Jurassic Minecraft | Isla Nublar [MAP]

Welcome to Jurassic Minecraft | Isla Nublar. Come, stay, and explore a prehistoric world and gawp in awe of these Minecraft dinosaurs from the jurassic and cretaceous period.

Please visit our website or Twitter page to find out more about future updates etc. Below is a list of all exhibits that this park will offer. 

Inside the Park | Isla Nublar

Main Street: 

  • Samsung Innovation Centre 
  • Mosasaurus Stadium 
  • Tyrannosaurus Kingdom 
  • In-Gen Circus Tent 

Zone One: 

  • Jurassic Aquarium 
  • Spinosaurus Paddock 
  • Carnotaurus Paddock 

Zone Two:  

  • Jurassic Herbivore Safari 
  • V.I.P. Hub (in the former Jurassic Park 1993 Visitors Centre) 
  • Oceanic Michelin Star Restaurant  

Zone Three: 

  • Indominus Rex Kingdom 
  • Gallimimus Valley (main entrance)

Zone Four: 

  • Aviary 
  • Park Guest Suites 
  • Gallimimus Valley (alternative entrance) 

Zone Five: 

  • IN-GEN Research and Development Centre 
  • Education Outpost 
  • Hammond Creation Lab 
  • Indoraptor Paddock (with secure observatory) 

Zone Six: 

  • Botanical Gardens (with eco biomes)  
  • Jurassic Airport (V.I.P. access only) 

Zone Seven: 

  • Velociraptor Paddock 
  • Dilophosaurus Paddock 
  • Oviraptor Paddock 
  • Compsognathus Paddock 

Zone Eight: 

  • Jurassic Cruise (aka Cretaceous Cruise) 
  • Gondola Lift (Mt. Sibo) 
  • Control Centre/Admin/Staff Housing (no public access) 

Zone Nine: 

  • Petting Zoo 
  • Infancy Paddock (last stage) 
  • Dodo Observatory 

Outside the Park | Isla Nublar

  • Ferry Landing 
  • Hotel Complex
  • Aquatic Park 
  • Jurassic Golf Course 
  • Isla Nublar Hospital 
  • Human Resources

Map of Isla Nublar [PNG]

*for a full resolution image, click here

Detailed Park Exhibit Walkthrough [PDF]

This document outlines everything stated above in much more detail. To download, please click here

Project Prehistoric | BETA v1.1.0.1 [MOD] 

This is a beta of our Jurassic dinosaur mod created by @CrackedCubes with help from @all_Gonza. We haven’t included this pre-installed in the Jurassic Minecraft map as it is still in beta. However, if you want to try it out in this map please do so. You will need to download this separately. Click here to download our mod.


As well as downloading the map, please download RobertGamer69’s Decoration add-on, Gona’s Jurassic Craft mod, and Flow’s HD texture pack to view this map properly. 

Changelog View more
  • Brand new T-Rex stadium with tiered seating, observatory, screening room, café, control room, and so on. This is the future model for paddock updates and has a large amount of command blocks. 
  • Jurassic Aquarium extension.
  • I-Rex stadium upgrade to creating extra seating capacity, two V.I.P. private observatories, a restaurant, and more. 
  • V.I.P. Hub (based on the derelict Jurassic Park Visitors Centre) with a Isla Nublar's best dining, the largest guest suites in the park, bar, spa complex, and so on. 
  • Road network has been thoroughly extended (though it is far from complete).
  • Four monorail terminals have been redeveloped in response to feedback. Please comment what you think of the updates and whether I should roll the design out to the rest of the terminals. 
  • Extensive terrain and vegetation development. You may not realise that this seed is not a jungle seed... To create the 'Jurassic World' aesthetic, a huge amount of custom terrain modification has been undertaken. 
  • Large scale security fencing improvements across the park with Main Street now fully secure from any containment breach (bar the aviary). 
  • Asset Containment Unit and Security Centre
  • Petting Zoo refurbishment and extension with the construction of another Alfresco's Café

*this update is to fix the download link (McWorld) that did not load correctly in yesterday's update. 

  • Updated download links
  • RobertGamer69's mod credit/link
  • Zone 3 Monorail glitch fix

*Additional links have been added to help resolve some of the download issues that users have been having. We have also linked our mod, Project Prehistoric. The next major Jurassic Minecraft update will come at the end of May. 

Map changes include:

  • Link updates.
  • Image updates.
  • Minor park improvements (major update coming July 2019).


Please note: Gona's Jurassic Craft mod no longer functions perfectly with Minecraft PE's latest update. Three dinosaurs are currently glitching visually. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.7 1.8 1.9

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  1. Guest-8625195082 says:

    Why cant addons, Maps, Texture packs and skin packs just use instant downloads? Like you just click the download link, And then you just have to click download file on the bottom left corner, And its downloaded. Not only would it be much easier but more people would download them.

  2. Guest-1607040146 says:

    Change the download Link pls
    The normal one sends me to an 18+ site
    And the alternative sends me to error 404

  3. Guest-2256214616 says:

    Why It Always Says “Error 404”?


    When are you Guys at cracked cubes going to bring out the New version of this map? We have ben waiting forever.

  5. But_its_broken says:

    I notice people are docking points for the dinos, but this is a map, not a mod. I love the look of the map, thank you for posting this!

  6. Shmeeb says:


  7. Shmeeb says:

    If it says “level import failed” then use the old xbox method by downloading file downloader and ufo.transfer, and the utub videos will tell you the rest. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    someone explain why it says “level import failed”

  9. Indominus Rex Fan says:

    OMG, that Indominus Rex is so cool 😍

  10. lolboi says:

    it keeps saying level import failed

  11. joeydangercat says:

    can you update it to the latest version

  12. Maddie says:

    the dinos dont work 🙁 the map does look really cool though!

  13. David says:

    Hey. This map is great, but dinosaurs textures are glitching A LOT. Also, can you update this mod to 1.12.

  14. Thijs says:

    Uuhm Am I the only one or can’t i See the dinos normaly its kinda bugged I see the normal texturepack with with the dino’s.. The make the right sound so idk kinda strange

    • CrackedCubes says:

      The Jurassic Craft addon no longer works. We are going to uninstall it in the next update.

      • joeydangercat says:

        but how will we download it

      • Jack says:

        So i tried to open the doors for an habitat and it says you don’t have permissions so I couldn’t, Also what Dino mods do I use there are so many and I want to know what to do ima bout to have a HUGE server full of friends and wanted to show off this Park. I would but without dinos and permissions to troll my friends it’ll be no fun. If the Dino’s work it’ll be a 100% 5 star.

  15. Ruby says:

    I can’t download it I press download then nothing happen . Why?

