King of the Ladder 2 [Adventure] [Survival]

King of the Ladder 2 is the second map in the series of maps where players compete against each other by running towards the middle where there is a ladder they have to climb to the top and that’s where they ultimately challenge each others in a fight. If you haven’t checked out the first map yet, look here.

In the top platform where the battle takes place there is also a chest you can scavange for gear such as a diamond sword which probably can come handy.


  • Never destroy a block
  • Don’t place blocks (except for TNT)
  • Don’t cheat (pretty obvious, huh?)
  • You are allowed to put the bridges on fire using Flint & Steel

Recommended for 2-8 players.

Creator: user703



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4 Responses

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  1. Ezekia says:

    Lookin through old maps seeing this, i gotta say even through the images i love this map. Even if it uses mineral blocks (diamond, gold ect.). I cant download due to dropbox so yea. Always loved the pics of this map and im going to make a revamp soon…

  2. DarkMaster77 says:

    I didn’t use flint and steel to burn the bridges I used a fire ball

  3. JeanCLaudeVictoriano says:

    this Insane

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