Land Turtle Add-On

Hey guys, today I made new add-on that adds new type of turtle to Minecraft – Land Turtle. You can tame it , and use as battle pet. You can also breed it and got smallest babies.

Message: This is not copy of the turtle from Gogoriki Add-On. It’s just have the same model.

This turtle has got Mo’Creatures turtle, but this is not a port from Java. I made it for myself in blockbench. Ok I just load it texture and made model.

Land Turtles will spawns in swamps , and just will be very slowy walking. You think, that they’re not useable. You are wrong. You can tame it and it will guard you from. You can also breed them with using seagrass or a kelp. And you’ll get a litte babies!

Turtle’s generals:

  • Spawns in swamps.
  • Can be tamed, with using melon.
  • Can be breed with using kelp or seagrass.
  • Cute.
  • Very slowy
  • Has got smallest babies!



  1. Download add-on.
  2. Active in game.
  3. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

4.67 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. OrcaWorld says:

    Guys , I don’t say you that by I don’t like furries. Yeah.

  2. OrcaWorld says:

    Hey guys , I’m alive. For the moment I creating Java mod , so it means that I cannot make addons. But I think soon I’ll making them again.

  3. Mr potato says:

    Oh okay but I and a different addon in mind I forgot the name so I brought up hyena in my head

  4. Mr potato says:

    U could make a hyena addon

  5. Insanity Sans says:

    why is mojang not adding penugiuns bears birds sharks dinosaur GODZILLA and make the ender dragon bigger

  6. OrcaWorld says:

    Yos. Baby Crocodile can be tamed. And when it grow up , it will guard you , and you can also ride it ?

  7. CubeMaster says:

    Minecraft is weird, We have Polar/Panda bears, But not bears, We have parrots, But not normal birds, We have sea turtles, But no turtles. This add on is good concept. Why mojang just don’t make polar bears spawn with brown textures in other biomes? Just like foxes & Tundra Foxes textuers.
    great add-on, Great textures for Land turtle… 5/5

  8. Is_nO says:

    Lol land turtle? I think you meant tortoises ?

  9. Maybe do the mo creatures crocodile to???

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