  16. lolboi says:

    it keeps saying level import faild every time!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can you make project prehistoric pre-installed please because i cant make a copy for experimental gameplay

  18. Necro_Cwooky says:

    Link no work fix it please

  19. DylanWolf says:

    Everyone time I Go in the World ir Kicks me Out Plz Fix

  20. Anonymous says:

    Can you make project prehistoric pre-installed please

  21. GRIMLOX says:

    You should add the old park as well you know to give memories 😀😁😊

  22. Monkees1963 says:

    The map STILL won’t let me make a copy for experimental gameplay

  23. Monkees1963 says:

    Pls fix the map. I wanna create a copy of the world but I can’t. Can you reupload it so experimental gameplay is already on?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make project prehistoric pre-installed in the map because i cant make a copy for experimental gameplay

  25. Anonymous says:

    Chrome blocks the download, what can I do?

  26. Anonymous says:

    As others have said, can’t make a copy for experimental game play.

  27. SavingCPR says:

    Hey, I have a suggestion for future updates: make a room that teleports you to all the zones/areas, or put down coordinates so we can find our way! I get it’s survival, but I’m a huge golfer, irl and in Minecraft, so that would be greatly appreciated

  28. Anonymous says:

    I cant play the map in experimental mode because i cant make a copy of it

  29. sherri says:

    It keeps crashing when i try to enter the world

  30. Anonymous says:

    I cant make a copy for experimental mode to use the project prehistoric please fix it.

  31. Anonymous says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. Anonymous says:

    The flows HD won’t Work on my iPhone 8

  33. TitaniousThisAppSucks says:

    Smithy mc’s jurassic world is extremely better than this

    • Anonymous says:

      Can u sstop making such nasty comments on this guy’s map?? U comment everywhere with negativity. If u can read he said it isn’t supposed to be a recreation 1 for 1 of Jurassic world unlike smithy mc who is trying to do that…

  34. Anonymous says:

    Dude it’s great but I’m on pocket edition and there are so many block that I loose my controls but great 👍map!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have IPhone 7 and i cant make a copy of the map to experimental mode

  36. Anonymous says:

    I cant make a copy of the World to use it in experimental mode for project prehistoric.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Is this good for

  38. Pixal says:

    I cant get into the mi have removed the textures is my device just not good enough

  39. Anonymous says:

    What dinos are gona be added in project prehistoric 1.1.0?

  40. Anonymous says:

    can you make a ruby. mcpedl wont accept mines and can it have the same fetures as in java with anadditional jump boost strength and speed. if your willing to make it plz just make it because i just want that in and you can take the criedit. the sword does 18 the pickaxe does 9 and has haste. the axe does 10 . and the shovel does 8

  41. Ethan says:

    Not cool that you made the photo with the mod and not the add-on. I got really excited till i read the page.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I completely disagree. We are starting to promote our mod and this map is designed for the expanded Project Prehistoric mod that is going to be released in the near future.

  42. Oktybrskaya revolutsiya says:

    Please update Jurassic craft addon

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      The Build Team that I am part of (@CrackedCubes) have been given permission to incorporate Gona’s Jurassic Craft mod into our Project Prehistoric mod. The update is coming in the near future. Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates.

  43. Anonymous says:

    What happen to the things that say: update in christmas?

  44. TitaniousThisAppSucks says:

    Well,ill take what I.Who cares for details,nice job making the old visitors center!

  45. PlasticMacca says:

    I can’t Join the map, it always crashing and give me some Force Close, Help!

  46. Sherlock says:

    @TheCrazy Titan
    I love this map and my overall experience in this park is so unforgetable. The buildings, the attractions, the paddocks are good. Here are my suggestions.

    -Make the buildings especually the hotels look detailed. There are many comfort rooms throughout the park. In the hotel, I love the furnitures and you did a great job because of your hardwork. The hotel has no doors and there is a large window on each shower room. Seems not realistic.
    -VIP Hub(Visitors Centre) is Impressive. The Hammond Suite is amazing big. It is detailed. There are many vacant areas that you should occupy in order to make the place satisfying.
    -Samsung Innovation Center looks large but when you go inside there are a few contents. Put some more innovation inside since it is meant to show the parks innovation. Im a bit dissapointed and add some trivias about discovered stuffs etc.
    -Add some sound effects around the map.
    -There are a bunch of paddocks but please add more dinosaurs in it. Each Habitat was large enough. I barely see the dinasaurs and a bunch of trees are ruining the main attraction.
    -I saw so many theatres in each zone. Actually they look dull after seeing them again in One kind of design. Just Add a little design in it and the TV Screen was too low or small.
    -You could add some rides instead of the Waterparks and the Cruise. For me the cruise is boring and wayy too long. Make it more like a theme park.
    -Could you make a firework show near the VIP HUB or the Main Street every night. It would be a great idea if you added it. Making the visitors feel a magical vibe. But still it should be connected to the parks theme.

    Overall, the park is great and massive. Gives me an exciting feeling. I love to spend time in the park. Just add more details and attractions to make people satisfied. But it is still okay if you cant fulfill some of my suggestion. Excellent Job though.

  47. Sherlock says:

    I really love on how you made this park. It is massive and beautiful. The theme, the buildings really fits into this map. It is evident that you exert your hardwork. Despite of the good feedback, I think there is something missing. Here are my suggestions

    -I suggest you to make some improvements of the monorail.
    -Visitor Center should be bigger since I can see there are so many vacant areas but atleast your working on it. Can you make a firework show on it? It would be delightful if you make one.
    -Insert some rides and attractions instead of the waterpark and the cruise. Add some roller coaster rides or unique water rides connecting to the story
    It seems dull because I oftenly see a bunch of paddocks in every zones and theatres in it. Paddocks are necessary and the main purpose of the park but make the theatres more detailed. Design it more. It has only 1 kind of design every zone which is dull but dont forget to make it look like a jurassic forest.
    -The Innovation Center looks big and spacious but Im a little disappointed that I cannot see the real Innovation inside it. Seems small but thats the way it should be. Just add some more innovation in it and add some facts about discovered objects or stuffs. The content is few in there.
    -Hope to make the aquarium large enough.
    -Make the park more realistic. There are a few dinosaurs each habitat. I can only see a bunch of jungle trees ruining the main attraction.

    Overall, this is one of the best map I played and really worth the hype. Just add some unique attractions.

  48. Will says:

    Someone please, please, PLEASE, make a jurassicraft mod for MCPE. The Jurassic craft addon by Gona has messed up textures and I would like some new dinosaur, like the stegosaurus, and some animations.

    • Aden says:

      Unfortunately It’s like that for everyone. It’s the way that minecraft has been updated that broke the mod and I think that Gona may be working to fix it but until then some of the dinosaurs are gonna be broken.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      It is coming don’t you worry! Gona has given @CrackedCubes (a build team I am part of) permission to incorporate (and fix) his mod into our ‘Project Prehistoric’ mod. Keep an eye on our Twitter page for information regarding when it will be released.

  49. Thomas Shilts says:

    I was able to download it but it won’t let me play in it

  50. JamiePlayz says:

    Gona would be proud, and so am I. Go TheCrazyTitan!

  51. Ted Hermes malcomson says:

    Can u make a mediafire download link

  52. HirwrC says:

    When will be released standalone add-on?

  53. - says:

    Hey, um, I can’t download the new update. It will say “this URL can not be shown”. Please fix this, because I really, really like your work and want to play the update!

