Kancolle Add-on: WW2 Ship Girls & Aircraft & Tanks

(Update) This Add-on adds many new mobs to the game. Also military vehicles for player.

Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Collection, Kancolle) is a Japanese web browser game. It’s a story about “Kanmusu“(Ship Girls) fight against Abyssal Fleet.

My TwitterPlease feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

What’s new in 0.0.8:

– You can now download this addon without any ship girls, but only military vehicles.(See “Installation” section)

-New submarine(pilotable warship): Type IXc U-boat U-511 

-New kanmusu: U-511

-New vehicle: Higgins boat (LCVP)



Ship girls will fight against Abyssals. They all have voice lines, taken from the game.

Admiral Cap

Hold this cap in your hand, all the ship girls will follow you.

Submarine U-511 

Health: 13/13
German U-boat “u-511”
You will get conduit power effect, be closer.

Submarine I-168 (伊168)

Health: 15/15

Japanese submarine “I-168”.

Act like a real submarine! Once finding a target, she fires torpedoes and run away quickly!

She only attacks enemies in water.

When player swim with her, you will get conduit power effect.

Heavy Cruiser Zara Due

Health: 68/68

Italian heavy cruiser “Zara”.

Equipped with 4x 203mm/53 Twin Gun Mount.

Aircraft Carrier Hiryu (飛龍)

Health: 67/67
Japanese aircraft carrier “Hiryū”.
She will stay sway from the abyssals. When she finds a target, she will summon Type 99 Dive bomber to attack enemies. The aircraft will live for 60 seconds and then disappear.

Battleship Bismarck Zwei

Health: 95/95
German battleship “Bismarck”.
Equipped with 4x 38cm Twin Gun Mount Kai.

Destroyer Shimakaze (島風)

Health: 36/36

Japanese destroyer “Shimakaze”.

Equipped with  3x  12.7cm dual gun

She will shoot 5x 61cm oxygen torpedo.

Boku Kawauso (I am otter)

Boku Kawauso is a mystery creature originally drawn by voice actor Uchida Shou. Later it became one of the mascots of the game.

Health: 99/99

He only walks around and kills monster. He will not help you.


Once they are defeated you will get lots of experiences or their weapon.

Abyssal Destroyers: I / Ro / Ha / Ni / Na Class

Health: 20/22/24/28/60

The five kinds of destroyers will spawn in the river and ocean (Game Difficulty=Hard ). They will float up from the bottom of the sea!  They only shoot fireballs and are easily to kill.

Abyssal Aircraft Carrier Demon(空母棲鬼)

Health: 350(Armament)/350

She will not attack you unless you hurt her.

When she is being attacked, she will turn to hostile and summon Abyssal F6Fs to attack you!


When health is lower than 100.

Or, You can tame her with some diamonds. So she will follow you and kill mobs.

Abyssal Aviation Battleship Northern Princess (北方棲姫)

Health: 390(Armament)/390

She will stay at the same place and spawn Abyssal Cat Fighters (F6F). If the armament get defeated, she will kill you with bare hands. 

Abyssal Cat Fighter

Battleship Abyssal Pacific Princess (太平洋深海棲姫)

Health: 900(Armor)/900

Equipped with 4x 16inch Mk.VIII Twin Gun Kai

She is very dangerous. You will need many ship girls to fight against her, or they will be killed easily.

New texture for the whale!

I included her battle bgm in the pack. If you like to listen to it please use the command:

/playsound pacific_princess.battle_bgm @p ~ ~ ~  1 1 1

Once she is defeated you will get her weapon. Long click to shoot bullet.




They can  protect you and your vehicles.

28cm/32cm Nebelwerfer 41

It was a German multiple rocket launcher used in the Second World War. It served with units of the so-called Nebeltruppen (Chemical Crops).

First you have to craft 32cm rocket.

Second, put them on the carriage. (Tap shadow)

Use flint and steel to fire.


