Keragard – Medieval City

This is a map of a medieval city. It is an entire island full of houses and crops for the survival of the villagers. All the houses are decorated. I hope you enjoy it.

Keragard is a medieval city which has beautiful houses, farms and a boat port.. I hope youy enjoy it.

This map is not ported, it is created by me, EndXenoc MCPE.

All houses are decorated inside.

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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10 Responses

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  1. Fishhie_hstrashh says:

    wow…. amazing!! loved it!!

  2. Guest-4754452603 says:

    May I take a video with this map? I will state in the video that it was made by you and I would write

  3. Guest-1336072030 says:

    Você é um mito

  4. User-1875816739 says:

    Uh it keeps sayin “waiting to upload” what do I do..?

  5. User-8140356034 says:

    Can I use this map for cinematic please

  6. User-2726962276 says:

    What shaders are u using in the pictures? Also super cool map 👍

  7. User-3146750090 says:

    Can i use your map for my minigames map… 🙂

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