Jurassic Craft Add-on

Jurassic Craft is an incredible addon which includes 19 different dinosaurs in one pack. Each of them include a unique set of behaviors. For example, some of them you can tame and ride and others you have to be extra careful with since their aggressive behavior will make them want to kill and eat you. Also, make sure to try out the Jurassic Craft World map!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 14 July, 2018 (read changelog)


Raptors (or formally known as Velociraptors) are formidable dinosaurs which play a prominent role in the Jurassic Park universe.

General Features

  • Replaces rabbits (7 different colors) (spawn space chances)
  • Tamed ones protects its owner
  • Sit/stand
  • Leashable
  • Breedable (feed two adult ones some meat)
    • 80% chance to have the same color as one of its parents, 20% chance to have a random color
  • Heal with meat
  • Carnivore, attacks other dinosaurs and mobs
  • Ability to open doors
  • Name tags can be used for changing a raptor’s color: Blue (Jurassic World), Charlie (Jurassic World), Echo (Jurassic World), Delta (Jurassic World), Red (concept art), Alpha (Jurassic Park 3), Tiger (Jurassic Park 2)

To tame a raptor you will need any type of meat. It’s only possible to tame ones which are small. Once tamed you can feed them more meat to accelerate their growth process.

  • iOS/Android: Hold meat in your hand, long-tap on the raptor and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold meat in your hand and right-click on the raptor

A tamed raptor will always follow its master and try to protect you against any harm, e.g. hostile monsters.

You can change the color of a tamed raptor by giving it a new name tag. Here’s a list of available raptor colors: Blue, Charlie, Echo, Delta, Red, Alpha, Tiger.

Raptor Growth Stages

It takes 30 minutes for a baby raptor to grow into an adult. You can feed it any type of meat to accelerate this process.

  • Baby
    • Wild
      • Health: 4 hearts
      • Tameable with any type of meat
      • Follows their parent
      • Harmless
    • Tamed
      • Health: 5 hearts
      • Follows owner
      • Can be ordered to sit/stand
      • Harmless
  • Adult
    • Wild
      • Health: 20 hearts
      • Attack damage: 4 – 7
      • Attacks players, brachiosaurus, sheep, horses, mules, donkeys, villagers, triceratops, gallimimus
    • Tamed
      • Health: 30 hearts
      • Attack damage: 7 – 10
      • Attacks sheep

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Carnotaurus is a large and vicious dinosaur which is hostile towards anything that moves, so that includes everything from mobs to players. However, if you find a baby Carnotaurus then you can befriend it with some meat and as a result it will then defend you against hostile threats and even let you ride it.

General Features

  • Replaces Vindicator
  • Baby Carnotaurus are tameable with meat
  • A tamed and fully grown Carnotaurus will protect its owner, and you will also be able to ride it
  • Wild ones are hostile towards other mobs and players

Carnotaurus Growth Stages

  • Baby
    • Wild
      • Harmless
      • Tameable with some meat
    • Tamed
      • Harmless
      • Follows its owner
      • Feed (heal) with some meat
  • Adult
    • Wild
      • Hostile towards mobs and players
      • Adult ones can’t be tamed
    • Tamed
      • Protects its owner
      • Rideable (can jump)

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Indoraptor is considered the perfect hybrid of two incredibly dangerous creatures. It was featured as the primary creature antagonist in the latest Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Feed Indoraptor’s Genes (Milk Bucket) to a normal raptor to transform it into a ferocious Indoraptor.

General Features

  • Feed Indoraptor’s Genes (Milk Bucket) to an adult raptor to transform it into an Indoraptor.
  • Health: 100 hearts
  • Hostile – attacks all mobs
  • Can’t be tamed, grown or bred


Tyrannosaurus Rex is believed to have been one of the largest carnivorous which lived during its time.

General Features

  • Replaces witches
  • Tameable
  • Rideable
  • Hostile
  • Storage container
  • Heal with meat
  • Carnivore, attacks other dinosaurs and other creatures

You can only tame babies. If you ever find yourself up against a big one then prepare to run or at least come well equipped to the fight.

  • iOS / Android: Hold any piece of meat in your hand and long-tap on it and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold some meat in your hand a right-click on it

It takes a long time for a baby to grow into an adult. If one isn’t tempted by your meat then it just means you can’t tame it and need to find another.

A tamed t-rex will follow you around and also protect you against most evils you come to face. You can also use it for riding.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the t-rex and press ride and then hold an iron sword to control it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the t-rex to ride it. Hold an iron sword to control it.

You can also use it for storing your blocks and items. While sitting on it open the inventory to access the t-rex inventory (27 slots).

A wild t-rex is among the most dangerous mobs to come across. It loves the taste of human flesh and it eats any other mobs or animals.

T-Rex Growth Stages

  • Stage 1:
    • Baby T-Rex
    • Health:
      • Wild: 10 hearts
      • Tamed: 12.5 hearts
    • Friendly
    • Tameable
    • You have 6 – 10 minutes to tame it with any type of meat/fish
    • Tame chance: 25%
    • Tamed
      • Follows its owner
      • Can sit/stand
  • Stage 2:
    • Young T-Rex
    • Health
      • Wild: 20 hearts
      • Tamed: 25 hearts
    • Attack damage
      • Wild: 7
      • Tamed: 10
    • Takes 40 minutes for a baby t-rex to grow to this stage
    • Attacks cows, young tamed rex, young wild rex, villagers, sheep, players and other medium/small dinosaurs
    • Tamed
      • Follows its owner
      • Protects its owner
      • Can sit/stand
  • Stage 3: 
    • Adult T-Rex
    • Health
      • Wild: 40 hearts
      • Tamed: 50 hearts
    • Attack damage
      • Wild: 14
      • Tamed: 18
    • Attacks sheep, players, adults, tamed rex, adult wild rex, wolves, horses, donkeys, mules, villagers and other medium/big dinosaurs
    • Tamed
      • Follows its owner
      • Protects its owner
      • Rideable
      • Can’t sit/stand (leash it)
      • 27 slots inventory

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.

Indominus Rex

Indominus Rex is a fictional dinosaur which played the role as the main antagonist in the latest Jurassic World movie.  Basic info: Extremely hostile, replaces iron golems, basically a boss.

General Features

  • Replaces iron golems
  • Extremely hostile
  • Boss
  • 100 full hearts
  • 10-20 attack damage (each hit is different)
  • Carnivore, attacks other dinosaurs and other mobs

To spawn it you will need to build an iron structure (just the same way as if you were to spawn an iron golem) and place a pumpkin on the top center of the structure.

As soon you’ve done that it will spawn so make sure to start running quickly!

This one is the most dangerous dinosaur of them all and will eat mostly anything it comes across. That includes larger dinosaurs too, such as the T-Rex.

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


This the smallest dinosaur included in this add-on. They are very dangerous if they get together as a group to chase their prey (e.g. the player).

General Features

  • Replaces husks
  • Distracted by meat
  •  Adult
    • Health: 4 hearts
    • Attack damage: 2 damage
  • Baby
    • Health: 2 hearts
    • Attack damage: 1 damage
  • Breedable (feed two adult dinosaurs some meat each)
  • Carnivore, attacks chickens and rabbits

Since they replace husks they can be found spawning in deserts. They are the smallest type of dinosaur (in this add-on) and while they do look cute don’t be fooled! They are very dangerous and especially so if they get together as a group to hunt!

But don’t worry, they are easily distracted. Take out any piece of meat and they will immediately lose their interest in your human flesh and instead stand still looking at the piece of meat.

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Ludodactylus is actually a flying reptile. Even though it looks as if it could eat you in just a few bites it is a non-hostile mob which will never do you any harm. It goes through 5 growth stages.

General Features

  • Replaces bats
  • Rideable
  • Leashable
  • Health
  • Herbivores, runs away from carnivores

It hangs out in and around caves. You can capture one by tying a leash around its neck. And if you feel courageous then try to ride it! You can’t control it though.

Ludodactylus Growth Stages

  • Stage 1: 4 hearts
  • Stage 2: 7.5 hearts
  • Stage 3: 10 hearts
  • Stage 4: 15 hearts
  • Stage 5: 20 hearts

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.

Mosasaurus & Tylosauros

Mosasaurus is the largest aquatic reptile living in the ocean in Minecraft. It loves the taste of human so make sure to stay out of the water if you hold your life dear.

General Features

  • Replaces: Elder Guardian
  • Spawns: In and around ocean monuments
  • Types:
    • Baby
      • Health: 10 full hearts
      • 4 attack damage
    • Adult
      • Health: 40 full hearts
      • 10 attack damage
  • Attacks Indominus Rex

Tylosaurus is another large aquatic reptile living in the ocean. It’s not as big as the Mosasaurus but it’s still very dangerous and can inflict some serious damage.

  • Replaces: Guardian
  • Spawns: In and around ocean monuments
  •  Types:
    • Baby
      • Health: 7.5 full hearts
      • 3 attack damage
    • Adult
      • Health: 30 full hearts
      • 6 attack damage

Both of the two aquatic sea creatures are hostile toward most mobs and players. They will not hesitate you or a pig!

You can attract the babies by holding a fish in your hand. If you feed them the fish you will accelerate their growth process.

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


This is probably the least dangerous dinosaur which you can come across in Minecraft. They are very easy to spot because of their long neck but this also makes them an easy prey for hostile dinosaurs such as Indominus Rex.

General Features

  • Feed two adults leaves and they will breed
  • Takes 3 Minecraft days (30 real minutes) for one to grow from stage 1 to 10
  • Males are larger than females
  • Passive
    •  Male
      • Replaces the cow
      • 5 to 50 full hearts from growth stage 1 to 10
      • Red head
      • Spawns everywhere
    • Female
      • Replaces the mooshroom
      • 2.5 to 45 full hearts from growth stage 1 to 10
      • Brown head
      • Spawns in mushroom biomes
  • Herbivore, runs away from carnivores

The largest Brachiosaurus is difficult to find as they can spawn as 10 different sizes. However, you can accelerate the growth process by feeding a baby Brachiosaurus some leaves. Leaves can be obtained from trees by using shears or a silk touch enchanted tool.

You can breed two adults (male = cow, female = mooshroom) by feeding them some leaves.

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Dilophosaurus in this add-on is based on the one as seen in Jurassic Park. However, the one which lived on Earth in real life is in no way similar to this one so keep that in mind. This one has the ability to spit poison.

It opens its crest when it is going to spit.

General Features

  • Replaces wither skeletons and normal skeletons
  • Attractable with meat
  • Hostile
  • Spits venom which blinds, spit causes some damage
  • Melee damage (5 attack damage)
  • Carnivore, attacks other dinosaurs and other mobs

Don’t get too close! If you get close to them they will spit venom which blinds you. And if you get even closer they have a melee attack (5 attack damage)

Dilophosaurus Growth Stages

  • Stage 1
    • Health: 3 hearts
    • Friendly
  • Stage 2
    • Health: 5 hearts
    • Friendly
  • Stage 3
    • Health: 7.5 hearts
    • Friendly
  • Stage 4
    • Health: 10 hearts
    • Ability to spit, if hit = inflicts poisonous effect and some damage
      Important note: poisonous effect only works on v1.0, on v0.16 you will only lose health
  • Stage 5
    • Health: 15 hearts
    • Ability to spit, if hit = inflicts poisonous effect and some damage
      Important note: poisonous effect only works on v1.0, on v0.16 you will only lose health


The Oviraptor is a shy dinosaur which will try to avoid players at any cost. However, chickens they will gladly try to eat!

General Features

  • Replaces strays
  • Hostile towards chickens
  • Drops feathers if killed
  • Herbivore, runs away from carnivores

They show a natural dislike of chickens which they will kill. But they are very weak (1-3 attack damage)

Oviraptor Growth Stages

  • Stage 1
    • Health: 3 hearts
    • Friendly
  • Stage 2
    • Health: 5 hearts
    • Friendly
  • Stage 3
    • Health: 7.5 hearts
    • Friendly
  • Stage 4
    • Health: 10 hearts
    • Ability to spit, if hit = inflicts poisonous effect and some damage
      Important note: poisonous effect only works on v1.0, on v0.16 you will only lose health
  • Stage 5
    • Health: 15 hearts
    • Ability to spit, if hit = inflicts poisonous effect and some damage
      Important note: poisonous effect only works on v1.0, on v0.16 you will only lose health

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


This dinosaur was most likely larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and you can bet that it’s hostile!

General Features

  • Replaces zombies
  • Tameable
  • Rideable
  • Leashable
  • Storage container
  • Heal tamed ones with meat
  • Carnivore, eats other dinosaurs and other mobs

You can tame a Spinosaurus by feeding it some meat. A tamed one will automatically follow you around and protect you against hostile mobs.

  • iOS / Android: Equip any piece of meat in your hand, long press on the dinosaur and press the Feed button
  • Windows 10: Hold any piece of meat in your hand and right-click on the dinosaur

A wild Spinosaurus is hostile towards players and other mobs.

You can access a storage container (27 slots) for the Spinosaurus and use it to store your blocks and items.

  • iOS / Android: Sneak, long press on the dinosaur and press Open to open the inventory
  • Windows 10: Sneak and right-click on the dinosaur to open the inventory

The dinosaur can also be used for riding.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the dinosaur and press Mount. Then hold an iron sword to control it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click the dinosaur. Hold an iron sword to control it.

Spinosaurus Growth Stages

  • Stage 1:
    • Wild
      • Health: 4 hearts
    • Tamed
      • Health: 5 hearts
  • Stage 2:
    • Wild
      • Health: 6 hearts
    • Tamed
      • Health: 8 hearts
  • Stage 3:
    • Wild
      • Health: 9 hearts
      • Attack damage: 6
    • Tamed
      • Health: 12.5 hearts
      • Attack damage: 8
  • Stage 4:
    • Wild
      • Health: 12.5 hearts
      • Attack damage: 10 attack damage
    • Tamed
      • Health: 22.5 hearts
      • Attack damage: 12 attack damage
  • Stage 5:
    • Wild
      • Health: 20 hearts
      • Attack damage: 14
    • Tamed
      • Health: 30 hearts
      • Attack damage: 16

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Gallimimus must be one of the least frightful dinosaurs included in this add-on. It is naturally afraid of players and will always try to run away. Basic info: tameable, rideable, replaces zombie pigmen.

General Features

  • Wild
    • Health
      • Stage 1: 5 hearts
      • Stage 2: 7.5 hearts
      • Stage 3: 10 hearts
      • Stage 4: 12.5 hearts
      • Stage 5: 15 hearts
    • Runs away from the player by default
    • Tameable with the following items
      • Wheat (tame chance: 2%)
      • Carrot (tame chance: 3%)
      • Potato (tame chance 4%)
      • Beetroot (tame chance: 5%)
  • Tamed
    • Health (same as wild ones)
    • Follows the player
    • Feed them wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot to heal them
    • Feed two adults some food and they will breed
    • Rideable (control with an iron sword)
  • Breedable by feeding them wheat, potatoes, beetroot or carrots
  • Leashable
  • Herbivore, runs away from carnivores

Gallimimus is a very shy mob which will by default avoid players. You can attract it with some wheat, carrot, beetroot or potatoes.