Use command /function hasaki to get all items.  

Standard belt bullet: Use this to fire machine guns of aircraft and tanks.

Standard bomb: Use this to drop bombs (F4U-1D, Type99 Bomber, G4M2e, etc)

You can repair vehicles with iron block.

Higgins Boat / LCVP

The landing craft, vehicle, personnel was a landing craft used extensively in amphibious landings in World War II. 

Use wrench to open door. To make passenger leave, kill the LCVP.

Long click with 12.7cm belt to fire machine gun.

Type IXC U-boat “U-511”

Look down to dive, Look up to float.

Long click with Type 9 Torpedo to fire torpedoes.

Known issue: when it is floating, player cannot ride on it until it leave water.

Churchill Crocodile

Based on infantry tank Churchill Mk.VII. It was produced from October 1943, in time for the Normandy invasion.

Cannon shell: M46 HE, long click to fire.

Use Flame Thrower to shoot the flame.

M4A1 Sherman Duplex Drive

An amphibious tank! DD tanks worked by erecting a ‘flotation screen’ around the tank, which enabled it to float, and had two propellers powered by the tank’s engine to drive them in the water.
In water
Cannon shell: 75cm AP, long click to fire.

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire machine gun. 

T-34/85 Medium Tank

 An improved version of the T-34. Its turret ring was enlarged from 1,425 mm (56 in) to 1,600 mm (63 in), allowing a larger turret to be fitted and thus the larger 85 mm gun.

Cannon shell: ZiS-S-53 AP,  long click to fire.

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire  7.62mm DP machine gun. 


Generally, look up to fly, look down to dive.

You can repair aircraft with leather.

Mitsubishi Navy Type 1 attack bomber (G4M2e)

A two-engine medium bomber, operated by Imperial Japanese Navy.

It has 7 seats, villagers can get on the aircraft.

There are three kinds of armaments available. Use wrench to remove  installed armament.

1. MXY-7 Ohka . It was a rocket-powered suicide flying bomb. Don’t worry, nobody is on the aircraft! When installed, long click to fire the bomb.

2. 60kg Bombload , long click to drop bombs.

3. Type 91 Torpedo ,  long click to shoot torpedo. Remember: torpedo only move when it is in/on water.


A German rocket-powered Interceptor.
Equipped with 2x 30mm MK108 cannon. Thought it is powerful, it is lack of accuracy.
Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire.

F4U-1D Corsair

A US Navy Fighter Aircraft.
Equipped with 6x 12.7mm Browning machine guns.
Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire machine gun. 
Long click HVAR to shoot HVAR.

Long click Standard bomb to drop bomb. 

Type 3 Fighter Ki-61 Hien hei (244 Sentai)

A fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service.
Equipped with 2x MG 151/20mm cannons + 2x Ho-103 12.7mm
Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire machine gun. 
The gears will retract after taking off. 

Type 99 Dive Bomber (Val)

A carrier-borne dive bomber used by Imperial Japanese Navy.

Long click Standard Bullet belt to fire machine gun. 

Long click Standard bomb to drop bomb.

Known Issues

-Ship girl and abyssal will stop fighting each other randomly.

-G4M2e sometimes buggy.

Changelog View more
  • Add U-511 (Kanmusu & Ship)
  • Add Higgins Boat
  • Add sandbags

Minor bugs fixed.

-New pack icon

-New bomber: Mitsubishi G4M2e "Betty"

-Update all vehicles to 1.16

-Increase speed of aircraft, decrease health.

-Add "Damaged" skin for Aircraft Carrier Demon.

-You can repair aircraft and tanks now.

- New vehicle: Churchill Crocodile 

- New weapon: 28cm/32cm Nebelwerfer 41 

- New Kanmusu: I-168 

- Admiral Cap

- Abyssal destroyers only spawn in the sea when game difficulty is hard. 

