Killer Mincer Add-On (UPDATE)

Introducing the Killer Mincer Block! An OP Block that could mince entities very easily. this was inspired by the mod “Villager Mincer” but this mincer can mince other entities! This block can be used in many different things. It is useful for (Traps, Loot farms and Etc.) This add-on was originally made for fun but i realized that its actually a useful block. 


This Add-on contains violence that may not be suitable for younger players.

How to use:

To make a mincer you will need

Iron Ingot x6, Redstone x1, Gunpowder x1

heres the crafting recipe:

The machine will not work if you only place one. you also need to place a mincer on the top of the mincer! 

Now it should work!

the machine will suck entities that fits in it! 

Also if you dont want the gore you can put on the goreless resource pack next to the main resource pack. 


These foods can be obtained in the mincer.

They have their own benefits and side effects. i did not put it here because the info is very very long but you can ask me a question.

Food Sources: [ Player, Villager, Evoker, Vindicator, Pillager, Witch, Zombie, Husk, Drowned, Cat, Ocelot, Wolf, Fox, Enderman, Bat, Piglin, Zombie Pigman/Zombified Piglin ]

All non-player entities that is included has 98% chance of their meat to be obtained while players has 40% chance and can increase up to 75%. In multiplayer the chance for the players is increased to 66% to 95%

Cookable Meats: [ Human, Villager, Illager, Bat, Cat, Ocelot, Wolf, Fox ]

Cooking a meat will increase their benefits and decrease/remove their disadvantages

You can feed a pet wolf with these meats below.

Meats: [ Human, Villager, Illager, Cat, Ocelot, Wolf, Fox ]

actually all the meats are in the wolf’s code but it just doesn’t allow some meats [ Ender Meat, Bat ]

Modifying the mincer:

The Entities that are on the list will be sucked by the mincer. Heres the entities that are on the list in default.

• Armor Stand

• Pig

• Cow

• Mooshroom

• Chicken

• Squid

• Dolphin

• Sheep

• Parrot

• Blaze

• Bat

• Rabbit

• Snow Golem

• Cat

• Ocelot

• Vex

• Wolf

• Fox

• Witch

• Wandering Trader

• Creeper

• Villager

• Zombie Villager

• Zombie

• Drowned

• Husk

• Zombie Pigman/Zombified Piglin

• Piglin

• Enderman

• Endermite

• Silverfish

• Evoker

• Vindicator

• Pillager

• Spider

• Cave Spider

• Skeleton

• Wither Skeleton

• Stray

• Bee

• Arrow

• Trident

You can add or remove a mob on the list (works on custom entities), however you cannot put inanimate and projectile entities except armor stands. 

How to modify:

Just type “/function how_to_modify” in the chat bar and it will tell you how, or watch the video below. I recommend you to watch it. 



Blaze and Creeper Explosion

Blood Effects

Testing Videos:


Compatibility Info:

This Add-On works on 1.14 release, 1.15 Beta and Beta. But due to updates block format may be changed that could cause crashes. You can ask me questions by the way.

CREATOR’S NOTE: If you want to put this add-on in your youtube videos please put the original link in the desc, Don’t put adfly links just so you will earn, that disrespects the creator! 

Changelog View more

- Unselected Entities on 1.16+ will now take damage.

- Updated Remove Gore (will now cover the gore on the E A S T E R  E G G  [not rlly lol]

- Added a new featured thumbnail (forgot that sorry  ;-;)

- Alot of bugs are found and have been fixed

- You can now modify the mincer!

- Added Video Trailer! 

- Updated Informations! 

- Improved effects! (few fixes on the main effect and new water blood effects!)

- Added a message when you try to step on a working mincer

- The mincer will now eat items again but now it has a delay.

- If a non-player mob escaped the mincer it will bleed and die in a few seconds. But some mobs don't bleed. 

- XP Extracting feature has been removed (sorry i didn't tell you this is actually a temporary feature, this feature existed to so the mincer really have a use [you wont get anything in the first version]. this change reduced lag as well

- Removed the "do you know" thingy for some reason.

- Creepers and Blazes are saved by their own explosion (this weird bug has been fixed) 

- The Annoying Sound bug has been fixed

- The version of the add-on is now displayed in the resource/data pack.

- Items will no longer get destroyed by the mincer but will still destroy entities' inventory. 

- Mob Drops will now work properly. 

- Fixed 1.14/1.16+ Compatibility

- a weird bug has been fixed. 

- Added one more thing i will add in the future!

- Added  "do you know" information

- Added a video of the creator testing the add-on. 

- updated the download THINGY so it won't be blocked again.

- The Download Link has now been fixed..

- few more bugs are fixed


Just click the download link below.  Have Fun! 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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94 Responses

3.83 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. Prinxz says:

    how do you get the ender meat?

  2. Guest-9656845449 says:

    Thats right your a cannibal! -Jon by garfield in a nutshell

  3. Guest-7110218106 says:

    Me: I WANNA BECOME FOOD Some stranger: WHY NOT NOW

  4. Guest-2519813195 says:

    It’s not working for me! I did what video told me to do!

