then add it man…

  21. iiPlasma7 says:

    I know nothing about modelling and coding and more but these bosses are so weird ik alot of people are gonna comment back trying to defend you but could you actually make custom models theres no point of even having bosses if theyre just retextured.
    I downloaded this to see what it offers and there are many stupid things about it!
    1. WHY just why does the inferno guardian shoot Arrows xD
    2. The lunatic cultist always has a seizure
    3. Make custom models ffs this looks like a kids drawing!

  22. Guest-5861902034 says:

    Where do u find the Chuthulu brain boss? I tried looking everywhere

  23. Guest-2460734822 says:

    Seems cool, but the crafting recipes don’t seem to work. The ores are spawning, but the crafting recipes don’t seem to work. I tried making a scythe and a spider queen egg sac, but it wouldn’t let me. And before you ask, yes, experimental gameplay IS enabled. Other recipes in the world from other addons seem to work, which makes me think the problem is this addon, not anything having to do with world settings or conflictions.

  24. klutzyy says:

    This addon does not work in pc and stuff.

  25. Guest-7884398264 says:

    only the ores appear in the game D:

  26. Guest-9487097808 says:

    Behavior packs are not loading in

  27. Guest-5063191780 says:

    As far as I understand, there is no new armor

  28. Guest-9930966167 says:

    Great addon. Representative of terraria but also has a nice twist.

  29. Guest-1751339295 says:

    Klutzzy please one of the admins banned me please unban me and let me back on the server I was your first member I’m iiTwistedMysticii#5836

  30. Guest-4371130745 says:

    Añade a moon lord jajaja

  31. Guest-8000323920 says:

    I cant break any new ores how to break new ores plz some one help me

  32. klutzyy says:

    Ive actually noticed that the weapon effects are kinda op , im going to nerf all the weapons again and add HellStone ore that can be found in hell.

  33. Guest-6602570291 says:

    Really great addon but why don’t you just make a terraria addon

  34. Guest-2693478572 says:

    Why are you just out and out copying terraria? This isn’t even meant to sound rude like I’m genuinely asking.

  35. Guest-7787820173 says:

    The mobs look like you retextured mobs.They don’t look new.

  36. klutzyy says:

    Join my the discord and be the first to test my new updated addons.

  37. Guest-6395115849 says:

    You are too careless 🙂 . Jeweled Gel’s formula should be to surround gold in the shape of a cross.

  38. Guest-3738691119 says:

    why i can’t craft the Jeweled Gel?(the others are right)please check it

  39. Guest-1772259033 says:

    You litterally have just retextured and rescaled the entities to make bosses… You should
    Work on making actual models instead of retextured bosses..

  40. klutzyy says:

    I forgot to mention but u can craft the Golden Trident which gives you water breathing and does 13 damage.
    To craft :
    -Put a trident in the middle and surround it with 8 gold bars and tada!

  41. Guest-1277278851 says:

    How can I download this?

  42. klutzyy says:


  43. klutzyy says:

    Join my discord server and help me with my addon!
    (Btw,this is my first time making a discord server lmao)

  44. Guest-5408290940 says:

    you should try make it availible for 1.14.60 because it looks really fun and im sure it is so can you please try. also im sure others here play on 1.14.60 and want to play.

  45. Guest-3068950028 says:

    Ive done everything you said I cant craft anything Ive restarted minecraft Ive tride to go onto creative and give my self an item but its like its not there even though its on resource pack and behavior pack by itself.

  46. Guest-7725809936 says:

    Does this work for xbox one? i found this looking for something that me and my friend could play and this looks really fun but i don’t wan’t to download it and then be disappointed. Please reply and thank you in advance.

  47. Guest-9820795622 says:

    you should add boss summoners that should be crafted

  48. Guest-6277086662 says:

    Could structures be added. For example a castle that has a boss in the middle. And you probably could force the player to go though the castle by making the block very hard (like bedrock:

  49. Guest-8664133796 says:

    I have it downloaded and i can craft everything, only problem is anything i kill drops nothing for me

  50. Guest-1846409192 says:

    Yo i’s not working for me im doing everything you said and nothing is happening any help?

  51. Guest-5709894615 says:

    I can’t get to the download link page

  52. Guest-7542184092 says:

    Where frost wither is found for gem

  53. GameCrusher says:

    does this work on 1.14.60?

  54. klutzyy says:

    If addon wont work at first try , try restting your game.

  55. Guest-1640740917 says:

    What about armour?
    My am i getting too much boss spawn
    Every time my screen is coverd with boss bars
    You should add a throwing sword with same mechanism as trident with loyalty and mabye some underground bosses

  56. Guest-3139554792 says:

    idk if your addon is working in my game, I acant spawn an egg to start it either. can you try and help me plz

    • klutzyy says:

      The eggs are in the creative inventory, if there arent try to check if experimental gameplay is turned on and try to restart the game,or probably you did a mistake on downloading the file

  57. Guest-1053476248 says:

    im unable to get this pack working it adds nothing into the game for me

  58. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hi i was just wondering if your fine if i use this for a addon showcase survival series

  59. RidhanYgAsli says:

    Lunatic cultist is really hard to hit i give u that

  60. klutzyy says:

    i will be adding pets in the future,this includes Pinky,Pet dog, a rideable bat , pet bunny,and more !

