King Ravager Boss Add-on

There are only 2 bosses in Minecraft, isn’t that a little boring? I hope that a third boss helps you to expand the fun, especially if you like intense fighting.

This new boss will bring intense new action to your Minecraft worlds, a third boss, quite dazzling in its golden armor.

If you want to fight with it you will have to search hard in the desert, or you can use its egg in creative mode and use it as the final boss of a dungeon or quest.

  • Health: 1000
  • Damage: 15

It is bigger and faster than the conventional Ravagers, it chases you for long distances and is quite strong, it also gives you a good loot and experience, it is ideal to search and fight it together with your friends.

Changelog View more
  • Now the add-on works on Windows 10 and servers.
  • The code has been debugged.
  • Añadido el idioma español de México y España.
  • I have changed the zip files to mcpack and mcaddon so you don't have to rename and now you can do the type of Installation that suits you best.
  • There is a zip link that is for manual installation by copying and pasting folders.


Once you have downloaded the behavior and resource mcpack open each one with Minecraft and it will do the rest.

If you download Full link, just open the mcaddon file with Minecraft and it will install itself.

The ZIP link is for manual installation by copying and pasting folders.

Remember not to click or touch any of the ads.

Una vez que hayas descargado los mcpack de comportamientos y recursos ábrelos uno por uno con Minecraft y éste hará el resto.

Si descargas el enlace Full sólo abre el archivo mcaddon con Minecraft y se instalará automáticamente.

El enlace ZIP es para instalación manual mediante copiado y pegado de folders.

Recuerda no dar clic ni tocar ninguno de los anuncios.

Do not republish this addon as your own or modify it’s contents without my consent. If you are going to review or publish this add-on elsewhere, don't make your own links, use the link to MCPEDL and always give credit to me, you can find my social media and channels on my profile.


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8 Responses

4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    Can you make it defend desert wells? Or spawn on the top of desert temples? Or even be the final boss of a raid? And make him summon baby ravagers? Sorry if i asked too much, i just think this can be much more complete

  2. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    Yeah cool

  3. JoshMinecraft says:

    Hi can you please make it shorter? Like a one block taller than a ravager? Cuz i mean its too big pls make it one block taller only

  4. JoshPlayzRBLX2008 says:

    Plus use the adfly link instead the linvertise lag me so much even i have alot of space on my devices and strong connection pls change it

  5. JoshPlayzRBLX2008 says:

    Fix it the king ravager takes knockback when they fought with the iron golem fix it…

  6. Red Fan says:

    Perhaps you can change the mode a little bit to make it more distinguishable and distinct as well as give it some special attacks.

    • odarmamx says:

      I have thought of making his skin a little lighter, making him cause the slowness effect if he hits you and putting gold decoration on the horns, as well as making it 50% faster, if everything goes well, those changes will be ready in the next update, what currently sets it apart from normal Ravagers is that this one is huge.

      Thanks for your feedback ??

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