Taming for this dinosaur works very similar to taming a horse. In order to tame it you need to keep trying to ride it until it accepts you as its master/rider.

You can increase the tame chance by feeding any of the following items before trying to ride it.

  • Wheat (increased tame chance: 2%)
  • Carrot (increased tame chance: 3%)
  • Potato (increased tame chance 4%)
  • Beetroot (increased tame chance: 5%)

As soon as you’ve managed to tame one you can ride it and control it by holding an iron sword.

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.

Small Dinosaurs

The small dinosaurs include four dinosaurs which main purpose is to act as prey for the larger dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Spinosaurus. They feel inferior to most living beings and that include players too which they will shy away from.

General Features

  • Replace ocelots
  • Most of them are shy, meaning they will run away from players
  • Herbivores, runs away from carnivores

They can be found spawning mainly in jungles since they replace ocelots. But you can of course also use spawn eggs to spawn them. Most of them will try to avoid you but you can attract them with any of the following items.

  • Beetroot
  • Potato
  • Carrot
  • Apple
  • Melon

Chilesaurus is largest of the four dinosaurs.

  • Colors: yellow, blue
  • Biggest of the four
  • Avoid biggest dinos
  • Health
    • Baby: 5 hearts
    • Adult: 10 hearts

Leaellynasaura is smaller than the Chilesaurus and it shows no appetite for players or other beings, instead it will be afraid and try to run away.

  • Colors: black and white
  • Smaller than the Chilesaurus
  • Shy towards the player, slowly moves away
  • Avoids biggest dinos
  • Health
    • Baby: 4 hearts
    • Adult: 8 hearts

Hypsilophodon runs is kind of difficult to get a good glimpse of since it will always try to run away and it’s quite fast!

  • Color: green
  • Smaller than Laellynasaura
  • Shy towards bigger creatures and players
  • Tempt it with fruit but be careful because hasty movements will scare it away
  • Health
    • Baby: 3 hearts
    • Adult: 8 hearts

Otniella is one of the smallest dinosaurs in this add-on and will always try to avoid players and dinosaurs.

  • Colors: blue, brown
  • Smallest of the four dinos
  • Shy towards bigger creatures and players
  • Tempt it with fruit but be careful because hasty movements will scare it away
  • Health
    • Baby: 2.5 hearts
    • Adult: 6 hearts

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Dodo is a friendly and flightless bird. It’s slightly larger than a chicken (which it replaces) and it can be found spawning in most terrains.

  • Friendly toward players and other mobs
  • Feather drops increased
  •  Baby
    • Health: 3 hearts
  • Adult
    • Health: 10 hearts

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Ankylosaurus wears like a thick armor plate which is mostly constructed by bones. This increases both its strength and sturdiness. It’s a non-hostile dinosaur which will only attack if it’s being attacked first or if it sees any other Ankylosaurus being attacked.

General Features

  • Replaces creepers
  • Passive
  • Adults
    • Neutral
    • Health: 60 hearts
    • Attack damage: 8
    • If a baby is attacked then adults will come to its assistance
    • If an adult is attacked then other adults in its surroundings will come to help it
  • Baby
    • Passive
    • Health: 25 hearts

It takes 40 minutes (two full Minecraft days) for a baby to grow into an adult. Accelerate growth with carrots, beetroots, potatoes, leaves, wheat or hay blocks. You can also heal one with the same items.

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.


The Triceratops is a stout, four-legged dinosaur. On its head it bears a bony frill and three white horns. It’s a neutral mob which will try to avoid larger dinosaurs but if provoked it will protect itself and its cubs against both ill-intended players and hostile dinosaurs.

General Features

  • Replaces polar bear
  • Avoids larger carnivorous
  • Adult
    • Neutral
    • Health: 60 hearts
  • Baby
    • Passive
    • Health: 15 hearts


A goat is like a garbage can on legs. If it sees an item on the ground then you can be sure that they will come running and try to eat it. That’s why goats can’t be trusted. If you die, you surely don’t want to be anywhere close to a goat because then it will swiftly eat your items while you’re gone.

The goats are similar to sheep in that sense that they appear in different colors. Gray, light gray, black, white and brown are the most common ones but on rare occasions (5% spawn rate) a red one might spawn.

Feed them to the dinosaurs!

General Features

  • Replaces sheep
  • Appears in different colors (Common: gray, light gray, black, white, brown. Rare (5% spawn rate): red)
  • Eats items on the ground
  • Can be milked like a cow
  • You can also dye and shave them


The Baculites, also known as a “walking stick rock”, is a sea creature with a long and pointy shell. It’s not that different compared to a squid in terms of its behaviors.

General Features

  • Replaces squids
  • Baby
    • Health: 5 hearts
  • Adult
    • Health: 7.5 hearts


The Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes-Benz G550 are the best type of vehicles to use when going through rough terrains.

  • Replaces spider (Jeep Wrangler) and cave spider (Mercedes-Benz G550)
  • Health: 4 hearts
  • Drive it similar to riding a horse
  • It got seats for only one person
  • Container (27 slots)

You can use a key (also known as a carrot on a stick) to control the direction of the vehicle.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the car and press Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click the car to drive it

Go to Jurassic Craft download links.

Decor Blocks

These blocks are basically decorative blocks which can be used for decorating your worlds.

Some of the dyes can be used for unpacking the box into different things such as an Incubator or a Mosquito in Amber

General Features

  • Replaces Shulkers (& some dyes)
  • Use dyes to change the shape of the Decor block


  • Added Indoraptor dinosaur features


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack

Other Files

Problems getting it to work? Try setting the resource pack as a global resource pack: SettingsGlobal Resources and only load the behavior pack in-game.

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    Could you update the texture pack

  38. Needs a update says:

    Hello! this is a awesome addon, my only issue… (I’ve had this before) back in 2018 this worked awesome, but now 2019, the tp doesn’t work anymore, the tp is glitched but I assume everything still works, I was wondering if you could fix it, as its a awesome addon!!! and I really do want this fixed 😀

    -Thank you!
    (oof this was annoyingly long lol sorry xd)

  39. Jacob says:

    Can you please make the dinosaurs actually available to 1.12.0? The Dinosaurs are discolored and weird shaped, being that the cars are spiders and the Dino’s are weird giant discolored bears and stuff, please fix for the new update because this download doesn’t work for 1.12.0

  40. Leafpooliscool says:

    Make this mod work for the most recent mc updates. The textures don’t work, all the animals are like normal but are discolored and weird. I can tell you that I would love this mod if the textures were fixed. Let me know if you know how to fix the textures and make the mobs actually look like what they are supposed to.

  41. Arnab says:

    I download both and try it on mcpe beta version to see the Dinos but what is that!! A witch is a t rex , are u crazy ?? Or reply me how should i fix this please reply me

  42. Christian says:

    Thanks for the great minecraft map jurassic world, but please update it for 1.12.2 to see the dinosaurs again. Please and thank you

  43. Hallie says:

    I have tried this once and it didn’t work. The creator needs to make the dinosaurs separate mobs so you can still have the full Minecraft experience. I was mad when I read that it replaces even though I thought it would work. Please fix the bugs.

  44. Anonymous says:

    When I got this pack I only got the original animals but in different colors! Please fix the textures

  45. Jrdinoguy11 says:

    Please make it work for 1.12.2 , It would be great to do this because other dinosaur mods work for 1.12.2 and in my opinion the more dinosaurs the better and this mod adds other dinosaur mobs that the other just can’t add or make the dinosaurs look as good . Please and thank you.

    • ClemKoGa says:

      Use Project Prehistoric then ;)!

    • Bethanie says:

      So the dinosaurs skin are all over the place and so is the texture. There are some see through bits and random colours dotted over the place. Also the shape of some are very far from what they are supposed to be 😂 please fix this because everything else is basically good.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Any help textures keep buging out and dont load in

  47. Blue da Raptor says:

    Hey there creator of this’ll epic thing.
    This has to be by far the best mod ive ever come across, the only problem is that the resource pack isn’t working… I put in the global resources thingy I just think it needs to be updated to 12.0.0. Just to prove that i love this, ive been going around WITHOUT the resource on, just the behavior and I still hadn’t fun with it. It’s kinda fun to see a giant bunny (indoraptor) go around eating sheep (da goat). And yesterday my sister was like, why aren’t you riding spider? And believe me, I laughed.
    I’m pretty sure you won’t read this comment, but I still think you’re epic. Good job. Pls fix the resource or global resource site thing PLEASE!!! I’ve been sitting on the couch in my house watching the entire Jurassic park series with a bowl of cereal in my lap and I really want the things in the movies to come alive in Minecraft… I feel you know what I meant.
    Again, say awesome

    • RandoGuy says:

      I suggest Project Prehistoric although it may not have all the dinosaurs this add-on has. Project Prehistoric has custom mobs and doesn’t replace any vanilla minecraft mobs.

  48. Larry says:

    Fix the textures man

  49. GTGA2004 says:

    Only the colors of the original mobs changed. There’s no new shapes for the models. You should’ve seperate the dinos from the original mobs. Fix this.

  50. Ryan says:

    i cant use milk on the raptor to make it into the indoraptor. and some of the dinos dont work.

  51. leonotch says:

    Does it work for minecraft windows10 edition 1.11.4?

  52. Kal says:

    Most excellent idea. Really needs updating. Lots of model issues, and animations missing. Love the addon if you update it.

    • CR4Z3_BL4Z3R says:

      Could you please make so that the mosasaurus and tylosaurus swim around? Mine just sit in one spot and do nothing

  53. Blü says:

    Hi there, I just wanted to say that this addon is amazing, I love it and I always have. I haven’t been able to get any mods on my minecraft- ever. One day though, I downloaded this (as my first addon) and my little child life was changed 😄. I had always, and I mean ALWAYS wanted dinosaurs in Minecraft and this addon made it all come true. So I just want to say thank you. Anyways, I also want to suggest some things. First, could you please add baryonx and/or suchomimus that’d be great. Owo Second, could you give the models custom animations eventually? Like the T-Rex one? (And if you do give them custom animations please do spino and dilo first 😉 Thanks for everything!


  54. BRIAN Sky DAVIS says:

    Please fix the mod,I have the mo animals mod and I want to connect to a jurassic park,but with the update everything is messed up

  55. Kelcy says:

    Hey gona can you update the new dinosaurs in there please 🙂

  56. Gavu 9 says:

    Jurassic world minecraft

  57. - says:

    Hey with the new Village and Pillage update this mod is super messed up like some dinosaurs are upside down or body parts are detached please fix this

  58. Ddraig says:

    Can you add allosaurus and baryonyx

  59. lmcfc says:

    can you add the texture pack from the map like the bars and paintings doors and all to the add on or make a new one because id like to make a Jurassic park myself and could you add more dinos such as utar rapters and para dinos i cant spell it like the paraseficlisours and maybe add standing focils?
    like the trex focils as like heads?? please thank you it would mean alot to me and some others i expect

  60. jason says:

    how do i install this addon

  61. patrapee says:

    indoraptor can tamed
    1.tamed normal raptor
    2.evole your raptor to indoraptor

  62. Christian says:

    bro the addon is excellent only that there are some details that I would like you to fix.
    For example, the textures of triceratops, dilophosaurus and carnotaurus have bugs
    and also I would like that instead of replacing mobs spawns apart, this is a constructive criticism, thanks for reading and I hope that in future updates fix the above mentioned, thank you

  63. Piliott says:

    Please make all the dinosaurs rideable and tameable. It will be a very good addon

  64. ZakAttack says:

    It seems that some of the Dino’s are broken with their models messed up

  65. HasonShehri says:

    This is Good Addon ! But Add Some Dinosaurs like Allosaurus And Barynox And Gigantosaurus

  66. Tom says:

    Sieht cool aus

  67. Cipher says:

    Hey, please update for version
    This the best add-on for me, so, please update ;-;

  68. Anonymous says:

    How do I control dinosaurs wen I ride then And I’m on tablet but this game is pretty good

  69. Arshil says:

    Please make them their own entities and fix the textures, this addon was probably one of MCPE’s best back in its time, please come back for it

  70. Kermit says:

    The add on is very detailed and I hope to see new updates but the oviraptor,dilophosaurus and triceratops was broken(I played on Xbox) other than that, it was the most fun I’ve had for a couple of years because I’ve always wanted Jurassic craft, please fix the triceratops and dilo and keep up the good work, also you should make more Dino’s

  71. Bob says:

    I found a glitch.I had a tamed baby veliociraptor and gave it in do raptor genes.I had m uh own in do raptor that protected me and I could ride it.5 stars anyway.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Hey I like Addons to this but some of the dinosaur like dilo and ovaraptor and triceratops and other are mess up and I would really like it if you can fix and it not make me happy but others that are using this.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Can you fix it on kindle? Looks good though.

  74. drew says:

    Doesnt work at all !

  75. elpokemaster300 says:

    I put “Delta” in one raptor and is don´t working, fix this, but the addon is awesome.

    • Genius says:

      It doesn’t work like that, you have to spawn multiple raptors until you get the one you want, or you just haven’t added the behaviour pack.

  76. Moustafa amer says:

    Please add new dinos like baryonyx and allosaur and please fix the problem on survival cars Avery were

  77. Commentfggdfgdghgyyjgghxthxhxtcgj says:

    It is so cool
    I love the t-rex

  78. Anonymous says:

    Good But Some Of The Mobs, The Texture Needs Fixing.

  79. jamal says:

    it is a great mode but u should add fossils to create the dinos lik in other mods

  80. Bob says:

    Plz add the tour vehicle from the movie

  81. Maxil89 says:

    It is an excellent Mod, but my only problem is the cars. The dinosaurs spawn very well in survival but the bad thing is that the cars spawn everywhere and the best thing is that you remove them to have a good jurassic survival experience.

  82. Nope says:

    Hey some of the dinosaur models are broken such as the oviraptor,small dinos, and Carnotaurus. Please fix them
    Ps velociraptors can’t attack anything

    • TitaniousThisAppSucks says:

      He had left this addon,as it says or has the “claim” button near the top by the name of this addon.Unfortunately this addon probably will may or may not be updated.

  83. Joshua winship says:

    Hey gona please make a unicorn addon your the man

  84. Salem says:

    How do you put raptor eggs down?!??! I need help

  85. Dinozaur says:

    Some of the dinos are kinda messed up for example Oviraptor, Carnotaurus, Female Brachio, and a few of the Small dinosaurs. When spawning the Carnotaurus, the arms and spikes would be below the Carnos body instead of where they need to be. After spawning Oviraptor, you wouldn’t really be able to see the Ovi… Any advice on how to fix this without deleting any made mcpe worlds?

  86. Anonymous says:

    It lied to me! I clearly downloaded the resource pack but it isn’t working at all!

  87. Anonymous says:

    Please fix the dinosaurs textures

  88. Anonymous says:

    What the heck happened to the dinosaurs! Half of the dinosaurs models look so broken!

