Krads Creeper Pack

This add-on is designed to do a few things.  First, it stops creepers from destroying blocks when they explode.  Second, iron golems and creepers will attack one another on sight.  Finally, in the latest version, villagers will steer clear of creepers like they do other hostile mobs.  This works on Realms too!

Are you tired of creepers roaming where they please blowing all your good redstone creations and artwork to pieces?  Are you tired of them roaming through villages like they belong there, blowing up parts of the village like the villagers and iron golems don’t care?  Doesn’t make sense right?  

I feel the same way, so I wrote this addon.

The first thing it does, it make it so that the creeper’s explosions doesn’t destroy blocks.  The following pictures illustrate what I mean.  Here’s a whole bunch of them creeping (get it?) up on an iron golem about to explode:

And here are them exploding:


SECOND, creepers and iron golems attack are no longer buddies who protect but destroy the village at the same time.  I mean, what’s up with that right? 

The iron golems finally got your back!

They will attack them just like they would a zombie or skeleton.

NOTE!  Though the creepers don’t break blocks, it doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.  Mobs, and that includes you, still take damage when they explode.  They can still potentially kill you, so be careful!!!  Also, in the latest version of this addon, I’ve made it so that villagers avoid creepers like they do any other mob.  That way, when the battle is on, your little friends will stay out of harms way.  🙂

Changelog View more

1.0.1 - added new villager behavior to avoid creepers like they do other mobs

I'm going to need more to go on thank a more detailed submission, as I filled in all the details.

Updated the Brief Description to be more brief.  Updated Featured Image.


1.  Download the mcpack and double click it.

2.  Minecraft should open and say importing.

3.  Go to "Behavior Packs' for your map or realm and press the plus by Krads Creeper Pack to add it.

4.  Click Play

5.  Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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  1. Guest-5805099858 says:

    working link to mcpack m/pe/mod/krads-creeper-pack

  2. Guest-5715522786 says:

    this is perfect, i didnt realize that i needed this till after i found it, its better than turning mob griefing off as it wont break villager breeding and automatic sheep farms. this is perfect. thank you very much for this.

  3. Guest-5735475969 says:

    Just turn mob griefing off.

  4. Guest-3219060136 says:

    This is what i want

  5. User-8104058681 says:

    Minecraft is the best.

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