  • zip for manual installation
  • New vehicle: T-34/85
  • New Kanmusu: Zara
  • New Abyssal: Aircraft Carrier Princess Demon
  • New vehicle: T-34/85
  • New Kanmusu: Zara
  • New Abyssal: Aircraft Carrier Princess Demon
  • Abyssal destroyers only spawn in ocean.
  • New vehicle: M4A1 DD 

  • New Aircraft: Me-163B
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in 0.0.3:

-New Kanmusu: Hiryu

-New Abyssals: Destroyer I/Ro/Ha/Ni/Na Class

-New Aircraft: F4U-1D Corsair

-Add airfield (no function)

-Now PP's weapon can shoot bullet.

-All abyssals have monsters tag, so iron golem will attack them.


-Kanmusu and abyssals will no longer "hug" each other when fighting.

-Add sound for aircraft machine guns.

-Decrease firing rate (Kanmusu & Abyssal).

-Engine sound volume is lower. 

-Full voice lines


Which one should I download?

  1. Full pack → Kancolle.mcaddon (Ads or Direct link)
  2. I am on iOS or cannot import .mcaddon files → Kancolle(manual)
  3. I don't want to see ship girls → Kancolle(Only Vehicles)

General Installation

1. Completely remove old versions before updating. (Game Settings → Storage → Delete old behaviors and resources.)

2. Enable Resource and Behavior packs.

3. Turn on "Experimental Gameplay"

How to install it manually

In the case that you cannot import the .mcaddon or cannot see spawn eggs in game, please try to install it manually:

1. Download the .zip file (The second one)

2. Extract it. You will find two folders named "KancolleBP" and " KancolleRP". 

3. Move "KancolleRP" folder to internal storage/games/com.mojang/resource_packs

4. Move "KancolleBP" folder to internal storage/games/com.mojang/behavior_packs

If you still can't see spawn eggs:

Go to your world folder, delete "KancolleBP" in the behavior_packs folder, and "KancolleRP" in resource_packs folder.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Rattlesnake551 says:

    I’m so sorry! I forgot to credit you when submitting my map, because i was stressed about the Image format to use, and it wasn’t working properly. As soon as it comes out, I will update it, and credit you. Is that OK? Sorry.

  2. Crystal Creeper says:

    I hope an actual battleship gets added next 🙂

  3. Truefanofmcpedl09 says:

    The vehicles are not shooting ,please fix

  4. Truefanofmcpedl09 says:

    Hey love this addon,and all it offers. Could you consider adding a naval destroyer ship that can possibly shoot missiles(like in real life) as well as adding Military helicopters(ex.Cargo helicopter,attack helicopter,etc) Lastly possibly in a future update adding military transport vehicles like a humvee,etc

  5. Bobby1545 Now Watching Mcpedl says:

    HELLO All Itz Me Bobby1545! I want Some Play Survival in You World! I now Have Mcpe, but Why Many Say Me Is Hacker and Ghost? Than Sad :(. Oke Play With Me!

  6. TheMinecraft Whale says:

    What does long click mean?

  7. Hey Ivon? Can you please add Warships next? We needed those!

  8. SCP_Maps says:

    I’m impressed…

  9. CJMobile1 says:

    Im so confuse that what should I choose to download it but the spawn eggs didn’t work because it is blank and the game crash I try to figure it out but it is not working so please how to fix the spawn eggs and what should I download only vehicles or what? 🤔

    • ivon852 says:

      “only vehicle” pack should not have “blank spawn eggs” problem… If so, you should:
      1. If you imported addon successfully and activated it.
      Remember the thumbnail of your world.
      2. Open file explorer, go to /internal_storage/games/com.mojang/minecraftworlds/
      Here you will see many folders, click in to the folder and see world icon to check it is the world folder that you just enabled add-on.
      3. Delete “behavior_packs” and “resource_packs” folders in your world’s folder.
      Then restart the game.

