-114648: Jungle Temple & Village

In this seed you will spawn in the very center of a jungle. But if you walk in one direction (which we’ll explain further down) you will be able to find a village and a temple which are both situated on the border of a sand and jungle biome.

Turn 30-45 degrees to your left and then fly in that direction until you reach the village and temple. (If you don’t understand that, then have a look at the video further down).

Found by: ipodzgaming

temple-village-jungle-1 temple-village-jungle-2

Enter the temple and dig down at the colored blocks in the center of the temple to find the hidden treasures. Just make sure you don’t fall down and land on the pressure plate as then you’ll trigger a deadly TNT trap. Safest is just to destroy the pressure plate.

Here are the items you will find in the temple:

  • 4 gold ingots
  • 2 iron ingots
  • 2 diamonds
  • 8 rotten flesh
  • 10 bones


The village is divided in two different biomes: sand and jungle. It’s really cool and have lots of farms. It doesn’t have any blacksmith though.


There’s a cave at one of the smaller houses in the village. Where it leads, I don’t know, but maybe that’s something you could explore and let us know about in the comments?


Seed: -114648

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23 Responses

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  1. Beast wolf says:

    This seed still works in1.10.0 and that is amazing but the cords for the jungle temple are a little off might want to check those

  2. RLL says:

    Bone block skeleton at: 954, 15, 288

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow.these seeds are really helpful. 😊😊😊😄😄

  4. Skyline says:

    Some useful coordinates(approximately,tested in the newest Windows10 Edition,Android and Bedrock edition on Nintendo Switch)
    The village on the pic:676,66,200
    The desert temple:782,67,66
    A jungle temple:310,77,-304
    A jungle village:32,72,730
    A desert village:2856 75 -2180
    Another desert village:2582 73 -3158
    A mushroom island with copule mooshrooms:3150 72 -1290
    Yet another village :2116 69 -3652
    A woodland mansion :-4685 68 -3489
    A stronghold with a village:-302 70 -1710(Just dig it down)
    Two shipwrecks: -456 70 56 and -1432 70 -2840
    Ocean monument:-1208 70 168
    That’s all I could find and this seed is really awesome!

  5. zakir says:

    How come my brother can’t find the temple?it was clear from the picture

  6. Agent Comman says:

    Yeah I found this seed there is a mineshaft near this village and an extra block on the temple

  7. Hamad says:

    Its nice but is there a seed for a castle with a village

  8. Jason Lu says:

    I can’t find any jungle temples

  9. fredrik says:

    Walk west (towards point of sunset) from spawn and you will find a jungle temple and a village just at the edge of the jungle. Walk south from spawn and you will find a desert temple and village just outside the jungle.

    If you build a nether portal in the village near the jungle temple (I built the portal next to the church) you will spawn on a nether rack plateau overlooking a great full featured nether fortress. You find a second nether fortress just out of sight and to the right of the first fortress.

  10. Pop says:

    I couldn’t find the village

  11. Cow aster says:

    Great seed except I can’t find the temple.

  12. Bl4ZZ0r Gamers says:

    hey editor i found new village

  13. Anonymous says:

    Gr8 seed

  14. Tim says:

    How did you get a Jungle temple in PE? They aren’t in the current version (0.14.3)

  15. rui says:

    you should try the seed `steve` it spawns you on the ROOF OF A VILLAGES HOUSE WITH BLACKSMITH!!!!!! im suprised you didn`t put it on this website

  16. Ryan says:

    My brother went in and it leads to part of the jungle, hot lava, you will here a cackle but won’t see anything, other than that the cave is empty.

  17. PinkKawaiiKitty says:

    Great seed! Found a mine shaft u
    next to 3 diamonds under the village crops!

  18. Callum Frew says:

    What is the best diamond seed?

  19. Maddie-cine says:

    Took me a while to find the second temple, but it’s an awesome seed!

  20. lil'deucedeuce says:


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