Jurassic World (Small) [Creation]

Jurassic World is an adventure movie released in 2015 and the fourth sequel of the popular Jurassic Park series. The movie is about dinosaur theme on the island of Isla Nublar which for years has been functioning properly. But now some genius decided to create a genetically modified dinosaur which manages to break loose from its captivity and go berserk on the island.

The map features a could of the places as seen in the movie such as the enormous mosasaurus dinosaur living in water.

Creator: KurtWarrior, Twitter Account

screenshot-2015-07-04-12-06 screenshot-2015-07-04-12-06_2 screenshot-2015-07-04-12-07 screenshot-2015-07-04-12-07_2


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10 Responses

  1. DOGESS says:

    I’m on ipad =l

  2. Morgz says:

    I can’t freaking get this
    Cause I’m on computer

  3. David Boakye says:

    OMG ? how do I download maps on MB that I need to know tell me if u know

    • Sean1234567890 says:

      Go to Google Chrome. Type in Then pick the map you want want and click on it. Next scroll down till you find download .Mcworld.

  4. Bradenator49 says:

    You should add the raptor enclosure

  5. Wolfie says:

    Can call KurtWarrior to reupload the link or unrevoke it? It is removed by LeakID

  6. Edward says:

    I was trying to build my own jurrastic park but its gonna take too long

  7. Atticus says:

    What app should I use to extract the file?

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