  89. Txunamii says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but when I downloaded this addon the mosasaurus and the tylosaurus don’t move correctly, they don’t swim. They kind of just flail around on the bottom??? Can you fix this? Thank you!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Some of the dinosaurs doesnt appear correctly in the New version

  91. Rheneiljangalura says:

    This is the best addon but pleas add some stegosaurus apatosaurus parasorolophus and giganotosaurus

  92. CraftinCreeperP says:

    Pls add more dinosaurs it doesnt have to be a hybrid pls add things like stegosaurus and pachycephalosaurus.
    Love the add on by the way.
    Another thing to add is a nee villager that trades an item for dino eggs and indoraptors genes.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Some of the dinosaurs don’t realy look like they should in 1.8. That means: Dilophosaurus, Triceratops and Female Brachiosaurus.

  94. Sinner153 says:

    What does the incubator replace??

  95. Popyoshi06 says:

    How do u get the decor working

  96. Dagaz says:

    Please make the addon compatible with 1.8. A lot of the dinosaurs have broken textures right now. PLEASE FIX THIS QUICK

    Also, these species should be added:

  97. owenstarr68 says:

    I Just Recieved Minecraft PE Version 1.8, But Now The Models Of The Dinosaurs Appear Really Badly. Please Fix This ☹️

  98. Boi says:

    Make it Replace Entities like the minecraft now

  99. I like gona says:

    Can you make the Indoraptor have less health because it is tiny and and the bigger dinosaurs have more health please also make the Indoraptor have less attack damage and the bigger dinosaur more damage

  100. Anonymous says:

    The Add-On Doesnt World in minecraft 1.8. The dinosaurs texture appear bad.

  101. Joshua Winship says:

    Hey Gona please add dinosaur plushies can you make it replace Shulker and Dyes

  102. Brandon says:

    I love the mod but for some reason for me it has a weird glitch with the textures for the dinosaurs, and I can’t place the incubators as well as some of the spawn eggs for some of the Dino’s

  103. HAYR2318 says:

    Coming along really well, but it would be great if you could make it more the Fossils and Archeology mod; the dinos shouldnt be free-roaming, and we could like revive them from fossils, which would make it really cool.

  104. David Hudson says:

    This addon and map is Awesome and I know it must have been a big pain to make it, but could you add those big glass balls for the safari exhibit?

  105. owenstarr68 says:

    Awesome Addon But There’s A But Where The Baby Velociraptor Glitches To Adult Size. Please Fix It

  106. XXodus says:

    shouldn’t you guys now ADD the entities instead of REPLACING with other mobs in the game?? like cmon its 1.9 now 🙁

  107. MUG Girl says:

    can you add stegosaurus, pachycelaphalosaurus, parasaur, pteranodon, and allosaurus

  108. Nanmaster says:

    Make it a 1.8 api addon plz!

  109. MUG Girl says:

    can i use it on a jurassic world map that i want to upload here

  110. Sam says:

    The Mosasaurus & Tylosauros don’t swim, they just sit at the bottom of the ocean and I don’t know how to change the decor box.

  111. Anomymous says:

    This made my game crash and unable it is just dumb

  112. xrewrite says:

    is their any way to get string with the add on

  113. Anonymous says:

    Works absolutely perfectly on my iPad. Just one thing. Could you add the utahraptor, the pyroraptor, the stegosaurus, and crossbreeding? I really wanna crossbreed dinos, but I can’t. Please add crossbreeding along with the dinos that were listed above

  114. Joshua Winship says:

    But you can use heads dude

  115. Draghar says:

    You should make it with A. P. I to make it not changing any minecraft mob (sorry for my bad English)

  116. Joshua Winship says:

    Add Dino plushies to this addon pls

  117. Caleb Houston says:

    Can we get a 1.8 update so it doesn’t replace anything and we can have more customization?

  118. Anonymous says:

    Why you dont add more dinosaurs?

  119. Coverblown65 says:

    Amazing love it such a good addon, can u plz change the armor to outfits and weapons to jerrasic world weapons such as tazer stick and net gun etc.

  120. Anonymous says:

    Pig Parasaurolophus horses Stegosaurus

  121. Anonymous says:

    Can you please turn pigs into Parasaurolophus and horses into Stegosaurus please and if you have the time parrots into Dimorphodons.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Hey! So i have some velociraptor eggs (in an incubator) and they’re not hatching, how do I get them to hatch?

  123. Dinosaur says:

    Pls, Gona, pls, pls make an addon for a phorusrocos, just search up “walking with beasts phorusrocos” andmake an addon where they replace pigs (base the phorusrocos off the walking with beasts one).

  124. Dinosaurs says:

    The arms and spikes on my carnotaurus is glitching, they are floating under 8ts body.

  125. abdullah says:

    asamer is not the 8

  126. Aristides Luis Figueiredo Mei says:

    hey good mods

  127. Kelcy says:

    Can you make new creatures like mammals ice age beast and thats it

  128. Janmay says:

    Can you add baryonyx and allosaurus and stegosaurus

  129. Oliver Careaga says:

    Hi, Is there an addon for version 1.13.1? If not, is there a release date for it? Thank you

  130. Anonymous says:

    Can you add more dinosaurs?

  131. HELP MEH says:

    Ummmmm it won’t let me feed the raptor milk to make indoraptor am I doing it right?

  132. xXEntity 0Xx says:

    I like this addon very much very fun but can you make it so that you can create dinosaurs like or make it so that it we mine a specific ore we get a different dino egg every time that would be cool can you also make it so that all dinos can’t spawn naturally and can only spawn when spawned other that very good game i would rate five stars but yeah but pigs and goats can spawn naturally

  133. RipperTheIndoraptor says:

    And could you also add the stygimoloch?

  134. RipperTheIndoraptor says:

    Please add custom hybrids that we can make ourselves. Please add the stegosaurus, allosaurus, troodon, pteranodon, dimorphodon, pterodactylus, more skeleton items, stegoceratops, and dna readers to the addon.

  135. RipperTheIndoraptor says:

    Please add the stegosaurus and custom dinosaur hybrids that we can make oursleves

  136. Anonymous says:

    Please add Wooly Mammoth since you added a dodo and make it tamable and ridable. It will attack a player if the player hit them, it should replace Zombie Villager. Also I think the Villagers should be Cavemen, Neatherlands and Homo Erectus

  137. Adam Amiel Go says:

    I cant put the incubator

  138. HirwrC says:

    Does this work with 1.6?

  139. HellBoundDeadman says:

    I have a really beefy Gaming PC, but when ever i run this add-on my whole PC crashes after about 5 minutes

  140. Anonymous says:

    Please Add more dinosaurs

  141. Punisher says:

    Bro i found the bug. The Jeeps is crash, the dinosaurs are crash too.. please Fix it

  142. Francisco says:

    I love it the dinosaurs .

  143. person says:

    I have the map and I show my friend and he like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Mine says:

    Can u tell me how to tame one

  145. Spinosaur says:

    Please make a spinosaur addon

  146. Ethan says:

    Make more like the batyonix allisaurous and fix the t rex because when it’s fully grown it wont sit and the spino

  147. Anonymous says:

    First of all I love it so much.
    Second why is the indominus rex stronger than mososaurus?
    But I still love it.

  148. Conrad Mendez says:

    Please add allosaurus ceratosaurus stegosaurus and sucomimus.

  149. Vivien tobias says:

    Please make indominus rex not replace golem I want it to be like indoraptor you use hybrid genes(indoraptor genes) to change a Trex into an indominus rex and add more hybrids like triceratops can turn into a stegoceratops using hybrid genes(indoraptor genes) and make all dinosaurs have the same way the dodo spawns like all dinosaurs spawn everywhere also squids can spawn as a mosasaur and tylosaurus tell this to gona please

  150. Anonymous says:

    I can’t feed my raptors can anyone tell me how

  151. Raptor asesino says:

    Hola gona, soy un fan de Jurassic park y me gustaría que, en los banderines haya los logos de los dinosaurios en el rojo el rex en azúl el mosasaurio y me gustaría que agreges estegosaurios y allosaurus bueno no tengo nada mas que decir adios

  152. Mr Arctotherium says:

    OOPS… forgot rate it:) five stars!

  153. Mr Arctotherium says:

    Make more bears add-on like for example polar bears = king polar. zombies = dwarf panda. skeleton = brown bear/grizzly bear. Wither skeleton = Arctotherium.

  154. Kaizen_Craft says:

    i wan to donwload

  155. Eddie says:

    Put the decour box down and then dye it, it acts like dye

  156. Mason says:

    Can I get the Addon

  157. Etho Baryonyx says:

    I would like a solo add-on for triceratops

  158. Shadow says:

    Keep up the great work! Also just a question.. can we get Delta back and remove the black raptor (not Indoraptor the other one) and to help Mosasaurus attack better can it be

  159. Richard10095 says:

    I can’t place the decor! The box works but I can’t get the incubator or any of the other stuff to work! The shucker boxes just look like foldables. But in the Jurassic world map it looks like the stuff! So can you please fix this?

  160. PolarAmazon says:

    Can you make it so you can saddle velociraptors? It would be really cool and I was pretty dissapointed that you couldn’t like in your raptor addon.

  161. Mrkuhliloach says:

    Gona,please add the Suchomimus and make it replace llamas,the Dracorex Hogwartsia and make it replace pigs,the Metriacanthosaurus and make it replace endermen as well as Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus and make them replace magma cubes and slimes and finally add the Elasmosaurus,the Liopleurodon and the Icthyosaurus and make them replace tropical fish.

  162. james says:

    Add allosaur Baryonx sinoceratops ceratosaurus sorry I ask too much

  163. Seacat72 says:

    This is a great addon to Minecraft and possibly the best.
    I really hope in the next update you can add dunkleosteus and Plesiosaurs.
    And also please add pachycephalosuarus and Parasuaralophous.
    It would also be cool for the phantom to be replaced once it’s added.
    Thanks and that’s all.

    • Seacat72 says:

      P.s I think pachys should be tameable and rideable with a really high speed and possibly have the feature to do damage when ramming something or break blocks

  164. Shadow says:

    When I tame a spino it doesn’t follow me or attack what I attack ): Also can mosasaurs mob the guardian be switch with a dolphin sense they can actually walk and attack things in water

  165. William Davis says:

    Can you please add a parasaurolophus he is my favorite dinosaur

  166. Anonymous says:

    Well it might be either it’s out dated or in lucky idk it might be of it updates the addo n is outdated

  167. Overlord says:

    You should add stegasauruses that are tameble and ridable also you should make triceratops tamable and ridable.

    • Jeff the builder says:

      I so agree with that idea. They couldn’t be some of the first ridable herbivores other then the gallimus. But other then the gallimus they will attack and defend you from dinosaurs kinda like the Tyrannosaurus rex and the velociraptors. Tameable triceratops and stegosaurus!

  168. MrPufferfish363 says:

    It’s possible to tame an indoraptor ! Tame the raptor first before giving it the indoraptor genes!

  169. Khloe says:

    This is a bad add on I see people complaining and I’m worried about the kicking u out when u spawn on I pad I’m just mad at u

  170. Evan says:

    The spinosaurus dosen’t follows you around

  171. MultyDG says:

    You should add more underwater dinos now because there’s more underwater creatures now so please do it would be awesome

  172. Dino says:

    Can you add stegosaur baryonyx and allasaur

  173. Mskai says:

    Please add Parasaurolophus to make it cool.

  174. Name says:

    Love the Addon. The only thing I would comment on to fix is that the Mosaur and Tylosaur do not attack properly, also the velociraptor amen indoraptor don’t walk correctly. Still love the addon

  175. Shadow says:

    Can mosasaurs be switch with dolphin and modded to attack cause as a Guardian it can attack other mobs other then you in water cause it just sits there looking at them and doing its bubble thing…

  176. hunter says:

    Everytime i try to do behavior and recource on it becomes black and im at my homescreen and when i try settings- global recource and the addon on and in game behavior the same thing happens. Plz fix that

  177. hunter says:

    I cant find the the pack and if i move it to behavior or recource i still cant find it how do i open it from the download till the end??

  178. Anonymous says:

    Every time i click “skip add” (after waiting 5 seconds) its takes me to different places evey time and i cant download it

  179. ZAGHERA says:

    how do i get indoraptor genes

  180. .,. says:

    Everyone stop suggesting more creatures he will add them on his won time if we all keep suggesting he will probably be stressed out and the rush may lead to creatures not being fully finished and it takes a very long time to make addons trust me

  181. JxJ says:

    Make the dinosaurs lay the decoration block egg thing

  182. JxJ says:

    Make the decoration block egg thing hatch

  183. JxJ says:

    The spinosaurus should attack faster than the other t-rex, if you cant do that, make it deal the wither effect when it attacks other mobs, just dont make the wither effect have particles, and make the wither effect a higher wither effect so the wither effect the spinosaurus give when it attack a higher wither effect.

  184. Addoe says:

    do they spawn natrually???

  185. Draghar says:

    There should be Parasaurolophus or Iguanodon that replace the horse because it’s share the same behavior as Parasaurolophus, like lifting it front legs and eating grass. And you should add sarcosuchus that replace the sea turtle because it can be on land or water. By the way why the raptor can’t attack entities? (Sorry for bad english)

  186. Anonymous says:

    Don’t change this, but I found a baby velociraptor and gave it indoraptor

  187. Dragonrider says:


  188. Dragonrider says:

    I can tamed indoraptor,first you must have adult raptor(tamed)

  189. HelloDarknessMyOldFriend says:

    Hey! A I had a great Idea! If u could make a villager trade emeralds for the incubator, then let the incubator trade bone blocks for dinosaur eggs then that would be cool. maybe you could make a cartographer also have a map that finds Fossils. If you dont want to do any of these, plz at least make all the dinos spawn in the over world with a behavior pack! and lastly plz replace some fish with dinos.

    Baculatites give u blindess when they hit u

    Dilos give u blindess instead of poison

    Baby Raptors constantly turn into adults and back into babies when they r near players. [they cant hurt us though]

    [-btw I would like to ride triceratops-]

    Indominus Rex doesn’t drop ANYTHING plz give it drops


  190. Alexander says:

    This add-on is very disappointing now to where I’d wish you’d listen to ideas more. The Indoraptor is just a raptor but bigger with no actual differences in appearance , Tyrannosaurs still fight eachother which doesn’t happen in movies , still never added a para or a stegosaurus.

    What gona did with Dinosaur Parks mobs where amazing and something that could be done with Jurassic Craft but don’t get it twisted this add-on is really not as good noir accurate to the film franchise at all , actually the much older skins from gona where alot better than the ones now.

    All I’m saying is that their should be better variates of items , better maps and better film accurate dinosaurs to this add on.

  191. VoidTurtle says:

    I love the Indoraptor but please replace a different raptor than Delta with the Indoraptor. I really wanted to have all of Owen’s raptors but now I have to use Echo for Delta. Please replace a different raptor like Red.

  192. MLGSavageDaniel says:

    Wer my stigimoloch

    And u should add some like acu Armor and the bow one of those huge tasers or something!