  54. Tom says:

    Update the Jurassiccraft add-on for 1.10 and 1.11,also I like the map.
    And keep up the good work.

  55. TheCrazyTitan says:

    An update of the links is pending. You need to copy and past the link into your address bar for it to work as clicking on it will do nothing.

  56. Realms says:

    Plz update the mobs to so I coding so no replacement, I would like to have an income along with my other addons

  57. A says:

    I can’t download the map. When I click on the link, it leads to a page not found error.

  58. William Barouch says:

    The download doesn’t work.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I have not and don’t appreciate this accusation. I am a map creator primarily and recommend, as you can see above, that you should either use my build team’s mod, which is currently under development, or Gona’s superior Jurassic Craft mod which is based on the JurassiCraft (Java) mod.

    • Mariner says:

      Dude, you lie. TheCrazyTitan’s never stolen a mod or addon. Full support for TheCrazyTitan and CrackedCubes!

  59. Render42 says:

    The download link isn’t working please fix it

  60. Ucup ngewek says:

    Is this officially from gona/pixelheads team?
    If yes please update the tyrannosaurus rex standalone mod for 1.10/1.11
    I really like that mod very much than my flipped dolphins

  61. Maria Eduarda says:

    When are you uploading?? waiting for like ages. love this map

  62. Sven says:

    Are you stil looking for a redstone builder? If you do i would love to help you!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Sushi and ice Cream costum head please for the restaurant

  64. Mohamed says:

    Can you please Ad sushi and ice Cream costum heads that would be Awsome for the sushi restaurant and the ben and jerry shop

  65. Anonymous says:

    Hi really great map but when is the next update coming oh and can you please ad sushi en ice Cream costum head for the sushi restaurant and the ben and jerry shop that Would be Awsome

  66. Jeremy says:

    Will there be a pc version?

  67. TitaniousThisAppSucks says:

    This map could use LOTS of editing for-
    •Innovation center/Visitors center (Could be bigger)
    •Mosasaurus observatory (Could be more detailed)
    •Architecture for most buildings (Could use more of a variety of blocks rather than 1-10 standard blocks)
    •All paddocks (Could all be bigger)
    •Monorails & Monorail stations (Could be more detailed)
    Things that should permanently stay as it is
    •Safari Zone
    • Roads
    •Hotel complex’s

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Firstly, thank you for your feedback! However, I disagree to a great extent with you regarding the editing required and do not appreciate the low rating.

      – The ‘Innovation Centre’ isn’t particularly large in the real park (film).
      – The ‘Mosasaurus Observatory’ hasn’t been released as of yet.
      – A reduced variety of blocks is required to keep the map download small enough to work well on smaller devices.
      – People already struggle to find things in this map, due to the fact that it is one of the largest on MCPE. Paddocks which are larger thus wouldn’t suit the majority of people.
      – I agree the monorail and monorail stations could be a little more detailed. This is something that will be addressed in a later update.

      • TitaniousThisAppSucks says:

        I completely understand with people with low end devices.As I also understand is that when i enter your map/world i tend to lag waaaaayy to much.
        Some addons applied to this map also have a problem with people with low end devices.
        I gave this content 2/5 stars because this isnt yet greatly detailed,people on bedrock are sort of able to download content or at least i know.People on bedrock arent prone to lag as much as pocket edition will since your probably playing on a Xbox or a computer,and pocket edition will.
        I myself am making a jurassic world map and smithy mc(who has made the most excellent jurassic world map) has inspired me to create it,i also enjoy the movies quite a lot.I hope in the future you can make a map like this for bedrock and make it top notch detailed.
        Thank you,goodbye -TianiousThisAppSucks

  68. Mamoth112 says:

    When is the next update?

  69. TheCrazyTitan says:

    Hi there. There will be an update at the end of March for this map. This will include many new features. I apologise for the cancellation of the Christmas update. TheCrazyTitan

  70. Halio says:

    I downloaded it correctly and when I try to play it, it crashes my entire Minecraft. Help??

  71. Anonymous says:

    What happen to the christmas update?

  72. Robotman2048 says:

    Nice map! Could you add some info about the dinosaurs/plants instead of just “How can I help you”? Example: ”the tyrannosaurus was one of the most dangerous predators of it’s time”.

  73. Happydino66/Angrydino66 says:

    Why… I’m still on day two…

  74. EpicGames says:

    Hey, Nice map but can you add it to minecraft pocket edition master so it is easier to download. Also i think you should add the weapons the use to secure the dinosaurs such as the tasers in the movie as well as cameras to make sure the dinosaurs are secure. Maybe even place a few maps so it is easier to go through without missing anything. Also it would be really cool if you can train the raptors just like in the movie and run with them and even if the mosausaurs could jump to catch its prey when being fed.

  75. Happydino66 says:


  76. Happydino66 says:

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Justin Ross says:

    The indoraptor looks sick and awesome

  78. Justin Ross says:

    I like the indoraptor and I color was awesome and a yellow stripe on his body what school

  79. Steve says:

    My favorite game

  80. Anonymous says:

    When would be the next update?

  81. Ravenclaw says:

    Is there Lockwood Estate? If so, where?

  82. Happydino66 says:

    Anna if it keeps crashing I don’t know what to do but try refreshing it. That’s my guess.
    If it keeps doing it, then I’m gonna think of something to help once I download the map.

  83. Anna says:

    It keeps crashing and idk why or what to do?:( looks cool tho

  84. Happydino66 says:

    Hey guys. I wonder if Crazy Titan is going to reply. If he doesn’t, can u help me out a bit?

  85. Happydino66 says:

    Hey Crazy Titan. I’m still trying to figure out how to use the mod but, if there isn’t one, can u make the Indominis rex paddock along with the dinosaur? I really want u to reply. Please?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Hi there ‘Happydino66’. The Indominus Rex Paddock is in zone three. To craft one, stack three iron blocks high, and two on either side of the third block to make a ‘T’. Then place a pumpkin in the middle on top.

  86. Sven says:

    So when is the new update comming?
    Oh and concratulations on the christmas contant!

  87. JamiePlayz says:

    Crazy Titan is working with project prehistoric I think

  88. Happydino66 says:

    Hey, how do u download this mod? But I’m sure that it’s going to be amazing. Please reply as soon as possible.

  89. Anonymous says:

    What happen to the update, you say it would be released this christmas?

  90. Bell says:

    I can’t download it any more

  91. Anonymous says:

    And the next update?

  92. Anonymous says:

    And the christmas update?

  93. Paul says:

    How i download??

  94. Paul says:

    How i download

  95. Wayne says:

    No longer works with the new MCPE update

  96. Anonymous says:

    How do I use it?

  97. VimoCrafter YT says:

    exellent work bro , i am a 10k youtuber my channel name ” Vimo Games ” i beg you to make an animals addon wish they should be realistic and dont replace any other mobs spawns eggs can you plz ?? if you will do it tell me make my day 😊

  98. Anonymous says:

    The next version of the map would include the proyect prehistoric mod ?

