KC – Battle Royale

This map is a sequel to our map made a year ago called “Bloxnite”. The map contains new features, new game modes, and new weapons. This map has new additions to it that make it amazing! It also has new vehicles!

NEW SKINS! New skins and pickaxes to buy in the lobby!

NEW GAMEMODES! This version comes with instant gamemodes!

  • Classic (Normal Gameplay)
  • Dead Trouble (Zombies included while playing)
  • Bladed Victory LTM (Infinity Blade is added, Including Ravania…)
  • Second Life (Spawn with Totem-of-Unying’s)
  • Explosives (Spawn With Explosives)
  • Knives Out (Swords do 3x more damage)
  • Duos (Grab a buddy and win together!)

You can vote for these in the Intermission lobby!

A MAJOR BIG MAP! The map is 5x bigger than Bloxnite!

VEHICLES! Vehicles are now added to the game!

  • X-4 Storm Wing Plane
  • Shopping Cart
  • All Terrain Kart
  • Quadcrasher

BUILDING! As of last time, you can build in the map and play as many times as you want! Be careful, there’s a hight limit of 130 blocks. At this height you will die instantly. You can’t escape over then map walls either, there’s a giant barrier.

MORE LOCATIONS! Many more places to go!

  • Happy Homes
  • Sandy Sundunes
  • Mystic Mountain
  • Tiny Towers
  • Christmas Town
  • Lefty Lake
  • Farming Fields
  • Crooked Crater
  • Labyrinth Laboratories
  • Creative Campgrounds


  • Owner: Mineclan888
  • Lead Developer/Builder: RedSlimeTime25
  • Builder: ViMaeEase005
  • Builder: captaincookie4
  • Builder: ThunderShock166
  • Builder: SharkAttack9998
  • Developer/Builder: Th3LastSh3riff
  • Developer: LUCKYBLOCK17o

Changelog View more

Added images lol... not rlly a change log, yikes oof

-Fixed several bugs (Shopping carts spawning etc)

-Added more details and new secret part of the map!

-Fixed broken download link

-Fixed multiplayer gameplay 

-Fixed/updated shop and hub!


Simply click on the link, click on the Capcha verification box (Robot scan) then click on the blue button below the box (Skip) it will redirect you to a new page, scroll down and wait for the 12 countdown to finish, then click get link. Clicking on that will open 2 new pages, the first page is unnecessary, so you can exit out of the first page, then the page behind/left will have the download link, simply click the link and start installing!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 (beta)

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19 Responses

3.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    For some reason it say the page does not exist. Looks really good pls help

  2. Gamingwith youssef says:

    This is the best map

  3. RubyElephant970 says:

    Ummm.. You need to give Credit to “Batman4014” for the Minecraft Characters on the Thumbnail of this Map.. Or it’s stealing..

  4. rexx_yt says:

    please fix the installation i cant download

  5. Magnus says:

    New gamemodes!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download the KC craft battle royal

  7. KCFan94 says:

    please fix the download link

  8. RitzierHook73 says:

    404 not found error. Fix it

  9. rafael paiva says:

    404 not found fix that

  10. Rqinbow says:

    Wont let me captcha

  11. Xylo Snyder says:


  12. SchylTEK says:

    pff, not enough trees and suburban houses 0/10 (joke)
    I rate it an 8/10 good job guys. and a 4 star

  13. CoolDawg37 says:

    Whats the realm can i be in it

  14. Entity_Destroy says:

    It’s actually really cool, but the name “Craft Royale” is a Minecraft version of Clash Royale so can you change it to fortcraft or minenite or something?

  15. Anonymous says:

    i cant even play iam stil waiting in the lobby

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