  61. Guest-7391037218 says:

    Very great reduce resistance and good to go can’t wait for next update

    • klutzyy says:

      In the next update im going to nerf some of the weapons and buff the bosses (Theyll have special abilities,that includes cloning,shooting explosive eggs,ground smash and etc).

  62. Bubbles06 says:

    I can not cook the raw turkey

  63. Bubbles06 says:

    Can u make a discord for this add-on? So people can give u suggestions please…?

  64. Guest-2511128680 says:

    Items arent dropping its an amazing mod and i plan to play it lots but how often are the items supoosted to drop cause they’re not droppping

  65. Guest-7633290128 says:

    Great stuff! Keep on doing what you best!

  66. Guest-5273828357 says:

    Nice. could you just remove the he ll

    • Guest-3631915374 says:

      Terraria add on in mine craft made with addon maker
      OK………but can you please fix some textures or add eye of chulthu just go find a eyeball image template and download it simple

  67. Guest-2442150479 says:

    is it named journey craft because of journeys end?

  68. Guest-5338715528 says:

    Help mi please! I really want to try this mod but its not working. I intalled as instruction said created new world with this mod and and irs not working. Any suggestions?

  69. klutzyy says:

    Working on lunatic cultists new abilities 🙂

  70. klutzyy says:

    Ive noticed that the bosses are kinda weak , imma buff them like hell 🙂

  71. klutzyy says:

    Hmm, shall i make a boss that is so huge and it has 10000hp?? and it is named MOONLORD!??

  72. Guest-9830146419 says:

    Hello I try it in spawning rate too many spawn sline king boss and if tou are in frozen biome the frozen wither is spawn and the cultist too i recommended add structures that spawn that kind of boss in the game for example the slime king spawn in the structures of full of sline block that have slimes spawner and have a chest for loot I THINK ITS COOL IF THE ADDON LIKE THAT BECAUSE THE MOBS TOO MANY SPAWN IF YOU NOT CREATE A STRUCTURES IN ANY KIND OF BOSS THANKS AND I HOPE YOU FIX IT😇👍

  73. klutzyy says:

    Wait , this addon is for 1.16. I thought i tapped 1.16 but i tapped 1.14 im so ashamed for this.

  74. Guest-6785564214 says:

    Este addon me parece malisimo, si ases algo usa tus propias texturas mobs, y si quieres aser un addon de un juego no le cambies la textura y el tamaño a unos cuantls mobs, si lo ases aslo bien y no esto

  75. Guest-3923548297 says:

    Atualiza para a 1.16 🙁

  76. Guest-4236220657 says:

    why doesnt it work i did /give @s pa:lightsbane

  77. Guest-6300964923 says:

    how do u get it to work

  78. Guest-2615560694 says:

    Ummm I have ex gameplay on but when I tried to use the command it does not work? I am in 1.14

  79. blood eye says:

    i like overpowered sword much stronger than end sword addon. ok ok. not trying to be rude
    can you re-textured the bosses and add some animations and not just recolored vanilla mobs?

  80. klutzyy says:

    Turkeys and Turkey Boss question mark?

  81. klutzyy says:

    Btw guys, i plan to add gels in the next update which is obtainable from green slimes,and can be used to make torches 😀 and i might make the boss spawn eggs craftable .

  82. klutzyy says:

    Well,yeah this addon was inspired by terraria, which is why it is called “JourneyCraft” kinda like a tribute to “Journey’s End”

    • Guest-8797313248 says:

      Thank you so munch for this epic mod i love terraria and minecraft!
      And if you dont have any ideas for bosses than plz use modded bosses like supreme calamitas,devourer of gods… and
      Make more bosses with more HP like 3000HP but if you killed this boss you got a meterial for Mutch better sords and to make more bosses and this boss have 10000HP … you know what i mean?

      • Guest-5141089169 says:

        Oh i forgot to say plzzzz add in the future heartcristals you know? To give you more HP
        And can you make that i start with 5HP like in terraria? And dont forget to add ores like lead and hellstone…
        And sorry if i scare you with too mutch ideas but i play terreria now for over 8 years😅

      • klutzyy says:

        Thanks for the positive feedback!. And oh yes , i plan to add bosses from thorium,calamity mod and etc

  83. Guest-1740975059 says:

    Why did u steal this from terraria?

    • It’s an app that these ppl using

    • Guest-9226879151 says:

      Joer, me chocan las personas así, el crea este addon con el fin de traer un poco más de diversión y dificultad a minecraft si te gusta o no solo por el echo de que es un complemento echo a partir de otro juego eres patetico, si no entiendes eso no entiendes lo hermoso del trabajo y el juego

  84. Guest-6331108258 says:

    Not working here, can’t use /give to get any item

  85. Guest-8209699511 says:

    Suggestion – please remove or reduce the resistance 5+ buffs. Resistance is 20% damage resistance per level, so resistance 5 makes you immune to all damage.

  86. Guest-9398321961 says:

    Make some new textures and models. Other than that it’s a decent terraria copy

  87. Guest-5458057476 says:

    I try to make it work on my minecraf and its not working do you know how can I do to make it work ?

  88. Guest-2600652192 says:

    Very great I will test it now

  89. Guest-9241488406 says:

    So its pretty much terraria, not really original but this mod is really good i likeit 4 stars! This is way better than those trashy fortnite addons

  90. Guest-8887764347 says:

    You have played A TON of terraria

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