Kong Addon

If you have other Godzilla add-on this add-on is perfect to fight him. I added awesome kongs that can be perfect for big fight.

And also don’t forget to cool enemies of kong

 skull crawler



One of Kong mortal enemy on his island.

alpha crawler



Biggest of his kind or maybe 😉

 Kong 2005 



From Peter Jackson king Kong a giant ape that killed at the top of empire State building 🙁

kong 2017



The only one who can face off the alpha crawler.

kong 2021



He’s the largest of his kind and stronger. Perfect to face with Godzilla!

Charged Kong



I know no burning Kong but I added him to fight burning Godzilla.

mecha Kong



Due to malfunction he became an enemy of humanity and kongs.




A bat titan introduced on kingdom Kong 

He’s a flying enemy that terrorize Kong.

Big jet 


A type of jet that can stand camazotz attacks and can shoot 10 missiles.kong with axe 



Axe made of godzilla dorsal fin and dagon bone parts it will be a legendary weapon against the king of the monsters.




The biggest predator of skull island hunting Kong.holy tiger



Mysterious creature ok skull island but officially seen in kingdom Kong.

There’s a item called detector  a machine that can detect all types of kaiju.

If the red always off and on it means he detect a kaiju.

Credit me if you want to showcase or do a mob battle and use this link if you want to share it thanks.

This update is pre release it’s not fully complete there are more monsters coming 😏

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Changelog View more

Added Kong with axe

Added V-rex

Added holy tiger

Thier heads can turn around 

Skull crawler is now bigger a little bit


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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24 Responses

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  1. are ya coding son says:

    can this thing spawn on your world?

  2. Mewingband269009 says:

    Are you going to add that tree monster thing I can’t really remember the name. Facepalm myself.

  3. TheHippyHoppyHippo says:

    Why is the resource pack and behaviour pack sort out as 2 separate .mcaddon files? An .mcaddon file is a combination of a behaviour pack and resource pack. The resource pack and behaviour pack should be combined as a single .mcaddon file or should both be separated as .mcpack files

  4. TheHippyHoppyHippo says:

    Really, really awesome, but where’s Godzilla?

  5. Kaique_Buster says:

    I loved this addon, funny your country makes some amazing addons and mine Brazil makes some really bad addons

  6. Matthew YT says:

    Ok so put this up with the big G from the Godzilla KOTM add-on and Kong Surprisingly won, but I still don’t think the movie would have went that way.

  7. Styles2278 says:

    Yeah it’s the best , and please add V-Rex?.And maybe the phsyco vultures?. But please add the Giant Octopus. Or the kraken?

  8. vitaxgamer099 says:

    this mod is one of the coolest in the world, but can you add the V-Rex? since there are enemies kong 2017 then why not put those of kong 2005?

  9. Draconicus2349 says:

    I was looking around and I can’t find a godzilla addon. Where is is? Is it still in development?

  10. RandomGamerGirl says:


  11. LiamTheDiamondPlayer14 ? says:

    This is a very amazing addon I li kg e the texture and animations

  12. Red Fan says:

    2 words: Vestatosaurus Rex.

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