Lambo’s Car Mod


Neither in the original version of Minecraft on PC or the one of smartphones have we seen cars. Lambo’s Card mod is here to change that thought of idea as it lets you drive carts as if they were cars. This means you can from here on go on roadtrips and other nice outings whenever you feel like it. It’s a little more classy than riding around on pigs or horses.

How to drive a car?

  1. Find a Minecart and hit it with a stick.
  2. Use the buttons and the direction you are looking at to drive the car.
  3. To refuel you can park beside an iron block.


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10 Responses

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  1. DEATHKILLER says:

    I really need help downloading this please I downloaded this and I tried hitting a mine cart with a stick it didn’t work

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cant download this pls help me

  3. David Vaughn Alarcon says:

    It’s too much cool!
    Now I like This mod.

  4. David Vaughn Alarcon says:


  5. Pete Lucas says:

    I love this

  6. Zahran says:

    Cool Man I Like This Mod THANK YOU!!!!

  7. spider z says:

    PLEASE UPDATE THE URL PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Danny Rebus says:

    Your car mod is awesome!!! But its really hard to control, I prefer to use the game pad than the front and back 🙂

  9. DiegoGTR says:

    I really like this mod. Now i just gotta edit the minecart texture to make it look cooler. Thanks!

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