  99. Co en Suzan Pol says:

    I can’t download it from here, so can you please upload the updated version in the MCPE Addons app?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to make mount sibo or Lockwood manor
    Oh and I don’t think anyone has asked but I have a very interesting idea/proposal for you

    You could make isle sorta with the worker village and the aviary and you could have a destroyed version like in the movies and a working one which is like the island wasn’t hit by the cyclone and that it is still used by InGen
    You could even make San Diego (well a bit) and the ss venture

  101. Anonymous says:

    Where is the asset containment (security) area

  102. Mamoth112 says:

    Plz re upload the map or provide a different upload link because my stupid Telstra protect thingy won’t let me go to the download file

  103. Anonymous says:

    What would be in the christmas update?

  104. LordMinecraft says:

    What is otaka’s mod

  105. MettloonTheBoui6 says:

    It crash my game

  106. Max Aguilera says:

    can you make it meda fire

  107. Arthur says:

    Where is the room if you control ?

  108. Ben says:

    awesome world i really liked it and my friend she like it and i hope you don’t mind that we used it as a template or the older version and added a few thing like the old laboratory and another rail system and had a large pen for the watching the animals get eaten. otherwise awesome map enjoyed it very much and loved all the details

  109. neoxvanz says:

    Can You Make The Dinosaur Make More Realistic Like Moving Tail,Or Something.Pleasr

  110. Joshua Winship says:

    Add spino paddock pls

  111. Dark says:

    What’s new?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Mosasaurus Gates & Paddock Control
      Park Control
      Security (Asset Containment)
      Staff Housing
      Staff Monorail
      IN-GEN R&D Aquarium
      Road Network Extension
      Monorail upgrade (to work with Otaka’s mod)
      Control Block integration for Jurassic Outposts, Helpdesks and Monorail Terminals.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      You may have to look for them however… You can teleport to the control room from the second teleport hub when you first spawn on the map in the Welcome area.

  112. Jay says:

    We’re can i find the ruins

  113. Ninja man says:

    Nice map

  114. Kurt says:

    You guys need to update this to so non of the dinosaurs replace existing mobs

  115. XboxBeta says:

    I suggest with animation of all dino with using experimental gameplay

  116. Maverick says:

    The problem here is the jurrasic craft add-on doesn’t work any more

  117. Anonymous says:

    When will be the october update for the map?

  118. Jenoa says:

    Hi i reslly want to play in this world but i can’t. The link doesn’t work for me and i play on an iPad. I really like your builds. I don’t have a laptop or computer and i REALLY want to play. Please fix this

  119. Anonymous says:

    I saw his release date is 22 now

  120. Sven says:

    So the release date was yesterday, i’m hoping nothing happend again with the uploading.

  121. Jurassiclover1205 says:

    Hi just wondering if you are still on to release tomorrow xx

  122. Anonymous says:

    When Would the monorail would be in the map?

  123. Sven says:

    What is the exact date of the next update?

  124. Anonymous says:

    This amp is amazing soo looking forward to he next update!!!

  125. Anonymous says:

    TheCrazyTitan, wath things are gona be in the next update?

  126. Anonymous says:

    what would be in the next update?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Workers village, east docks, Gallimimus valley, control centre, infancy paddocks, botanical gardens, and possibly the third hotel (five are planned).

      • Ellie says:

        Hi, love the map for the next update could you please finish stuff like the cinemas and viewing seats.
        What you have planned sounds brilliant.
        Can’t wait for the next update
        Thanks Ellie x

  127. KittyKat_ says:

    This is the longest post on MCPEDL?

  128. Anonymous says:

    Please update the map

    • Eddie says:

      The map will be updated in October and don’t rate it low just because he didn’t update the map on time

      • TheCrazyTitan says:

        Thank you for your support. Do not rate this map low in protest at my late release date… I do apologise for the delay. Ratings like that will drag the overall rating down, which isn’t of any use for anyone.

  129. Mamoth112 says:


  130. Anonymous says:

    What happen to the update??

  131. Anonymous says:

    And the update?????????????????????

  132. Ricekrispie says:

    Hey, awesome map so far, I would love to give it a full review. Unfortunately, whenever I am near the map itself the game crashes. Is there a way to solve this problem?

  133. Anonymous says:

    Please update this map.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      It is coming mid-October. I had to reschedule everything for personal reasons. I do not appreciate the low score ratings as this drags down the map’s overall rating. Comment by all means, but please refrain from giving it a low score otherwise I will be less likely to continue building.

  134. Anonymous says:

    And the update??????

  135. Anonymous says:

    TheCrazyTitan? Where is the update for this great map?

  136. Mamoth112 says:

    Are you gonna update this map????
    It’s been 2 months
    Where is the August and September updates???

  137. Anonymous says:

    Are you continuing update this map???

  138. Anonymous says:

    Where is the update?

  139. Osho says:

    This is amazing

  140. Anonymous says:

    What happen to the august update???????????

  141. Anonymous says:

    Amazing map when is the update??

  142. Anonymous says:

    Are you steel update this map?

  143. Hanzplayz890q says:

    Uh it was a great map actually but i recommend put all the recommended items in a zip file and make it compatible with com or just make a version of it PROMISE I LOVE THIS MAP!!!

  144. Anonymous says:

    Are you steel working on this proyect?

  145. Anonymous says:

    What happen to the august update???

  146. Cauan says:

    Bota barionix

  147. Anonymous says:

    What happen to the august update?

  148. JamiePlayz says:


    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      No I did not! Life got in the way. Updates will resume from mid-October. There will be a micro-update to fix the link issue within the next two days.

  149. Timothy2009 says:

    This mod is awesome.

  150. Anonymous says:

    And the minor august update?

  151. I need help says:

    Help whenever I press the download map button it takes me to this site but safari says it cannot be found I really need to download this

  152. Jeremy Winstead says:

    Are you ever going to turn this map into a server/realm? If so, can I manage the Dodos?

  153. Robert Wisneski says:

    Awesome map do you have an exact date of the next update?

  154. Tyler Bignell says:

    When’s the GALLIMIMUS valley is coming and the rest of the like a ankysaurs paddock and
    Infancy biomes is coming because I want the final update to come and I love your map in minecraft!!! But don’t forget to like my comment if you want the next update to come to
    The Jurassic World map in minecraft to come so see you and I will see you in the next update so see ya!!!

  155. Moose says:

    I can’t find the golf course

  156. IncanReviews says:

    I feel like you should add more dinosaurs, like the stegosaurus, so that there is more dinos.

  157. Alex says:

    Crashed on W10

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Please remove the 32×32 or 64×64 Flow’s HD Texture Pack before opening it. These two packs for some reason are no longer compatible with Minecraft PE (any edition). You can either use the 124×124 pack or vanilla.

  158. SmexyBeast680 says:

    Oh my god 138 mbs how long have your been working in this thing and I can help you out in your map designs because I have photographic memory.

  159. Mamoth112 says:

    I’m gonna make a YouTube series on my channel. I will only do it if I have your permission @thecrazytitan. The channel is Mamothdinolover112

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      You have my permission. Next time, please can people contact me on Twitter or through my website as I check comments infrequently.