  10. Guest-1653959777 says:

    Can you make a pilotable battleship

  11. Guest-1204907303 says:

    the abyssal cat fighter is very ugly

  12. Guest-5347692944 says:

    I just want the WW2 stuff. Is their a addon with out the anime etc?

  13. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    Play Soviet Anthem song In Japan But With Kancolle [WAIT! THAT ILLEGAL! – hirohito]

    • Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

      Update! WWI:join Allies and Kick the Germany in Pacific WWII:JOIN Axis And Surrender. 1950:Plan About A.I Human [robot] 1970:Tourist Japan Many Now 1980:Making Robot 1990:soviet Fall and People Japan Happy 2010:JAPAN IS COOL AND GREAT! 1! But 2011-2020:making anime only to influence people to go on in Japan and become a fan of Japan [F U HIROHITO] Hirohito:I No Making anime I just KICK THE ALLIES [Buddy]

  14. Guest-1322452791 says:

    Plzzz MAN.WHY IS NO WORK In Android! I 1.16 Man.Spawn Egg is Invisible and Crash.Dont say Just Delete Addon.JUST UPDATE. I WANT THIS ADDON [only girl XD]. If People Know Anime. He Real Crazy Like Other Anime – Anti Anime alliance

    • Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

      Yess. I JUST WANT [GIRL and Vehicle] But it Crash and lag and force close [dont say delete this addon] [just update man] AND DONT COPY MY GREAT MOTTO

    • ivon852 says:

      This problem has existed for a long time, and this is the only solution. Many people do this and they succeeded.
      Currently, “Vehicle only” pack won’t require deleting folders.

  15. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    Crash,Lag,Error,BSOD! IN 1.16 ANDROID


  16. Guest-2608424257 says:

    Crash,crash,crash… dont install have many bugs in 1.16

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    How do you get villagers out

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    Why The Spawn Egg Is Invisible And This Addon Is Crashing Pls Fix It

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    Item& spawn egg is invisible and I’m spawn girl or vehicle to crash please
    fix that I’m Android

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    Imagine anime addon LOL

  22. Guest-4272454593 says:

    Hello! This is a great add on, though recently when trying to update the add on by redownloading it, I was unable to. This may be something with my device, but it might be with the add on as well. If you do know how to fix this please do! Also, can you provide a manual download for the only vehicles pack? I am on iOS and I cannot access the file. Thanks!

  23. Guest-3907309391 says:

    For some reason, everything in this addon is blank when i use it, even with the experimental gameplay turned on. Ill give you 4 stars for now bc i like this addon

  24. Guest-6556276293 says:

    How do you fire on Xbox?

  25. Guest-6879716901 says:

    Would be nice if the vehicle only link worked

  26. GhostGG370 says:

    be cool… if it WORKED.

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  28. Guest-3760146280 says:

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  30. Guest-3521593351 says:

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  31. Guest-7226301761 says:

    i think there is lot to fix in this addon because I have seen problems on planes because their sights are very obstructive and the #1 problem is the guns in the plane,when you fire it the bullets will not follow where you aim it, and little suggestion about all projectiles maybe you can lessen the gravity so its not hard to fire it

  32. Guest-9179049241 says:

    Can’t your build the jet fighter? because era is modern

  33. Guest-7507136652 says:

    can you make the tanks craftable like the ammunition because I have a survival world and I really want to have tanks in it
    So I can develop the world and also pls add
    Sherman firefly,maus,sturmtiger,tiger,tiger2,destroyers that you can ride so you can help the ship girls and m5 stuart

  34. Guest-6933920531 says:

    Seems like an awesome mod, ill check it out!

  35. Guest-2280648165 says:

    This update just broke the vehicles. Let me explain: you cant shoot while riding then and the most strange part is if you ride a vehicle and point to another while holding ammo the second one will start shooting even if you arent riding it

  36. Guest-1257471341 says:

    Please, update for the minecraft 1.16 official

  37. Guest-5887961790 says:

    hello i’d like to report a bug
    i could not seem to fire any of the vehicles in mobile version 1.16
    in order for them to fire, i must ride on another tank, aim the certain ammo on the tank i want to fire, then the “fire” button will appear, but the one i am riding could not fire no matter what i do.
    please fix this bug

  38. Guest-9284939429 says:

    The higgins boat Can 2 more than players can sit?

