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Published on January 09, 2021 (Updated on January 09, 2021)

Lava Lake, Ravine & Ruined Portal Next to Spawn (Seed)

A good speedrun seed with a Lava lake, ravine, and ruined portal with 1/2 full portal next to spawn. If you make a portal with the lava lake you spawn right next to a Nether Fortress!

While doing a Minecraft Manhunt with some friends we found this amazing seed that spawns you with a lava lake, ruined portal, and ravine within 100 blocks of spawn. The ravine has exposed diamonds and if you make a portal within the ravine or lava lake you spawn next to a nether fortress.

Lava Lake: 49 64 54

Ruined portal: 68 64 138

Ravine: 18 67 136 

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Un the broken nether portal, there isn’t crying obsidian. It is SO good!
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If you repair the portal you will directly spawn at the nether fortress! It is an amazing seeds
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