  160. Mamoth112 says:

    Where is the minor update for the 31st?

  161. Josh says:

    Could you try to make the map lighter? When I try to open it on Minecraft it always crashes. The map sounds great though.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      It isn’t a problem with the map. It is a problem with the texture pack. Please remove the 32×32 or 64×64 Flow’s HD Texture Pack before opening it. These two packs for some reason are no longer compatible with Minecraft PE (any edition). You can either use the 124×124 pack or vanilla.

  162. Egg says:

    I like the idea of the map, but I can’t play it. The map has too many addons and resource packs, so it crashes my game every time I try to play it.

    In the August update, could you please make the map lighter? Thanks.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      It isn’t a problem with the map. It is a problem with the texture pack. Please remove the 32×32 or 64×64 Flow’s HD Texture Pack before opening it. These two packs for some reason are no longer compatible with Minecraft PE (any edition). You can either use the 124×124 pack or vanilla.

  163. Anastasia says:

    This Is The Best Map Ever!!! I made a series’s about it on my YouTube Channel, TheGamingWolf. I think u should add eggs and a taming center

  164. Thegamingdino says:

    Great map!!!!! Maybe you could commemorate the 25th anniversary of the franchise and add a old park. Or make your own addon with even more detailed creatures with there original textures! Maybe you could add a memorial for the Richard Attenborough (John Hammond)

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      A memorial is coming with the derelict visitors centre. I have scrapped my own addon as both of Gona’s mods are better than my ability (both his free and purchasable one).

  165. Alice says:

    This map is amazing so cool

  166. Sofia says:

    When I try to download the link it does not work I’m on iOS but for some reason it takes me to a bidding website

  167. Alexandra says:

    This world looks really fun and I was really looking forward to downloading it. Sadly, it wouldn’t load. Any advice?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      It isn’t a problem with the map. It is a problem with the texture pack. Please remove the 32×32 or 64×64 Flow’s HD Texture Pack before opening it. These two packs for some reason are no longer compatible with Minecraft PE (any edition). You can either use the 124×124 pack or vanilla.

  168. JamiePlayz says:

    I really want to see a classic Jurassic Park.It would be amazing if you did maps for all of the films even if it takes until 2019.

  169. Cerberus says:

    Everything is fine with the map, and I love all of the dinos. But when you go into survival mode there is this horrid fatigue that only goes away for a little while after you drink milk.

  170. Aiden Roberts says:

    You should make a Lockwood manor map
    Btw fantastic map I had so much fun pretending I was a guest and traveling everywhere I love it!!!

  171. JamiePlayz666 says:

    Sorry but where are the mosasaur gates?

  172. BpCapedAssasin says:

    Hey maybe your resource arw tooget boring and I remove it to be classic pack and I add it CONTINUUM to make it realistic

  173. CallingOfDuty says:


  174. KingBurger17162 says:


  175. No name says:

    Imagine if this person created a Disney world map that would be incredible judging by there quality on this park.

  176. Ellie says:

    Awesome map. This update is great. Sorry to be a bother but on the map some stuff says it’s coming 31 of July. Is this correct? Thanks in advance

  177. Anonymous says:

    love this build. where is the update?.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh and are you looking for collaborators?m

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      See ^^. At this current time I am not looking for collaborators other than those skilled with Redstone mechanics–in particular the automation of the Jurassic Minecraft gates. If you think you can do this, message me on Twitter!

  178. Caleb says:

    The update hasn’t come out… 🙁

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      The update should come through today. I unfortunately had a few technical issues prior to release which slowed the process down!

  179. Kameron says:


  180. Eddie says:

    Where are the ruins for the update and amazing builds

  181. Eddie says:

    If you want his map go to his Twitter

  182. SoCool_1899 says:

    And when will put the link of the download of July updated because I don’t find this?

  183. Ellie says:

    Hi, anyone know when the new version is being released. Just wondering as I am really excited about it!

  184. JamiePlayz says:

    The crazy Titan what country are you from? Because you said today you would be adding an update.I am extremely excited for Indoraptor paddock.

  185. SoCool_1899 says:

    Hey! When you put the link to download the map of Jurassic Minecraft with July updated?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      The update should come through today. I unfortunately had a few technical issues prior to release which slowed the process down!

  186. BadGames1231 says:

    Hi, BadGames (youtuber) here and I love the dinosaurs. There are so cool. I really recommend it.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you. I cannot take any credit for the mod–they’re designed by @all_gonza (Gona). There are two other mods used in this map–see in the notes for reference. My work is the map itself–creating the largest (eventually) and most detailed map on this site.

  187. JamiePlayz says:

    Yes,it would be good.

  188. LittleChicken says:

    Crazytitan, could you try to make the main paddock doors be able to open. That would be super cool.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Eventually that is a goal. Currently the only gates which will work in the July update (24/07/2018) are the gates for the Jurassic Minecraft Lagoon which the mosasaurus lives in.

  189. JamiePlayz says:

    To TheCrazyTitan:
    Gona updated Jurassic craft and added Indoraptor.
    Please make an enclosure for Indoraptor.
    Thank you in advance.

  190. JamiePlayz says:

    To the creator:Gona updated Jurassic craft and added Indoraptor so could you add a Indoraptor paddock thank you in advance

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes there is an Indoraptor Paddock in the latest update coming 24/07/2018. Yet my Indoraptor mod has been scrapped as Gona beat me to it! I will spawn his mod in the paddock.

  191. Aminecraftloved says:

    It wont open the mediafire it just paused

  192. Anonymous says:

    Can you add the ruins of the old park like the old visitor center? It would be really cool!

  193. Nicolas Martins de Melo da Silva says:

    This map is so cool, but and the Hammond Creation Laboratory in the Innovation Center?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      The Creation Lab will not be in the Innovation Centre in this map. This map draws themes from Jurassic World, yet does not directly copy it. The Creation Lab is on the opposite side of the park in the In-Gen Development Centre. You can teleport to it however from the Innovation Centre.

  194. BlueBananna says:

    Could you make the mosasaurus’s floors deeper, she keeps getting stuck in the sand. And also could you add the actual boat you arrive to Isla Nublar on, thanks! (Also if you have time could you add the geo spheres and make the seats for the mosasaurus go down like in the film. Thanks!)

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Hello BlueBananna. The Isla Nublar Ferry is coming–I might fit it into the July update if I have time. At a later date, there will be a version of underwater seating for the Mosasaurus–a teleport–which emulates the film.

  195. Someone1209 says:

    Dear Crazytitan, could you try to build the geo sphere ride. If could not do that could you please try to make the floors of the mosasaurus deeper, she keeps getting stuck in the sand. Thank you so much, I’ve been swinging for a map like this for a long time, keep up the great work

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Afternoon Someone1209. The Gyrospheres are coming (hopefully) in September. There is a Safari in the July update which allows you to drive around the herbivore enclosure.
      The Mosasaurus Tank has been updated with a finished observation gallery. The floors aren’t deeper–there is instead only one younger Mosasaurus.