  39. Guest-9428402064 says:

    Hi, the add-on is very amazing, I like so much, but I cant shot I read that is a bug, I waiting the new upadte

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    I tried firing the tanks and none of them shot the ammunition I made for them, please address why I’m encountering this issue.

  43. Guest-7238605238 says:

    Can you please make it so that I can download it from mediafire? It doesn’t take me to the download site…

  44. Guest-5009769297 says:

    I have an idea can you make the planes be renders further so we can shoot it with sa guns when released

  45. Guest-2818580698 says:

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  46. Guest-5672431485 says:

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  47. Guest-7139262008 says:

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  48. Guest-9789475979 says:

    Why there are no bombers and flak cannon and other planes like bf109 and supermarine spitfire

  49. Guest-1378887747 says:

    /For some reason, I don’t have the admiral cap and all the ammo. I can’t craft it, I cant use commands to give it to me. It just doesn’t work! How do I fix this?

  50. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Id download this addon if you didnt add the anime girls and anime stuff (like id want the military vehicles and equipment)

  51. S117 says:

    I think I have discovered the reason why sometimes the Kanmusu and Abyssals stop fighting each other and that’s because their “range of engagement” is too short. I once started a world with both the KanColle and SCP vehicles addon (the one with 2 helicopters and a cargo truck) it came with a variant of the Attack Helicopter that flies and attacks mobs on its own. When I made the Kanmusu with the auto AH and Abyssals fight each other, after a short exchange, some of the Kanmusu’s begin to wonder off as the Abyssals left their “range of engagement” but the helicopter, despite being far away (maybe below 30 blocks) was still firing at the Abyssals. So I think to fix this, increase the “range” or distance where they start fighting each other. Besides, in the Anime and the Arcade game they do fight each other at a distance. Or maybe, once they start fighting each other keep them “locked” on each other until either side gets defeated.

  52. Guest-1218618127 says:

    in the next update, add mg42 machine gun, ppsh41, sten gun, BREN lmg mp40, m1 garand, kar98k, and m1911 pistol and also the thompson smg… the firing of these guns are press and hold for mobile debice and right click for PC

  53. Guest-6794762100 says:

    Can you add a Tiger tank

  54. Guest-2211503474 says:

    Can you add a turret to destroy the planes? And make the ammunition explode and add more damage to plane bullets. It’s kind of boring (for me) right now. Aaannnddd (sorry), can you fix the Churchill fire?

  55. Guest-8869770828 says:

    hi love the mod but i have realm and we use it on there but the planes are hard to shoot down a good idea would be to add some sort of aa turret

  56. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    This is super very cool , fantastic work
    Can you make brittish heavy tank TOG-2 in next update?

  57. Guest-4480388304 says:

    Addons keep on getting better and better! Love this addon!

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  59. Guest-8713221570 says:

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  62. Guest-8199910827 says:

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  63. Red Fan says:

    Can you fix the bug where the vehicles take more damage than there supposed to? For example instead of the players punch doing half a heart to to the vehicles instead it does a full heart.

  64. Red Fan says:

    Can you please make the vehicles are healeble with iron ingots when unmounted?As well as making it so that all the tanks have the same amount of health as the Churchill as well as severely lowering the health of the planes (Maybe around 35 hearts) anyways awesome Addon!

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  71. Leader Scroller says:

    Nevermind, that link for download this is perfect for me. The way to go is not click Allow but Deny. Still worked, though.

  72. Leader Scroller says:

    I’m never goes lower pitch at /playsound pacific_princess.battle_bgm @p ~ ~ ~ 5 0.5/0.2 5. If you want to hear, try it! Umm… Ivon852, haven’t you try that i can higher and lower their pitch very slowly?

