Lands of Aveail ( + Only)

This is a survival/CT map, it is made for harder survival, and also for building. This land has no structures of any sort. Made for people who want to play survival but harder. The Nether has been morphed into Black Underworld, and the End is now the ancient islands.

This place is really big, really big. so I made a map for it. There is a regular world beyond the ocean of death (which is literally just air), but you’ll need to create a 100-300 block bridge. the trees have custom models to. The forests are dense and spread. A pair of mountains can be found far located near the west coast.

This is a map if you get lost or just need it.

Yes, they are named after Greek gods

If you need a better idea of what the terrain looks like, here are photos. I included ones that only demonstrate idea.


Only for the latest beta and (when it comes) higher versions


  • Windows 10 Edition (
  • Xbox Edition (
  • PE Edition (1,11.0.3)


Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

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  1. TheHeroTimDrake says:

    Hey man, what are the shaders? Nice map btw! 🙂

  2. Bbobo Baggans says:

    Even with the beta installed the level import fails, Any ideas?

  3. panfeed says:

    What shaders do you used?

  4. Joey_vibezz says:

    Can u release a regular bedrock version. I cant use the beta version on xbox, i wont be able to play my other maps, and use certain texture packs. Its pretty inconvenient.

  5. YourBoi says:

    I am in Minecraft Beta and It still cant work. It keeps saying that the level import failed

  6. Kingod says:

    HI I would like to help although I am in 1.9( I do know how to get beta)

  7. Iver says:

    it dosent let me download it when i press the mcworld file it says its importing but dosent actually appear onto my mc, im on windows 10

  8. Anonymous says:

    try and create a Legend Of Zelda Mojora’s Mask Map after the “legend of zelda majoras mask ” made in 2016 and try create every single scene on the game.

  9. Azzura says:

    When you add that dungeon, can you also add a boss and puzzles ( Like Zelda) pls

  10. Tazmoe says:

    Hi! Notice-

    Im adding more structures and a custom made dungeon next update!
    As well as a update to add villages

    (if you want to help with the making of any structure, please contact me at
    [email protected]

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