Power kit PVP beta 1.0 the most advanced kit PVP on mcepdl. fight your friends and show who is the greatest. there are up to 15 kits to choose from. this game has a wide range of kits for all types of players. hide like the assassin or fight like the warrior or snipe them both as the magic archer there is something for everybody.

there are 15 kits in the game at the moment and me and my team are getting ready to add a few more in the future. the kits include :

  1. brutal damage-A beast in close combat
  2. One Hit Kill-No being can stop him
  3. Assasin-invisible to the open eye
  4. Aquaman-the forces of water may rise
  5. Magic Archer-an arrow is all it takes
  6. Elytra-he flyes but not to close to the sun
  7. wizard-magic is the answer to all
  8. command block god-he changes the world
  9. enderman-everywere at once is a deadly feat
  10. miner-quick and nimble he will mine you like stone
  11. distraction-where did he go….
  12. FireMan-the flames of hell may rise
  13. norml snowball-its just a snowball…
  14. thor-the gods will punish you
  15. murderer-slice and dice

the map is a big with many places to hide, there re corridors and you’re never alone

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made it so the creators get revenue. thanks for your patience

added ad for the game its unlisted but subscribe to my YouTube


Supported Minecraft versions

1.7 1.8 1.9

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