  196. Sam07 says:

    When i download the map it keeps failing please help

  197. Netizen says:

    Add the indoraptor,pachicepalosaurus,and the ball car

  198. GoodGamer says:


  199. Good Fun says:

    Once you have finished this map, will you make a version for fallen kingdom?

  200. FutureGamerYT21 says:

    You should add Mount SIBO that volcano which was applier in Jurassic world fallen kingdom

  201. Jeff02 says:

    123 MB

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes it is a large map! Hence the big download. It will only get bigger with time. This map aims to be the biggest, and most detailed, map on

  202. Rodridvalle says:

    Can you please tell me the website

  203. Annualalex says:

    I really loved the map and will look forward to the full realease but can you also make more Dinos after you’re indoraptor Addons like from fallen kingdom

  204. Eddie says:

    If it doesn’t bother you could you make more dinosaurs from fallen kingdom? And I love the map!

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I have scrapped my Indoraptor mod as Gona made one quicker than I did..! I’m planning on making a stegosaurus mod however.

  205. Aiden says:

    So awesome! Love it so much

  206. MrCurleyFries says:

    Yo man this park is lit me and brother looked around and had extreme fun.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for the next update released 24/07/2018.

  207. Tommy Routt says:

    This is freaking amazing

  208. BaghasArt​146 says:

    Oh yeah one more Ideas, can you add Owen raptor’s from the movie near the Velociraptor Paddock, i mean the training are not the Paddock one, and put blue,Charlie,delta,echo in, thank you ^_^

  209. SpiderLegion says:

    Awesome map. But I hope the Velociraptors paddock is accurate to the film, same with the Indominous Rex.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      There is an infancy Velociraptor paddock similar to the 1993 film. I did not like the paddock from the 2015 film and so haven’t included it. There is a much larger, and more advanced, paddock for the adult Velociraptors in this park.
      The I-Rex is in it’s own vast paddock, twice the size of the one from the film. In the 2015 film the I-Rex was being held temporarily in (according to most accounts) a holding paddock before being transferred to its public paddock.

      • TACO THURSDAY! says:

        Aw man. I really liked the 2015 one. But also, I know it would be difficult, could you like find some skins for th e characters from Jurassic World ( like Owen, Claire, Maisey, Dr.Wu, etc,) so we could be the characters? It’s just an idea…

        • TheCrazyTitan says:

          When I release an additional texture pack, skins will be available with it for all your favourite characters from the films.

  210. J says:

    The newest mobs like the phantom who should be replaced by a pteranodon
    And the turtle to be replaced by a plesiosaurus

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I am halfway through the development of a single Indoraptor mod for MCPE which draws inspiration from Minecraft Java Edition’s JurassiCraft (not Jurassic Craft). I hope to interest people with this map as I aim to make it the most realistic dino map on MCPEDL. If this is successful, I will develop more mods!

  211. Zac says:

    Can you make an inddoraptor mod?? If you made mods too you’d get more views. Your maps are great yet don’t seem to get much attentionn

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I am halfway through the development of a single Indoraptor mod for MCPE which draws inspiration from Minecraft Java Edition’s JurassiCraft (not Jurassic Craft). I hope to interest people with this map as I aim to make it the most realistic dino map on MCPEDL.

  212. Turtle says:

    I love add-ons and I am always frequently checking for new releases of maps. The Jurassic map by Gona and Daniel Martinez was one of my favourites since I just love dinosaurs and science has always been my thing. (As you can probably tell) I love the movies and this map seems to have more accurate features. I am currently forcing myself to not download it and wait hopefully what will be only a couple weeks till you release the the Golf course ,waterpark and airport etc. So I can have the absolute complete experience! Keep working hard – I am still itching to press all the download links and I hope the creation goes extremely well. One thing you might be able to consider is that when I played Gona’s map, the car ride that went through one of the exhibits went horribly wrong since I was in adventure and the triceratops were very hostile and killed me three times trying to retrieve / enjoy it. Just thought I’d leave a tip even though it’s probably useless. I really hope I helped in some way and that your future park visitors won’t be rammed over by a triceratops 😛 Hope to visit the map soon!!!!!!

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I am glad that you are looking forward to the next release! I tried to be faithful to the design of the Jurassic Park/World movies without directly copying all of their designs–taking key elements (like the Innovation Centre). Early- to mid- July will be the release date of the next update. The golf course will be one of the last additions to this map so you will most likely have to wait for the August update for the ‘complete’ experience. After the last two of the three major updates, small updates will follow.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      The Cretaceous Cruise travels through the main herbivore paddock allowing you to get up close to Triceratops without being hurt. There is also a safari experience where you can travel in a Jurassic Buggy. There will not be a minecart track in the herbivore paddock.

  213. XDeathCraft says:

    Not a bad map I say. The dinosaurs are not in their paddocks…Why?


    Really good Design and thank you for telling about Flow’s HD!

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      You need to make sure that you load the map with mob spawning turned off. Flow’s HD is a great texture pack–I enjoy building in it.

  214. josh says:

    this is by far the best map that I’ve ever seen this is spot on a really great map, just wanna let the creator know how proud I am of him/her. I’m not really a Jurassic world/park fan but this changed me thanks. PS. When will there be an update for the June 23rd?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you! I am glad that you think my map is good and that I’ve changed your mind and turned you into a fan. There will be another update early- to mid-July.

  215. Random guy says:

    Cool map but the whole entire map downloading is SO STRESSFUL because it takes you to clear bid site which is an army of ads and a cant escape it and the buttons sometimes don’t work. It’s enough to make you neck sweat

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I am sorry that your experience has been stressful. Many map uploaders use as a small source of income–a sort of thank you for the map creation. As long as you do not click anything other than the ‘skip’ button you should not run into any trouble.

  216. Random guy says:

    I am going to download it but the whole download thing is a big obstacle with ads and bugs

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Unfortunately I won’t offer a direct download as that is of no benefit for me. As long as you do not click anything other than the ‘skip’ button you should not run into any trouble.

  217. MrArk says:

    Hey Titan me Marshall fantastic game you should lower the dino spawns in the avariy and some others but overall amazing also with the mossasuars it will attack the other dinos in there and make loads of noice just a heads up
    Thanks for making

  218. SpiderLegion says:

    Amazing job! I can’t wait for the July release

  219. Priyesh says:

    The new map looks good but I can’t download it. It takes me to a clearbid site

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Contact me on Twitter to get a different download link. You have to click through the page to get to the download.

  220. Mamoth122 says:

    Could you release an update on 10th of July because that is my birthday
    Thx 🙂

  221. Anonymous says:

    This map is amazzing well done thank you for making it. when is the next update?.

  222. Mamoth122 says:

    Love the map and I would suggest making an actual movie theatre in the park

  223. IDTheGamer says:

    Why don’t you add something like a skyrail that moves from above of the exbhits for VIPs

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      What is a skyrail? There is a monorail that enables visitors, including VIPs, to travel between exhibits. VIPs can also use other forms of transport, like the Jurassic Buggy. However the road network hasn’t been completed making the monorail the only means of complete transport around the park.

