Grian's Life Series Crafting Recipes

The Life Series is an amazing Youtube show, made by Youtuber Grian. 1 day, Grian thought: "I should change the TNT recipe, so that Sugar Cane can give me a monopoly." And so he did just that. And I, TheEntityNul, made the recipe for Bedrock edition. Small, but less gunpowder used! Also, feel free to use this addon in a modpack. Does NOT use player.json. Supports 1.19.60. When I find out how to make it support 1.19.70, it will be updated.

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Moss can now be crafted. Thanks Joel, for showing it in your video. :)

Saddle's are now craftable with 3 leather. Recipe is subject to change. Reunion 



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Great addon m8 I also noticed that in Limited Life you can craft saddles with 3 leather if you want to update the pack to make it include that if not that's cool too
I would love to add the recipe, but I do not know its shape. If you could tell me how it looks, or just link me the video you saw recipe, then that would be great. Thanks for reviewing my tiny Life Series addon!
Lol Guess what, You are better than me ;-;
thanks for the 5 star review, Hope your not a bot ;).