Jurassic World Isla Nublar Terrain (Island Only)

Some people are asking for the closest replica of Jurassic World Isla Nublar Map. Some of the iconic location seen in the Jurassic World, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic Park Isla Nublar both are here in this Map

This is only fan-made creation, Jurassic World is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

I will be making soon the whole park here just wait.

I made this in WorldPainter and converted it to MCC Tool Chest

Ferry Landing

Isla Nublar Map

I make this in WorldPainter 

The Lagoon and the mountain range behind Innovation Center. This is where the main street is located. but you can also make your own park it is up to you.


Changelog View more

I just fix the link but i dont add anything to the world

I put a zip file some of you it is not working so I put a Zip file link

I put two link I hope it work and enjoy

I change the link and I make it mcworld file

I change the featured image I hope you enjoy it

I improve the terrain and I hope you like it


Click the link and when you downloaded it Unzip the file and put it to the MinecraftWorld folder and enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.16

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39 Responses

4.25 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. justEthan says:

    Hello! I was wondering if I could use this for my very own Jurassic World map that I could upload to Planet Minecraft once finished. Would you be okay with my using your island for my build?

  2. TonyTS says:

    Some of the files are missing, so I can’t do what the video says.

  3. Alexander Mc says:

    The most awesome map I’ve ever seen

  4. Jurassic world evolution says:

    Where can I put the botanical garden

  5. Jurassic world evolution says:

    Where can I put the mainstreet?

  6. Ender5643 says:

    Bruh make trees! I want to play survival on this with a dinosaur mod!

  7. Jurassic world evolution says:

    Can you make Isla Sorna

  8. Jurassic world evolution says:

    Where can I put the golf and the mosasaurus arena?

  9. EpicXxshuxX says:

    The lagoon is too small

    The volcano is filled with water

    The island is mostly flat with no terrain

    and the link not work

  10. masterkayden117 says:

    Smh, I was really hoping to use this map..

  11. masterkayden117 says:

    This map does not work, I tried watching the video you linked but in the file there is no world files, only a “macOs’

  12. ZephronoxMC says:

    Thank You so much! all the other isla nublar maps are inaccurate remakes. i love how the lagoon is NOT connected to the ocean.

  13. Jurassic world evolution says:

    How can I unzip file

  14. RAPTOR SQUAD Official says:

    This Is Isla Sorna Not Isla Nublar

    But So Cool The Map

  15. Pokest45 says:

    You should add trees!

  16. Pokest45 says:

    I saw that video that you linked for troubleshooting, but what about Windows 10?

  17. Blue Raptorex says:

    I played this it was fun with different addons with it but is there a way to convert this to java edition in anyway? Either way still a beautiful map!

  18. The Lagoon needs to be connected to the ocean , other than that, i love it, the best map of the JW Franchise i’ve ever seen built.

    Suggestion: see if you can re-create the isle V3 map.

  19. EmanuelAC667 says:

    Is the map inspired by the one seen in Jurassic World or the one in Jurassic Park?

  20. Stranger Kid says:

    I love you map but it’s not working,please fix it thank you

  21. Jurassic crafter says:

    the map is not working, when I put it in minecraft it says that the export gave an error, and I already tried both links

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