Kalos Texture Pack [16×16]

Kalos is a medieval texture pack. It’s quite simple in details but in a good way. It never feels cluttered, not even when in a very crowded space. This means that the textures work wonderfully in most terrains in Minecraft. The cobblestone is most likely the best looking texture in the pack as it makes any building look ancient, majestic and just purely loveable if you are into old RPG/medieval design.

Creator: migue_300screenshot-2015-01-24-22-32


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3 Responses

  1. Muhammad Arkhan says:

    You can use X-Plore file manager to change data in apk with data from texture pack. Sorry may bad english, I from Indonesia

  2. Donovan says:

    Please Answer This Statement and Question Statement: Kalos is a Pokemon region
    Question: how do I create a texture pack?

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