Kill House Zombies | Survival (Horror)

Where is your child? Find her. She was last taken by kidnappers as taken to this warehouse called KillHouse.. you didn’t know why. But you investigated the place. “Argh” you look behind you. A Zombie Attacks you from behind!,good thing you hade a sword with you and killed the zombie… you are horrified to see a undead person. Then. It is midnight out of no where. “Argh” More zombies are coming. “ hahaha” you call her name “SAMANTHA?!” Rocking music starts. Zombies approach you like a tsunami! “Well here we go” “ARGH!!!”

Fight the dead and for freedom. A hord of Zombies are approaching like a tsunami. Lock and load and get a random weapon from the Mystery Box. Perks.. juggernog giving you resistance from the Zombies. Speed cola giving you fast hits and double tap giving you strength… use your points to Pack A Punch and Upgrade your weapon. Watch out. They haven’t been feed in a long time.


To insta from drive there will be a download button at the top. Press it and it should say open in Minecraft!



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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AndroidiOSWindows 10

6 Responses

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  1. Guest-5839760868 says:

    The Link broken Make another link
    that is not drive

  2. GioFTS says:

    Thank you all, I have a little surprise…

    Do You Guys Want Kino Der Toten!!!!

  3. MasterMason935 says:

    Yes good map my boy!!!!!!

  4. Guest-1400103974 says:

    I can tell its from roblox.

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