  193. Raptor_1 says:


  194. PufferGamer363 says:

    Please add tranquilizer gun so that we can protect ourself from Dinos (guns lol key shotguns , rifles and others

  195. Maverick says:

    Props to you man! I’ve been waiting for this add-on to get updated the only it need now is prehistoric fish like duncleosteus since the new aquatic update

  196. A.S.C.V. says:

    Hello Gona, can you please make a addon with only the indoraptor?
    Hola Gona, podrías por favor hacer un addon con solo el indoraptor?

  197. SpiderLegion says:

    Why is the raptors can’t hurt anything?

  198. Anonymous says:

    It would be better if we could download individual dinosaurs in the game instead off all of them

  199. Anonymous says:

    Please add some underwater dinosaurs, like Ichtyosaurus. Anyway this is my favourite addon.

  200. Seth says:

    Plz add indoraper,baryonxe,styemoloc,therzinosaurus,stegosurus,allosaurs,duklocts,megoldon,luvithan which is a whale,oxilailia oh if you woundering what that is it’s in the spino species it’s just like a spino it’s just tiny,dimorphodon, tranotitan and stegosurus oh and plz add follsils that you can place on the ground and it makes a solution plz it would mean the world to me

    • .,, says:

      All the dinosaurs look amazing but some need a modle update the the
      Spino and indominus and a small modle change for the Rex the Rex will look exactly like the ones in the franchise having a larger head and longer teath
      And the spinosaurus needs to beagle to look around instead of it looking straight ahead and needs to be larger and more scary like the old one from the old Jurassic craft witch looked exactly like spino from jp
      And indominus its too blocky
      And add make an female dinosaurs like the Rex and add baby dinosaurs and add more cars

    • ,,, says:

      Everyone stop suggesting more creatures he will add them on his won time if we all keep suggesting he will probably be stressed out and the rush may lead to creatures not being fully finished and it takes a very long time to make addons trust me

  201. Seth says:

    Oh and therzinosurus would be cool oh and megoladon oh and oxlia if your woundering what that is it’s in the spino species it’s like a spoon just tinyer

  202. Seth says:

    They need to add indoraper and baryonxe and allosurus but this add-on is really good

  203. I NEED HELP says:

    I would love to get Indoraptor and therizenosurus that would be amazing

  204. Lucburbal says:

    Dad the indoraptor pls

  205. Jt says:

    Guys half of the Dino’s and textures pack is not true no cartisuars no skultres

  206. ... says:

    Everyone stop suggesting more creatures he will add them on his won time if we all keep suggesting he will probably be stressed out and the rush may lead to creatures not being fully finished and it takes a very long time to make addons trust me

  207. JWLover24/7 says:

    Could you add indoraptor please editor.

  208. Matthew says:

    Can you add indoraptor plz?

  209. Aaron Francis says:

    Could you add indoraptor

  210. Enderstriker64 says:

    Can you add the IndoRaptor and maybe the humans (Owen, Claire, ect) Replaced by the villagers and fights? Tho I would do the indoraptor first if possible… Thx

  211. Mlg prankster gangster says:

    Shulker stuff doesn’t work for me

  212. Mlg prankster gangster says:

    Please make Indoraptor it would make my year!

  213. Minecrafterjurassicworld says:

    Can u plz put in apatosaurus stegosaurus parasaureliphus packycephelosuarus stygiemolic allosaurus and fossils. And when u place the fossils they turn into a skeleton of some Dino that is in the addon just like in fossils and aceology mod

  214. SuperSpyUU says:

    Could you make a jurassic park theme song, and add a indoraptor using the wither?

  215. Melanistic Leopard says:

    I downloaded it and stuff but I can’t find it in my packs of anything, I even tried looking through the documents and it seems to be in the correct place. Help me please!

  216. Zehasep says:

    IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Plz add indoraptor

  217. Deven says:

    Add sinoceratops and allosaurus and stegosaurus and indoraptor

  218. Hell salamander says:

    I love it but could you please update it to Jurassic world fallen kingdom with dolphins being mosasuorus and wolfs biennial I do raptors and enderman suckimimas and other things like that. P.S. if anyone is wondering my username came from beyblade burst cho Z

  219. Non-Talking Cookie says:


  220. Non-Talking Cookie says:

    Can you please replace some of the update aquatic mobs with new dinosaurs?

  221. Draggy boi says:


  222. TheBlockHead182 says:

    What the heck? Why can’t I reach that stupid website? Everytime I try to do it it keeps telling me to allow notifications, but there ain’t no way I’m doing that or it will show bitcoin ads it’s very annoying please help!!!

  223. El ChuberChuB says:

    Can you please try to fix the glitch where the Dinos disappear if you look at it from the wrong angle

  224. Ikabot says:

    And please add mammoth and saber tooth tiger

  225. Ikabot says:

    Help please make it for IPad 9.3.5 because that is what I have and every time I poot it on a world the game crashes !!!!

  226. Anonymous says:

    Please help make it for iPad version 9.3.5 it doesn’t work 😞😞

  227. Foxy says:

    Can you please add these following mobs Ceratosaurus, Baryonyx, Suchomimus, Stygimoloch, Pacheycephalosaurus, Wooly Mammoth, Sabertooth tiger, Hyeanodon and the infamous Indoraptor

  228. MinecraftUser says:

    Add pteranodon replaces by phantom 🙂

  229. Nicolas Martins de Melo da Silva says:

    Could you add Indoraptor and Stygimoloch in the ADD-ON?

  230. Ayan says:

    Hi notch

  231. Maverick says:

    Could you add something like a doncleousteus by replacing the new salmon or cod mob? Or Basilousaurus by replacing it with the new dolphin mob

  232. Dirtbag says:

    Can you add some of the other Jurassic Park animals, like sinoceratops, allosaurus, Baryonyx, parasaurolophus, Edmontosaurus, metriacanthosaurus, suchomimus, microceratus, Dimorphodon, pteranodon, geosternbergia, Edmontosaurus and maybe proceratosaurus. And since aquatic update is out, coelacanth could replace salmon, xiphactinus could replace cod, ichthyosaurus could replace dolphins and be tameable, pufferfish could be dunkleosteus, and tropical fish could be gillicus.

  233. Anonymous says:

    can you make it so the I-Rex can camouflage?
    also plz make guns and ACU armor
    and make thermal cameras and electric fences

    • JxJ says:

      Your too insane, addon creators cant do that, Gona (the addon creator) can make guns and ACU armor, but not t-rex camoflage and thermal cameras and electric fences

  234. Guy who hate adf'ly says:

    please make a download from mediafire

  235. Deven says:

    Add sinoceratops and stegosaurus and fix triceratops and add apatosaurus please

  236. PENGUINBOY says:

    Why does part of the Jeep go up or down whenever I look down or up

  237. bismarck says:

    please indoraptor! And if you can please make it tameable

  238. bismarck says:

    can you add indoraptor add on

  239. Anonymous says:

    Can you change the fix the raptors? Its walk looks silly. Can you change its default animal rather than the rabbit

  240. Anonymous says:

    Please add Baryonyx! And if you can, please make it rideable and tameable

  241. Marlen says:

    Can someone help me? I have an android device and I followed what I normally do to add add-ons but it’s not even showing up in the game ): does anyone know what to do?

  242. Dominic says:

    Thank you

  243. Alexander says:

    Please ad the Parasaur replacing the Witch

    And make the Brachiosaurus neutral to attacking ᴀᴅɪᴅᴀs ᴏʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ ғᴏʀᴍ ᴍɪᴅ ʀs xʟ

    Id like to see the Mosasaurs as a Turtle or a Dolphin which ever you prefer

    Replace the iron golem with the Indoraptor and get rid of the Indominus

    Replace the Tyrannosaurs with the llama to get 4 skin Variations The Green Rex, Brown Rex, Rexy and the JP3 Rex

    Make the Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurs not attack eachother anymore

    A reskined Triceratops that matches the Jurassic Park colorations would be nice

    Went theirs a phantom to the game or beta you can make that a pteranodon

    Bring back the classic Jurassic Park Cars

    Add some kinda Jurassic Park tranquilizer weapon with the bow

    • Minecrafterjurassicworld says:

      U do know u will make it worse for everybody taking the irex out why don’t u tell them to replace the wolf with the indoraptor I need the I Rex for my jurassic world map

  244. M Cov says:

    How do I place a incubator?

  245. Z says:

    Thx for fixing it gona

  246. Anonymous says:

    How come and icant fully control the t rex with the button pads (forward, backward, left and right)? Is it really like that controlling it by looking where u are going and cant even run??? Pls fix it by controlling the t rex like a horse

  247. Please says:

    Gona can you please make separate addons for each dinosaur because all dinosaurs together makes ultimate lag and a separate tezture pack for it and make all dinosaurs rideable except the small ones

  248. Kayla says:

    Hello 😃, um, I have seen your work, it’s really good, I really enjoy all of the add-ons you make, and the effort you put in them. So, I was wondering, you don’t have to, but, can you make an RV camper add-on, I would really appreciate it if you could, so if you get the chance, can you please do so, please and thanks again for all of the good work. 😃

  249. ZeEpicGamerCash says:

    Where is indoraptor and I can’t understand the incubator Idk how to place it or any decoration so please make that more specific but also can you plz add more hybrids like spinoraptor or carnoraptor (carotaurus and raptor) spinoraptor (spinosaurus and raptor)

  250. Livan says:

    Very cool, it even works with beta on, and multiple addon layers. But some issues, like the Jeep should not replace the spider, (spawns everywhere and ruin the possibility of fantasy stone age map) I recommend a separate addon, shulker too. Now the indomitus boss was a cool ideia. But replacing golems make it spawn in villages and that’s annoying. For that reason I removed all those elements from my version.

  251. Ideas! says:

    New aquatic update ideas
    Turtle = Plesiosaur
    Dolphin = Mixosaurus
    Cod = Coelacanth
    Salmon = Xenophactnus (Idk how to spell it, but it’s the piranha looking fish in the Cretaceous period)

  252. Zackary says:

    You should add some of the Dino’s from the Fallon kingdom when it comes out

  253. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    Wow you guys are like 18-year-old guys. Stop swearing like this pls.

  254. Liton Chakma says:


  255. DYndhiebchdjzhebeujfbdhdhdbdhd says:

    Skeleton horse-stigymoloch
    Zombie horse-apatosaurus

  256. DYndhiebchdjzhebeujfbdhdhdbdhd says:

    Stigymoloch should replace the pig

  257. Anonymous says:

    You should add the stigymoloch and indoraptor when Jurassic world fallen kingdom comes out

  258. Anonymous says:

    Please make the skeleton horse the indoraptor and the pig a stegosaurus

  259. Anonymous says:

    I like this but I would like for the new jurassic world there to be an indoraptor andI would like a stegosaurus

  260. Memes says:

    I love the add on, but it’s the map that doesn’t work. It does the same thing that happened to this add on (take you to mcpeup and say the link doesn’t exist). Please fix this as I really want to play the map. Thank you

  261. MilitaryPunk419 says:

    LOVED IT but i hope they add weapons or guns like the tranqillizer guns

  262. 2 New Dinosaurs says:

    Giganotosaurus bigger than a Rex the size of a spino
    Replaces the ocelot and when tamed it has 4 different skins
    Wild brown
    Spots and orange
    Red alpha
    Giga does up to 15 damage
    And has 50 health

    Ceratosaurus replaces the horse and has a rare chance of spawning only has 2 skins
    1st skin jp3 ceratosaurus
    2nd skin male ceratosaurus brown and light brown underbelly
    Does 10 damage
    And has 20 health

  263. Anonymous says:

    I cant download the resource pack 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  264. ociN says:

    This is one of my favorite addons, but could you add troodons? They’re my favorite dinosaur and it would be cool to have them

  265. Human says:

    Can you make Ark Survival Evolved Addon?
    I mean no jeeps more dino turn the spider and cave spider into broodmother and her minion or turn them into scorpion and turn the dolphin into a Megalodon please 😊

  266. Wiso says:

    It is a really cool addon so keep working on it so it can be perfect and have no bugs or glitches and crashes thank you for working on this addon I love it

  267. Anonymous says:

    Honestly just please add in the link. I couldn’t even be able to download this map for a month and I don’t even have social media too.

  268. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    I can’t get the decor. Help

  269. Anonymous says:

    How can I download the addon I cant download itit kep sayin site cannot e reached
    And no internet connection even I am using mobile data

  270. NOBODY says:

    omg can you please fix the links i REALLY want to play this but it is broken. also, i would like a Indoraptor

  271. Firewing&Snowy says:

    Shut up you piece of crap Gona worked very hard to make this I might have taken him WEEKS and you are criticizing him WELL fu*k you

  272. Firewing&Snowy says:

    I have a huge problem when I get to mcpeup it says the server can’t be found so I can’t get the Addon:(

  273. Thomas Stewart says:

    The website doesn’t work

  274. HyenaMan says:

    Really cool! You should add the Indoraptor

  275. Mrkhuliloach says:

    I have Dino suggestions:Cow=Sauroposeidon Pig=Uhtaraptor Skeleton horse=Parasaurophulus Parrot=Confuciusornis Llama=Stegosaurus Dodo=Archaeopteryx.

  276. Troodon YT says:

    Gona awesome addon, but you missed some important days for the update (toys realesed in England and final trailer). Here are some things to add:
    . Allosaurus (in the new movie) make blue or grey with red crest’s. Replace blaze
    . New i-rex modal because I find the raptor more terrifying
    .indoraptor (needs to be awsome) posibly the strongest creature yet. Replace skeleton horesearch
    . Upgrade the mosasaur and tylosaur stats
    . Baryonyx(grey or brown with blue hints), replace stray
    .metricanthsaur (yellow and green) replace evoker
    Make rex have longer teeth

  277. riester12121 says:

    The reason why you can’t visit gona’s website is because he has turned his website off. And i don’t know when he will turn it back on. Incase you want to download this addon i would suggest you to download this addon off a addon app on playstore or appstore or a website that store addons on in their database instead of going throught different links like in Even though its kind of illegal that is the only way. So yah do that

  278. Thomas Stewart says:

    So I am trying to download this on my iPad Air and the website to download it on won’t work…

  279. Jurassic Craft Fallen Kingdom (Biggest update ever know to Jurassic craft) says: indominous modle to strike fear like T-Rex
    2.T-Rex will have longer teeth like the real T-Rex
    3.indoraptor replaces endermite
    4.pumpkin texture replaces indom skull
    5.different types of dinosaur skeletons by using shulkers
    6.a new predator in the ocean for mosasaurus to eat dead shark replaces shulkers with the color grey
    7.allosaurus replaces the silver fish
    8.shulker pices replaced with a technology like item and green shulkers are food decorations for dinosaurs 10.tranqulizer gun replaces the bow and tranqulizer ammo replaces bow
    11.ceratosaurus replaces the evocer
    12.dino carrier truck replaces the drowned
    13.paddock door replaces shulker colors White and open door is black

  280. Christopher Penrose says:

    Ok, Everytime I try touching the link to the resource and behavior packs it takes me to ad fly normal. But when I skip it I come to a new tab and it says ” Safari Can’t Open Page” even when I try refreshing. I have scrolled through the comments but it looks like no one else has this problem. And yes there’s no problems with my internet connection. Please reply a d be descriptive. Thank you 😊 the mod look’s great

  281. Small Jurassic update says:

    Gona as we all know all the dinosaurs look amazing all old ones have gotten updates but one indominous the indominous is not frightening but with a little update this monster will be the biggest loudest creature know to man and make the other different shulker boxes different skeletons of dinosaurs oh and if you don’t mind I whould like to have some indominous Dna not gonna do anything with it he he (looks at raptor in background)

  282. Gabriel says:

    It won’t let me download the addons or texture pack whenever I get to mcpe up it says could not connect to server Gona pls fix this I’ve been wanting to play this new version but that keeps happening

  283. Gabriel says:

    When I get to mcpe up it says it could not connect to the server and that’s in both the behavior pack and resource pack and now I can’t play with the new version pls gona fix this

  284. Zac Gill says:

    A enjoyable mod/resource pack. Hard to come by in PE. Yet isn’t unique as u’ve cannibalised from other mods/resource packs from full Minecraft. As long as u don’t copyright it u’ll be fine. What did u use to port bits and create this compilation Goma??

