Jurassic Park PE [Creation]

Jurassic Park PE is the greatest attempt in Minecraft Pocket Edition to recreate the world of Jurassic Park in Minecraft. This map is based on the original movie which was released back in ’93. The map includes some places you are likely to recognize such as the Visitors’ Center, the Jurassic Park Gate, a Velociraptors Paddock and much more.

Parts of the map are still a work in progress but it’s already large enough to have loads of things to explore and enjoy.

Creator: Dikz27 (Twitter), Kenobi (Twitter Account)

jurassicparkpe jurassicparkpe6 jurassicparkpe4 jurassicparkpe2 jurassicparkpe3 jurassicparkpe1

Download Map .McWorld
Download Map .ZIP

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21 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s an awesome map and I had the same idea about getting the mod but it’s hard to find out where they go 😕

  2. Plazmablast101 says:

    one there are no dinosaurs well I just added them two its confusing where everything is some maps put path ways and don’t cover the tracks just clean up the tracks label and actually put dinosaurs in.

  3. Marksman420 says:

    Mcpedl please bring back Jurassic craft and world map and add-on! #wewantjurassiccraftandmapback!

  4. Unknown says:

    No offense but a 5 year old can make this

  5. The Mlg Master says:

    The Mcworld is not downloading :(😥

  6. Bless says:

    iam using this map with dinosaurus addon use raptor d-rex t-rex mosasaurus tylosaurus

  7. Raptorstar says:

    For some reason I can’t download it. It looks so awesome I wanna play on it SO bad 🙁

  8. Diloraptor says:

    I Downloaded It But Its Not On My Minecraft

  9. DeathCop4000 says:

    The download is messed up . The file extension is .part (Unknown Extension). Fix it ASAP

  10. DikySC says:

    Thanks to sharr my maps 🙂
    but you are wrong on twitter Kenobi

    • Kyndall says:

      It is totally NOT cool because I went through the pens and I couldn’t find a single animal or dinosaur! Plz fix this!!!

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