lava in carpet: Two Villages at Spawn!

At spawn turn around to your right. If you are in creative just fly straight up in the sky and then move forward to see the two desert villages. If you are in survival mode, don’t worry about it as you can almost just as easily reach the two villages just by doing the same thing but walking by foot.

If it wasn’t for the river which separates the two villages they would have been looking like one gigantic village instead. The two villages got the basic layouts of features what you are used to; wells, blacksmiths, little farms and so on.

ScreenShot030 ScreenShot032 ScreenShot033 ScreenShot034

Seed: lava in carpet

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3 Responses

  1. MineCraft-GeRhadroYT says:

    Cool Seed and thx for say there are temple 🙂 😉 >:>

  2. Boogy says:

    Also a temple!!! Over by the second village, it has 7 DIAMONDS!!!

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