  224. Astrocat951_YT says:

    This is a beautifully amazing build. If you want, I could definitely help you out with some of the build for the pieces coming in July. My Xbox gamertag is “astrocat951”. I am a very well skilled builder and have built for the LBSG server (Life Boat).

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you. I’m glad that you like it. I aimed to make it as realistic as possible–which means that it has to look ‘good’ with a luxurious resort feel to it. What have you built on the Life Boat?

  225. Lim Rui Zhe says:

    Why this can’t work?When it is importing to Minecraft,it says “Level Import Failed”.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I’m not sure. It isn’t a problem on the download end. I suggest that you reinstall Minecraft and try again. If this doesn’t work, try downloading it on another phone/computer etc.

  226. Jlan123 says:

    Where is the update?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Here! MCPEDL had a rare backlog of map submissions. You can download the first major update to this map in either .mcworld or .zip format.

  227. Priyesh says:

    It is amazing but where is the full update? And I suggest that you change the gallimimus valley entrance into the Gyrosphere station from the movies.

    • Princess Consuela says:

      Yeah. ?I really want those spheres into this so it really feels like we are in the movie

      • Rebelin64Bph says:

        Actually, I saw you replying to the Creator’s (TheCrazyTitan’s) comments. I know that you want Creator-san and his building team (if he/she has one) to create the sphere stations. He/she will probably add the sphere stations too, seeing as Creator-san didn’t reply to you yet, Creator-san is probably to add it in.

  228. Priyesh Lal Beharie says:

    The map is amazing so far but why hasn’t it released fully yet? And also one of my suggestions is that you change the gallimimus valley entrance into the Gyrosphere station from the movie and maybe along with your mod that you are going to make,you could add in Gyrospheres (it could replace horse or llama if you don’t have plans for these species) and can you also add in the control Centre along with the aviary (bird cage)

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      It is going to be released in stages. The first major update was on the 22 June 2018. The next will be sometime mid-July.
      There will be no gyrospheres in the next update–I am still working on their design. Take a look at the Jurassic Safari to drive within paddocks.

  229. SpiderLegion says:

    It crashes when I open it.

  230. Something says:

    It keeps saying “Import failed.”

  231. Nicolas Martins de Melo da Silva says:

    This map is so cool! But, you can replace the glass from the Innovation Center by a Blue Stained Glass? Because the glass from the Movie are Blue! You can do too a Jurassic Park (1993) Map? Thank You! You are Awesome!

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I will update the Innovation Centre with blue glass prior to the release this Friday. I’d forgot the colour of the glass in the film was blue.

  232. Not needed says:

    Is there a Indominus Rex paddock anywhere?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes. Yet you’ll have to find it. There is no Indoraptor in it however as that mod hasn’t been created yet…

  233. OutgoingBowl says:

    A good feature would be guard outposts around the more dangerous Dino’s it would look real nice I think

  234. Armand du Plessis says:

    Nice…could you maybe add the Indoraptor as well that would be awesome of you…it would be the first Indoraptor addon.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I am planning on creating an Indoraptor mod sometime after the initial release of my Jurassic Minecraft map.

  235. SpiderLegion says:

    Nice map! Can you do the ruined version?

  236. MCPEDLuser says:

    Slow to download and needs to be more compact everything seems to be miles away.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      If you struggle to download it, try downloading the compressed .zip file.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      It is supposed to be vast. A compact nature would detract from the point of it. This beta map has larger gaps than you’d expect–as it is the March version..!

  237. McpedlUser says:

    A bit slow to download

  238. Anonymous says:

    Will you be releasing another beta version before the full release?

  239. Anonymous says:

    Okay so I accidentally ended up dying in the map, and when I spawned it was in a completely different area. I ended up in a hotel and when I explored the map for about ten to fifteen minutes and I realized that the enclosures I saw earlier when I first downloaded and played the map were much different. And I remembered (because I had played Gona’s map about a few months prior to downloading this map) that it was Gona’s Jurassic Craft map. I’m just wondering why it was connected to that map, and it really confused and disoriented me. I was hoping you could remove the old map when updating it please. I really enjoy your map, I’m anticipating the full map’s release!

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I’m unsure as to what happened with your map? My map’s respawn point is at the Ferry Landing. You can play in adventure, survival, or creative. There should be no issue with you getting disorientated as there are plenty of signs scattered around this beta version of the park.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Try downloading the map again and deleting other maps which use the same mod. Other than that, I have no advice as I’m a little baffled.

  240. Cinder says:

    Hey, so is there a stadium where dinosaurs would go and fight? If not, please add it because it would be amazing.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes there is. The Jurassic Circus (the tent) is the place designated for herbivore fighting. I also intend to construct an enclosure for carnivore fighting which will have redstone spawning points so it can be played in adventure mode.

  241. Anonymous says:

    Will u be building the mosasaurs stadium??

  242. Dimitris Terlegkas says:

    Hallo my name is Dimitris and I have an idea for what you can add to your map. How about the volcano from jurassic world fallen Kingdom and I have a question how can I be one of the people who can see the map in June 21st?

  243. JWLover24/7 says:

    Also wanted see if u could add Mount Sibo on the island. Having a volcano on the island would really add to the feel of the map.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      That is a great idea. Thank you! I will definitely add that into the map. It won’t be in the June 22 release however.

  244. JWLover24/7 says:

    Is there a raptor paddock? And could u add a redstone powered moving monorail? Plz it would be so cool. So excited for release by the way.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      There is, yet it is not in this beta version. It is a large observatory and is different from the paddock in the 2015 film. However, the hatchery, which isn’t open to the public, is identical to the 1993 version. You can view it on June 22.
      I have looked into a redstone powered monorail–it is too bulky for the aesthetic I am aiming for. However there is a large amount of redstone on the map in other areas–i.e. blast doors, various gates, etc.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Keep your eyes on for a chance to win one of two early viewings of the full map on 21 June. Winners will each have a building dedicated after them, and credits. Other prize competitions will follow.

  245. TheCrazyTitan says:

    If the park map image is blurry for any of you, please click here ( to view my highest resolution version of it, or visit my Twitter page (@the_crazy_titan).

  246. LugiaGamerYT says:

    fun fact: some of you know theres a fallen kingdom minecraft music which is like 5 years before the movie trailer

  247. MC says:

    There’s an issue. Every time I try and download the world I don’t see it in my maps. Help

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      ‘Help’ is here. I’m sorry that you’re having difficulties with the download. Try downloading it via this beta page on my website: If this doesn’t work, I’ll post the link to a compressed zip file version.

      • MC says:

        My apologies but still, it doesn’t work. I don’t see it anywhere nor has the amount of map numbers increased by 1. Please do whatever you must, I am a huge fan of Jurassic World and it would be amazing if the map worked. Thank’s.

