KC Modern Beachside Mansion

This map is a modern mansion located on a beach, with up to date interior and exterior. This map was made by KrakenCreations, and is good for Roleplaying, and a survival starter.

First of many maps expected.




-Kitchen Table


-Swimming Pool

-Working elevator and door

-Located on a beach

-Palm Trees/Towels

-Secret Base (Hidden)

Changelog View more

(Secret Hidden Base added)

-Fixed Door and elevator glitch 

-Fixed Kitchen Sink/Trash

-Added minor decorations/details

-Added more safety in garden

-Adden more flowers around the building

(Extra exterior columns)


Simply click on the link, click on the Capcha verification box (Robot scan) then click on the blue button below the box (Skip) it will redirect you to a new page, scroll down and wait for the 12 countdown to finish, then click get link. Clicking on that will open 2 new pages, the first page is unnecessary, so you can exit out of the first page, then the page behind/left will have the download link, simply click the link and start installing!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11

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17 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-9293858147 says:

    Your Minigames, Buildings, And Mods Looks Cool, BUT I CAN’T DOWNLAD IT! USE MEDIA FIRE!

  2. Creeper123456789 says:


  3. Angela D Hemamou says:

    ERROR for site owner:
    Invalid domain for site key

  4. Anonymous says:

    404 page not found, I can’t download it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    where is the secret base? Is it just the room on top of the waterfall?

  6. Seina says:

    Where is the secret base? Could you maybe give me a hint?

  7. Bugatti Lp says:

    Can you make Mediafire to Download this Map

  8. Great map! I’d rather make my own if I want to create a series, though, thank you anyways for blessing us with this great creaton!

  9. JamesTheTrainMCPEDL says:

    Looks interesting but I’m unable to download it. Any help?

    • Helper says:

      Press Skip ad then it wants to have u say yes to Adly notifications and you can press Block then it should bring you to the media fire download

      • JamesTheTrainMCPEDL says:

        Doesn’t pop up with a skip ad button, which is weird. Thanks anyway. I fixed it by turning my adblocker off, but whenever I have it on there’s a skip ad button. Weird…

  10. Chenyrec says:

    What red stone not rob

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