  5. Guest-9005673895 says:

    Bruh I l be gore so much the for this cool addon

  6. Guest-8998358300 says:

    you stole azoz blood

  7. Guest-9816344894 says:

    I really just like putting things in and watching them sink with blood and idk why..
    Though I have noticed a bug when in multiplayer it cant kill players can this be fixed

  8. This is really cool and awesome! Next time I want to torture somebody else, then I will use your add-on! This add-on supports multiplayer if I am not mistaken?

  9. Guest-6210474546 says:

    Can you fix this bug where you have keep inventory on and it removes everything please Great Addon.

  10. Guest-2438320322 says:

    holy f this is so good. can you add horse meat just for the fun of it please?

  11. Guest-8069222007 says:

    I really loved the brutality and gore effect, I would really appreciate it if u make a resource pack that add the blood effect! Only the blood effect when u hit a mob/players

  12. Guest-8740335773 says:

    Sorry, but I need a zip file, when I donwload the mcaddon, it changes the name to bin and I can’t install the addon because of that reason

  13. Guest-8441442768 says:

    in the first version does it still grind items?

  14. Umm.. Creator? I really suggest you to: A, remove the human skin and meat. Because, for low-end device users like me have problems with lag. You see, when I was shredding myself in the Mincers, it was very very laggy. Especially for other people that too have low-end devices. Or B, resolve the lag of this Addon.

  15. MorbidNoob says:


  16. Guest-3635680793 says:

    Thank you now I have a way to get back at the ones who Have wronged me it would be really cool if players dropped meat when they get minced So I could feed it to my next victims in the dungeon waiting.

  17. Guest-3739723706 says:

    when will the next update come I don’t want to download right when u update

  18. Guest-2084773323 says:

    Sorry if this already works bc I haven’t gotten to test it yet, but could you make the mincer work on players if they were to fall on or walk over the mincer?

  19. Guest-7032101878 says:

    This! is an amazing addon… just a bit cruel but… i like violence :v

  20. Guest-1633989549 says:

    Cool it will help even more in farms if it could not destroy items and had an inventory or could be linked to a hopper
    Cool it will help even more in farms if it could not destroy items and had an inventory or could be linked to a hopper

    Could you make an addin that can make farms automatic one device can be like as soon as something is placed it will be destroyed and you will get the item in its inventory or

    Could you make an addin that can make farms automatic one device can be like as soon as something is placed it will be destroyed and you will get the item in its inventory or grinders like those in skyblock servers that would be really cool

    p.s. thanks for this addon

  21. Guest-4642586445 says:

    I think it’s possible for it to not damage items. If it had a small dropper inventory and was compatible with droppers. That’d be great. Like if it only deleted the items if it was full. That’d be great.

  22. Guest-2446188658 says:

    I made a monster farm until i realized the mincer breaks items. can you change it?

  23. Guest-3533742082 says:

    Every time I try to download it it just won’t work I’m in 1.15

  24. Guest-6332453683 says:

    Oh nevermind it works, this is amazing! Great job!

  25. Guest-4927220262 says:

    I cant download it, it’s going to a different app and not my minecraft

  26. Guest-2041060968 says:

    why can’t I craft or find it in the creative menu

  27. Guest-8778890768 says:

    Do you think you could make it use 1 block instead of 2?

  28. Guest-7294669605 says:

    Does this work on 1.16 just asking.

  29. Skyrkazm says:

    Loved the addon, especially for trap use

  30. Guest-8110206056 says:

    Very cool

  31. MorbidNoob says:

    Add Villager Meat & Illager Meat

  32. Guest-4085384336 says:

    Good mod, very good for trolling my folks, but I must ask is there any reason why it requires to block to activate the effect instead of 1? kinda makes things tedious when setting traps or installing them in houses

  33. Guest-4508800907 says:

    Guys, Its broken in 1.16 so dont download this its a waste of time

  34. Guest-4508800907 says:

    Guys, Its broken in 1.16 so dont download this if your version 1.16 if you want to download this its a waste of time.

  35. Guest-2330604593 says:

    Its broken in 1.16 i cant find it… waste of time….

  36. Guest-5867118725 says:

    I gotta mince my friend

  37. Guest-8841965897 says:

    thnk u

  38. Guest-2388595364 says:


  39. Guest-1818067119 says:

    fourtnight i beter butt dis iz kool 2

  40. Guest-8650455368 says:


  41. Guest-9607592083 says:

    1.16 is Broken

  42. Guest-4969247438 says:

    Man I just remembered that mod from Java.

  43. Guest-5654902306 says:

    I can’t craft the mincer in 1.16 beta. Wasting my time. 🙁

  44. Guest-5369792729 says:

    can u add a /function option plz? sometimes my computer/minecraft itself bugs out and doesnt give me the iten even when i craft it OR have the required version

  45. Guest-4206090586 says:

    well thats just brilliant
    and quite useful
    add the ability to grind player pls

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