        • TheCrazyTitan says:

          Try reinstalling Minecraft PE. Then redownload the map. [Windows 10] Click open instead of save during the download. [iOS/Android] Look for the download in your downloads folder if it doesn’t automatically open. There may, depending on your phone, be a link to this in your notifications tray which, when clicked, will load it into Minecraft PE. Hopefully one of these will work. I know that your issue isn’t related to my links however.

          • MC says:

            Thank you for your help, it has finally worked. I’m sorry for your disturbance, but I’ve finally managed to find my way.

  248. MC says:

    Beautiful map

  249. Maverick says:

    Whos ready to watch Jurrasic world fallen kingdom on Wednesday June 6 in the Philippines!

  250. Troodon YT says:

    So cool, but I get jurassic world fallen Kingdom on June 6.

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes, it is available here in the UK tomorrow too. I’m quite looking forward to it. Yet I’m working towards the USA’s release date.

  251. GamerPanda600 says:

    Any commands?

  252. Minecraft says:

    Can’t wait until finished. Maybe add the interest to the innovation center and add a hotel. Otherwise a great map😀

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      I’m glad that you’re excited. I will be running a final pre-release test on June 21 via twitter if you’re interested. The Innovation Centre has been rebuilt since the version I uploaded. It is more of a replica of the film’s version, and will have three levels. The Hammond Creation Lab will be housed elsewhere in another facility. The first Monorail Terminal that you pass through on the way from the Ferry Landing is the Hotel Terminal. Technically the hotels will be ‘outside’ the park itself. There will be a few luxury suites for those willing to pay more within the park. I aim to build another four hotels and three suites. Thank you for your feedback!

  253. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome great job

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you! It is great to have feedback. Do you have any improvements? Anyone who has suggested improvements will have an honourable mention in a ‘Credits’ book in the final map.

  254. Someone says:


  255. Zac says:

    Btw editor typo in first sentence

  256. Zac says:

    Nice map. Will u be adding a hotel area?

    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Yes. The first Monorail Terminal that you pass through on the way from the Ferry Landing is the Hotel Terminal. Technically they will be ‘outside’ the park itself. There will be a few luxury suites for those willing to pay more within the park. I aim to build another four hotels and three suites.

  257. BaghasArt​146 says:

    Oh, this Is A Different from Jurassic Craft by Gona, this map more like in the movie version, cool, i love both

    • BaghasArt​146 says:

      Sorry, I know this Is from Different Creator, but i don’t say it, so don’t misunderstanding

      • TheCrazyTitan says:

        I’m glad that you like this map. Yes we are obviously differently creators. The Jurassic Craft Map is created by Daniel Martinez who worked with Gona (who built the behaviour pack) on it. I am not affiliated in any way with either–only in awe of his amazing mod which moved most of JurassiCraft to Minecraft PE. My park aims to, upon its proper release, emulate the park from the movies with my own creative spin.

      • TheCrazyTitan says:


        • Mamoth122 says:

          When is the final release coming

          • TheCrazyTitan says:

            The last major update to this map will be in August. There will be other updates later on though nothing on the scale of the three main updates in June, July, and August.

  258. M Cov says:


    • Princess Consuela says:

      Did it work for you? Cause I can’t get the last web page to load and I’m on Highspeed internet. I need some help.

      • TheCrazyTitan says:

        I’m sorry that you’re having difficulties with the download. Try downloading it via this beta page on my website:

        • Princess Consuela says:

          I got it there. Cause it would get there and then I would wait for fifteen minutes then it would move a space the size of a hair. And please make a sphere station and talk to Gona about adding spheres to the addon. Please it would make the mapp feel a lot more likethemovie

        • Kortney says:

          I don’t know if it’s my device or mcpe, but my mcpe keeps crashing when I try to open the world in there. It downloads easily from on mcpedl, but keeps crashing when I try to open it in mcpe. I’m using an iPad mini 2.

  259. Mohammed Khan12 says:


    • TheCrazyTitan says:

      Thank you. Do you have any improvements? Anyone who has suggested improvements will have an honourable mention in a ‘Credits’ book in the final map.

      • Rory jack says:

        Can you maybe add a indoraptor and dinosuars maybe??

        • Dunotafuraeimamee says:

          I do not know what an indoor apt or is, but I think that by dinosuars you meant dinosaurs. Actually, almost all the dinosaurs in the addon is a dinosaur. They already have dinos, maybe you could edit your comment if possible, from “Can you maybe add a indoraptor and dinosuars maybe??” to “Can you add a dinosaur called an indoraptor or add more or different dinosaurs?”?

          I’m just trying to point out your mistakes, so don’t flame me if you see this, because, you weren’t a part of the conversation or something. Really, if you aren’t a part of a conversation or not correcting someone, don’t, just don’t bother. “Either ways, can you type correctly? Or, why don’t you use grammerly?” I’m not trying to burn this person by the way, but, I’m just trying to say that, just check your comment before posting it, it’s annoying when I see someone with a spelling/typing/grammar mistake in their posts. BTW, my name could be, do not flame me, donut flame me, do not frame me, donut frame me. Although the map and add on is great, the addon is really crashy, the map is really large, and may cause lag and crashes. But still a great map out of an excellent. 4/5 Stars

          • Mamoth122 says:

            The indoraptor is a genetic hybrids d of velociraptor and T Rex (I think)

          • Something says:

            You said Indoor apt

          • TheCrazyTitan says:

            Thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed the map. It is supposed to be vast in order to fit in the rest of the planned exhibits.
            Might I remind you that many people who use this site may not speak English as their first language. It does not matter if you make mistakes when conveying a point in a comment.

      • Princess Consuela says:

        Add a sphere station

      • LuaHickory says:

        Please add the updated version to mcpe addons.

      • The Unknown says:

        I was wondering if this map works on IOS. And another problem I have with the map is the downloading, how long is it suppose to take to finish importing?🤔

      • jayshah says:

        you should add like a theme park on dinos or a huge roller-coaster around the entire map.

      • Bitxch says:

        i have a suggestion would you pls make a seperated resource pack that you used in your map?? plsss i really need it plss

      • Good guy says:

        Has the map download got all of the addons inside it?

      • Ethan says:

        i really like this world, i like how its not copied exact from the mocie, which gives it a little personal feeling, however one issue i have seen is that the vehicles move of their own ocourd and i am unable to drive them. Other than that this is a briliant creation, and when will the update next come?

      • k says:

        Can you add dinosaurs that replace zombie pigmen, ghasts, and blazes?

      • 99999999999999999 says:

        can you add dinosaurs that replace ghasts, and blazes?

    • GOLDENGAMER2469YT says:

      This is so good but why not try working on a resource pack or add on for adding dinosaurs. That would give the map a real edge. Your map is more realistic which by comparison makes gonna a map look boring a bit cartoonish. Gina’s map and addons stayed up top for so long just imagine how good u could make yours

      • TheCrazyTitan says:

        I am halfway through the development of a single Indoraptor mod for MCPE which draws inspiration from Minecraft Java Edition’s JurassiCraft (not Jurassic Craft). I hope to interest people with this map as I aim to make it the most realistic dino map on MCPEDL.

    • Arthur says:

      Where is the room if you control ?

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