  285. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    Oh, I forgot, also add ceratosaurus.

  286. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    Please add these dinosaurs to this addon:
    Suchomimus replacing drowned
    Stigimoloch replacing mules
    Dimorphodon replacing parrots
    Stegosaurus replacing donkeys
    Indoraptor replacing Evoker
    And the allosaurus replacing… what you want it to replace. Also, THIS ADDON IS GREAT!!!

    • Non-Talking Cookie says:

      If the suchomimus replaced the drowned then there would just be a bunch of dinosaurs swimming in the ocean throwing tridents.

  287. brendan says:

    minecraft is awsome

  288. XXXSICKLAD360 says:

    Yo Gona could you start working on some more mobs plz I loved the ones you put out but also can you make the I Rex like in jurrasicraft v3 plz and add an indoraptor plz plz you r the best add on creator so plz gona

    • XXXSICKLAD360 says:

      Yo and also gona can u plz invite me to a worldwide one I am your#1 fan so plz
      And can you add a jw2 map plz and an Isla sorna map plz that would be awesome

  289. LG says:

    Hey Umm.. This doesn’t Work Can Someone Help…. Anyone……ok…

  290. Anonymous says:

    The add on looks cool BUT I CANT DOWNLOAD IT! It says there is no site for the download

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m having the same problem! I had a previous version installed, I thought it didn’t work because of an update to the Addon, so I deleted the old version and now I can’t download it at all. I hope this is fixed soon…

  291. tollowputra says:

    download link doesnt work

  292. Slim4fun says:

    Nuu, i love this mod, I got it on windows the original one with out the newest update, but now I can’t get it, I try to access the download, but it keeps saying “site cant be reached” or it goes onto a random website :c
    I really wuld like to play the newest version, plaz halp me <3

  293. Armand du Plessis says:

    Please can you put in the INDORAPTOR from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom?

  294. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm says:

    The stygymoloch, Baryonyx, allosaurus, sinoceratops, pachycephalosaurus, parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, suchomimus, pachyrhinosaurus, dimorphodon, and microceratus could be added, not in one update tho

    • Non-Talking Cookie says:

      You have good grammar and your ideas aren’t actually stupid, how come no one’s been replying to you and saying that these are good ideas?

  295. Tacobellman says:

    It is just bringing me to a scam web. What is happening?

  296. Jurassic updates says:

    I have suggestions replace villagers with scientist
    Chicken replaces micro raptor
    Slime replaced by sarchosuches
    Horse replaced by the giganotosaurus
    Rabbits replace dimetrodon
    New aquatic update
    Fish are replaced with celeocanths
    Drowned replaced by baryonix
    And update the indominous rex modle for a more smooth head like the t-Rex
    Bow is replaced with tranqulizer gun
    T. rex needs a male and female skins and a saddle should just be able to control the dinosaurs.

  297. Ollie Clarke says:

    It won’t let me download it takes me to a page it cannot connect to

  298. HyenaMan says:

    Really cool! You should add the allosaurus, baryonyx, and indoraptor

  299. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Links are broken

  300. Jose says: links are banned in my country so plz give me a direct link to media fire.

  301. Jayden says:

    Good but need a stegosaurus plz

  302. Jack_mc7r says:

    the website your hosting your files on is not working for me, could you maybe create a mirror?

  303. Anonymous says:

    For some reason I can’t download the add on so can someone help plz 😫

  304. Sammygangster says:

    Plz add the Baryonyx and Indoraptor and Stygimoloc now that you add the Carnotaurus

  305. Willapedia says:

    There are still over 20 mobs that could still be changed. So can you please add more soon! If really appreciate another well modelled herbivore, like parasaurolophus, or if you could, make a custom model for a dinosaur not in the original mod, like therezinosaurus, allosaurus, dimorphodon, or elasmosaurus.

  306. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm says:

    Seeing as a new movie is coming in a few months and a set release date for the one after was confirmed, I may make a list of animals that should be added, as the Jurassic Craft addon should really mainly do canon creatures rather than what the mod has. Let’s start by seeing what current mobs added should change:
    Oviraptor should become herarasaurus. It is canon to the jp movies, unlike oviraptor. Next, dodo should be Lesothosaurus. The small dinosaurs should become microceratus. The baculites should be a plesiosaurus, and unlike the rest, tameable with fish, giving us a water tameable. The shulkers should have more skins like spinosaurus eggs. Also, ludodactylus should have been pteranodon.
    As of now, most mobs have no replacement. Here are some ideas:
    Pigs could be stegosaurus due to it being common and could be tameable like what I see everyone wanting. Now, wolves could become troodon, where babies are passive and act as smaller, venomous raptors. Parrots should be dimorphodon. Llamas should be apatosaurus. Horses should be parasaurolophus. Due to a saddled horse being a thing, we can take that a step further by making it a beast of burden, like the next few. Corythosaurus can be a donkey. Edmontosaurus should be the mule. Skeleton horse can be maiasaura, with zombie horses being hadrosaurus. Endermen could be the styracosaurus, acting as a stegosaurus with a triceratops model. Silverfish can be procompsognathus. Evoker should be baryonyx, with zombie villagers being suchomimus.

  307. Jackson says:

    I need some help. I’m playing on my iPad and I downloaded the world but I don’t know how to access it. Can someone please help me???

  308. Alan grant says:

    How do u place eggs and incubators

    • Anonymous says:

      To place eggs and incubators you must first spawn a shulker (Supply crate) and then dye it with the respective dye for the item you want to place.

  309. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Pig = Stegosaurus

    The pig just no longer fits in with all the dinosaurs, also not to be rude, but honestly, I’m not really liking the goats so much. They just don’t fit in.

    • ScaryCherrie6 says:

      Also maybe the new monster of the night skies which will be coming soon could be a Quetzalcoatlus, Dimorphodon, Pteranodon, Pterodactylus, Tapejara, Pterodaustro, you get the idea 😛

      • Life says:

        Pteranodon fits in most due to the fact that of all flying animals in the Jurassic Park franchise, pteranodon appears most and affects the plot most, even having 3 types within the films.

    • XXXSICKLAD360 says:

      The are meant for Dino bait like in Jurassic world in the Tyrannosaurus Rex Kingdom remember?

  310. The next door idiot says:

    I hope gona is makin a new update

  311. Fixer says:

    if you are on adfly wait 3 seconds and click skip ad and It will work-fixer

  312. Tanay says:

    In India it is not coming….. pls do something

  313. Werewolf_37 says:

    Will the Indoraptor be in this add on?

  314. Troodon YT says:

    Gona please make a primeval addon because it is my favorite television series

  315. NaziHyena says:

    Add baryonyx which can replace zombie villagers and indoraptor which can replace llamas.

  316. Troodon YT says:

    The tylosaurus decor egg looks like a tyrannosaurus spawn egg.

  317. Troodon YT says:

    Plz add indoraptor, dimorphodon, baryonyx, allosaur and suchomimus

  318. MafloBLITZ says:

    I agree

  319. sky don’t do Minecraft says:

    I think gona should make the bow a dart gun that’ll be cool don’t u think

    And add indorapter don’t make it tameable

  320. Gladrial says:

    Indoraptors would be sick I think but don’t make it so powerful maybe like T. rex powerful

  321. The next door idiot says:

    Ya add indoraptors

  322. MafloBLITZ says:

    I agree gona plzz add Indoraptors to the addon it’ll make it harder and fun and also make Dino’s spawn everywhere not just in witch huts but everywhere thx

  323. MafloBLITS says:

    I agree gona plzz add indoraptors

  324. MafloBLITS says:

    The incubators don’t work plz help me

  325. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    WAIT! I forgot to rate my previous comment!

  326. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    Make the indoraptor’s health: 250.
    And also you should add the mainland to the Jurassic craft map. Jurassic world 2 will come out this summer on June 22.

  327. kingdomkeeper says:

    Please add the Stegosaurus already!!!!

    Indoraptor and other flying dinos would be greatly appreciated!!

  328. Finn says:

    Hi the incubators and the decoration blocks don’t work? Please help!

  329. Shepard says:

    Hello, Firstly, why make the transparent mushrooms? Secondly, please, please so that the whole thing took just spawn in the world (for example, carnotaurus, or Pteranodon could appear anywhere and not only in the house/cave) and Yes, the carnotaurus horns were on the sides.

    PS add ceratosaur and indoraptor

  330. Noah playz says:

    Indoraptor = evoker, that whould be frickin awsome! Get on it Gona!

  331. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    How about in the next update for this addon, replace parrots with microraptors, add the indoraptor, add stegosaurus, add parasauralophus, and add rodent-like creatures.

  332. raygil9567 says:

    Minecraft does not give you a virus

  333. Dinnernbone says:

    I love this addon I partner it up with the Jurassic Park map

  334. Cali-cowgirl says:

    Half the dinosaurs I can’t even spawn but it’s a good add on

  335. Dave300 says:

    This addon is amazing I am a fan of ark survival evolved and love this addon it reminds me so much of ark keep working on it and #survivetheark

  336. Candra GamerZ says:


  337. R.C.P says:

    Nice and really a cool addon. Please try making equipments for the dinosaurs like armor. And BTW its so cool

  338. Jlan123 says:

    Does this new update entail the update of the map?

  339. Unknown says:

    Make baryonix and suchimimous and allosaurus because they are in jwfk

  340. Jimmysavage21 says:


  341. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    Also, the indoraptor is one of my favorite dinosaurs.

  342. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    CAN YOU ADD THE INDORAPTOR? Please do it, I’m a huge fan of Jurassic world and I just can’t wait for the next movie when the dinosaurs have to escape the island and the indoraptor is the main dinosaur. Please do this.

  343. Human says:

    Hey Editor can you make Ark Survival Evolved Addon its like jurassic addon but no jeeps and no decor blocks pls i know you can do it i want to make Ark Survival Evolved Minecraft and changes the enderman and enderdragon into something pls 😊😊😊 boss in ark survival evolved

  344. Simon says:

    The add is amazing but the decoration blocks aren’t functioning properly. I have downloaded both the behaviour and resource pack but the decors aren’t behaving properly. Pls fix

  345. Lloyd says:

    And here I am waiting for a Monster Hunter World add-on. Great Jagras, Anjanath, Nergigante, and Tobi-Kadachi are my requirements for new mobs. As for armor, perhaps the hunter’s armor set would replace the chainmail.

  346. DINO LOVER says:

    IT is AWESOME. I love Dinosaurs, so this was a Big Major Win Win!

  347. DestinyTiger says:

    Do they drop the items that the animal is replaced by? If one of them replaces cows, how do you get milk? If one replaces chickens, how do you get eggs? It’s a really great addon, but you need to think it through.

  348. Choosykoala1888 says:

    Oh and stegosaurus and plesiosaur!?

  349. Choosykoala1888 says:

    Hey Gona I was just wondering if you could add the pachesuarous, triceratops, mammoth, saber tooth tiger, and if you could make a DINO pedia Make it so you can place the eggs down and watch them hatch and watch them grow up instead of just placing them and making it a baby and a adult oh and add cultivators and fossils that your find in the mine and you can make into any dna or sand and bonemeal thanks bye!

  350. Solar_Flare.1 says:

    I love this addon but i want goat only hehe!!! 😀

  351. three TV says:

    this is so cool! I’m now editing a video about it!!!

  352. Adrian says:

    I couldnt find Any dinosaurs):

  353. Chloe says:

    Great mod! The only problem I have is the vehicles. They are everywhere. They glitch and are SUPER loud, If you could turn a vehicle into a horse so they’re a little more rare that would be much appreciated and maybe a little less loud, thanks!

  354. adecercharles says:


  355. Tristan penders says:

    Do update of jurassic world 2 with dinosaurus like Baryonyx and stegosaurus

  356. FalseVault says:

    Also I forgot To Mention.It will be more enjoyable if there was more textures than just the dinosaurs.I Also Forgot To Rate:5

  357. FalseVault says:

    I Want To Download The Jurassic Craft v3 Recource Pack…Please Can You Let Us Download It?If You Can Then Thank You GONA.

  358. AQUAMARINE says:

    I’m still waiting for the stegosaurus to be added…..

  359. Emerio says:

    You should add stegosaurus which would replace horses and add pachycephalosaur

  360. Anonymous says:

    Please add The Pachy,Parasaurolophus,Stegosaurus, and corythosaurus! I need to have them. But really. I NEED to see them

  361. Matthew says:

    Can you please make the Triceratops rideable? Thank you for such a great addon.

  362. Awesomepvp3500 says:

    hey make spinosaurus bigger and stronger than t-rex and please make them rare in real life spins is about 17 m – blocks long and t-rex 15m – blocks and the spine is the biggest baddest dino in the real world biggest carnivore = spino but you can make i rex bigger bc ya know it’s a hybrid pls add other hybrids so like spino raptor and add more dino’s aswell may be hard tho

  363. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this mod! I really like it. I actually kind of want to have bosses like Omega 09, Valkyrie, Salamander from JWTG. I found out that it would be more challenging. Anyway thanks for the mod keep doing the good work!!

  364. Charli says:

    I can’t download the add on
    Do any of u guys now why. It keeps going to and it. Ever loads in. I really want to download it

    • Dagaz de Rozario says:

      If you’re on you should see a big yellow button in the top right corner that says continue. Click on it and you will be redirected to another site where you can export it to MC. If it won’t work, try a couple of times.

