Kawaii Food Addon

This adds a total of 8 foods and it maybe lag on your phone but its compatible its tested in android but not on ios and pc (bedrock edition) 




(If you have a problem using it or the downloads broken you can chat me)

Kawaii Food Addons Adds 8 types of food/drinks 

This Might lag in some devices

This is really easy to operate all you gotta do is :

  1. Create a World
  2. Turn on Expiremental Gameplay to make it work
  3. And Activate the pack its really easy like I said
  4. You only need to download 1 File and just import it in Minecraft!
  5. Dont worry ill add a direct link
  6. So you dont have to worry about Viruses 

Warning again: This might lag on some phones


/Give @p pa:kawaiisushi

/Give @p pa:kawaiisushi1

Kawaii Sushis Available up to 4

/Give @p pa:coffee

/Give @p pa:cake

/give @p pa:cakeu 

/Give @p pa:kawaiibread

Thank you for downloading this Addon

I just hope you all like it! 

The image(s) of the addon:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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