Lava Rising Add-On

Do you want some challenges in your world ? This Add-On fills your world with a lava lake at Y=0 or Y=50, which rises step by step in order to destroy your world. It will makes your survival very hard because when lava exceeds the surface, you can no longer go underground and you have to escape by climbing a mountain or build a house in the height.

Gameplay :

This Add-On adds global lava which rises every minutes in order to make a funny challenging survival, solo or with your friends. There are two modes : one where lava starts at Y=0 layer, and an other where lava starts at Y=50 layers, so the second one is harder and will makes a classic survival very harder.

How to choose the difficulty?

Once loaded the Behavior Pack (Add-On), you have to go on the small “gear” at the bottom right of the pack :

Then, be sure to have enabled Experimental Gameplay and Cheats !

There are two versions of this Add-On, which is differenciated by the area of lava generated every 2 seconds :
-The “Low” version generate 64×64 areas of lava at each players. Cause less lags and recommended for low-end devices.
-The “High” version generate 128×128 areas of lava at each players. Recommended if you have a strong device 😜

Credits and other informations :

► Addon created by : Floshox (me)
► Floshox’s Twitter : 

► Discord server for Floshox’s Add-Ons (this one, Better Bedrock, Worldborder and so on) : 

I created this Discord to report bugs from my Add-Ons and also to give me suggestions.

Changelog View more

► 1.1.1 Update : Documentation improvements

• Improved some sentences and corrected some "bad english" mistakes.

► 1.1.0 Update : "Lava rises every 1 minute update"

• Lava rises every 1 minute instead of 10 seconds
• Added 2 different versions of this Add-On : One better for low-end devices, and an other better for high-end devices. In order to reduce lags.
• Updated links.
• Updated some sentences in the Add-On documentation.


1) Choose the Add-On version above (low or end, .mcpack or .zip) and download it. 
2) Load it into your Minecraft
3) Create a world and load the Add-On in the "Behavior Packs" tab.
4) Choose the lava starting layer (Y=0 or Y=50).
5) Enable Experimental gameplay and cheats !
6) Enjoy :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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24 Responses

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  1. Arminas653 says:

    Hey, great concept, but i have a question does lava remove blocks, and does the process of rising reset after its done?
    (sryy fir bad grammar english isnt main language)

  2. MeltedIce says:

    Best used if in an old world w show coordinates and keep inventory

  3. SuperMYL says:

    Thanks now I can troll my friends

  4. ice nation123 says:

    Can I use this addon for a video? i’ll make sure to credit you.

  5. Guest-8820923774 says:

    I tried to use it on my phone but it only spawned the lava at whatever level I put it at ): after minutes of waiting the lava wouldn’t rise. I tried to add it onto a world after creating an entire map around using this addon. I downloaded it on the “addons for mcpe” app If that helps understand the issue.

  6. Guest-9667331395 says:

    Question what’s the difference between low and high

    • Floshox says:

      Hello, High generate lava better and smoothly than low one, but it needs more memory resources (RAM) than low one. If you have a low end device or you use this addon in multiplayer, use the low version, but if your device is performant, use the high one.

  7. Guest-1907752485 says:

    Wow the link is directly to download!!! thx

  8. Guest-5514078730 says:

    It looks good but for some reason it doesn’t work for me I play on 1.14.30 and it can’t import the addon

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your positive comments 😀

  10. I trolled my friends with this add on thank you?

  11. Guest-4842890433 says:

    I made a skyblock map with lava rising
    Thanks a lot

  12. Guest-5281723938 says:

    Can you add a water one as well?

  13. Floshox says:

    Thanks to have published my Add-On !

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