Published on May 01, 2022

Klombos Add-on

This add-on adds a new special called Klombo, these creatures can be found in your Minecraft worlds, you can get them as a pet and they can give you special items if you feed them. Los Klombos is inspired by the Fortnite video game.Credits :Creator of the Addon: ArathNido


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Excelente complemento, gran referencia a Fortnite, ✨
Good coding but terrible concept
What is this fatherless behavior??? FORTNITE? Hell no.
Jeez. MY GOD! Fortnite kids these days! I miss the old days of gaming. Minecraft, Terrarria, CS-GO, Smash bros. and the console wars. What has happened to gaming now???
This is my formal score rejection
epicfortnitefan1 May 14, 2022 at 1:07 am
this is also my formal score rejection.
1. going back to console wars is stupid, it's just a bunch of neckbeards bickering about which electronic appliance deserves their respect
2. yelling at people for liking something is probably the most fatherless thing anybody can do
3. stop projecting, you're acting the same way people when talking about minecraft.
4. only your first review counts as a score for this sio i could easily reject you score by putting my own, it doesn't matter how any angry comments you write with one star, your opinion won't matter once more people vote
5. take a shower then touch some grass, i can smell you through the monitor
It's actually unbelievable how many idiots exist in this world. As for my counter to whatever you just said (your words mean nothing, btw)
1. Console wars isn't stupid. It's not what you claim it is. You're probably some Generation Alpha 3 year old typing this bullshit down. How do I know this?
- I lived during those times.
-I've experienced these events firsthand
-You should know your place, why don't you go take a god damn long bath and play with actual people instead of wasting your time on your childish rant about how Fortnite is a good game? because your smell reaches to the depths of hell and to the highest of heaven.

2. Liking Fortnite is probably the most Parentless thing to do.

3. I'm not projecting, stop being such a pessimist smh, I think you should go kill urself.
4. Your opinion doesn't count if you're a Fortnite Player. 100% of the time they're brainded degenerates who have nothing else to do in their life.

5. Irreversible statement, all of your opinions don't count. Who asked, Nobody cares, go kill urselves, I mean look at the fortnite hate ratio.
1. "fighting over 2 pieces of plastic isn't stupid" do you realize how much of an idiot you are? you need to go outside and touch grass, you probably spend your entire life grooming children on discord servers.
2. why do you say "kill urself" every sentence, is that the only insult you can make, that's pathetic.
3. when did i say i played fortnite? im just saying that you idiots just make fun of any game because it's popular.
4. in that case, your opinions don't matter either, get off of your high horse and walk out of your mom's basement for once you miserable neckbeard.
damn get a life
duh let people let them play what they want there is not only CSGO minecraft Terraria or this stupid console war
Great addon 😁