Kinda Like Over WorldΒ (KLOW πŸ‘‘) is a resource pack that makes your nether, look like the overworld! Every nether block and mob has been remodeled/retextured to resemble an overworld mob (except few exceptions). KLOW is also compatible with all devices and other resource packs! For this to be a guarantee, move KLOW to the top level on the enabled texture pack list.

Bastian Remnants

Crimson Biomes

Nether Fortresses

Basalt Deltas

Warped Biome

There is so much more for you to explore, don’t get fooled! Download KLOW today, and enjoy the fresh new look of your nether.

No distribution allowed unless distributed directly by CoolAbhi1290 (more rules can be found in the given link to the right). Click here to know more details: KLOW – CoolAbhi1290 (UNAVAILABLE, have patience, it will come out one day, trust me).

It’s all about having fun,


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V 1.2.0 - The Pretty Small Update 🀏

πŸ– Features

  • Emojis 😐

🐜 Fixes

  • Fixed nether particles
  • Fixed broken JSON files

πŸ’— What to expect next

  • The download link will be moved to my website which will come with the Sweet update
  • New screenshots (showing off latest content)
  • A cinematic πŸ‘€

Fixed featured image (changed it from the KLOW logo to a banner).


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. RoboWolfUwU says:

    Ok Cool, Now make “KLN” Kind Like Nether
    On overworld

  2. Shirocraft says:

    Kewl Pack
    i guess i need to make 32x Version xD
    but i think i need to make slight modification so it wasnt like too Overworld so i need to call my Nether as “Caveworld”

  3. There Is No THJ says:

    this is legendary

  4. Can someone help me to complete my nether overworld and overworld nether i’m stuck getting get animals to spawn and overworld trees in nether. please who has knowledge contact me please.

  5. I was going to release similar nether overworld but differently wanna collab?

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