Kargeth [Creation]

A medieval roleplay map. It’s highly detailed and offers a realistic idea of how a city or town in the past could look like. It got a harbor, churches and much more.  As Minecraft PE don’t have all the blocks as in the PC version some of the blocks have been replaced with wool. To make it perfect you might need to replace this yourself when in-game but it’s of course up to you.

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  1. RageBubbleGum says:

    There doesn’t have a db can u pls add it??

  2. HypedHuzky says:

    .mcworld pls this map looks cool but I can’t download I don’t have computer .mcworld link would be nice 🙂 Thanks Editor

    • DrunkKid says:

      I could help you, download documents 5 in r phone . Then u download the zip go to open in documents you open documents and press the zip , then press the load. Open the load , select all and press “zip” then rename “mcworld” at the back. then click open in, and open in minecraft

  3. JustAnotherSeaBunny says:

    What a lovely Map! Just a bit confusing in the download method, that could be improved. Otherwise, a fantasic creation perfect for a spot of Medieval Roleplay. Thanks to the Creator!

  4. Duong says:

    Minecraft pe is the best game

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