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Published on January 14, 2015 (Updated on January 14, 2015)

KitchenPE Mod

KitchenPE is the perfect addition to Minecraft PE for those of you out there who enjoy cooking your own food. The mod adds eleven new food items to the game as well as three new blocks including a chopping board, freezer and a deep fryer.

How to cook each new food item?

Before you can cook the new items you will need to craft three blocks: a chopping board, a freezer and a deep fryer.

  • Chopping Board (142) - 3 stone blocks + 3 wooden planks
  • Freezer (143) - 3 iron ingots + 3 snowballs
  • Deep Fryer (144) - 3 budders (see recipe further down for budder) + 3 iron ingots + 3 stone blocks

As mentioned, there is a total of eleven new food items added to the game all which in some way can be cooked using the blocks you've crafted.

Down below you will find the entire list of all food items and recipes.

Food IDs & Recipes

  • Chocolate Bar (451) - 4 cocoa beans + 1 bucket of milk - heals 2 hearts
  • Budder (446) - 1 bucket of milk - heals 2 hearts
  • Golden Apple (456) - 1 red apple + 8 golden ingots - heals 20 hearts
  • Raw Nuggets (450) - tap a raw chicken on the chopping board and get raw nuggets - heals 0.5 heart
  • Chicken Nuggets (447) - tap raw nuggets on the deep fryer and get chicken nuggets - heals 2 hearts
  • IceCream (448) - tap a snowboll on the chopping board and get 5 ice creams - heals 1 hearts
  • Deep Fried IceCream (449) - tap normal ice cream on a deep fryer to get deep fried icecream - heals 3 hearts
  • Hot Chops (445) - tap baked poatoes on the chopping board to get hot chips - heals 2 hearts
  • Pork Chop Piece (454) - tap cooked porkchops on the chopping board and get 5 pork chop pieces - heals 1 heart
  • Iced Chocolate (452) - tap a chocolate bar on the freezer and get iced chocolate - heals 3 hearts
  • Deep Fried Budder (453) - tap budder on the deep fryer and get deep fried budder - heals 2 hearts

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Guys This is 2015 not 2019+
It won’t let me download the mod but it looks so cool.
It doesn’t work for me is it because I’m on iOS?
It says the person who linked this has reached their traffic limits!
plz fix this!
This looks so cool! But I can't get it lol XD
Wow so cool i love it
Can you please add it to iOS
Guys.. please... BlockLauncher is not available for iOS.
Hey, thanks for posting this mod! just one thing, the deep fryer is not crafted with 3 gold, but 3 budder ! Plz Change it!
Hey! No problems. I fixed it.