  365. Meme lover says:

    Since parrots are in 1.2, the microraptor and other animals should replace them, tamed as before, with seeds retexured as bugs. Silverfish should become troodon, tamed like a raptor. Endermite should be apatosaurus, tamed with carrots. Pigs should be parasaurolophus, and should be tamed like a gallimimus. Wolves would make a great smilodon, tamed with meat and is neutral. Llamas should be replaced by a mussosaurus, tamed by feeding it leaves. Horses should be replaced by suchomimus, tamed like spinosaurus. Donkeys should be replaced by baryonyx, tamed like a raptor. Mules should become Metriacanthosaurus. Skeleton horses should become carnotaurus, tamed like a raptor. Zombie horses should be ceratosaurus. Endermen should be a corythosaurus, tamed like gallimimus. Slime should be sarcosuchus, a tameable entity that is fed fish as an adult to tame, and it keeps to itself. Magma cubes should me megalania, tamed like the sarcosuchus I mentioned. Ghast should be quetzalqoatlus, untamable and hostile. Blaze should be a microceratus, tamed with gold carrots and behaves like a cat otherwise. Various prehistoric plants should replace shulker. Vindicator should become a scientist who trades spawn eggs of all creatures. Evoker should become security guards who give you weapons. Vexes should be dimorphodon, it is just there for scenery purposes. Villagers should be gorgonops, tamed like a wolf. Zombie villagers should be dimetrodon, tamed like a raptor, but with fish only.

    • ScaryCherrie6 says:

      Yes all of that would be cool, but leave the villagers the way they are.

      • Meme lover says:

        Yes but I thought something like a gorgonops would do good, perhaps another wolf skin can be them, as there are so many wolf skins. Maybe villagers could be visitors instead, or workers.

    • ScaryCherrie6 says:

      And the parrot should have more varieties like Hesperornis, microraptor, confuciousornis and other stuff.

  366. wOahG says:

    I love the movie and this great addon! Thanks, man

  367. Nico says:

    Me and my friend have been trying to play Jurassic craft on realms, the add on works fine for me but he keeps crashing like every 10 seconds. We both have iPhone 6’s and other add ons work perfectly except this one makes him crash. Would be nice if you could fix it

  368. I'm talking to the editor says:

    What happened to Gona? Did he died in real life after doing all these amazing add-ons or did he quit Minecraft like SkyQuitsMinecraft did which is the most unlikely and dumb thing to do?

  369. Israil says:

    This is awsome

  370. Kennethjohn1406 says:

    Can you please make the savant pack addon and dinosaur island addon?I wish I could sign in to my Xbox acount and if I did it would take for ever to get the coins to get it

  371. Fill says:

    This is the worst website ever

  372. Wolfy says:

    Can’t download behaviour pack… DX

  373. Wolfy says:

    I would love to get this map, but i’ve downloaded the .mcworld file, and when I try to open the world, it freezes my screen for a bit (which is normal on all my worlds cause it takes a bit to load) but anyways, then it just crashes the whole app. Please Help?

  374. One of the greatest Addons ever. I love the models and sounds. I have had a lot of fun using this addon. Gona has made a great addon.

  375. DinosaurFan says:

    Super awesome!

  376. Gonas Fan says:

    PLs add more dinosaur! Use horses and parrots, pigs as well

  377. Dave300 says:

    A lot like ark survival evolved on Xbox but with a minecraft style

  378. zachmc says:

    What model creator did u used

  379. $tryker says:

    Maybe you could add in an ACU soldier to the add-on.

  380. fangirl says:

    this looks exciting

  381. Gabriel (The red dragon) says:

    Did you know that the spinosaurus was the biggest and deadliest land carnivore of all time!

  382. Kiesha says:

    Don’t work all dinosaurs are same minecraft mobs Gallis have amor and compys are the size of gallis and have gold swords

  383. Anonymous says:

    i wish you can replace all mobs and items

  384. Kizi Kaibuto says:

    Thank you so much

  385. Kizi Ka1buto says:

    Please update for mcpe 1.2

  386. Anonymous says:

    My behavor pack doesent work my Minecraft only crashes

  387. Sam says:

    I can’t download it😪don’t know why. Someone help. I’m on iOS iPhone 7. When I click the download link it doesn’t download

  388. Zachary says:

    Gona the 5.6 behaviour pack doesn’t work for 1.2 pocket. Aslo add
    -parrot:microraptor tamenable with meat can go on shoulder

    -cat:smilodon tame able and rideable

    -skeleton horse: troodon Vemonus, tamable and rideable

  389. GameRaptor says:

    Gona update this addon for Minecraft 1.2 please, the problem not is the beta version!!!

  390. EightPuma800181 says:

    haven’t tried it yet but I’ve tried the previous versions and they are great!

  391. Jake says:

    Lol it took me a hours to read all of this

  392. Arsyah says:

    please add stegosaurus,ihave the texture please check my e-mail and i was give an stegosaurus texture

  393. ZekromTTJ says:

    Hey, I always wanted a Jurassic World addon and btw what do u use to make these amazing addons I wanted to make an addon so plz plz tell me how did you make these addons

  394. Anonymous says:

    For some reason mine dosent work

  395. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Do what the dinosaur island did, make the brachiosaurus that mob the apatosaurus replaced on dinosaur island and turn the cow into a stegosaurus. Also I suggest edmontosaurus for zombie horse

  396. ultimategaming56 says:

    can’t get the jeeps to work can someone help?

  397. vpitt5 says:

    Hi there, just wondering if this mod will conflict with texture packs that change mobs?

  398. master says:

    hi a like your add-ons but it will be cool if your can tame the sea creatures and ride them it will be easier to travel on water

  399. Henry11 says:

    Your addon is very good
    But can you replace jeep and mercedez ben , baculities , dodo and goat to another dinosaurs
    And i found a bung that is when the baby t.rex lost health it will drink potion like witch
    And can you change the place dinosaurs spawn like it is too difficult to find a female brachiosaurus to breed
    Or sometimes I found a car in a cave
    When I breed for two brachiosauruses when they finished they didn’t created any baby
    And last it add more dinosaurs
    Your add on is the best
    I am from VietNam so my English skills are not good , sorry

    • Henry11 says:

      I wanted say bug not bung
      And I forgot that can you change mosasaurus and tylosaurus attack skills
      Like they bite not they not move and not creat damage too

  400. Noone says:

    When I click the download, it brings me to adfly. When I click continue, it just bring me to another web.

  401. Unicorn fart says:

    I can’t download the resource pack because I get too many ads 🙁

  402. Zachary says:

    Gona plz make an ark scorched earth addon and mod. Because I’m making an ark scorched earth in minecraft

  403. Deven says:

    I agree with sloth face butt chould yo make a stegosaurus and apatosaurus maby use the zombie horse and skeleton horse

  404. SLOTHFACE says:

    Can you make a Monster Hunter Generations addon? My fav monster is deviljho.

  405. Derick Loppot says:

    Awesome add on. That’s all I have t o say

  406. Malfoy_Draco says:

    Hi! Awesome addon!

  407. Jamie says:

    I don’t like it I love it

  408. Jamie says:

    Very good for the game minecraft pe and I don’t have Dinos in minecraft pe so that will be great too have it.

  409. Noah mommaus says:

    It won’t take me to mediafire. It just goes to different sites. So i can’t download it. Please help someone.

  410. Christiangirl3 says:

    The spinosaurus and the brachiosaurus male and female have errors. Ex. When they Breed there is no baby only experience and the spino when I tame a baby and it grows to be an adult, it doesn’t defend me or follow me around. Pls fix Gona.

  411. Finn says:

    My ideas:

    Villager: Tourist
    Wolf: Sabertooth Tiger
    Tylosaur: Megladon
    Ghast: Pteradactyl
    Blaze: Allosaurus
    Mooshroom: Stegosaurus
    Llama: Parasaurolophus
    Mule: Diploducus
    Donkey: Pachysephalosaurus
    Horse: Apatasaurus
    Slime: Gyrosphere
    Magma Cube: Baryonyx
    Silverfish: Argentinasaurus

    This is a great addon and I really enjoyed it and the map that came with it. 5 Stars to you!

  412. Jasmine says:

    I got everything needed but it won’t even let me enter the world, it goes to the green loading bar and before anything can appear it kicks me out, it loads all my other worlds, but not this one with this “mod”

  413. Anonymous says:

    Why deos it keep crashing AHHHHH!!!!

    • Finn says:

      What device do you have, IOS or Android?

      If IOS, it is because they make crap devices if you want to play Minecraft.

      If Android, I can’t help you.

    • Christiangirl3 says:

      Because you might not have lots of storage on your phone. Also this takes many gigabytes on a phone.

  414. PrimalKarnage says:

    Can you please make a Clash Royale/Clash of Clans addon? That would be AWESOME. You could have blue versions of all the troops and red versions of all the troops. Blues and reds would fight each other

  415. Raptorstar1234 says:

    It sooooooooooo great!!!!! I love it! Can u add lots more dinosaur plz plz!!!!!!!

  416. Maxlanees says:

    I can’t download this addon and the only thing that shows up is ads and fake services

  417. Fristto says:

    gona Great Addon I myself is a big fan of Jurassic Park and World so could u give the spinosaur an addon of
    its own?

  418. MafloBLITS says:

    Great addon gona

  419. MafloBLITS says:

    Gona this is the bes!!t!! Addon in hist!!o!ry of Minecraft you got sum talent gona oh and plzzzzzzzz make a spiderman homecoming addon plzz

  420. Dagaz de Rozario says:

    Dear editor,

    Could you show this to Gona?
    I have some ideas for the addon.
    -add the Ford Explorer tour verhicles
    -add stegosaurus
    -add apatosaurus
    -add dimorphodon
    -add allosaurus or metriacanthosaurus
    -add pachysephalosaurus
    -add classic JP weapons: SPAS12 shotguns, electric rifles, taser spears (as seen in the movies)
    -JP-related texture changes (JP-paintings, iron bars=electric wire)
    -add an InGen helicopter

    If you could show him this list, that would be great! Let me know that you think about this.

  421. Sisimen63110 says:

    It is super interesting but I would like to be able to climb on the dinosaurs while being able to control it would be super fun and it would resamble enormously to ARK and in addition if we would go invisible and we would mount a dinosaur it Would make as if one were incarnating the dinosaur so one could make dinosaur fight;). Sorry for misspellings i am french and i use google translation. Thanks in advance to the creator of the addon 🙂

  422. MunchingSkittles says:

    This mod is incredible! The dinosaurs sound awesome and look amazing. I hope you add a brontosaurus, and replace blazes and ghasts with different Dino birds.

  423. Anonymous says:

    Do tamed dinos despawn like normal hostile mob?

  424. Zachary says:

    Vex= microraptor, flys, tamable, leash able, hostile if attacked, spawns in jungles, can’t go through blocks, bread able and 10 hearts

    Wolf= troodon, looks like jurassic park game,
    Vemonus bite, baby tamable, rid able, leash able, bread able, adult hostile if unprovoked
    30 hearts

    Silverfish= titanboa, hostile and 26 hearth
    Enderman= baryonyx like spinosaur

  425. Charlie says:

    And when I met puieting I met quiting plz fix this I’m so upset I tired my brothers iPad it didn’t work and he almost cried.

  426. JURASSIC BOY says:

    I agree with reptile

  427. ReptilePRO999 Z says:

    AND at least replace THE snow golem with a dinosaur

  428. ReptilePRO999 Z says:

    Replace the tylosaur with the dunkleosteus I think I spelled that wrong

  429. SmartCreeper13 says:

    I love this addon! great job gona but i would love for all the tameable mobs (that can be ridden) to have the same control system as the horse or jeeps in-game because i dont like holding a iron sword all the time,plus. there should be a new way of make animals jump.

    The Spinosaurus and Indominus have weird necks i think they should have them similar to the T.Rex and Dodo(roundish like necks)

    The Triceritops should NOT be the polar bear it should be something like the pig or something else i think the polar bear should be a Mammoth and the dogs should be a Sabor-tooth.

    The vehicles move soo weird. it would appreciate if the jeeps would be ONE model and not twenty (exaggeration) which means i would tell the reat of the parts to move whenever the front moves and that lookes weird then…… never mind that but ya it looks weird.The last and the least important thing i would like is a change of texture for the Ludodactylus (i think thats what my memory is telling me to spell :p) it looks weird i prefer the older version or at least a remake of it.

    no pressure meant- SC13

  430. Popstermaster says:

    Hi go a don’t think your going to read this but your addon is amazing and he goat was a great idea and two more things if u haven’t seen my comment about the night vision goggles u should shearch for it cause u could make it’s one of the armour pieces so u could wear them and they could give u a night vision effect and plz update your minecraft map with all the new features and that’s all and I’m not gonna get this addon but I will the next update if there are new Dino’s I just wanted to suggest that and tell u that u should update the map

  431. Matthew w says:

    I love it but the jeeps texture is broken it has two jeeps in one but when you took up the middle section to the jeep goes up too

  432. Velocirapper says:

    Try should update it to mcpe 1.1.0 which is the latest version of minecraft they should add stegos and megaladons

  433. superspider3500 says:

    I didn’t even know this many dinosaurs! That’s quite impressive in knowledge about dinosaurs! Though I know a single dinosaur that isn’t here: a stegosaurus, oh, and the Argentosaurus, too. (The Argentosaurus is the biggest dinosaur, so make sure to make this one the biggest too!)

  434. TheDiamondGuy says:

    Can you make gigannotosaurus and carnotaurus

  435. Matthew w says:

    I love it but the jeeps texture is broken it has two jeeps in one but when you took up the middle section to the jeep goes up too

  436. Enrique says:

    It keeps kicking me out of the game

  437. Zachary says:

    My favourite add on. But can you add baryonex, dimorphodon and troodon?

  438. Anonymous says:

    I love it but i think you should make a pack with a stegosaurus a pachycefalosaurus and a paurasaurolofus

  439. Anonymous says:

    wow this stuff started off as one of the first add-ons and now it is such a big add-on

  440. Report to the Editor says:

    I agree to Alex Henley but on some devices, it’s not compatible of this addon at all so that may be the reason the game crashes in a short time or immediately. Fix that please.

  441. Uwais_MC says:

    Keep it up my man! Like you Gona !!!

  442. Iraklis says:

    This goat is amazing! Thank you. I’m a dinosaur fan I have all of your Jurassic craft add ons and they are really cool 😎

  443. Supplydisc282 says:

    I mean I really like it but it only crashes when I upload it to a world

  444. Gona says:

    I will be adding more vehicles

  445. Bumblebee🐝 says:

    I can only play it for a second and it crashes is it because I’m a iOS user and I have a iPad Air and it is a really big addon but other than that good good addon thanks creator

  446. Beefjerky says:

    Can you make it so that you don’t have to go through to get the add on because it doesn’t always work for people in india

  447. Alex Henley says:

    Creator of this add on, I tried the method you said somewhere in the comments (activate the global resources in settings and activate the behaviour pack only in the world or something like that). And it didn’t work, it actually glitchs me more than when I didn’t do the method! I have seen one or two of the dinosaurs in the addon on creative and they look awesome! But it only last up to like 20 seconds before crashing! Can you help me with this problem!?

  448. CaptainUnderPants says:

    To Kill the indominus-Rex You Need

    2.Spinasourus (Hoefully i Spell that Right)
    3.and a Raptor

  449. Raymond says:

    You should have made Baculites attack and have more health cause of its shell. It also should have had its shell at the end a little upward cause it is a little upward at the end in real life.

