This is map i made with my friend! We wanted to build modern parkour, so we made one. After 4 hours of work we made our map! It don’t have a lot of command blocks, but it is still fun!

We wanted to join fun with clear blocks, so we made this parkour! There can be bugs, so please don’t give us 1 star, but write down in commnets what should we change!

Here are some screenshots of map!


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17 Responses

4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Really good map! A very different parkour map to what I have played before (in a good way).

  2. MarchelzWJ says:

    I like this but the level just 6/7 Level. I hope there will be more level soon 😀
    I give 5 star

  3. anto11 says:

    Great map! 5 stars from me

  4. TheMcLover says:

    Im downloading and it probably will be fun!

  5. D4niel06 says:

    If you want to have the same crosshair as in the map, leave download link here : )

  6. Hunter Ink. says:

    I loved this! whats the crosshair?

  7. MinerKid85 says:

    Great map! Usually i dont like parkour maps. But this one was a perfect difficulty to hone my skills. Plus I round the easter egg. PS:What texture pack is that crosshair?

  8. VTNTM says:

    Great map. Recorded a video of it. Just one question, is the Easter Egg the endpoint?

  9. ItsEliPlayzYT says:

    Nice Map…btw I’m releasing my custom texture pack soon!

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