Laser Guns Addon

This addon will add powerful and modern laser rifles to the world of minecraft that will perfectly burn any ores and flesh of your enemies. Each rifle can be assembled in survival mode! Become a true master of the cubic world!

This addon will add powerful and modern laser rifles to the world of minecraft that will perfectly burn any ores and flesh of your enemies.

In order to shoot a rifle, you need to take it in your hands and sit down. To re-shoot, stand up and sit down again. This is the first version of the addon and it may have some bugs and instabilities.

At the moment, the addon adds three new laser rifles, each of which has its own effects:

Mining laser: digs a 3×3 cube at the site of the shot

Now you can dig a mine in a couple of seconds!

Ion laser: detonates the shot

Perhaps, with the force of the explosion, he was a bit excited …

Thermal laser: sets fire to a shot

May the sacred fire of a new war ignite!

Each rifle can be assembled in survival mode:

Step 0:

          We go to the mine and get iron, redstone, coal and more…

Step 1:

          Get an iron plate

Step 2:

          Get an iron cable

Step 3:

          Get a circuit

Fine! The chip is the basis of all add-on electronics. Now you can assemble the lasers:

Mining laser

Ion laser

Thermal laser

But we cannot shoot them yet, since they are discharged and they need to be charged.

Step 4:

          Get a battery

Now we charge the laser. The charge of all lasers is the same.

Now our lasers can be used! But after you make a certain number of shots from the laser, it will be discharged and you will have to recharge it!

More info:

  • The shots have a bug: the laser shot freezes in the water and activates if you push it to the shore. In the next update, I plan to fix it.
  • Shots have a bug: a laser shot does not always properly injure a mob when hit. In the next update, I plan to fix it.

Changelog View more
  • Updated addon info
  • Localization updated
  • Guide for crafting and lasers added
  • Added an alternative download link for those whose previous one didn’t work correctly


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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38 Responses

4.3 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Cccc says:

    I can’t seem to shoot it I’m on 1.12 I can craft everything and I’m on mobile but I can’t shoot it

  2. TEAM Choco says:

    I cant shoot the the lazer. What do i do

  3. Obama. no i ain’t him says:

    Never use the first link it sends you to porn

  4. ppp says:

    is this addon’s texture industialcraft2’s?

  5. Xbox??? says:

    Can you please make it work for Xbox? I know it’s not meant for it but I tried really hard to get it to work and there’s no button input for Xbox so if you made a button input I would really appreciate it

    • someguy says:

      bruh you are doing a low rating because it can’t support your gaming style, that’s dumb and idiotic u jerk

    • The wolfster830 says:

      So watch some elder wizard gaming he helps you download it. It can be on xbox 1. Also I want crafting receipts in game.

  6. Jibran says:

    I can’t make the actual gun. I crafted everything else but i couldn’t make the rifle.

  7. windows 10 user says:

    im on windows 10 and i can seem to shoot the laser

  8. The Ty Ty Camera says:

    I downloaded the mod but i cant find any of the items or the guns in the creative inventory! please help

  9. Fred Fred On YT says:

    The items are literally not der

  10. KOjud9isjpa0iEjoi says:

    Bruh this might be great ima try it in a few!

  11. Marco polo says:

    How’s do I shoot when you explained it I kinda don’t understand I shift and stuff and taped on the screen I’m also on mobile.

  12. Pedro says:

    Excuse me as shot in that addon?

  13. Dinodude920 says:

    I can’t seem to craft the items, maybe if you plan to update this addon can you please just add it to the creative inventory.

  14. wa says:

    please change the link to a mediafire i can’t download it

  15. Liam says:

    Remove the vpn thing please

  16. Liam says:

    I need help plz

  17. Liam says:

    I need help

  18. New says:

    Does this mod replace any item?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Does this replace any item?

  20. Topgun689 says:

    Please use media fire, this link is crap. And your Addons looks cool but I can’t get it

  21. Sanic250 says:

    Can you make a logdotzip cursed Minecraft world addon? I really want to use a cursed crafting chest!

  22. Kkkk says:

    It not leting download its sends me to xxxvideos

  23. Lemon Donkey says:

    Please make it mediafire I can’t download it without doing a ton of stuff

  24. Anonymous says:

    Good add on

  25. Anonymous says:

    The download won’t work

  26. Estoe says:

    how come i can’t fire it?

  27. Liam says:

    Can you make a mediafire link please

  28. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Great addon BTW!! 10/10 Good job! Keep it up creator! This addon depends on you.

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