  73. The problem of game crashing had been resolved thanks to the zip file you made, Ivon! But, this Addon still has issues: When riding any of the planes and vehicles, they take damage when you tap the screen at a specific angle. That’s not supposed to happen. Bismarck and Zara walks slowly away from the Pacific Princess. Please, fix these issues and we’re good! Also, add these features: Be able to craft your own battleship armour and wear it. Holding specific items to shoot from the armour. That’s my concept. Another thing: The Abyssal Aircraft Carrier Demon girl doesn’t ride her armament when provoked. Also also, when she’s (the Abyssal Aircraft Carrier Demon girl) attacking hostile mobs and other battleship girls, the hostile mobs and the other battleship girls are too friendly towards her…

  74. Guest-1554076551 says:

    Hello my friend I think your models are beautiful if you can please comment on this because I would like to make a ww2 mod with you or I could help with this mod! please respond anyway I wish you the best of luck!

  75. Guest-6487911262 says:

    can you have it that the link will take us right to media fire please the adfly is a huge pain

  76. Guest-4186369770 says:

    I know why the game crashes when they hold a spawn egg its the “item texture”
    Try to lower its resolution less than 200 x 200 is enough.
    There device cant handle it.

  77. Guest-1720493577 says:

    Can u also add the turning animation of the planes

  78. Guest-8623974983 says:

    Can u add spitfire and bf 109 and also add some heavy bombers plz

  79. Guest-1176059265 says:

    Game crashes and everything is invisible

  80. can we to the next uptade [REDACTED] the girls?

  81. Guest-4958554833 says:

    The link does not work for me for some reason, it keeps redirecting me

  82. Guest-1656772266 says:

    The link doesn’t work for me

  83. S117 says:

    I turned on the content logs as you said, according to the log the error says: “geometry not found”. As when I first downloaded the updated addon, the spawn eggs were missing and when I spawned them in the world, the mobs were invisible yet their shadow and AI stil wors. Hopefully this bug report will help you fix the bugs and update the addon.
    (My MCPE version is 1.16 I don’t know if the same happens on 1.14 however.)

  84. Guest-4000998734 says:

    would be nice if you made an addon with only the real vehicles from this one in it as a separate addon

  85. Guest-1323991675 says:

    Add giant tank and ship !!!!!! Kv-6 soviet,ratte germany ,yamato japan,maus germany,tsar soviet, karl gërat,gustav germany gustav only move in rail ok plz

  86. Guest-9530947332 says:

    good add on can you add the tiger the tank?

  87. Guest-6962856864 says:

    This add-on doesn’t work for me, all the mobs are invisible and whenever I go to spawn eggs and try to spawn the mobs my game just crashes.

  88. Guest-9050672255 says:

    Ivon the spawn egg is invisible and when I try to spawn the game crash. I play minecraft version 1.14

  89. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    Syper puper cool
    Ad more tanks please 🙏

  90. Guest-1776191227 says:

    Puede hacer que las balas de los tanques y aviones desaparezcan después de un tiempo de aver las disparado? . Esto es para que no cree lag y no interrumpa la jugabilidad y por cierto muy buenos sonidos animaciones funciones y modelos esto está bien trabajado

  91. Guest-4471366589 says:

    Sorry, this addons is great!
    But why can’t my spawn icon be displayed, and the spawn will crash!emm…….I really want to play it(My English is terrible. Don’t mind)

  92. Mainthedevil says:

    can u make a seporit addon that just has the planes and tanks?

  93. Guest-9948865193 says:

    Hey man, I want create a planes addon, how do you can programed? Sorry for my English I not study much

  94. Marche says:

    how to f** do u make it so smooth with blender?

  95. Guest-3844316983 says:

    Dude there is somthing wrong on the RP file cant load on monecraft

  96. Guest-5958336018 says:

    Add Soviet’s Vehicles too..

