Kantai Collection Add-on

This addon adds many new mobs to the game. Also aircraft for player. Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Collection, Kancolle) is a Japanese web browser game. It’s a story about “Kanmusu”(Ship Girls) fight against Abyssal Fleet.

They all have voice lines, taken from the game.


Ship girls will fight against Abyssals.

Battleship Bismarck Zwei

Health: 95/95
Equipped with 4x 38cm Twin Gun Mount Kai.

Destroyer Shimakaze (島風)

Health: 36/36

Equipped with  3x  12.7cm dual gun

She will shoot 5x 61cm oxygen torpedo.

Boku Kawauso (I am otter)

Boku Kawauso is a mystery creature originally drawn by voice actor Uchida Shou. Later it became one of the mascots of the game.

Health: 99/99

He only walks around and kills monster. He will not help you.


Once they are defeated you will get lots of experiences.

Abyssal Aviation Battleship Northern Princess (北方棲姫)

Health: 390(Armament)/390

She will stay at the same place and spawn Abyssal Cat Fighters (F6F). If the armament get defeated, she will kill you with bare hands. 

Abyssal Cat Fighter

Battleship Abyssal Pacific Princess (太平洋深海棲姫)

Health: 900(Armor)/900

Equipped with 4x 16inch Mk.VIII Twin Gun Kai

She is very dangerous. You will need many ship girls to fight against her, or they will be killed easily.

New texture for the whale!

I included her battle bgm in the pack. If you like to listen to it please use the command:

/playsound pacific_princess.battle_bgm @p ~ ~ ~  1 1 1


Type 3 Fighter Ki-61 Hien hei (244 Sentai)

Equiped with 2x MG 151/20mm cannons + 2x Ho-103 12.7mm
Hold iron ingot to fire. It will automatically hunt target (only monsters in Minecraft) for a short time.
The gears will retract after taking off. 

Type 99 Dive Bomber (Val)

Don’t let your ship girl fight alone! Get on the bomber, and drop the bomb! (Hold a tnt and right click or press the “Drop” button)

Look up to fly, look down to dive straightly.

Known Issues

-Ship girl and abyssal will stop fighting each other randomly.

-Dive bomber is hard to aiming.

Changelog View more

-Decrease firing rate (Kanmusu & Abyssal).

-Engine sound volume is lower. 

-Full voice lines


Remember to turn on "Experimental Gameplay" & Allow cheats.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16 (beta)

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41 Responses

4.46 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Tomekk says:

    Can you make plane mod that just has planes for servers thx x

  2. Guest-4416565204 says:

    hey ivon852 when will you update this its been like a month already? by the way amazing addon

  3. ThisJobYT says:

    Ivon, if you successfully made the KanColle Addon, do you have high hopes of creating the Azur Lane Addon, too? It’s a similar game to KanColle, except it’s playable on all devices!

  4. S117 says:

    I’ve been playing around with this addon for quite awhile and though it does have some issues but I’ll ignore them considering the addon is still 2 updates old. But when I look at your Bismarck closely, noting every detail along with the Abyssals, and the Ki-61 too…. OMG, that’s quite the skill on display, you’ve got mad skills! You’ve got heart! So please keep up the good work and do not be affected by the negative comments. Just do what you do best.

    PS: I’ll be expecting Kaga, Tone and Tenryu very soon since their ‘death lines’ are present in the addon’s files, tho I’m very sorry if my suggestion of adding in Bismarck and Prinz Eugen made you skip them, but still, your addon, your call.

  5. acommand says:

    It’s OK.

  6. Guest-8246921657 says:

    how to apply this?

  7. Guest-1675305605 says:

    I wish the abyssals are “tamable” and become less aggressive when you gave them somthing and eventually become somewhat submissive (This isn’t canon of course but due to the fact that i read too many fan fiction and doujins about abyssals getting married with the admiral of the Kanmusu i just can’t get ahold of myself(plus hoppou is cute so i can’t hit her with a foot long steel sword))

  8. Guest-1444557230 says:

    This is a amazing addon I hope you could make a separate plane addon

  9. Guest-8146057782 says:

    i think its too early for boss mobs for this time since only basic ships are present

    maybe add the basic enemies first like Enemy destroyers
    also this may take a while but i think its possible to make equippable guns (somewhat to change the shipgirls attack pattern like giving them AA guns to prioritize planes or give them to torp so they will focus on firing torps)

    but hey nice addon Its not easy making this one (tried it before its very difficult XD)

  10. Guest-4474767253 says:

    I like this addon really I have a suggestion can you make world war 2 addon with that planes I like your planes very very it’s so realistic I like that work plss I hope you read this 2 years to wait who can create world war 2 addon but spaghetti world war 2 its not better for me but I like her addon I hope you read this

  11. S117 says:

    So you really added Bismarck? NICE! I really have high hopes for this addon and I’m also excited for future content though if I have one last suggestion is that I wish the Kanmusu and the Abyssals would fight at range and not ‘hug’ each other during battle. But still, I love it

  12. Guest-4641796258 says:

    Sorry but I only like the planes

  13. Guest-8522126775 says:

    What does PP’s weapon do?

  14. Guest-3126572808 says:

    Can make the plane as an separate addon?

  15. Alisu_Shimada says:


  16. Guest-9289317641 says:

    My eyes burn

  17. Guest-4786319434 says:

    Pls fix it I can’t load the resource pack it say duplicate pack detected anyway I love your work

  18. JaneQ says:

    Awwww. So cuteee, can i use your addon in my video?? I will leave link to your page in video description. <3

  19. Guest-3194800180 says:

    I think this add-on is a good add-on.But I’m glad if you add other fighters

  20. Guest-5398326504 says:

    Can’t install

  21. S117 says:

    I like this addon, even though it’s still in an early state, I can see the amount of effort put into it. I’ll be looking forward to updates of this addon as I saw that there are files for Kaga, Tone and other characters. Though if I would suggest anything, I wish the Shipgirls would follow the player around and even protect them from hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons and even the Ender Dragon. As for the Abbysals, they would attack the villagers and Iron Golems. And please also add Prinz Eugen and Bisko 😀

  22. Guest-6203722876 says:

    nice work!

  23. Guest-7255976150 says:

    Great work!! Please add hibiki and akatsuki

  24. ThisJobYT says:

    What’s the reason for the Pacific Princess Staff?

  25. ThisJobYT says:

    Why?! Why Dropbox link, but not Mediafire link?! Also, why is everytime I import the Addon, Resource packs won’t import, but the Behaviour packs will?! I DON’T EVEN HAVE A DUPLICATE RESOURCE PACK!!!! FIX THIS NOW YOU GOD DAMMIT!!! I SWEAR, EVERY TIME I MAKE A MAP WITH YOUR ADDON I WILL CREDIT YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IF YOU HAVE ONE, YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA… EVERYTHING!!! JUST PLEASE! FIX THIS BUG!!!

  26. Guest-4519812494 says:

    Absolutely incredible

  27. AntiVirus says:

    this nuts

  28. Guest-3226724548 says:

    Link directo pls no se cómo se obtiene

  29. Guest-6521350169 says:

    I love the voices Shimakaze
    I love the Bombardero

  30. Guest-3214993936 says:

    Me encanto esté complemento

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