  450. Raymond says:

    You should have made Baculites attack, and have more health cause of its shell.

  451. JohnJohn says:

    I’m using an iPad 3 with up to date iOS and Minecraft PE version, yet I can’t seem to open my “tamed”spinosaurus’s inventory nor be able to mount him. All it does is switch between sit and stand, even when I’m in the crouched position. Also, once the spinosaurus reaches Stage 3, all it does is try and attack me and kill me. I have to make him sit and then he doesn’t move. Can someone please explain this to me? Or is that a common bug for other iOS users?

  452. BlueRaptorRay says:

    Can someone tell me if there is a app or something for creating addon models WITHOUT CODE. I really dont understand code :/. Awesome addon BTW

  453. Skullrock says:

    I agree hiddenhero it is the best Arron of all time and can you add smilodons and mammmoths pls. And this add-on is my best add on ever.

  454. Fiery Carnotaurus says:

    Here is a request for an update.
    Vex = dimorphodon
    Llama = parasaurolophus
    Wolf = smilodon
    Sheep = mammoth
    villager = carnotaurus = tame able
    Snow golem = arsnotherium
    Shulker = turret
    Donkey = stegosaurus
    Mule = corythosaurus
    Horse = allosaurus = tame able
    Pig = gastornis = tame able = ride able
    Ghast = quetzalcoatlus
    Silverfish = early mammal
    Endermite = goat
    Enderman = acrocanthosaurus

  455. hiddenhero says:

    This is the best addon of all time keep up the good work

  456. Beans says:

    I can’t tame raptors. Since they were changed into rabbits, they only eat carrots.

  457. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    I don’t like the idea of raptors opening doors. In survival mode for me it’s just impossible. I try to stay safe as much as possible and shut the door but magically it opens again by a raptor and I get eaten.

  458. Papodragon says:

    Could you make individual add one for some of the dinosaur you haven’t posted or update???

  459. Anonymous says:

    How do I get to the hotel on the map for this addon?

  460. Emma says:

    I just did the above and it crashes still.

  461. M1N5X says:

    Btw it’s filled with pigs, not rabbits

  462. Gemma says:

    Read through most of reviews to search for an answer but there’s been no replies that I could find to the problem I’m having.
    I’ve lowered the render distance, I’ve even uninstalled the game and redownloaded to make sure but still every time it crashes before it loads.
    My iPhone is completely upto date, so is my version of Mcpe. Is this just going to keep happening or is there a way I can fix this??

    • Editor says:

      Go to Settings > Global Resources and activate the resource pack there. Then edit the world and remove the resource pack from the world settings. Meaning, you should only try to load the world with the behavior pack.

      Usually that fixes it.

      • Dagaz de Rozario says:

        I did that and it still doesn’t work at all. Please fix this, I would love to play with this addon

        • Editor says:

          What device are you using?

          • Dagaz de Rozario says:

            I use an iPad Air, I have more than 3 GB available and I’ve tried absolutely everything! (From loading only behavior in game to loading with minimum render distance, nothing works at all) with every update it gets worse, in an early version I could play it, the second one (v4) I could look around for 5 sec and with the newest version the game crashes before the word is loaded.

          • Editor says:

            Have you tried loading the world without the resource pack and behavior pack? It would be nice to know which files are the source for the problem.

          • Dagaz de Rozario says:

            I loaded the world without them and it works fine. I have only one world where the Addon is needed, because I am building a park myself.

  463. Anonymous says:

    How do you spawn them? I have the resource pack on how do you spawn it?

  464. StormTrooper4812 says:

    Could you make it so that there is also a green tyrannosaurus? You would have to rename a tamed tyrannosaurus to “The Bull” or “The Buck” to make it turn green. The back could have green/yellow stripes. Just a suggestion. Other than that, this is a perfect addon.

  465. PhantomBlader78 says:


  466. Burrito dude says:

    Make grey wolfs that eat little dinosaurs, have yellow eyes, and 2 blocks high

  467. Anonymous says:

    The mosasaurus attack is bugged pls fix it

  468. Adam Jenkins says:

    Make the Stegosaurus already. I’m dieing to have that one and the Pachycephalosaurous and the Parasaurolophus and the Suchomimus and the Baryonx and the Edmontosaurus.

  469. BlockyDesigns says:

    Editor, can we DM. I have a question for you. My twitter is @BlockyDesigns

  470. Ellie says:

    It works a treat! At first I didn’t know what to do but on your world you need to add the behaviour pack and then it should work!
    I really like this it makes it interesting and I highly recommend the map!
    It hasn’t crashed on me yet and I’ve been on it non stop recently.
    All in all very good highly recommend.

  471. Osvaldo says:

    I can’t download it for some reason

  472. Fiery Carnotaurus says:

    Please replace endermen with carnotaurus.

  473. DinoDude says:

    When do you think the next update will be released?

  474. Itsmilkykai says:

    I really like this add on it’s one of the best ones out there and I really like the modeling. Can you make a doctor who add on with like daleks, zygons, cyberman, k-9 and the tardis that would be so cool. Anyway I really like this add on and it would be awesome if you made the doctor who addon

  475. Archillus says:

    Best Addon i”ve ever Found!!!

  476. Enderknight464 says:

    Awesome addon

  477. Polar Whale says:

    Best… addon… ever! 🐊

  478. Raymond says:

    You should make the Baculites end at its shell look a bit upward, cause it’s fossils shows that the end of its shell is upward, also make it attack, sounds for it, and have more health cause of its shell.

  479. Wapster says:

    Can you please make an egg that replace shulker,it will look great for the dino’s egg,and please add goat because i want more bait for the dinasour,and please add new dinasour such as stegosaurus,pachycephosaurus,or edmontosaurus.

  480. Fiery Carnotaurus says:

    Please Add smilodon and the wooly mammoth. For smilodon, make it replace the wolf so it is tamable. Replace sheep with the mammoth and make it neutral. Also Replace blaze with carnotaurus. Replace ghasts with dimorphodon. Replace slime with dimetrodon. Replace magma cube with koolasuchus. Replace enderman with pachycephelosaurus. Replace endermite with a prehistoric spider. Replace silverfish with stegosaurus. Replace horses,donkeys,mules,zombie horses,and skeleton horses with troodon.

  481. omgitsjack_35 says:

    I tamed a raptor but it is still attacking me

  482. theplayer80 says:

    Mine keeps on crashing on Minecraft Pe. Editor fix it please I wanna do this.

  483. Jack says:

    How do you get this add on

  484. X_TheIceDragon_X says:

    Add Smilodon

  485. Sa says:

    Please make a stegosaurus skin as an alternate skin for the ankylosaurus.

  486. LP says:

    I keep crashing… maybe i’m just running out of storage space… but i remember using this before and i loved it…

  487. Tiptoe says:

    Editor how do I change my profile picture

  488. Blockbreaker98662 says:

    This is awesome! It’s great since I love dinosaurs so much ❤️😀
    Nice work

  489. AloneDanielE says:

    Gona can you change the triceratops’s crest because it’s kinda looks funny make it go back abit and make a new model For indominus Because it doesn’t look like indominus right now The nose is blocky Make it rounded and the neck make it like the T-Rex neck and I really want the megalodon or the Dungklostius (Yes I know there are no other Underwater mobs in MCPE that could be replaced by it but I hope you find a way) PLEASE GONA READ THIS COMMENT

  490. Anonymous says:

    Why dont you add mammoth and replace it with snow man and add sibertooth cats and replace it with wolf

  491. Derp says:

    Hey Gona! I found a bug recently on this add-on, this bug will make the keyboard not appear when chatting, it also lags and crashes when big dinos spawn, please fix this.

  492. WF_Command_MCPE says:

    When can we ride triceratops I hope we can tame it and ride it
    Who that the same I dies with me ??

  493. Entity_303Gamer says:

    😞Fix this= Why when i hit a baby trex i saw he drinking potion like a witch! . When ankylosaur and I-Rex fighting🔪🔫💣,ankylosaur head is not connect to body when fighting I-Rex

  494. Higuy says:

    How can I prevent raptors (pigs) from spawning my cave house is getting boring. Great add on

    • Anonymous says:

      Raptors only spawn on grass blocks, similar to pigs. The best way to prevent or decrease spawn rates for raptors is to remove all grass blocks in the area where you don’t want them to spawn, or to have a repeating command block that has the command “/kill @e [type=pig]” constantly running.

  495. Raymond says:

    Also make a Indominus Rex only mod. Which the mod only has one change, Indominus Rex is in it and it works just like the Jurassic world mod.

  496. Raymond says:

    Can you make the Baculites shell a little upward, make it attack, add in sounds for it, and have more health because of the shell.

  497. Sthephen says:

    Add the Parasaurolophus and the stegosaurus

  498. WF_Command_MCPE says:

    Hey can you at stegosaurus in this addon if you don’t I will
    Very disappointed and a helicopter too more Dino replace all normal mob in MCPE

  499. BuggyPig says:


  500. Matthew says:

    Nice add on
    Kind of laggy though prob because of ipad

  501. Sathora says:

    Hi editor I’m playing with the add on and I keep crashing I can not stay on for over than 5 minutes it’s very sad 🙁 and I really want to see all the work Gona has done pls fix it somehow I would love that I’m a very big fan 🙂

  502. Dagaz de Rozario says:

    I tried everything:
    -only putting behavior pack in game, while recourse pack is in global recourses
    -loading the game on low render distance
    -deleting and redownloading everything

    Nothing helps, the game crashes almost immediately after the world has loaded! Dear editor/Gona, please fix this, because I reall want to play with this Addon!

  503. M1N5X says:

    Costum names are gone especially on the spawn egg. Also add more health on Baculites because they are lot stronger in real life than in the game, add more health from 5-7.5 to 20-25 (25% more than the player have (Player : 20 health))

  504. Foxy421 says:

    Can you add a Parasaurolophus, and a Stegosaurus? The Parasaurolophus should replace horses, and the Stegosaurus should replace a skeleton horse. The Parasaurolophus should be a tameable(Rideable, has storage, does not attack what you attack, only when tamed)passive mob, and Stegosaurus should be hostile when you attack it, or it’s baby, but is passive if not attacked.

  505. DinosaurLover says:

    I have 3 dinosaurs that I simply NEED in is AddOn. Here they are.
    3. Stegosaurus. Make it green with red plates.
    2.Allosuarus. Make it red and a bit of yellow.
    1.Carnotaurus! It is my favorite dinosaur! Make it look at awesome as possible!!!

    P.S. is there a way you could change where dinos spawn. Like the T-Rex in a swamp? Or the Triceratops in the tundra? That would be cool!!!

  506. EiteaEikoti says:

    Is it a bug or what? I tamed a raptor, and when I fed it to become an adult, it killed me.

  507. HackerStudio says:

    Hi, i have crashes too but i did ALL miniumum snd its lagging, but doesn’t crashes anymore. And i have a idea, make villagers like (skin, behavior) cavemens that will defend (if you can PLS make their house – caves) homes with clubs and slingshots!

  508. Anonymous says:

    When building terrain its allways crashing pls help😞😞😞😞😞😞

  509. joshua says:

    Gone can you please use horses to replace raptors instead of pigs because it would be a lot better if the raptors could jump like a horse and make them move without having a hand held item. Please. Please.Please.PLEASEEEEEE GONA change it to a horse.

  510. Nathan says:

    Can someone help me im having problems with the add on i cant load my world when i try to put the mod in and it just crashes…i tried the little note in the very bottom of the mod decription to put the resource pack in global resource pack and just lod the behevior pack in the world and it still dont work when i set the resource pack in the global resource pack my game crasges and when i open minecraft it said global resource pack reset and i cant do anything about it i just have to uninstall the mod…pls help me i want this mod so badly so pls help me

  511. StylesClash says:

    Why did you change The way the Raptors attack and they’re footstep sound,
    Please Bring Back the old raptor pounce attack and Footstep sound

  512. TJ says:

    Add some command blocks creations on your park like working control room

  513. Raptorstar_YT says:

    Well…this addon is never gonna work on my Minecraft. And I’m pretty sure a lot of other people are sick of it too

  514. Dave300 says:

    Gona when I try this addon the game crashes fix this.

  515. BuggyPig says:

    Whenever I spawn a Spinosaurus/Dilophosaurus/oviraptor/compy and gallimimus there legs were bugged the legs were reversed and there were floating

  516. Jahval says:

    I love this app

  517. TheBeast says:

    Make more Dino’s and make some more of them tameable. I think it would be cool if you could tame water mounts and ride them. Also make more tameable flying mounts. It would be better to travel in the sky

  518. StormTrooper4812 says:

    Could you maybe add a green Tyrannosaurus rex skin with yellow stripes on its back, so it looks like the male from the lost world? Please?

  519. Random person LOLOLO says:

    PLZ ADD MORE ITEMS LIKE THE NIGHT VISION GOGGLES U COULD WEAR THAT BE SO COOL AND MAKE SOME OTHER DINOS TAMABLE (oh and I don’t think u can make the goggles so u see in the dark but if ya could that be amazing)

  520. AloneDanielE says:

    Guys if your having the same issue as I am wait for the next MCPE Update Cuz I think the is bugged and laggy so wait for the next update k don’t complain about this[AMAZING/SUPERCOOL/AWESOMES/SPECTACULAR/add-on] please

  521. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been playing Minecraft for a year now and it is not non-hostile. It is passive.

  522. HAKMW says:

    Please tell me how to upload maps I really need to upload something

  523. Nathan says:

    Editor, can I have a link to your Minecraft Skin?

  524. PARTY_SIZE says:

    Could you add an alternate skin for the ankylosaurus?

  525. jamez says:

    What does the beef do? Can i eat it or at least feed it to some carnivore dinos? Thanks.

  526. Isha says:

    Hi! Can i please download your Shaders or texture pack like the one you used for the map? Like the different paintings, and the different texture or some blocks? Please? I’m trying Tim make a map about Jurassic Park too with you’re dinosaurs. 🙂 thanks!

  527. Raptorstar_YT says:

    Well it looks like I’ll never get to enjoy this addon cuz EVERYTIME I TRY TO APPLY IT ON A WORLD IT CRASHES!!

  528. Ocean says:

    For some reason every time I try to open a world with this add on, it crashes. Really bugging me since I was so excited

  529. Samuggook says:

    It crashes every time i open the world please fix this.😩

  530. Jessica says:

    Can you do a limousine addon where you drive it and mobs and other players can ride in the back

  531. Ralf says:

    This Dino pack sets your hopes up high then throws them down it crashes every time I just want it to work dinosaurs are the best but this is terrible

  532. HURRICANE_J says:

    Editor can you please add a Pachycephalosaurus into the addon in other words head butting dinosaur please add it , it will be my dream come true 😋

  533. nathan says:

    I have one problem from this mod…when i downloaded the behavior and resource pack and open minecraft noticed that the mobs still have thier original skin…ex a spinosoraus it is a spinosoraus but its skin is a zombie…pls help me and i like this add on and i want it to work properly…thnx

  534. jadenonez says:

    the addon is so amazing but didnt work on my device the game is always crashing help how to solve the problem

  535. Shel says:

    It’s kind of bizarre to see a tiny raptor killing a giant brachiosaurus….