  97. S117 says:

    Sorry if you feel like I’m spamming but I just forgot a of suggestion, to make the Kanmusu follow the player (if you plan to) replace one of the helmets with an “Admiral’s cap”. If the player wears the cap, the Kanmusu would follow the player around and protect him/her from hostile mobs. Other than that and the 3 Kanmusu I requested, I wouldn’t request for anything else anymore as I see the amount of time and effort you put into this addon. Anyways, it’s just a suggestion.

  98. S117 says:

    HOLY! You keep suprising me with this addon, first you fixed the ‘hug’ problem, added more kanmusu and you’ve added the Abyssal fodders then now you’ve even added a tank!? I really really have high hopes for this addon and I can’t express it enough. I can’t wait for Fubuki, Yamato and ze Pudding (Prinz Eugen) to be added soon.

  99. Guest-8251823461 says:

    I am a weeb and i am proud how do i login for a comment oh well amazing mod love it

  100. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    Can you make m4a1 without boat?

  101. Guest-5774264844 says:

    Make a Panzer 4
    And a type 95

  102. Guest-3096343705 says:

    Since you made a Sherman you should make a Type 2 Ka Mi Japanese tank or a Type 95 Ha Go light tank or a Type 97 chi ha, as in, please do lol

  103. Guest-7605483818 says:

    Found several issues;
    When I mount the tank, I TOTALLY can’t see outside!!!
    And of all the planes, the only one that becomes visible is the ME-163B.

    • ivon852 says:

      I know so you should drive tank in third person view. Sorry I don’t model the inside of the tank.
      For the plane, I cannot reproduce your issue. I tested it on 1.14 and 1.16 and they worked fine.

  104. Guest-1764326916 says:

    Is it possible to do a seperate vehicle addon?

  105. Guest-3369748625 says:

    add a me 262 and king tiger

  106. Guest-6737832679 says:

    Really great addon you made. I am excided for the next update, just take your time.

  107. Guest-2179995493 says:

    Excuse me developer why don’t the type 99 bomber get stwrted, well it doesn’t work I can’t move it

  108. Guest-6273300053 says:

    The Type 99 Dive Bomber doesn’t move

  109. Guest-3675966148 says:

    When i clicked the link i get stucked in adfly that says “click allow to continue” but no menu pops out.. What should i do with that?

  110. Guest-6591247006 says:

    Please make ww2 addon with this planes please the planes look so cool keep it up man 😉👍👍

  111. Guest-2531868111 says:

    Why is there only four spawn egg?

  112. Guest-7566243775 says:

    Can You Only Add Plane, Please? If u do that I’ll give u 5 star

  113. Guest-3045056914 says:

    Can you do a WW2 planes and boats addon? That would be really cool

  114. Guest-2212442188 says:

    This addon is really really cool
    The animation is really good I’m not lie
    Please add all mobs egg that’s what I really want 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  115. DTechGamer says:

    What shaders?

  116. Anonymous says:

    The Ad.Fly links load way too long this time!!

  117. Tomekk says:

    Can you make plane mod that just has planes for servers thx x

  118. Guest-4416565204 says:

    hey ivon852 when will you update this its been like a month already? by the way amazing addon

  119. ThisJobYT says:

    Ivon, if you successfully made the KanColle Addon, do you have high hopes of creating the Azur Lane Addon, too? It’s a similar game to KanColle, except it’s playable on all devices!

  120. S117 says:

    I’ve been playing around with this addon for quite awhile and though it does have some issues but I’ll ignore them considering the addon is still 2 updates old. But when I look at your Bismarck closely, noting every detail along with the Abyssals, and the Ki-61 too…. OMG, that’s quite the skill on display, you’ve got mad skills! You’ve got heart! So please keep up the good work and do not be affected by the negative comments. Just do what you do best.

