Kalos Legnendary Pokemon Addon

Generation 6 of Pokemon games’ Kalos Region in XY probably has my favourite trio of legendaries with Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. This addon will add them to your world in how I’d consider a pretty accurate power level if they exist in a minecraft world. Hope you like it!

This addon is only about 80% done and there are definitely more things I’d like to add in future updates.

Starting in alphabetical order, we have X,

Xerneas, the Life Pokemon

Tree form

All these pokemon has 2 forms, the tree form is invulnerable and when spawned in, it will give every entity regeneration for 10 minutes. After 20 seconds the tree will transform into Xerneas’ stag form

stag form

Xerneas has 3500 health, it attacks with the move Aurora Beam and will deal 50-60 damage per hit. Xerneas will always have regeneration to naturally heal itself. When Xerneas walks on grass, it will place flowers on the ground. Xerneas is a passive mob, it will not attack anything unless attacked first.

next up, Y,

Yveltal, the Destruction Pokemon

cocoon form

Yveltal’s cocoon will absorb the life of everything around it, giving everything wither for 60 seconds when spawned in. The cocoon is invulnerable, and after 20 seconds it will transform to Yveltal’s normal form.

normal form

Yveltal has 2250 health, it will attack using the move Oblivion Wing dealing 150-180 damage per hit. Yveltal is extremely aggressive, attacking everything around it except its fellow legendaries.

finally, Z,

Zygarde, the Order Pokemon

core forme

Zygarde’s core forme is the form it takes when it haven’t gathered any of its cells. It can’t fight but it is invulnerable. After 2o seconds Zygarde will gather its cells and transform to its serpentine, 50% forme.

50% forme

Zygarde maintains order in the environment, it has 4000 health, it will use the move Core enforcer, dealing 100-110 damage per hit. It is naturally aggressive to monsters.

Demonstration Video

so far that’s about it with this addon, like I said it’s not 100% complete, so these are the features that are planned to be added in the future:

-More Zygarde formes

-Shiny forms

-The pokemon will transform to their alternate forms when they “die”

-The alternate forms will take longer to transform



You can use this addon for anything you want as long as you credit me and link this MCPEDL page.

Note: as this addon is the Kalos Legendaries Addon, it will only have the three legendary pokemon from the Kalos Region. If I were to make more pokemon they will be on their own seperate addon.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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36 Responses

4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Diminecraft says:

    Its soo well done

    I got an idea, could you do all legendaries and mythics through generations?

    For Zygarde could you make it so it would be “more accurate” being the core and cells? One main core then if 10 others get close it turns to 10% Z then 50% then 100%?

    I got ideas for the other legendaries (simple ideas along the lines of what currently in)

  2. Hi ocNNico,can you make the Pokémon have moves so that they can battle,I am making a Pokemon city so if I finish,you guys maybe can play it

  3. veniichi says:

    can u make xerneas bigger???? and also the walking/running animation of xerneas is different, in the movie xerneas is jumping like a real deer whenever he walks/run, im just hoping if u can change that and its size? i would really appreciate if you do that! i really love your addon, im expecting more pokemons addons from u in the future!!

    -lunala and solgaleo
    -the legendary guardians (tapu koko, tapu lele, tapu bulu and tapu fini)
    -the legendary birds (articuno, zapdos, and moltres)
    -the legendary beasts (raiku, entei and suicune)
    -and also eevee and its evolutions

    these are my fav pokemons, so im hoping to see them in the future!

  4. Jackyslkuk says:

    When are you going to add to the addon?

  5. veniichi says:

    This is really good, but can u add like a permanent tree form of xerneas, cause i wanna use it as a design in my house but it always transform into stag form, i would really appreciate if you add this same for the cocoon form of yveltal!

    and also i just wanted to ask if youre doing more legendary pokemons? if yes, can u make articuno, zapdos and moltres cause the wings animation u make is so cool, and also solgaleo and lunala! :>

  6. ReyesDJ says:

    Pls add arceus, giratina, palkia, and dialga there first form is the portal they make and after 20 second they will come out of the portal thats just my suggestion arceus will attavk using judgement, giratina with shadow force, palkia with spacial rend and dialga with roar of time.

  7. Omg_x1000 says:

    I might know some people who could help you with the flying

  8. PortalRabbit says:

    you should make it so you can tame them

  9. Ajkray29 says:


  10. zFusionFighterz says:

    You should work with @redstudios on Twitter he’s making all 151 gen 1 for the next update with a capture and battling system. Great add on btw

  11. Finally an addon that adds Legendary Pokémon:)Can you make from Gen 1 to Gen 5???

  12. Dragon Black says:


  13. Pls make an add on called alola legends add on and put the island guardians and sogaleo and lunala,I want to ask you if we can catch these Pokémon or ride them?

  14. SmithGaming says:

    You should fix the title to say ‘Kalos Legendary Pokemon Addon’

  15. Omg_x1000 says:

    Also another suggestion you should add in the 2 mythical Pokemon diancy and volcanion!

  16. Omg_x1000 says:

    Quick suggestion when it you make it so that when you tame them that when riding on them if you hold a blaze rod and then jump it makes them use there move. that would be awsome!

  17. Zellturok says:

    Cool! Haven’t played yet but they’re my favorite set of legendarys too. Pokemon X was my first pokemon game i played.

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