    AMAZING mod though like WOW HOLY MOLY

  536. AwesomeGriefer27 says:

    Comment Update

    My Ideas:
    Villager = Visitors ~ Can Ride Minecarts/Tour Vehicles, Blaze /HotAirBalloon ,Vex/Plane or Helicopt.. 10 total hearts

    Snow golem = Guards ~ Have Rifle/Bow Shoots Arrow/Tranquilizer 80 hearts total

    Sheep = Goat – can be eaten by Large Carnivorous 12 hearts

    Horse = Parasaurolophus ~ can be tamed by grasses 23 hearts

    Donkey = Pachycephalosaurus ~ same as Parasurolophus 20 hearts can also head bang attack!

    Blaze = HotAirBalloon ~ can be used by Villagers or Players 2/1 hearts

    Mule = Mammoth ~ Aggressive to Players,Carnivorous,Villagers 56 hearts in total

    Shulker = CCTV 2/1 hearts

    Item Texture Changes
    Bow = Sniper Rifle ~ used by snow golems 80 hearts in total
    Arrow = Tranquilizer Bullets ~ Can make any entity slower
    Paper = Tickets ~ can be trade by dispenser
    Gold Nuggets = Money ~ used for trading a ticket
    Map/empty map = park info ™
    Llama = Sabertooth – Aggressive towards Villager/Visitors ,Player, All Mobs Except It’s own kind 40 full hearts
    Vex = Airplane, Helicopter – Fuel Coal

    Vindicator = Snakes – All Mobs Except it’s own kind 26 hearts in total

    Evoker = Jhon Hammond – Not Aggressive ,in total 60 full hearts

  537. Dad says:

    Hi there, Complete minecraft novice here. My daughter (8 – expert!) And I have followed the instructions we got in mineworld magazine. We can explore the park but there are no dinosaurs. Can anyone give me a ‘Noddy’s guide’ to turning them on?

  538. Bah says:

    Editor ever time I go into a world with this resource and behavior pack it crashes after like 5 seconds! What do I do I love this pack but can’t use it!?

  539. Pigkingdom says:

    Pls add sabre toothed Tigers and mammoths pls
    •mammoths replace polourbears
    •sabre toothed Tigers replace wolves
    •pls make all dinosaurs move like the dino mod 2.0 pls
    •Survivours replace viligers /arms not crossed
    And can you pls make megalodons/big sharks somehow pls.thank you.i love you.

  540. Atheno says:

    Please make the cars a separate add on.

  541. Julio cesar says:

    Please help me when applying the resource pack in a world the game closes and this error has happened to me in 3 different devices and I do not know why it does not work I ask you to help me I am an android user

  542. Unkhown says:

    Oh my god it doesn’t work every time I get the add on it just kicks me out after 5 seconds ugh!😩😫😦😢😰

  543. Solar says:

    Crashes Everytime i apply it to a World

  544. Atheno says:

    Make the dilophosaurus tameable and rideable please.

  545. Budak Dinosaur says:

    Can you make mod as same like pc mod a jurassic world 2.0 mod. Have animation and many dino. Plis i love you

  546. Budak Dinosaur says:

    I have already build raptor squad paddock like a jurassic world. Can you make 4 raptor like a movie jurassic world have Blue, Cahrlie, delta and echo. Pliss gona. I really love that raptor pliss . Can you do the animation and texture all dinosaur like a jurassicraft 2.0 mod please. You are my love creator. 😍

  547. Budak Dinosaur says:

    I have already build raptor squad paddock like a jurassic world. Can you make 4 raptor like a movie jurassic world have Blue, Cahrlie, delta and echo. Pliss gona. I really love that raptor pliss

  548. Skull rock says:

    Pls add milelodons/sabre toothed tiger pls thank you your the best

  549. Shoti says:

    how bout try to add taming the ankylosaurus/triceratops, that would be grateful 😀

  550. Atheno says:

    The add on doesn’t change the behavior of the hostile Dino’s.They still hold weapons and wear armor.

  551. Potato Tower says:

    can’t you tame herbivores or am I doing something wrong?

  552. Andrea says:

    Please help! I’m unable to “copy to minecraft pe” on my iPad! My son is dying to play.

  553. BuggyPig says:

    I think that 1.1 is coming next month so when that update is out change the Vex to a diemorphodon and change llama to apatosaurus

  554. Iain says:

    Hey gonna would you be able to, if you have the time, make a dr who Add-On and upload it

  555. HaloFan says:

    Plz make halo add-on! Reply if u agree!

  556. Bobjohns says:

    Can you make the trex I rex and the spinosaurus bigger because they are actually bigger than you made the so can you do it in th next version and add the raptor squad,giganotosaurus,apatasaurus,goat:sheep and change the irex texture like the Jurassic craft 2.0 mod please!!!!!!!! And I have one question,are you able to add custom animations for the vehicles and dinosaurs?plus can you please add gyrospheres and Jurassic World trains????????

  557. TheBeast says:

    Please make it so you can tame and ride more of the dinosaurs

  558. Biggie Cheese says:

    I have a few suggestions:
    Make the raptor a little faster
    Make riding the other Dinos smoother (like galli)
    (This might just be my game because no one else seems to have the problem)

  559. Trans_9 says:

    Can you make a plants vs zombies addon please your my foavorite addon creator

  560. DavgaDavga says:

    Hey Gona. Can you make a bendy and the ink machine texture pack? Especially make a bendy , borris and evil bendy’s head. And make the 2×2 pictures that looks like its barred.I’m making a map for it with command blocks. Please make it ,I’m not sure how to make texture pack and I’m not good at drawing.

  561. Bah says:

    This is the best Addon in the history of minecraf But it needs more Dino’s like stegosaurus, carnotorus and paralophosus. I know my spelling isn’t correct but I am in a hurry to go make a wild dino island.


  562. Villager113 says:

    THis is an amazing pack! It includes a lot of dinosaurs that have an amazing similarity to the ones in Jurassic park. My only problem is that I can download it and upload it to Minecraft, but the furthest I’ve got is getting onto a world and looking around, then Minecraft crashes. Usually, I can’t even get that far and the whole thing just crashes if I press “play” or click on a world.
    I think a way that this could be fixed could be each dinosaur being uploaded separately or in small packs, it’s just that I don’t think my iPad (iPad Mini) can handle all of these dinosaurs in this detail.
    Also, I saw in the comments that I should try to minimise my render distance, but I couldn’t find the controls anywhere.
    If anyone has a solution to this problem, please tell me how to fix it.
    Thank you!

  563. Alex_playz says:

    I need help when I try to make a world with the add on
    It crashes

  564. Bobjohns says:

    Can you just give each dinosaur 2 genders male and female and make them spawn randomly?please please please please please please?

  565. Human says:

    Where’s the park lol?

  566. Ifitypereallyrlyfastthenyou,ucan'tseeallthesethings. says:

    Hello! 3ditor! (And Gona) So, I heard from mah bruh that he crashes when he comes into the game. I
    Think he’s effected because of the Jeeps, Can you please just remove the Jeep and put it in a different Addon? Like whenever we go near or spawn one in, and/or destroy/go in it, it crashes. It happens even when we don’t even see it! Please remove the Jeep from this Addon, it’s literally crashing us all the time!

  567. BuggyPig says:

    No way that’s a bad idea.Raymond polar bears are already replaced

  568. Raymond says:

    add in these mobs.
    Villlagers – visitors: can control and get on minecarts.
    Squid – Colossal squid: uses tentacles to grab prey and eat it, there will also be baby Colossal squids.
    Polar bears – woolly mammoth: uses tusk and trunk to attack anything that is trying to kill it.
    Snow golems – Doedicurus: uses spike club to attack anything that is trying to kill it. Has lots of health because of its armor shell.
    Wolves – guards: attacks anything that try’s to kill the visitors and the player and protects the visitors and the player.

  569. LawnMower Loan Moah says:

    Hey Editor! MCPE always crashes on me when I do some things with this Add-On!
    Can you please fix this? If not, then why is it crashing? If yes, then thanks!

    • Editor says:

      I would recommend setting the resource pack as a global resource pack (Settings > Global Resources) and then only activate the behavior pack for a world.

      That usually works for such problems.

  570. Slickball100 says:

    What happened to the mammoth

  571. Foxy4216 says:

    Can you make the Horse a Carnotaurus? Fully orange, and black stripes on the head and the Torso. You can also turn the Wolf into a Andrewsarchus(Quite reasonable since both Wolves, and Andrewsarchus are both similar), turn the Donkey into a Smilodon, and turn the Mule into a Mammoth. Also, I hear Parrots are coming up in Minecraft, so you can make those into Quetzalcoatlus, or a Archopetryx. If there are anymore Mobs coming out, maybe add more Herbivorous Dinosaurs, or some more Ice Age dinosaurs. Editor, if you can, ask Gona if he/she can make these things possible.

  572. DinosaurLover says:

    Next Do the Allosaurus or The Stegosaurus, and can you somehow add a feature where female and male dinosaurs look different? Thx!!!

  573. cs says:

    When I try to open any of the download links, I’m redirected to a bunch of ads and I’m unable to download the addon. Is there anyone else running into this problem, and is there any known fix?

  574. guest says:

    cool add-on. I’ve been trying to make my own add-on but I can’t get the manifest to work could someone give me some tips on what could be wrong

  575. WickedPineApple says:

    I think that all the above ideas are GREAT especially AwesomeGriefer27.
    Map is FANTASTIC!
    Please keep in mind the more you add the more people will be interested
    Question: Sometimes it makes the world slow to spawn areas, is it because of storage?

  576. Dragonterror72 says:

    Does this work on IPad mini?

  577. jarrowgaming says:

    The indominus loves dodos he will not even damage them don’t fix that bug because it’s like the great white and very small fish they just stick around

  578. DarthDylan5 says:

    Mine can’t work I don’t have enough storage space can I please get some ideas on how to get more storage

  579. AwesomeGriefer27 says:

    Villager = Visitors ~ Can Ride Minecarts
    Snow golem = Guards ~ Have Rifle/Bow Shoots Arrow/Tranquilizer
    Sheep = Goat – can be eaten by Large Carnivorous
    Horse = Parasaurolophus ~ can be tamed by grasses
    Donkey = Pachycephalosaurus ~ same as Parasurolophus
    Blaze = HotAirBalloon ~ can be used by Villagers or Players
    Mule = Mammoth ~ Aggressive to Players,Carnivorous,Villagers
    Shulker = CCTV
    Item Texture Changes
    Bow = Sniper Rifle ~ used by snow golems
    Arrow = Tranquilizer Bullets ~ Can make any entity slower
    Paper = Tickets ~ can be trade by dispenser
    Gold Nuggets = Money ~ used for trading a ticket
    Map/empty map = park info ™

  580. Ends330 says:

    Hey Editor Can You Ask Gona To Make A Dino Addon That Replaces The Sheeps Like First When You Place A White Sheep It’s A Dinosaur If You Dyed It It Turns Into An Another Dinosaur Please Tell This To Gona.

    • Bobjohns says:

      No don’t give ideas for dinosaurs to replace the sheep because Gona needs to make a goat to replace the sheep so it can be used for Jurassic craft shows

  581. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Gona is the best creator addons!😊👍👍👍

  582. JustNub says:


  583. Daniel says:

    Gona wow thank U for adding Triceratops I love it but there’s something funny about Triceratops The frill looks funny can U change it a little bit maybe Pull it back a little please I love Every Add-on U make Love U ♥

  584. Enderhunter2375 says:

    Can you make textures for the armor too?

  585. Tate says:

    Could you make these separate add ons??

  586. Kookaman says:

    I wanna see Stegosaurus in the next update please.

  587. Salamander k. says:

    Hey!!!Gona can you add some cavemanvillagers in this add-on please😇😇

  588. Pure Bacon says:

    I know this is probably lost in a sea of comments but great add on plus maybe could you add the therezinosaurs

  589. Abraham M. says:

    Gona could make an add on of super smash bros thanks I would like you to tell everyone on twitter

  590. LAZlRETH says:

    What program do you use to make these models?

    If you don’t use a program how do you make these models?

    Thank you in advance if you reply

  591. Dave300 says:

    Is it just me but when I try to use this update for the addon the game doesn’t load and crashes please fix this because I love this addon and also this addon also reminds me of ARK survival.

  592. AQUAMARINE says:

    PLEASE add the stegosaurus!!!!

  593. Death says:

    Update monster buddy or make Gaster blaster addons .

  594. AwesomeGriefer27 says:

    Where can I download the texture not w/ the dinosaur I mean the texture of the blocks

  595. 1ydudegamer says:

    Hey i hating a problem with the download of the resource.mcpack in adfy says”safety problem” or something plz fix it

  596. Vj says:

    Finally I always wanted to fight the indominis rex as a boss thank you gona we love you we hope you can add more & more dinosaurs to this addon


  597. Kookaman says:

    Can you fix the UUIDs and add Triceratops and Stegosaurus please?

  598. The Meowndragora says:

    Villagers could be Cavemen!
    That is something i would like also make then spawn in Caves! Or change Villages to Caves

  599. Bobjohns says:

    Please change the texture of the indominus Rex by making it look like the one in Jc 2.0 mod pc

  600. Raymond says:

    Can you add in the colossal squid that replaces the squid?

  601. Anonymous says:

    I cant download the add on

    • Haloplays says:

      I have downloaded the add on but it doesn’t let me go into the world I used it on and I used both the behavior pack and the resource pack.plz fix

  602. NickyBoi says:

    Can you replace sheep with Triceratops pls

  603. Anonymous says:

    When I try to load the addon it crash what am going to do

  604. Pokemon Mebius says:

    I been waiting for the addon can you please fix this. Thanks Gona.

  605. Ends330 says:

    Can Someone Make An Addon That Is Called A lot Of Dinosaurs Addon By Replacing A Sheep And When Dyed It Will Turn Into An Another Dinosaur Who Agrees?

  606. BuggyPig says:

    For Jurassic craft v4 I wanted custom dinosaur sounds,Rename all spawn eggs that spawn dinosaurs and jeeps,And Add 4 new mobs,Tricertops (Horse),Gigantosaurus (zombie villager or a other mob),Wolly mammoth (Sheep) Becuase I want it to replace the sheep not polar bear.Herrarosaurus (Polar bear or Enderman)

  607. JulianPlayz_27 says:

    Also add guns.I found the guns in jurrasic park 3

  608. JulianPlayz_27 says:

    This addon is should add the Megalodon,A large shark which is 3 times bigger than a great white
    Also a terodactyl(i don’t know how to spell.Pls give me a credit *snif*snif*

  609. JulianPlayz_27 says:

    This addon is should add the Megalodon,A large shark which is 3 times bigger than a great white

  610. Shadowwolf617 🐺 says:

    Amazing work! I’m in awe 😶