    PS: I’ll be expecting Kaga, Tone and Tenryu very soon since their ‘death lines’ are present in the addon’s files, tho I’m very sorry if my suggestion of adding in Bismarck and Prinz Eugen made you skip them, but still, your addon, your call.

  121. acommand says:

    It’s OK.

  122. Guest-8246921657 says:

    how to apply this?

  123. Guest-1675305605 says:

    I wish the abyssals are “tamable” and become less aggressive when you gave them somthing and eventually become somewhat submissive (This isn’t canon of course but due to the fact that i read too many fan fiction and doujins about abyssals getting married with the admiral of the Kanmusu i just can’t get ahold of myself(plus hoppou is cute so i can’t hit her with a foot long steel sword))

  124. Guest-1444557230 says:

    This is a amazing addon I hope you could make a separate plane addon

  125. Guest-8146057782 says:

    i think its too early for boss mobs for this time since only basic ships are present

    maybe add the basic enemies first like Enemy destroyers
    also this may take a while but i think its possible to make equippable guns (somewhat to change the shipgirls attack pattern like giving them AA guns to prioritize planes or give them to torp so they will focus on firing torps)

    but hey nice addon Its not easy making this one (tried it before its very difficult XD)

  126. Guest-4474767253 says:

    I like this addon really I have a suggestion can you make world war 2 addon with that planes I like your planes very very it’s so realistic I like that work plss I hope you read this 2 years to wait who can create world war 2 addon but spaghetti world war 2 its not better for me but I like her addon I hope you read this

  127. S117 says:

    So you really added Bismarck? NICE! I really have high hopes for this addon and I’m also excited for future content though if I have one last suggestion is that I wish the Kanmusu and the Abyssals would fight at range and not ‘hug’ each other during battle. But still, I love it

  128. Guest-4641796258 says:

    Sorry but I only like the planes

  129. Guest-8522126775 says:

    What does PP’s weapon do?

  130. Guest-3126572808 says:

    Can make the plane as an separate addon?

  131. Guest-9289317641 says:

    My eyes burn

  132. Guest-4786319434 says:

    Pls fix it I can’t load the resource pack it say duplicate pack detected anyway I love your work

  133. JaneQ says:

    Awwww. So cuteee, can i use your addon in my video?? I will leave link to your page in video description. <3

  134. Guest-3194800180 says:

    I think this add-on is a good add-on.But I’m glad if you add other fighters

  135. Guest-5398326504 says:

    Can’t install

  136. S117 says:

    I like this addon, even though it’s still in an early state, I can see the amount of effort put into it. I’ll be looking forward to updates of this addon as I saw that there are files for Kaga, Tone and other characters. Though if I would suggest anything, I wish the Shipgirls would follow the player around and even protect them from hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons and even the Ender Dragon. As for the Abbysals, they would attack the villagers and Iron Golems. And please also add Prinz Eugen and Bisko 😀

  137. Guest-6203722876 says:

    nice work!

  138. Guest-7255976150 says:

    Great work!! Please add hibiki and akatsuki

  139. ThisJobYT says:

    What’s the reason for the Pacific Princess Staff?

  140. ThisJobYT says:

    Why?! Why Dropbox link, but not Mediafire link?! Also, why is everytime I import the Addon, Resource packs won’t import, but the Behaviour packs will?! I DON’T EVEN HAVE A DUPLICATE RESOURCE PACK!!!! FIX THIS NOW YOU GOD DAMMIT!!! I SWEAR, EVERY TIME I MAKE A MAP WITH YOUR ADDON I WILL CREDIT YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IF YOU HAVE ONE, YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA… EVERYTHING!!! JUST PLEASE! FIX THIS BUG!!!

  141. Guest-4519812494 says:

    Absolutely incredible

  142. Guest-3226724548 says:

    Link directo pls no se cómo se obtiene

  143. Guest-6521350169 says:

    I love the voices Shimakaze
    I love the Bombardero

  144. Guest-3214993936 says:

    Me encanto esté complemento

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