KeepJumping [Parkour]

To survive this map there is just one thing you have to remember and that is to Keep Jumping! To get from start to finish you need to jump on pressure plates. Once you’ve stood on a pressure plate it will make the block beneath it disappear. This means you’ve always gotta keep moving. It’s a perfect map for anyone who’s up for a hard and intense challenge.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone, Twitter Account

How to play?

Jump from one pressure plate to another until you reach a checkpoint.


Once you’ve reached a checkpoint then open the text chat and type the following command to save your checkpoint: /spawnpoint

If you are killed you will spawn back here and you can then can restart the level. There are six different checkpoints throughout the map.


Demo Video


  • You are not allowed to walk on the wood blocks (checkpoint platforms excluded)
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Play in survival mode

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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12 Responses

  1. And his name is John Cena says:

    There are command blocks you know. Use them,

  2. XxGabriel_PlayzX says:

    This is the most annoying map I’I’ve ever seen!

  3. DaLegend27 says:

    Hey can u make it so that tnt diesnt explode everything

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah .. but it is pretty simple XD
    Oops 🙊

  5. Drkiller says:

    This game is so hard I broket

  6. Chance says:

    There is no download button how can I download this map pls help me

  7. Diaben0u0 says:

    It blew up the whole map and I was unable to play any of it.

  8. Jared says:

    One of the hardest i’be seen, I do find it annoying when TNT glitches and lands on wood, then it blows up the map…

  9. Anoyingmouse says:

    Walk onto first block.. fell down and whole map exploded…

  10. BuggyPig says:

    Can u make a I-Rex addon

  11. Enchanted Diamond dragon says:

    this parkour is super easy

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